December 18, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 52]

In the Kobayashi residence, Mego and her mother exclaim in shock after Mitsuru told them that he and Azusa had eloped. Together with Azusa, Mitsuru exclaims that he is going to marry Azusa. “This girl will be forced to marry some other guy. So, to hinder all of that, we are going to immediately register.” Mitsuru goes into shock when his mother reminds him that he’s 17 years old, and based on the law, he can marry when he’s 18 years old. Mitsuru shouts, “No way. I totally didn’t know that~~~!!” <- super big idiot. His mother and sister think that he didn’t know that yet he still proposed. Azusa thanks Mitsuru and says that she is already very satisfied that he has that kind of intention. Mitsuru blushes over this. The twins’ mother tells Azusa that currently the situation with her parents isn’t very ideal since she had already seen it on the news. She suggests that Azusa temporarily stay at their place until the issue regarding her parents settles down. She informs Azusa that she will contact her parents about this. The two are touched by this. While holding a ladle, the twins’ mother says that right now, she is about to prepare dinner. “Azusa-chan, do you want to help out? *winks* It just so happen to be the flavor that Mitsuru likes. I’ll teach it to you for you are the girl, who will be marrying Mitsuru.”
Blushing really red for she has been approved, Azusa exclaims okay..!! She bows and says that she’ll be under her care [/yoroshiku], mother-in-law!! Mitsuru is surprised by this. He thinks that his mother is amazing for this is the first time he saw Azusa being this respectful to someone else. At school, Mego calls Aoi on the phone about Mitsuru eloping. She informs him that Azusa will be temporarily staying at their place. “She and Mitsuru are doing quite well so I hope that you and Shino-chan won’t worry.” Aoi smiles and says that her family is very warm. She asks huh? He says that it is nothing.. Then, Mego asks if he has time tonight. “Isn’t today the Tanabata festival? There is a celebration activity nearby. Treat it as a change of mood from studying. It is fine if it is just for a while. Let us both go together and check it out..” Aoi says okay, they’ll meet at the station at 6pm. Mego says okay, thanks ^^ At the graduate guidance room, Aoi is surprised as he mutters, Sendai’s T University, Tohoku’s.. His teacher says yes, that is his alma mater. Aoi’s aspiration is in the science and engineering. T University is very famous in that subject matter throughout the national and public universities, and after graduation, the employment rate is very high.
Assuring Aoi that it is a good school, the teacher gives him a book which has some information and his pictures of the university. Aoi looks at the pictures which include some colorful streamers during the Tanabata festival. Aoi says that it is a very beautiful place. The teacher says yes, it is called ‘Mori no Miyako’ [/city of trees due to its greenery]. Aoi recalls his pinkie promise with Mego who told him that is where she and Mitsuru was born and she really likes that very special place so it would be great if there will be a day when they can go and see it together. Sendai is in the Miyagi Prefecture, where Mego is born, and it is her favorite place. At the rooftop, Aoi thinks that it is 350 km from Tokyo, and riding on the Shinkansen [bullet train], it takes about 2-3 hours. “This is also perhaps, a good opportunity to become independent. I cannot always depend on Kagetsuna’s kindness, and always be taken care of by him. He also has his own life. But..” He thinks of Mego happily calling out his name. Later on, arriving near the station, Aoi hears some girls shouting and clapping to Mego that it suits her. Wearing a short yukata, Mego asks if that is true and doesn’t it look strange.
Taking pictures of her on their cellphones, her friends assure her that she is super cute and Aoi will also go crazy about her to the point of being captivated by her. <- friends who lost their reason while spoiling Mego. As some people sweatdrop over the three, Mego thanks her friends for lending the yukata to her. With thumbs up, the girls wish her the best and success on her date, and Mego says that she receives their wishes. While Mego happily wonders if Aoi will think that she’s cute, Aoi is hiding behind the tree watching her. <- found it difficult to come out [a while ago]. Mego turns around to check her outfit when Aoi goes to her and says that he thinks that it cannot be considered cute. After being shocked by that, blushing Mego exclaims that he already came, and in the end, this is very strange. Blushing Aoi explains that it cannot be considered ‘cute’, rather, it is ‘beautiful’, like a butterfly. This makes her blush really red. She calls him cunning for using that method to praise her. While she scolds him, Aoi thinks that it is like a dancing butterfly, beautiful like a flower fairy. Then, they are bumped into each other by the people passing by. They blush as they look at each other. Mego apologizes to him for there are many people in today’s celebration. Aoi agrees with her.
Then, they are bumped into each other again for the people suddenly increased. They feel quite hot when they are touching each other’s skin. Aoi wonders about going to Sendai. It is rare for them to touch each other like this, so is it necessary to particularly depart and go to such a far place. “But one day, Mego will also take a step forward towards her own dream. *recalls Mego exclaiming that she absolutely won’t leave him all alone* If I were to make her stay at my side, she’ll definitely will do that. But, is that really okay?” Noticing that he is lost in thought, Mego calls out to him. To her surprise, he holds up her chin and he kisses her. Not wanting to let go just like that, Aoi kisses puzzled Mego again. And as he kisses her for the third time, he thinks that if he can use this arm to always protect his most important Mego,.. He hugs her and says that even if it is a problem that he wasn’t able to touch her [before], but like this, he couldn’t control his actions is also a problem. Mego is mentally freaking out over this for Aoi is particularly passionate today, and it is the first time that he would always kiss her like this.
“Actually, I’m still not quite used to this zero distance romance. It felt that it isn’t the same as before. My heart would keep on beating nonstop and the insides of my body would gradually become hot. Do ordinary lovers in this world, also inevitably do this kind of thing? It is like a girl’s distinctive unknown ‘instinct’ is about to awaken--..” Later on, the two hold their tanzaku [paper to write wishes on]. Mego urges Aoi to write a wish on it. Aoi wonders about making a wish..his wish is.. He is surprised that Mego has already finished writing and is now hanging the tanzaku on the tree. Then, Mego prays in front of it. He asks her what she wished for. Mego giggles and says that it is a secret for it won’t come true if she says it. He persists by asking if it is about ‘want to become a mangaka’, or ‘hope they sell a new model [/garage kit] of Masaume’. Mego says wrong, it isn’t that, those are totally wrong. “The answer is *smiles* ‘I hope that Aoi-kun will become the world’s happiest person.’” And stupid Mego goes into shock for she carelessly said it out. She hopes that it is alright and it does have a ‘kotodama’ way of wording. [<- power of language/magic word].
Aoi thinks that he wants to make her happy, for she is a girl who would prays and hopes more of his happiness rather than her own future. “Want to have the strength to firmly protect her throughout her life, and to have unflinching faith.” Aoi confirms with her about her parents taking the opportunity to marry during the Tanabata festival at Sendai. Mego says yes, and he still remembers. Aoi says, “Next year, we will also go together to Sendai’s Tanabata festival. Just like your parents did. I want to take the entrance exam at a university in Sendai. I’ll leave Tokyo. I’ll go to a place I had never gone before and start all over again. But, if the wish can be fulfilled, I hope that you can join me in participating in the Tanabata festival every year. Thinking of the city where you are born makes me feel your favorite place.” Recalling their pinkie promise, Mego thinks that after his voice clearly went through her ear, she felt his brave onward decision for it has a frank and intense feeling. Moved Mego thinks that compared to being lonely, it makes her happy and proud of his achievement that all the more it resonates in her soul. The story will set out towards the fated place, Sendai. Blurb: “Next, colored page will usher in the welcoming of the start of the last arc.”
Comment: So, Azusa will be staying temporarily with the Kobayashi-s. Maybe her parents will lay low for a while but then, if they realize the ‘flaw’ in Mitsuru’s plan, they might try to get her to marry someone else during that one year time frame. And, from what Aoi is planning, it seems that the twins will have a double simultaneous marriage after year. It is fitting since they did fell in love at the same time though Mitsuru ended up with someone else =P So, like in most third year stuff in shoujo, there is that inevitable temporary separation as they pursue their goals for a career for a better future for them. Of course, here, it is only Aoi. Interestingly, the mangaka decided not to drag things and pull off the usual ‘I cannot part with you’ stuff but rather, Mego fully supports Aoi in his plan without any hesitation. Of course, for Mego, it might just be only a year since I don’t think a mangaka needs to go to school for that kind of profession though there are college courses for that, if I remember correctly. ^^; Anyway, it will be the final arc. Based on this, it might be more on Mitsuru-Azusa and probably on the sidelines, Mego and Aoi in a long distance relationship? Scans by 工作室

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