January 7, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 53]

At Toushou High, Tomo and Shizu exclaim in surprise upon learning that Aoi is going to a Sendai university. Mego confirms it and he is already preparing for the examination at Tohoku’s T University. Tomo asks if he passed, then won’t it be a long distance relationship. “Don’t you be lonely, Mego?” Blushing Mego smiles and says yes, and if she didn’t say that, she is definitely deceiving people but compared to that, she wanted Aoi to be happy. She thinks that in the past, there is always a faint loneliness what is shown in Aoi’s eyes but right now, when he told her about the future, his eyes started to burst out a dazzling radiance. It is when he told her about her adored Sendai where she was born and celebrating tanabata festival with her every year. Mego thinks that is a happy future where she also exists and it really makes her feel excited. Putting their hands together, her friends exclaim that even if she is lonely, she has them and they’ll go together to comikets [comic market] and concerts. Moved Mego tearfully calls their names.
At his place, while reading the newspapers, Kagetsuna is shock after Aoi informed him about his plan to go to a Sendai university. Aoi tells him that because it is a public university, the tuition fees are comparatively inexpensive and the employment rate is good. “This is a good opportunity for me to become independent..” He notices Kagetsuna trembling and looking gloomy. To his surprise, Kagetsuna starts crying and exclaims that this is turning back on the life together with him. “Could it be that my love is still not enough!?” Aoi protests, no..it isn’t like that. “I’m really very grateful for these many years when you always took care of me.!! But.. If I don’t quickly become an independent adult, you also have no way of getting married. Because you are always concerned about me, you made your lover always waited for a good number of years. I know about that. I’m already very happy. This time, I hope that you’ll also become very happy. *blushing* You are my most important big brother, perhaps, it is more like a father.”
Kagetsuna become teary-eyed over it. He cries and exclaims that in the end, he still couldn’t let go but he really wants to get married!! “Want to live together with wife, Aoi and I.” Aoi sweatdrops and tells him to calm down. According to Aoi, in order to persuade Kagetsuna, it took a full two days to do so. At the Kobayashi residence, the mother tastes what Azusa cooked and says that it is very delicious. “You get a 100 grade, Azusa-chan.” The mother hugs her and exclaims that she obviously stayed at their house for three days yet she had made such a huge progress. “Azusa-chan, you really have a talent for cooking” Blushing Azusa thanks her for her compliment. Peeking from the door, Mitsuru thinks that Azusa would unexpectedly listen, and his mother is really got it covered. He smiles over Azusa’s happy expression. During dinner, Mego praises Azusa’s cooking that she has to quarrel with her twin over the food since she is taking his share. Patting Azusa’s head, the mother giggles says that she got a huge positive evaluation. Azusa blushes over this.
While washing the dishes, Azusa tells Mitsuru that his mother would happily praise her even if it is such a small thing. “My mama she.. right now, what is she doing. Even if my father isn’t good, but mama is also a weak person who easily become lonely. ..ah, she definitely cast my issue aside and flirt with young fresh meats [/hot guys].” Mitsuru is surprised by this but they are interrupted by a door bell. Wondering who’ll come at this time, Mitsuru goes to see who it is. He is surprised to see flustered Kyouka by the gate. As everyone goes to see her, Kyouka notices Azusa that she apologizes to her about before. She asks Azusa to quickly return to her side. She tearfully exclaims that she has already broken up with those guys, and she wants to start all over again with Azusa. Azusa bites her teeth and shouts what’s up with this now, she does as she pleases too much. “Until now, what kind of feelings I had gone through.. *clenches fist* It is already too late. Go back!”
To Azusa’s surprise, Mitsuru pushes her to her mother. He tells Azusa that her mother’s hair is all tangled up and she has very heavy dark circles under her eyes that clearly, she wants to go back with her. “Since it is like that, please do not let go again. This person becomes lonely quite easily so one has to firmly hold her tightly.” Azusa turns to Mitsuru and tries to protest about making her and this woman.. Mitsuru lightly pinches her two cheeks and tells her not to worry, if she feels lonely, no matter how many times, he will go and pick her up. “Actually, you are very happy, right? Mama was able to come over and get you. *Azusa is already crying* You are deeply loved.” She tells him that she really likes him. Mitsuru says yes, he knows. She says, that she really, really loves him. [<- if love is mentioned that means want to marry which is deeper than ‘like’ which is usually for lovers] He says, “Me, too. Also, if she makes you sad, I’ll also come and take you away. No matter how many times I’ll propose to you, I’ll keep pressing on.” They hug each other and kiss.
Afterwards, Azusa and her mother have decided to temporarily leave Tokyo until the media ruckus have quiet down. While Azusa is in a taxi cab, she tells Mitsuru to take care of himself. Mitsuru says ya, and she come back as soon as possible. She says ya. She sadly looks at him and they share another kiss. As Mitsuru watches the taxi leave, he clenches his fist in determination. So, he sent her off at summer’s dusk. In a blink of an eye, seasons moved. Summer to Autumn. Autumn to Winter. It is almost half a year. On February, Aoi took a test at Tohoku Miyagi’s Sendai at T University along with other applicants. At Sendai station, Aoi rubs his shoulder and says that finally, it ended smoothly. There is still time before the return Shinkansen trip so it would be good if he bring some souvenirs for Kagetsuna and Mego. He sees a cute bunny Masamune which he thinks that Mego will definitely like. Soon, the Shinkansen has arrived at Tokyo station. Aoi is surprised that it is also snowing in Tokyo. He overhears a young girl calling out to her mother about that very cute ‘sister’ [/young lady] wearing a pure white overcoat and have a very long hair, that she is like a princess.
While holding an umbrella, the lady is looking around. Aoi looks surprised at her. Then, his cellphone rings. It is Mego who tells him that actually, she is at the station. She wanted to fetch him at the lounge to give him a pleasant surprise but she isn’t sure where Shinkansen’s ticket entrance.. “Where are you now?” Aoi tells her to turn around and look, ‘Mego’. The girl in white turns around and it is beautiful and mature-looking Mego. She happily greets him ‘good work’ [/otsukaresama] regarding the exam. She is surprised when worried Kagetsuna goes in front of her and calls out to Aoi. He asks how the exam is. “It is definitely very cold in Sendai!! The bathing water at home is already boiling. First go and warm your body!!” Mego calls out to Kagetsuna over interrupting them, and give them both more affectionate moments. Kagetsuna exclaims how annoying, he also wants to stay more with Aoi. Blushing Aoi laughs over this. End of February, woolen snow in succession, affectionate heart, spring day is on its way. Blurb: “Next, Aoi graduates, setting forth on a journey..!!”
Comment: And, it really feels like the mangaka is fast-tracking things for the ending. There is no dragging as Aoi prepares to go to Sendai. After three days of staying with the Kobayashi-s, Azusa has left so we didn’t get to see any future sister-in-laws interactions. It is nice though that Azusa felt what it is like to have a caring mother through the twins’ mother. Anyway, there is a possibility that they’ll stay with the mother in one house in the future ^^ It turns out that Azusa’s mother is redeemable that she is willing to correct her ways for neglected Azusa. I do wonder if Azusa kept in touch with Mitsuru while away. But depending on how many chapters are left, I’m not sure how much lovey-dovey for the two we can still read. I’m wondering if the mangaka has already a new series in mind, maybe a Mitsuru-Azusa type of couple that she isn’t putting more of their scenes here. ^^; That is aside from the fact that Mego and Aoi is the main couple here. Well, Mego has become more beautiful and grown up..well, in looks for she would still bicker with Aoi’s overprotective uncle. =P Well, things seem to lead to the conclusion so there are no more major problems for anyone to deal with. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thanks for the chapter kat ^^

    I love kagetsuna he is so adorable for a man who is already 30 he is freaking cute i laughed so much when he told aoi that a hot bath was already waiting for him at home ,i'm pretty sure he will crying at aoi and mego's wedding crying over aoi getting married of course and glaring at mego for stealing him .I also laughed when he said he wanted to live with his wife and aoi . It is a shame we didn't get much of kagetsuna from the beginning ^^

    The mego and aoi's part not much to say it is the usual fluffy and adorable thing .

    About azusa's mom , what can i say except i understand why she did what she did but still it isn't something that can be forgiven i mean i believe that even if a woman isn't happy about her husband and she is cheating on him she would have a strong relationship with her child because she is the one who carried it in her womb for 9months that baby grew in her so i like to believe that a woman no matter how horrible she is or how unhappy she is she would always cherish her kids .Seems like it wasn't the case with azusa's mom but look like she is trying to make things better so it is okay and i guess it gave her a shock when her daughter left or does she just fear being alone ? At the end of the day you gotta give her credits for chasing after her child and trying to fix things unlike that crap father .I really hope that azusa and her mom would move out of the school and house and live on their own and move forward unlike the father who is stuck on the past .You know i would love it if that father goes bankrupt or something horrible happens to him it would the author 's way to tell us nothing good comes from being stuck in the past which is very true .

    I hope we see more of azusa and mitsuru ,the scenes with the mom were pretty cute ^^

    1. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      True..and in a way, thinking about it, no wonder Aoi isn't so bitter after what happened to him = he turned out fine, and I'm sure it is thanks to Kagetsuna ^^


      I agree on that so even if her father is like that, I'm not too irked by it but when the mother is like that.. Though, I'm not sure if I'll be accused of gender bias-stuff because of that. ^^; Maybe it is partly like that or she realizes that she shouldn't be a failure as a mother. In a way, I almost thought of GTO 14 days..before remembering that her mother just neglected her and not physically abused her. ^^;;; Thanks for the info about it being good ^^

      I know what you mean.

      Hopefully ^^

    2. Ya and you know that's another reason why the one i feel most sorry for is azusa ,i mean aoi got kagetsuna ,shino got a nice family and aoi + BF also when i see kagetsuna i really believe that aoi's dad loved her a great deal it's seems like aoi's family for his father 's side are nice people .

      Ya and i checked out chapter 54 on baidu it is about aoi and mego always so fluffly and lovey dovey i think they are cute but not interesting since all of their issues are solved i truly believe that the author should focus on azusa /mitsuru more for the remaining chapters .

      Ya and when you think about it even if her mom is weak her dad is the pathetic one for even in his 40 his still chasing after his love as if he were some teen who is gaga over someone and can't let go .It is gender bias kat i also feel that a mother bond with her child is most of the time/should be stronger than the one between a dad and his child .

      I'm glad you loved it pretty realistic , it is the girl whose mother was an author i think and she abused her because of work i was shocked when she throw hot water on her and got boiled because of it .I loved when her mother came to get her prentending she was better now and the girl came out showing her legs and arms all the injuries caused by he rmom in order to face her fear pretty good series or the mom with the bastard BF whose son wanted to kill him and the mom despite being abused tried to kill her child when he tried to kill the BF it was great series very realistic ^^

      By the way speaking of series i started reading new ones like shougeki no souma it has 101 chapters it is pretty good the art is good the main character isn't annoying lame or corny like naruto or ichigo i like him a lot the characters and drawing are pretty good and guess what it is about food i like it very simple concept and great manga the only problem is it has some ecchi in it , there is no sex scenes but when females eat food it is like they are having sex and it is like ugh ...i have nothing against smut sometimes it is needed in manga but most of the time it is just fanservice and it is done in a rather vulgar way .

      I also started toriko and it is epic well i read the first chapters to understand what is was about and who were the characters then i skipped some chapters and all i can say is it is beastly no romance well there is a tiny bit but it is mostly for comedy .Great character ,no fanservice ,great fighting scenes with a lot of blood , OP characters it isn't boring at all .

    3. True, sofia..though, cannot say if the father is the same with Kagetsuna just because he is like that/they are brothers =P

      Is that so. Well, maybe that couple is more popular in Japan? From Chinese readers, they tend to like Mitsuru-Azusa. Hm..it seems to be the same with the mangaka's previous series..the 'second couple' is more liked, based on their comments. I didn't read the series except the last few chapters. ^^;

      Indeed...as I mentioned, for him, she is his 'one and true love' though he went beyond the limits of normality and hurting other people because of it. ^^;; Ya..I'm thinking of that though I guess there are 'special cases' to that.

      =) I'm referring to the author. Too bad, iirc, there was no mentioned what happened to that woman..I hope she got jailed or something. Indeed..and the mangaka even put in a bit of statistics about it for indeed, usually people would say that it is a 'family thing' and do not want to intrude. Hm..well, that probably depends on the culture.

      Lol..is that so. I have watched/read some cooking series and I guess that is that mangaka's way to show how yummy it is =P Toriko is from DBZ mangaka, right? I checked it out a bit before and just see a buffed guy and meat, I think. Is it about food, too?

      By the way, I have checked out GTO lost paradise, not sure if you read about it but when they talked about fangirls doing those stuff in the name of 'love', I recall that there was a comment about 'you call that love'..I thought of you =)

    4. I'm saying this since both mitsuru and mego are nice and the same goes for aoi and shino . So i thought maybe he was also nice ,i think the author should've at least focused on the past of the parents and the siblings for 2 or 3 chapters actual flashback i mean .

      Ya maybe but it is a shame since mego and aoi right now are boring .

      Ya like i said he is super pathetic and i guess he is also weak since he didn't find the strength to move on and he even made his wife and daughter misearble you know what would be epic if kagetsuna and azusa's mom got together .I wonder what kind of face will that man make ??? but i know it won't happen .

      Jailed or better got killed by her boyfriend out of all the kids he is the one i felt most story for or the girl whose dad is a pedo/thug well at least she had a good mom ^^

      No it isn't from DBZ's author ya the characters look like they have been taking Steroids since birth but the manga is very gooood i'm not joking i got into it quite quickly the same goes for shougeki no souma the lead guy is pretty good and so are the other characters .

      Is that so...hehe i didn't check it out but i did plan to so in the future i like the GTO series .

    5. Ah, I see, the 'pattern'. ^^ Maybe..if this 'final arc' is longer than I thought. Actually, I almost thought the girl at the station was Aoi's mother. ^^;; <- influenced by another series.

      I know what you are getting at..but Kagetsuna deserves better =P

      Are you talking about the kid with a tattoo? I got the impression that the mother and adopted father are kind of 'became fish food' by the twins. Did I read that wrong? I meant the author mother who threw boiling water, etc to that girl..there is a punishment for that mayor, but the mother, it wasn't mentioned.

      I see..I will check them out in the future. Okay, but keep things in mind, in that GTO, the formula is kind of the same in dealing with the 'bad kid'. Well, at least for one arc. Though the theme is different now....a bit modern/current.

      By the way, out of curiosity, I browse through AoT in Chinese, skipping the explanation stuff at the start . I almost thought that what you wanted is going to happen but unfortunately someone is too nice. ^^;; Anyway, given your hatred for a certain girl, prepare to puke, rage and rant. ^^

    6. Is that so well i didn't thought it was her but i did think if she will appear again ? If she does i really hope she is with someone else after messing up the lives of so many people they don't deserve to find happiness . Ya it depend on the length of the final arc but it really does feel like troubles are over so what more chapters of mego and aoi being lovey dovey i hope not because they are cute but their couple has gotten super boring .The only way to make this arc long is to bring back the mother or to focus on mitsuru and azusa .

      Ya he does a woman like mego's mom would suit him since she seems to have a lot of love just like he does ^^

      Ya the kid whose adopted father tattoed him by force and who wanted to kill him for himself and his mom to be free But it turns out the mom is a moron to say the least and wanted to kill her child to protect that man .If i recall nothing happened to them and the kid was hurt but moved on . Ya it wasn't mentioned what happened to the mom .

      Ya it is indeed the same but each story is quite good usually same formula= boring but it doesn't apply to GTO . You should check them out you won't regret it both manga mainly toriko are so far from corny or lame like some popular mangas .

      I did check out the english version quickly since i'm quite busy it seems like i was right the asians were perscuted because they can't be brainwashed them as well as the ackerman ,i knew it that rod was only using historia because he was too scared to turn ,you even mentioned it how he was runing away turns out he is a coward because even if kenny is crazy i don't think he is lying .Now the last part if i told you that it made me sick and angry then i would lying it was beyond that .But since i'm short in time i would be quick and leave the debate for later when MS release the chapter and i have free time .I just want to say something more then historia dying i want eren to get eaten sliced burned whatever just die . That dude after all his speeches this is what he say i can't believed not only is he a damsel in distress he is also a coward .Anyway i have to go see you later for a debate which will be full of hate on my part ;)

    7. Ya, I know what you mean but I get a feeling that she isn't with someone else. Depending on this mangaka, if she aims for everyone happy-type of ending, the last arc might also deal with those two - Azusa dad and Aoi mom. True, as you mentioned before, things seem to have 'ended' at least conflict-wise for Mego and Aoi. But then, in a way, so does Mitsuru and Azusa, right? Both are already in the stage of 'want to get married' after hm..a year? Minor conflict which is long distance relationship and nothing else.

      Indeed...hm..thinking about it, the twins' father hasn't shown up yet.

      I see...in a way, there are varying degrees to those parents..at the start, it is redeemable like the police chief to the latter ones who are like that. ^^;;;

      Okay...hehe, I already know Toriko is famous. Iirc, it already has an anime like 7 sins. Again, it is the art...^^;;

      Yup, you're right on that one. Hehe, also checked out that English scanlation. Seems to be from crunchyroll..they are suppose to be the 'official', right? Lol..is that so. I think the poor guy is exhausted and going on a guilt trip. Well, he seem to also believe that if his death can make it okay for everyone, make her feel good, and the future of humanity, then he'll sacrifice himself. Somehow, I'm imagining that he needs Mikasa to smack him around to his senses or something. ^^; By the way, I'm always curious about chapter 1..is that the prologue or the epilogue = everything a dream? Since Eren is asking about Mikasa's long hair and he is crying. Altered memory? Hehe, did we discussed this before?

      Actually, I think that even if Historia made Eren her snack, she is still in big trouble with Mikasa and Levi. Any titan aside from Eren there is an enemy..depends on how alike does Historia look like as a titan or Historia still her senses after turning into one. Not sure..since she has that bloodline. Since Historia isn't that good I assume like Annie, and again not sure if she can immediately use the crystal thing, Mikasa might be able to easily finish her off.

      In a way though, it does seem suspicious why Rod is in so much hurry. Historia could have consulted with the others about doing this rather than just relying on what he is saying. Well, since she still believes in him after everything that Kenny said...I shouldn't be surprised.

      Well, I'll wait for it then. Take your time and just rant on when you're free..^^

    8. Ya i know that and i fear they may end up being together and if they do it would be lame and unfair . Look aoi suffered greatly because his mother rejected him +chiharu but the one who hurt him the most is his mother since it came to the point where he couldn't be near a woman without passing out and he lost his dad got seperated from his sis so he deserved to be happy .He had wounds that were healed .
      Shino suffered because she felt guilty for her bro's injury and her mom rejected her because she was deaf plus she may have been treated coldy but aoi's dad which i still don't believe is the case .There is also azusa who bullied her but i have a feeling that it didn't make her suffer that much since she thought azusa was pitful and yeah she had no friend .But just like aoi had kagetsuna ,shino has her dad who loves her even if he does because she looks like her mom anyway and aoi said things were going well with the people with whom she lived so things weren't that bad but still pretty bad so she deserved to be happy with that BF and make friends .
      Azusa whom i think has had the saddest life was not loved by her dad and neglected by her mom +dad watched her dad give the love she tried so hard to win to another who did nothing but still got all the love ,who watched as her parents both had affairs and never gave a damn about her to the point where even when that stalker may have harmed her she couldn't tell them because they didn't care none of them noticed her suffering .
      Those three kids suffered and has horrible childhood and traumas because of shuuichi and yuki (i think that's their names ) all of three being their children and did they think even once about them ? about their actions toward them ? no they didn't cause all what they cared about is themselves and their so called LOVE now if those people who clearly don't deserve to be happy together or by themselves got happy at the end of the story i would be really pissed i know this is a fluffy type of shoujo but come on there should be a limit but i did prepare myself for it to happen .I could go further into explaining but i think i made my point and my comment is already long enough ^^
      About the conflict being over it is almost true for azusa and mitsuru ,the author could expend on her issue with shino and have azusa make peace with shino since she is a victim just like her they also could add her issue with her parents if they divorce how it will happen her life with her mom stuff like that but i 'm pretty sure the mom will be there for the final arc let's hope she apologize for all the damge she done and then vanish .
      Ya maybe they will see him in sendai ???

    9. Ya i know how you feel about toriko my only complaint would be the art like i told you the characters look like they have steroids since they were babies and that's not pleasing to the eye they aren't pretty at all but except for that the art is well elaborte .But i truly do advise you to give toriko a shot it is EPIC i think it is the best shounen in jump though i still like one piece better ^^ well yeah the art in seven deadly sins is also not pretty at all but it is also quite elaborate and both are still better than the sketches the HXH does and he call it art though he got better ^^my problem with seven deadly sins is the main girl saying i hate her is an understatement but except that it is pretty good manga .With shougeki no souma you won't have a problem with the art at all it is very pretty .My only problem is the fanservice but i got used to it with Fairy tail where females have boobs that the one thing you can think of is how come their backs don't break into two ? and yeah at least in shougeki the females wear clothes that actually fit them unlike in FT where their clothes seems to be several sizes smaller and their boobs are just coming out as a female reader it isn't very pleasing to see ficitonal female characters being reduced to some sex objects

    10. About AoT i'm sorry but i have to comment here since if i use the tagborad you will see a tsunami of hate and rage .
      Let's get the rage out of the way ,eren not only is he pathetic for always getting kindapped and saved by mikasa like a damsel in distress ,again if those two end up together we know who will be the man in the relationship .Not only is he pathetic for he never made use of his strength and always got overpowered but the worst is his mindset i mean always going back and forth between what he wants to do ? what he said in this chapter really crushed his character growth it is like he is still on the to be or not to be and like i said before this isn't the time to hesitate it is the almost the end no one especially the main guy should waver .
      When i recall his "fight" speech when he carried the boulder and i see what he is saying now i can't help but facepalm and sigh in utter disappointment .He should just die really .
      Now historia ,she is just a freaking idiot there is no other way to put it i mean it is like she can't put two and two together ,was she that desperate for someone to love her that whatever reason and logic she had she choose to ignore it .I believed all what kenny said since i also believed that even before he said it and like i said he may be crazy but i doubt he was lying .I wanted to strangle her when she went "i will get my sister back ....blah blah blah" it is like just shut up just yesterday you were a cute mindless girl and now you are still a cute mindless girl but super annoying since she started talking big when she is being led by the nose in such an obvious manner that it makes you wonder how can someone be so stupid .
      But like you said mikasa and levi will there and titan or not with those two together no one is save but let's not forget kenny ,i hope we will get some epic fighting scenes in the next chapter
      about kenny so what's his dream restore the glory of his family ???

    11. Hehe, I know what you mean but as you mentioned, this is a fluffy type so even if those who do not deserve happiness will more or less get it..actually, in such shoujo, it is more irritating and depressing as you mentioned, that the 'villains' do not get 'punishment' for the awful things that they did. Hm..in a way, it does reflect reality. ^^;;

      Oh ya, maybe he will be in Sendai. True..doing it that way is possible to make it longer.

      I see..so Toriko is amazing than the plot synopsis - food hunter guy? ^^; I agree with that and it really makes it somewhat hard to read as a female.

      No problem commenting here. ^^

      That's right but I'm slightly lenient on the guy for going on a guilt trip but of course, being the emo he is, he didn't use his brains a bit and accepted what they tell him. In a way, it seems that he is tired of being a damsel in distress and if Historia can save humanity, he'll let her do it. Lol, actually, he cannot die at this point because if he got killed, Mikasa kills Historia titan and the end of humanity.

      True..and that 'get my sister back'..what is that..it would just be memories. Yup, hopefully for some epic fighting scenes though who would it be against? If it is Historia, that won't be epic, it might just be easy picking. ^^;;

      Something like that or at least, get back at the royal family? I think he originally wanted to be the 'titan' but after the mention about it can be controlled with Rod's bloodline, it seems that he gave up on it.

      You know, if they only think, they would have asked, so having that power can control and possibly get rid of titans from the world so how come they didn't use it before. I actually do not understand Rod's reason for not becoming a titan himself. What is that do not trust anyone thing. ^^;; Anyway, maybe the truth can only be found in the basement which is probably the finale of the series for the final twist, what do you think? Oh ya, when Kenny mentioned of his sister being pregnant, is Levi the kid? Also, is there some other reason why Eren's father has connections with Mikasa's family -- it isn't just because he's nice to an outcast family. Maybe they had blood relations? Not sure if it is farfetched but mentioned in MS, Eren was able to use the coordinator power. So, does that mean he had some bloodline or, Rod is lying that it is only for their bloodline, or that was just a fluke/luck = cannot really control it.

    12. Ya ,that's true and usually in manga i give full support to villains but in this manga the "villains" are just ughhh

      Ya it is truly amazing the fighting will leave you speechless the characters are badass/beastly the universe is quite interesting and there is no fanservice like in FT or dumb romance like in naruto like i told you i read the first chapters to learn about the characters and universe then i skipped a bit and it is pure epicness .Souma is also pretty good i would go as far as to say it is epic but it is something worth reading .the main character is really nice

      I have had enough of him being so emo and so weak if he was tired of being a damsel in distress turn into a titan and slaughter historia because if he doesn't historia will return to her dad and things will continue as they are . Didn't his small brain register that ? Lol if they could end up both dead it would be so NICE levi can be the lead ^^

      Ya get her memories of her sister back wow way to go historia turn into a titan just to have memories of your sister whom you saw a few times in your life .True but if it is a three way battle with kenny it would be awsome .

      Ya something like that i can't wait to see him in action and as well meet mikasa .

      Good point and i think it does show that the royal family doesn't care about humanity because they have the power to get rid of titans yet didn't do anything ? or maybe there is an agreement or something with reiner's group ?

      Ya i do believe that when they do reach the basement it will be the end of AOT .Rod is just a coward that's obvious and a liar .Good point it would make sense why kenny took care of levi in the past .

      Or maybe he used their blood to do something to eren since they are a bloodline that can't be brainwashed ?
      Maybe he is lying and others can use it but it is only the royal family that can use it to it is fullest don't know !!!!

    13. By the way about the first chapter i have no idea why he was crying but the theory of his memory being altered is a good one ,and i feel like at the end everything will be connected and will make sense but it would be still be a WTH type of ending ^^

    14. Is that so, sofia... Well, will check it when I have time ^^

      Apparently, nope that didn't register. He's emo and he got caught up with the sob story. ^^;; Lol, I'm sure a lot of people would be happy about that. ^^

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