November 27, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 40]

While they are riding the train to Kyoto, Uki holds a peeled tangerine and asks, “Ha~~? ‘Iriya really seems like a guy’~~? He is basically a guy. No matter how you look at him, he’s a guy.” Makoto says that it isn’t like that, for until now, he is a prince. Uki says that a prince is also a guy. Nanami says but Iriya would unexpectedly really suit wearing girl clothes and she wants him to try it once. Uki tells her that this isn’t the time to talk about that. Uki laughs since that is the reason why Makoto has been avoiding Iriya earlier. She tells Makoto to quickly reconcile, geez. Teary-eyed Makoto thinks that kind of rejection [wherein she pushed him away] ought to have hurt Iriya. But then, she doesn’t know how to apologize for the reason is quite shameful that ‘I’m thinking about you doing some vulgar thing which is more forceful than usual, and that attitude gave me a fright’-type of thing. Bunny calls her too foolish. Meanwhile, Iriya is lost in thought by the door. Yusa asks him what’s up that he isn’t on his seat. Iriya says that he is thinking of some things. Yusa happily asks why, could it be about Makoto, break up already!! Iriya is speechless and asks why he is so happy. Then, Yusa says about that, speaking of Kyoto, that is his relatives’.. Gloomy Iriya says ya..he just thought of a horrid thing. Yusa starts apologizing and exclaims that he is really an idiot.
And they arrive at JR’s Kyoto station. Yoshiaki calls out to E section to assemble at this bus. On the first day, the whole class will move together. And everyone went together to see the Kinkaku-ji [/Temple of the Golden Pavilion]. Uki is amazed for it is really golden-bright and dazzling, so how much does it all cost, amazing. Nanami says that it seems that there is a matcha dessert sold here. She says that actually, that is gold-leafed [covered with gold but not all gold] and it would be better if it is made of chocolate. Makoto sighs and wonders if she should be glad or sorry that each class is doing their respective activity. [<- she isn’t with Iriya but then, she isn’t ready to apologize yet]. She notices that her ex-classmates who became lovers before, are classmates again and if she look in detail, there are many lovers around. After all, this is a well known sight-seeing spot. She imagines that the lovers in this world are like red riding hood and wolf. She starts knocking her head and calls herself an idiot for thinking of such annoying things at a temple. She fears that she will be judge for it. Then, Aida calls out to her and asks what she is doing. He asks if she isn’t going to look at the temple. He asks if in the end, it is boring because she isn’t with her boyfriend.
Thinking of becoming sociable, Makoto denies it. He says that is good for before, about THAT THING, it is only later on when he became bothered by it. Makoto doesn’t know what he is talking about so he says that it is about that time when Iriya came to the classroom and took her away, afterwards, she is a bit silent then, this morning, she didn’t talk with Iriya. “Could it be that I have done a really mean thing? [when he asks for a sip of her drink] I’m wondering whether or not you guys had quarreled.” Seeing Makoto’s surprised expression, Aida thinks that he had correctly guessed it. Aida starts apologizing and it isn’t what he wanted. Makoto says that it is alright, it isn’t his fault, it isn’t like that, it is she who is obviously going steady but wasn’t able to empathize a guy’s feelings.. After looking surprised, Aida says forget it and cheer up. Behind some people, Iriya has seen them together. Someone calls out to Iriya to hurry up. There are a lot of people at another temple. Holding a small flag with E on it, Yoshiaki calls out for them not to walk slowly and keep their eyes in front. Makoto tries to catch up with her friends but there are so many people that she got left behind. Someone bumps into her and she apologizes. When she got her bearings, she becomes nervous for she got lost. Bunny angry says that it is too soon for her to be lost.
Aida grabs her hand and pulls her. He says that it is at this side. After telling her to properly follow, he smiles and leads her away. Makoto tries to say, the hand.. She recalls telling Iriya not to worry about Aida for someone like her..that won’t happen. She wonders if this [he is doing this] is only just for her not to get lost in the crowd and she is only overly concerned about it. By the stairs, Uki with Nanami calls out to Makoto and says that she’s so slow. Makoto apologizes. While they go in the temple together, Uki says that this is a ‘request’ temple and is there an omamori [/amulet] there. Just when Uki is asking if they want to buy souvenirs, she spots Iriya with his female group mate. Iriya says that everyone isn’t around. Clinging on to Iriya’s arm, the girl says that it is alright, they’ll just assemble together later on. Pointing at some amulets sold in the store, she tells him to quickly look, want to buy a pair and keep it a secret from everyone. Secretly following them with Makoto, Uki angrily asks ha, what kind of trick is that girl up to. Makoto tries to tell her not to be loud. Iriya tells Teshima [guesswork from 手島] if she knows that he has a girlfriend. Teshima says that she knows. Iriya tells her that for her to be like that, he’ll be troubled. Teshima protests that it is alright even if he has a girlfriend, about him, she really..
Iriya sighs and says that this makes him feel sad for from her point of view, he is a casual guy who’ll cheat. Iriya laughs and says that his training [/practice] isn’t enough and he really failed. Aghast Teshima says no, it isn’t like that for if it is Iriya, he can play around with many girls then afterwards, choose again.. Iriya says that he doesn’t want to. “Right now, I’m really afraid that I’ll be hated by her. So, something that will make her misunderstand, I absolutely won’t think of doing it. *Teshima tries to protest* Teshima, if you cannot understand this, I won’t go around together with you guys tomorrow.” This stuns Teshima that she becomes teary-eyed. She apologizes. He says no, he should apologize for saying such harsh words. He smiles and says that if it is Teshima, she’ll definitely find a good guy so let’s go and find the others. This made Teshima blush and think that he’s so nice and in the end, she still likes him. After hearing what Iriya said about fearing that she’ll hate him, Makoto becomes flustered and thinks that this isn’t the time to be embarrassed for she obviously knew that his great fear is rejection. “I must tell him that this is a misunderstanding. I must apologize--”
On an internet messaging app, Makoto asks Iriya if he finished bathing and if he has time, she wants to see him. He says okay, will the lounge be okay. She says okay, she’ll quickly go. While holding sweets [dango], her friends cheer her on to quickly go and reconcile. While walking at the hallway, yukata-clad Makoto is relieved. She wonders where the elevator is. Then, Aida calls out to her and says that the elevator isn’t there. He comments that she looks good in a yukata. He says that just in time, just now he wants to see the lighting at Yasaka shrine and he got permission to do so. He grabs her wrist and says that everyone is going, does she want to go. Makoto pulls her hand off his and apologizes for about that kind of thing.. After looking surprised, Aida asks if she doesn’t want to go with him. She says no, it isn’t that, she doesn’t hate him but holding hands and that type of things, she doesn’t want to do it with a person she doesn’t like. “For you it isn’t a big deal.. sorry.. Then, I’m meeting up with someone... I’ll go ahead.” Makoto is relieved that she had properly said it out. Then, she slips and falls face down on the floor. This surprises Aida that he asks if she is alright. While thinking that she wanted to leave gracefully, Makoto says that it hurts. Offering to help her up, he asks if she can stand up, give him her hand. Then, he sees her bare thighs. Makoto is startled when he suddenly corners her on the wall.
Aida says he always felt that she is making too many mistakes. [<-social interaction?] “Are you doing it deliberately?” Makoto tries to protest but he is holding her wrist tightly on the wall. He says that she’s really amazing, pretending to be pure but she actually used to doing it with Iriya? That kind of thing.. If you don’t tell him, then, he won’t know, right.” Makoto couldn’t free herself and says no..don’t..Aida. Aida is already leaning down to her. Crying Makoto is scared and she mentally calls for Iriya. And Iriya comes to give Aida a punch on the face that sends him flying off from Makoto. Iriya wants to punch apologizing Aida again but Makoto tells him to let it go, for someone might come. Iriya calls out to Aida, hey, before he punches him again, quickly get lost. Holding his swollen cheek, Aida apologizes and runs off. Iriya kneels to Makoto and sees Aida’s grip had marked on Makoto’s arms. He holds her hand and apologizes for it is because he recklessly got a fight with her. Makoto says no, he is really amazing for she is calling him within her heart and he really came. Iriya confesses that this inn’s corridors are quite complex that he got lost while going to the hall. Makoto laughs about it then says that’s right. Then, she starts crying and kept on apologizing to him. He hugs her and says that it is okay, it is already alright. Narration: “At that moment, why do I feel that this hand is very scary. The one who make me feel at ease the most in this world. The one who make my heart beat so much the most in this world. Iriya’s magical hand.”
Comment: It turns out that Iriya’s gut feel about Aida is true and much more that he would do that to Makoto. Aside from presuming that she went all the way with Iriya, I guess he thinks that Makoto is leading him on at first when actually Makoto just wanted to socially interact with him well. I guess it is better to keep distance rather than for the other party to misunderstand things. So, could it be that Makoto’s ‘attractiveness’ has also improved because she is Iriya’s girlfriend? Of course, it might be also because she is in love ^^ It is ironic though that Makoto has been wary of Iriya thinking that he’s the wolf but it turns out to be the other guy. ^^; Aida is lucky that he only got a punch. I guess Makoto doesn’t want others to know about it and for Iriya to get in trouble. If not for her, I think Iriya would have really beaten him up to a pulp. Of course, I wonder how Uki would react to this for she somewhat guaranteed that the guy is okay. I get a feeling that he won’t be punished much just like how Maria got away with the things she has done. Iriya beautifully turned down the girl even if he tries not to hurt her feelings. He really knows where to draw the line and I find it rare for popular shoujo guys like him to actually say that to a fangirl. And, Makoto follows his example ^^ It’s great that they have reconciled. So, I guess for the rest of the trip, probably more lovey-dovey and perhaps, Iriya meeting his mother or anyone from his real family. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
You gotta do what's right, even if it's hard. You gotta draw the line, before it goes too far. ~ Tiffany Alvord quotes 


  1. thanks for the chapter and kat chan ypu read the manga tsubasa world chronicles

    1. Thanks for reading, ricardo ^-^

      Nope. I read the previous one until a certain part then I quit. ^^;

  2. Iriya really is a perfect boyfriend. Although he's popular, it's like he won't let Makoto be worried of his fans who cling to him. Just glad on how proper he reject that girl :) hehe

    Since this chapter is like reconciliation, maybe more lovey dovey moments next. Looking forward to it :) <3