December 17, 2014

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 49]

Narration: “Time won’t stop moving. No matter how one wishes, it cannot go back.” As the leaves on the tree start falling down, a court lady calls out to Yuulin that His Majesty has come back. Yuulin says okay. As the Wolf king’s temporary bride, Yuulin is going to accompany His Majesty as he conduct a regional investigation. First, they went to the royal capital’s East, Ninshu [Nin Province]’s Kanseki but upon arriving here-- Going into the building with her court ladies, Yuulin sees Reishou telling an older man about doing an on-site inspection regarding the dike’s fortification. He says to tell him briefly about it later on, and about the investigation [/verification] of the flood scholars regarding the practicality of using the land. He has already heard from the onsite’s staff people saying..regarding what are they saying, he’ll go there. Yuulin is timid as Reishou continues to give orders to the others. She thinks that he is always working and even talking with the provincial governor. She wonders if she’ll disturb them if she goes over to him.
Noticing her, Reishou asks what is it and how come she’s here. Since he had noticed her, Yuulin says that it is nothing, and is he going out. Holding her to him, Reishou smiles and says that he’ll come back at night and they’ll eat together. Then, a courtier tells Reishou about the palace envoy. Reishou says that he’ll be coming over so talk while walking. Yuulin thinks that he is quite busy and in a hurry but he doesn’t forget to act as the sweet Wolf king. Reishou went outside the palace to see the fortification of the dike and the bridge. And during this time, she is made to stay [inside].. Even if there are people in the imperial palace who oppose her accompanying him, but then, she is totally set aside. She basically knows that he really came here for work. Her job is to hide his true nature and to avoid marriage and make people see that she is the doted one, roughly, but she feels that she is totally useless.
Somewhere else, Ka Bun’ou, the provincial governor, tells Reishou that he also brought here his doted one. “The relationship is very good and harmonious that it is really alarming.. You really love her very dearly.” Reishou says yes, she’s so cute that he doesn’t want to part from her. “I do not want to leave her in a place where there is an old fox.” [<- referring to Gikou and the others] After a pause, Bun’ou bows to him and says that there are many annoying people and things at that place. “While you are here, please pass the time as happily as you like, Your Majesty.” Afterwards, for a time being, Reishou is very busy that he would repeatedly come back and forth, constantly on the move. And, Yuulin continues to pass the days without doing anything which causes her to be listless. It is like that until one night-- In bed, Yuulin wakes up when Reishou holds her forehead and calls out her name. She is still drowsy when she calls his name. Then, she suddenly sits up in surprise. He hushes her to lower her voice for right now, it is still night. Touching her chin, he says, “..there is something that I want to ask of you. Can you hear me out? The king’s consort.”
Blushing Yuulin replies, “If it is something that I can do, then, please say it.” With sparkles and ahgast, Reishou says that in this kind of situation, she would still answer without the slightest trusting. He smiles and says, “Ah, forget it. Can you accompany me for a bit and let’s go sightseeing?” Yuulin is surprised as he takes her hand. She thinks that it is the puppy king’s smile. “It seems like a child who is attempting to do some mischief.” Dressed up in casual clothes, Yuulin goes with Reishou at the courtyard and asks what this is about. Someone calls out to Reishou to come over this side. Yuulin realizes that it is Bun’ou. She is puzzled over this. Outside the gate, a carriage is waiting for them. Yuulin is surprised for Jun and Dai are already there. Jun tells him to keep quiet and get inside. Sitting on the driver’s seat, Dai greets her. Reishou says that he’ll temporarily leave things to him. “..sorry, Bun’ou.” Bowing to him, Bun’ou says that there is no problem, and please be at ease and leave it to him. “A reckless boss [-sama] also makes one feel very nostalgic. ..please take care on your way.” Yuulin is puzzled over this.
Inside the carriage, aghast Jun asks what’s up with this situation. “..always until now, you still haven’t say things clearly.” Reishou happily says that it is because isn’t it interesting to make people be startled? “It’s a pleasant surprise!” While Yuulin is also puzzled and sweatdropping, Jun replies that he is only very suspicious. Holding Yuulin’s hand, Reishou says that it is saying it like this, on the surface, it is a work that cannot be avoided but actually, this time around, it is inspection while travelling incognito! While Yuulin looks tense and –v- !!? Happy puppy Reishou complete with wagging imaginary tail says, “Here, there is an acquaintance, whom I haven’t seen for a long time, and I wanted to see him[/her] a bit. Anyway, while going to see him[/her], I’ll also conveniently look around [/inspect] the surrounding towns [city centers]. –Afterwards, the provincial governor said that this few days, I can totally freely move around! There is totally no progress talking with those stubborn-headed people at the imperial palace- *happy* I’ll just directly go to the place, and there’s no need to see them. Ah ha ha”
Yuulin nervously exclaims, “So, is this really okay, Li Jun-san!  This king-!!!” Jun exclaims that of course it isn’t, but this is also inevitable, that guy won’t listen to advice. Holding his head, Jun laments that this time around, His Majesty personally conducted this work, and even he [Jun] also.. Chibi puppy Reishou kept on wagging his tail and muttering, free, free. Yuulin can only feel sorry for Jun who is exhausted. She never thought that she’ll see the ‘likes to travel incognito’ king here. At a town by a river, Jun says that he’ll go and prepare for the trip’s guide and arrangements. Reishou says that later on, they’ll meet at the inn. Jun says, “REISHOU-SAMA, this is already totally different from your position before, please be conscious of that--”
Surprised Reishou asks if he is referring to being conspicuous, he knows that already. Jun sternly says that it is also unnecessary to do the married couple acting. Scared Yuulin exclaims, yes. Reishou just has a blank expression. As Jun sighs and turns around, Dai asks what about him. Reishou tells him to accompany Jun. Dai says ya, he doesn’t want to disturb them. While walking around, Reishou apologizes to Yuulin for leaving her all alone for some time. “Are you very bored?” She tells him that it is alright..and bacially, he scheduled this in advance, the travelling in cognito. Reishou smiles and says yes, he is familiar with Ninshu, and he wants to walk around with her here. This made Yuulin blush. She thinks really, this guy-- when it was mentioned that there’s no need to act like a married couple and like this, darn so sweet, it’ll just raise her spirits. [<- weak against that] Reishou suddenly holds her hand. Yuulin immediately holds up her hand from him which surprises Reishou. Holding her hands away, Yuulin exclaims why there are holding hands.
Aghast Reishou asks if they can’t. She exclaims that it isn’t they can’t, but they shouldn’t for they aren’t married!! He says what if she gets lost. Yuulin exclaims that she won’t get lost. Yuulin wonders if the current her can naturally hold hands like this. “That is the upgraded married couple acting at the harem! Flirting so many times has also slowly increased. But, that is just acting, it’s a job!!” Reishou frowns at thinking Yuulin. She thinks that this time, Jun will definitely say that some unconscious actions are too dangerous and reminding her of her temporary working position. “It isn’t easy to be together, if I were fired, then, I would have nothing at all.” Moving away from him, Yuulin says no, this usual practice [/habit] is no good and during the inspection, please be careful. Reishou looks glum. She thinks, “My ‘like’ and ‘want to stay at your side’, along with time, they increase steadily. Inevitably, there will be a day when this feeling will overflow and come out. I won’t be able to hide it. *flustered and sad* [When that happens] Can I still continue to stay here?”
Seeing her expression, Reishou suddenly hugs her. This surprises her as some passer-by start to look at them. Blushing Yuulin calls out to him, what!? Why!? He whispers to her to forget about the acting-whatever between them. Yuulin is surprised by that. He tells her that it is alright, it isn’t easy to study [/research] and accumulate married couple acting everyday.. [<- he probably thinks it is about the acting stuff which made her react that way] Thinking that he had startled her and how mean is this guy, Yuulin just says that is also inevitable. Kokuu calls out to the two that people come and go in this place, that if he doesn’t call out their attention—about that. Reishou sighs and says that it is him. Waving to her, Kokuu says, “Ah- it is the town’s akujo, daughter-sama. It is bad to seduce without choosing the time and place, right? This person is very conspicuous.” Flustered Yuulin is shock and thinks, Me!? Reishou says that he came really early when they just arrived. Kokuu says of course, it is his order..if he is late, the aftermath would be he’ll be very angry on the surface. While Yuulin looks puzzled, Reishou says that this is the journey’s guide.
Waving his hand again to acknowledge her, Kokuu says that during this time, he’ll be under her care [/yoroshiku] and isn’t it quite exhausting to bring daughter-sama to this kind of place. “-so, this is ‘not wanting to put aside the princess consort’? It was mentioned that you’ll inspect and travel together. ..ah, it is that. That’s really too bad, I thought that I can see an exceptionally beautiful lady..” Yuulin looks tense and wonders what this situation is. Is it the ‘His Majesty personally conducted work’ that Jun mention? Later on, Jun and Dai arrive. Jun says, really, he obviously told them not to be conspicuous, and Kokuu came too early. Dai laughs and says that this narrow town so, they can easily be found. Jun sighs and wants to go back early. Dai just whistles. Kokuu smiles as well as Reishou. Yuulin has a premonition that compared to what she imagined, this journey is a rare and precious, and it seems that it would be better for her to stay behind. And in passing, she is immediately being scolded. Jun angrily reprimands the two over flirting while in the middle of the road. “Are you listening to me?” Aghast Yuulin says that is so. Reishou barely replies and has a blank expression.   
Comment: Hehe, no wonder Yuulin is starting to have a bad feeling about this. The journey is just starting yet she, together with Reishou, ends up being scolded by Jun. Kokuu thinks that she is flirting with Reishou in the streets. Ah, Kokuu if you realize that you are already looking at the ‘infamous’ beautiful consort. But then, he also believed that akujo rumor about Yuulin ^^; I think aside from not wanting to leave Yuulin at the palace where there are ‘old foxes’, he also wants to travel with her ^^ Well, it is an opportunity to be lovey-dovey with her. Yuulin might mind it but Reishou obviously do not mind Jun too much about it. Hehe, in the end, Jun cannot do anything with Reishou’s whims. ^^; It does make me think that his puppy side is his true nature..wanting to be freely go around, being playful, etc. The wolf side probably emerged due to need when he got into politics or got to know how things work in reality/life. I’m curious though what made him or at least, how and who convinced him to want to become king. Assuming there is more to it rather than because he is the second in line to the throne. It seems that Reishou had frequently Ninshu or probably stayed here for some time. Bun’ou seems to know his nature quite well and even helping him pull of this ‘secret journey’. In a way, I guess Reishou outwit them to think that he is actually just going to go there and just work. =P All work and no fun is no good but of course, it makes everyone around Reishou really tense and get a headache. =P Scans by BaRaMei私人

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