December 13, 2014

Akai Ito [Chapter 29]

Holding the perfume that Sho gave her, Chihiro recalls him telling her to use that since he really likes it. She thinks that it is the perfume that Sho bought and gave her that every time she smells its fragrance, it seems as if she became his property. In the toilet, she giggles and wonders how much she ought to spray on herself for she’ll be going to school in a while. Her mother tells her to quickly eat breakfast and go to school or she will be late. Chihiro says okay and heads out. Her mother calls out to her and asks if she put some perfume on. Flustered Chihiro exclaims in surprise and says, it seems that she did and also she didn’t. Her puzzled mother asked what is that. She exclaims that Megaten’s fortunetelling for the day is going to start. Her mother finds her acting very suspicious. Megaten the bear[?] mascot says the lucky food for the day is ghost pepper cola. Today, the lucky person and the unlucky person, will be quite lively as they set out. While munching on a toast, Chihiro felt a bit embarrassed that someone in her family sensed that she sprayed on some perfume. She smells herself. She giggles and happily wonders if Sho will notice it. While looking at her, Yuuto calls her gross.
By the soccer field, Sho and Chihiro are sitting together on the bench. He sniffs and asks if she sprayed on some perfume, it is the one he gave her. Blushing Chihiro says yes, and was he able to sniff it out. He says ya, after all, it is the fragrance that he likes. Chihiro says that it is great that he noticed it. After quietly smiling, Shou angrily shouts what’s up with this, why does it feel like she is avoiding him. Fanning him with board, Chihiro asks if he smelled it, did he smell the scent floating towards him. Sho shouts that it is floating light as a feather but won’t she come over to him. Looking away, Chihiro says that they cannot stick together in school because it is very embarrassing. Sho clicks his tongue and says that he was looking for an opportunity to hug, how boring. Chihiro looks surprised by this so he lamely asks if he said something wrong. Chihiro tensely says no..not at all. She thinks that even if she also longs for it for him to hug her like this: Sho playfully hugs her and asks what is that fragrance she sprayed on today? Then, she would sweetly say, you obviously know. End imagination. “I should say that I really longed for that..!! But..
..*Flashback: Souta playfully hugged Chihiro who is eating a snack. Souta asked her to play Abyss Fighting Legend with him. Then, Souta looked shock and said, “Wow..sis’s’s quite soft.” End flashback* In the end, I had become fat. It wasn’t my imagination!! A few days ago, at the karaoke bar, I was hugged by Sho. Even if he didn’t say anything, but actually, he already noticed it.. Because it is really too soft..!! *flustered and tense* Since it is like that, before I become thin, we absolutely won’t do any intimate touching!” Then, she inhales to make her belly smaller. While Sho is speechlessly observing her, Chihiro is having a difficult time doing it but she has to because while sitting, her flabby will protrude out. Sho suddenly hugs her and says that he really likes her. She lost her concentration and the flab protrudes out. Chihiro screams Noooo then she quickly pushes him away and shouts stupid. She shouts what he is doing, didn’t he see her that she’s suffocating..!! Then, she goes into shock and thinks that this is terrible, what is she to do for she suddenly viciously pushed him away. While she worries if he’s angry, Sho says that really hurts..and there’s no need to do that viciously. Chihiro apologizes to him.
Seeing him pout, Chihiro thinks that if she doesn’t say it clearly, it might bring about another strange misunderstanding. Looking determined, she holds his hand and puts his arm around her shoulder. Ta-da. Sho asks this is.. Giving him a thumbs up, she informs him that if it is on the shoulders, there’s no problem at all, as long as it doesn’t touch the belly. Sho says is that so. He leans his head to hers and says that by saying that, she seems acting spoiled. He asks if it is okay on the shoulders. She says that it is. She finds his hair ticklish. She wonders if he also put on perfume, what is it, this smell is different from the usual, he never used perfume before. She takes a sniff that he asks if she’s very curious about it. Startled by that, she pushes him away and denies that she is and it is nothing. She tells him instead of that, they have to quickly eat lunch. He pokes her cheek that he asks what, geez. Giving him a bento box, she tells him here, this is his, quickly eat. He says yes, yes. After taking the bento, he finds it quite light. Curious what it is, he opens it and finds that it is filled with leaves. Sho shouts, “Lettuce!?”
Shocked Chihiro apologizes and shouts that it is the wrong one. She takes the bento box and gives him another one. She says that is the one for him. Shou worriedly asks Chihiro if she is only going to eat those..only lettuce. Chihiro smiles and says yes. Not wanting him to know that she is going on a diet, she claims that lately she doesn’t have an appetite. This made Sho worried that he asks if it is okay for her not to have an appetite. Chihiro assures him that there is totally no need to worry, this happens occasionally. At the dojo, Chihiro’s stomach is growling. Leaning on the wall, weak Chihiro thinks that she is so hungry. Rino tells Chihiro that she’ll go ahead to watch the clothes. Chihiro says ya, thanks. Then, she groans. She didn’t notice that Sho is watching her from behind. While walking home, Sho suggests to Chihiro that they go eat somewhere, how about some donburi. Chihiro declines. He offers that they go for some sweets or coffee. She declines them. Pouting his lips, he asks how about a kiss. Surprised and flustered Chihiro exclaims why in this is impossible and for him to unexpectedly say that, is he an idiot, he definitely is. Glum Sho thinks that for the time being, she can still be quite considered lively.
At the dojo again [the next day, probably], Ren is helping Sho warm up. Sho tells him that in the end, it is still very strange. Ren asks him what is. Sho says that it is Chihiro, lately she is a bit strange. Ren says that Chihiro is basically very serious and this is the first time he heard this from Sho. Sho says that it isn’t that, though what he said is true but it felt that something isn’t the same. He explains that even if he doesn’t know what it is that makes her listless compared to the usual. Ren says that since he noticed it, why don’t he think of it in detail and he’ll definitely know it clearly. Sho says what Ren said is right but.. Sho thinks that if it is Chihiro, it is basically useless to use a common way of thinking to find out the answer. “Recalling it now, when did it she start acting strange? Obviously it is after we went to the karaoke- Karaoke!? Is it that? Is it at that time? Could it be that I brought her to the private room, and sticking to her body, more than usual, made her hate it? No, but, before, when he grope her chest, it doesn’t matter.. ah—could it be..” Ren interrupts his thoughts by asking if lately, he has going on a work out [/exercising]. Sho happily asks if he can see it.
Ren says that it feels different from the usual, more rugged [/sturdy]. Sho happily says that he bet everything for this winter! He asks Ren if he wants to know, he can also tell him. Ren says that his is also very sturdy. Ren removes his upper kendogi [/kendo uniform] and show off his muscles. Sho says that Ren’s also quite okay but look at his. Sho also removes his upper kendogi. While the two showing off to each other their muscles, Captain Kagamido angrily calls out to them as to what they are doing. At the Tachibana residence, Chihiro pulls up her blouse and asks Souta how is it. Feeling then pulling her belly fat, Souta says that it is still plump. Flustered Chihiro scolds him not to pull. Chihiro is glum for she cannot reduce the fat in a very short number of days. And if this keeps up, don’t even say about going on a trip with Sho. She fears that just by seeing her like this now, he will be disappointed. She perks up and thinks that she absolutely doesn’t want to avoid it [going to the trip] just because of this [fats]. There are still a number of days left. And if she works out everyday, there is definitely a way for it!? She calls out to Souta and tells him to come over and sit.
Souta asks what she’ll do in return. She bribes him with all of her snacks for the week. Souta says okay. While doing some push-ups, Chihiro is determined that no matter what, she’ll lose weight. Sitting on her legs, Souta cheers her on. Then, their mother arrives and says that she’s home. She calls out to Chihiro that Sho came over. Chihiro is stunned. Sho lamely says that in the end, she is lively. While Souta calls out to Sho, Chihiro is freaking out with, nnnnooo. At the kitchen, the mother says that she is startled to see him in front of the gate, it has been a long time. Sho says yes, but because they always chat using LINE so it doesn’t feel that it has been a long time. The mother agrees. While watching them from the corner of the kitchen, Chihiro is wondering why Sho came to her house. He also got to see what she doesn’t want him to see the most. She find it shameful for him to see her so seriously overdoing it by making her younger brother sit on her while doing push-ups. She thinks that since her mother saw him in front of their gate, then, he plans on going inside her house. Sho asks if he can interrupt auntie [/Chihiro’s mother; being polite] for there is something that he wants to tell her.
Chihiro freaks out for could it be about the trip, he came over for that, is he really planning to say that!? The mother asks what it is for he’s so serious. Chihiro clings on to Sho’s sleeve and shouts no, don’t say it. Sho says that actually, half a year ago, they have already started going steady. “From today on, I also plan to seriously go steady with her so I specially come here to say it clearly to you. *looking serious* I’ve always kept silent until now, I apologize for that!” The three all look surprise by each other’s ‘ha?’ The mother laughs and says that she knows earlier on they are going steady and he’s saying that now? She knows a bit that he isn’t an ordinary BF. This surprises Sho. The mother then invites him for dinner before he leaves since it is rare for him to come over. Sho timidly says okay. Later on, outside the gate, Sho covers his face and says how shameful it was, what’s up with that, he totally made a mistake. Embarrassed Chihiro thinks that it seems that she also excessively make arbitrary misunderstanding [<- about what Sho plans to say] but she’s very happy over that declaration.
Sho happily says that anyway, it’s good that she is very lively. This puzzles her. He says that for her to seriously work out, there is no need to worry about her liveliness. Chihiro asks him what’s up with him today, for him to suddenly say want to clear it out. He tells her that lately, she has been acting strange so he is thinking could it be that, because she wasn’t able to tell her parents that they are going steady and that she is worried about the trip so, he decided to squarely say it out. Chihiro is moved by that for he specially came to day, it is because he has been thinking about her. Sho laughs and says that it is because her way of thinking is unusual [/stands out from the ordinary people] so it is no good if the hidden part isn’t read and understood. [<- something like learn to read between the lines] He tells her that he learned of this lately. Sweatdropping Chihiro says is that so, she totally didn’t know. She is flustered for she is always only thinking of herself. He goes hm, to her [if she wants to say something]. She tells him that she ought to the one who is ashamed.
After she explained things, Sho exclaims in shock ha!? She is acting very strange because she wants to reduce the fat from her belly? Chihiro tells him that his voice is too loud. Sho groans and says what, it turns out to be about that. Chihiro tells him that it isn’t just something because for her, it is a very big problem for she doesn’t want him to be disappointed when they go to the trip. Looking surprised, Sho says that she’s saying.. Looking away, Chihiro tells him not to ask further, for she’ll be very embarrassed. Sho smiles and asks if he can hug her even if they are outside. They look at each other and she says yes. They hug. He asks if they can kiss. She says okay. And, they kiss..not once but twice. Sho says that he is finally able to properly touch her. She says that for him to say ‘to properly’.. Sho tells him not to do any muscle training, it is absolutely forbidden. Chihiro tries to protest but he says that there is no buts..if he lets her continue on doing work out, he would also have to do work out and isn’t that shameful. Also, this is making him very perplexed so it is no, okay?
Chihiro wonders if he is saying for her not to force herself and this is definitely his kind side. She says okay, she understands. He says very good, then, it is almost time for him to go. She says ya. Just then he is saying goodbye and waving, he stops and wonders why he came over today. She asks him what it is. Sho says that nothing much..he only felt that he had forgotten something important. “Ah- That’s right! It’s the trip. I came in order to get permission for the trip!!” Chihiro goes no way, so in the end, he came to her house includes that goal!? Holding on his arm, she exclaims no, wait, forget about that, okay? Holding the gate, Sho says no, it is rare to come over and he’ll also explain this clearly. Chihiro continues to tell him to stop. Someone says, “Ah~ It turns out that the two of you are going on a trip, right?” The two look stunned as they see the mother smiling at them by the gate. She continues to say that it is okay for them to go. “But, BY ALL MEANS TAKE NOTE about not going overboard while having fun. There’s no problem, right? Aghast and scared, the two says, ‘Yes.’ Blurb: “The smiling face is so frightening.. But, in the meantime, it’s great that they got the permission!”
Comment: Hehe, I’m not sure how much of their conversation was heard but mommy obviously knows what they are planning to do during the trip. Since Sho has been careful to get on her good side so he would really hesitate and probably decide not to do it. Also, Chihiro seems not that ready yet and is overly conscious about it. Apparently, Sho hasn’t asked permission yet through LINE. Sho is doing all the right stuff by saying things straight to the mother and he is pretty much assuring the mother of his sincerity. Even if the reason is way off, he starts to learn that something is wrong with Chihiro because she is acting different from usual. Hehe, he realizes that Chihiro’s way of thinking is different from normal..compliment or not? He is also concerned about her the way she tends to overdo things. Anyway, that was cleared up and as usual, their scenes are quite amusingly funny and sweet. ^^ It seems that it isn't only Chihiro who is 'image/body conscious'. I’m also amused that Ren doesn’t seem to want to lose to Sho in regards with having a nice body. It would be nice to know those two’s dynamics since they aren’t shown too often like with Chihiro and Rino. Sho seems to be asking for his advice as Chihiro would with Rino. I do wonder what Captain Kagamido thought when he saw those two comparing their muscles half-naked. ^^; It is also cute how Chihiro tend to be close with Souta. They seem to have some sort of trade stuff for someone to do something. I’m not sure about her playing his games but Chihiro has to bribe him with sweets to do stuff for her. Apparently, Yuuto isn’t patient with her and is pretty much weird out by Chihiro’s antics. ^^; Well, in the end, I’m sure Chihiro will be somewhat happy over the outcome regarding the trip for she is more into the sightseeing..but of course, Sho..hehe.. =P Scans by Link同好会汉化

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