December 15, 2014

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 48]

At Hakuyou’s harem, Yuulin was told by a court lady that the king wants to give his bride those sweet fruits. While Yuulin’s eyes twinkle over the food gifts, the court lady says that they are fruits and snacks from the southern province. “If you like them, please enjoy them as much as you want.” After the court lady takes her leave, Yuulin, the Wolf king’s temporary bride, is now currently in the midst of enjoying for herself the sweet stuffs. Holding a snack, she happily thinks that this season’s flavors are really amazing. With a tear in her eye, Yuulin muses that there are many areas of this work that is hard and this is one example. Even if this is luxurious, she wants to make Seishin [her younger brother] also taste this. “Please tell me how this snack is made.” She is interrupted when someone calls out, “It seems that it is very delicious, princess consort-chan!” Dai swings upside down from the window. Yuulin angrily tells him that she won’t give him some because a few days ago, he ate her snacks. “That one is really delicious and I planned to leave them for His Majesty. So, today, I won’t give you any!”
Dai says, “Huh-? But- Look, eating too much will make you fat, right?” Yuulin freezes midway. Now sitting on the window sill, Dai says that during harvest season, they will continuously send their products. “Will princess consort-chan, always eat during this time? This outstanding spy is standing at your side during this time! Ah-ya- I’m truly amiable--!!” Yuulin starts trembling over what he said but still, she manages to shove the snack into her mouth. Dai thinks, Ah. Narration: “While the bride has come realize a scary problem through the spy, in the imperial castle..there is a problem that is taking place.” At the palace hall, while Reishou is sitting on his throne, Minister Gikou tells him that regarding the inspection, he hopes that His Majesty would re-consider it once again. With all the courtiers in attendance, Reishou says that for him, it isn’t necessary to spend time discussing about this problem, and doesn’t he think so? Gikou relents a bit by saying that as His Majesty’s ordered but, regarding travelling together with the princess consort this time around--..
At the hallway, Yuulin, together with her two court ladies, meets up with Gikou. Smiling Gikou says that it is the princess consort, and is she going to the government hall now. Yuulin greets him back and says that it is truly rare to see him come over here. Continuing to smile, Gikou says that the discussion at the central palace hall dragged on for a long time. “I’m only going back now because for a length of time, it took a little bit of too much discussion with His Majesty.” Yuulin tensely thinks that it is nothing much to talk with Gikou but in the end, he is an amazing person that she felt that he’s earnest or perhaps, she ought to say, imposing. “It feels like I’m shrinking [/small in front of him] and actually, this person is a bit scary. Totally different from my irresponsible father--..” Gikou praises her for truly becoming more and more beautiful that His Majesty dotes [/pampers] her more. Yuulin laughs and says that it isn’t true. [<- being humble] She thinks that even if he’s smiling while talking with her, she doesn’t feel like he is really talking to her. “Even if it is hard to listen to his son, Houen-sama,  talk but he is obviously very easy to understand.”
Chibi Houen calls her stupid princess consort. She thinks about changing the way of greeting to quickly end it and leave. Then, she thinks that Reishou must be very tired and in the end, it would be better for him to eat something sweet. “Today’s fruits are also very delicious.. In the end, I like eating..?” Gikou says that there is one other thing if she would listen to what he says. “From ancient times in the imperial palace, the king giving sweetness would cause that person to become intoxicated. Often, that person will lose oneself and in the end, dig one’s own grave. Deeply understanding one’s proper position is also very important, right.” As he and his attendants left, Yuulin wonders what was it he said just now, why he would suddenly taunt her. ‘Losing one’s figure [<--she probably heard wrong] is.. could it be that he’s saying that she’s fat? As Yuulin trembles in fear, Dai laughs for that is a serious misunderstanding. Later on, Yuulin inattentively sits at the government building which puzzles Houen and Suigetsu. She is thinking that indeed, as Dai told her, lately, she has been always eating sweets but she unknowingly and tactfully received this advice!?
At the harem, with her spirit floating out of her, Yuulin thinks that the harem is.. She suddenly stands up with her arms up to stretch. “I have a lot more of vitality weariness but I lack exercise!! *puts arms over head and swaying around* This is no good at all! I must increase my sweeping [/cleaning] work!! *turns around * Thinking of it, Yuulin! Luxury is the commoner’s enemy!! *turning around with hands stretched* This is a battle that I must win.” And upon turning around again, her eyes meets with Reishou who is staring at her in amusement. He tells her, “Ah, please continue. Please continue.” Yuulin stops midway and blushes really red in shock. She shouts that if he’s here, then please say he’s here. Puppy Reishou asks about that, won’t she continue, too bad.. Later on, Yuulin prepares some snacks and tea. Reishou asks her just now, what is that. She sheepishly says that her body just wants to move a bit. Yuulin is embarrassed that she couldn’t tell him. He looks at her and asks if she won’t eat, when he heard that she likes them. Yuulin nervously says yes, of course, she’ll eat. She thinks that leaving leftovers is also a commoner’s enemy but it is too..too..
To her surprise, Reishou pulls her to him and kisses her forehead. He tells her that when she is with him, what has snatched away her heart. While sitting on his lap and embrace, Yuulin thinks that it is too sweet, and why is it the wolf acting, why is it this. “Also, this inevitable sitting on the lap-!!! Married couple acting has been upgraded--!!!” Holding her hand, Reishou asks if there is something making her uneasy for she is also absent-minded at the government hall. “ there someone who did something unnecessary to you? Looking at your vitality is the source of my happiness.” She thinks that it is the Wolf king’s sweetness. “—ah, I cannot! Get a hold of yourself, Yuulin! You were already been advised!! Properly acknowledge the fact!!” Yuulin exclaims, “Your your your Majesty, did you notice if something has changed about me lately!?” Reishou looks at tense, teary-eyed, flustered Yuulin after asking a ‘wife’s abstract question’. Reishou mutters, the Yuulin lately? Yuulin nervously thinks, “like ‘becoming around’, ‘becoming heavy’, ‘a bit fat’ ‘a bit like a barrel-shape’, and so on..”
Puzzled Reishou says that she is always very cute. To his aghast and shock, Yuulin shouts that in the end it is too sweet!!! “Later on, everything isn’t real!! His Majesty is stupid-- Darn it- It’s too sweet-” Reishou is still puzzled. Back at the palace hall again, Reishou says that regarding what was said at that time, it doesn’t change, the princess consort will journey together [with me] for the regional inspection this time around. Gikou protests that a few days ago, that is also what His Majesty said. Emitting dark aura, Kouren tells Gikou that regarding any questions and objections regarding His Majesty’s inspection.., please directly go to him. Later on, Jun mutters to Reishou, directly talking with Kouren, huh. Reishou says to leave it to Kouren, later on, the detestable work will increase threefold. Reishou comments that it will be hard for Gikou to break through [Kouren]. “It is difficult to say that there is a peaceful atmosphere. No matter how long [it has been] ..this place is uncomfortable [/restricting].” Jun didn’t replay back.
Somewhere else, Gikou calls out to Kouren that he asks if Kouren still do not understand the issue a while ago. Gikou says that Kouren always let His Majesty be excessively willful. [<- do what Reishou wants] “..this thing regarding letting the princess consort to accompany [Reishou] on this inspection, don’t you think that it is a big problem.. If it is only for a time, I also plan to ignore it. –but, this time, the situation has been on for a long time. It is impossible for me to keep on being silent. I hope.. that His majesty can more or less understand the courtiers’ uneasiness.” [There is a picture of Shisei there so I don’t know if he was eavesdropping or he is one of those courtiers mentioned by Gikou which I doubt since the ministers aren’t in good terms.] After Gikou left, Kouren says, “The obstructions have no end. *picture of Reishou and Yuulin together* The road is difficult [/harsh].” Later on, while they are strolling, Yuulin learns that she is going to accompany Reishou during the inspection. Reishou says yes, before the work on the dike starts, they are going there together to see it. [<- dike project mentioned in chapter 43?] “Right now, we can also see the rural area’s harvest season..” Yuulin asks if he is really going to work, and for the consort to go with him, won’t it be interfere [with his work]?
Reishou assures her that there is no problem. He mentions to her that Gikou objects a bit about it but he cannot temporarily cast away the wife [during that time]. “Ah ah, for him to always say that the princess consort is very willful, those kind of words, don’t mind it.” Surprised Yuulin thinks about this, ‘willful consort’. Recalling Gikou’s taunt, she wonders if it isn’t mocking down the consort. “It has nothing to do with being too fat?” Correct. Looking at aghast Yuulin, Reishou calls out to her. She snaps out of it and says that she’ll give it her all and she’ll do her best!! Holding out his hand to her, Reishou smiles and says that it is more fun working together with her. Blushing Yuulin takes his hand and thinks that in the end, it’s too sweet. Narration: “The thing/s revolving around one’s side is changing bit by bit but it wasn’t noticed.” There is a scene of the Gikou, Shisei and Kouren. While eating a fruit above the tree, Dai thinks that the Wolf king’s sweet kindness. “This kind of script is only for the princess consort.” While walking holding hands, Reishou tells Yuulin to eat delicious things. She says ye..yes. Narration: “Given to the bride today is also a sweet and delicious, an unstoppable luxurious fruit.”
Comment: Hehe, someone is starting to become image-conscious. I think Dai is just trying to trick her to give him some of those sweets. =P I’m not sure how true it is though since she does cleaning work which can be a form of exercise. Well, since she thought that Gikou is also mentioning it, she became more conscious of it. Hehe, because of that, Reishou gets to see her cute dance exercise. I love her question to Reishou if something has changed about her. Lol, that is one of the oldest trick questions of wives to husbands which the husbands always fail in answering correctly. Well, it seems that there is a fuss regarding bringing her along for the regional inspection. It wasn’t exactly mentioned why this is causing uneasiness among the courtiers but I would presume that it is like what happened before with Reishou’s father and brother wherein the king gives too much to the consort, which led to his fall. It is like the consort has become the one in power instead of the king. From what Gikou mentioned to Yuulin, it seems to be a veiled warning. Apparently, they seem to be thinking of the worst of Yuulin. I cannot really blame them since they don’t really know her and the former consorts are probably like her at first, before they start doing something bad like more willful favors, requests, orders, etc. Even if he is strict and everything with Reishou, Kouren is obviously on his side and help him with the ‘annoyingly persistent’ ones. ^^ Scans by BaRaMei私人

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  1. This series over sweetness of marriage life <3 But it's still fake. I want the their real relationship develop too.
    Thank you kat~


    1. Hehe, well, it is fake, depends on how you see it and what part =P I don't think their interaction is fake though they probably think that it is just least, he thinks she is doing it for being that professional consort and he is acting as wolf king.

      What is fake is the 'premise' of their relationship. I think somehow it is real enough to make Jun and the other courtiers nervous. It is real enough to convince Ruka and Kouju though they tend to over exaggerate it. ^^;

      You're welcome, sangataa ^-^

  2. Thanks for the summary.i look at this site daily to check if there are any updates :) one question why is reishou becoming more sweet towards her? There is no need to upgrade the consort training. He has to let her go so isnt it not fair to mess around a girls emotions that much.looking at her there is no way that reishou thinks she is being uneffected.yuulin is strong for coping with everything

    1. Thanks for reading, spears_deliq ^-^

      Hehe, I don't think he is deliberately messing with her emotions. Based on the previous chapters, it is because of Yuulin 'taunting' him -- that rabbit on the plate thing. So, he decided to take a bite and somehow, assuming that she would back off but she didn't. If you recall, he did say that it is okay it they don't do it anymore-something like that but she would 'get hurt' that he doesn't like her/harem that much compared to military stuff, and she had 'urged' him to continue on. So, they are now stuck in that level. =P

      In a way, I think Reishou has become more open with his feelings to her..saying those sweet things, of course, because of the premise of their relationship which is suppose to be just acting, it can be considered as messing around with a girl's emotions.

    2. Hehe..thinking about it, he seems to be also teasing her ^^;; Since he is testing her limits.

  3. Thank you!! Their relationship is finally moving forward! Please continue to summarize this series, I'm seriously hooked!!!

    1. You're welcome, Guelli ^-^

      Yup, and thanks for the support ^^

  4. Thanks for the summary!
    Damn, that little spy just wants the snacks for himself, you're right :D
    That exercise was hilarious; I wonder what his majesty was thinking about when he went to the harem and how he reacted when he first saw her dancing around xD

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^


      Yup ^^ Ah..what indeed..^^

  5. everything is too cute... the love story development between them is too slow but I really enjoy it ^_^ and can't stop to smile and be touched while reading it....

  6. Darn, I Love the chapter, The cute bantering between them. I really like to see them turn into real couple.