November 26, 2014

Sleeping Beauty [Chapter 13]

Cover page: “If I were to disappear.. will that do? Yuuya..” Sou tells Shiki to go die. He urges Eiji to quickly do it and this is an order, the brother or Saki, one of them must die. Eiji mutters how can that be.. Shiki says that it doesn’t matter to him if he is dies but he cannot die until it is certain that Saki is safe and sound. “If Yuki is killed, then you guys would also lose your one and only insurance.”  After a pause, Sou says that it is impossible for Shiki to just do nothing and let, Yuki die. At the hotel[?], Yuuya looks at sleeping Yuki on the bed. With some eaten breakfast on the table, Yuuya says that he always thought that it is quite baffling that during high school, Eiji would go steady with this ugly girl. He recalls how Yuki jumped into the train tracks for him which might had cost her life. He slightly blushes. He kisses Yuki and says that right now, he finally understands. Putting on his jacket, Yuuya says that for her to eat that much medicine, she probably won’t wake up in a few hours. There are two empty blister packs in the wastebasket. He hoped that the time when they meet together, everything is over. Putting a note on her hands that are on her chest, he tells her that when she wakes up, go to this place. As he goes out of the door, Yuuya says that her world will definitely change. After he left, Yuki wakes up.
Back at the old factory, Sou takes his cellphone and says that it is almost time. “If I don’t contact Yuuya, he will kill Saki. What are you going to do, Eiji. What happens next depends on you.” Eiji looks tense and takes the knife. Eiji says that if the one he hates is him, then if he just dies, that ought to do it, right? Pointing the blade to his neck, Eiji tells him to let the siblings leave Japan. Sou and Yuuya will also not see them again. That should do it, right? Sou says that he never hated him, it is only that, without him, the game would be boring. If there is no Yuuya and Eiji.. He won’t allow them to withdraw midway. “Ah..there is really not much time. Saki is going to be killed. Eiji, quickly kill him.” Shiki protests that if this is a game, then all the more that they couldn’t kill Saki because she is an important player of the game. “You are just bluffing, right? Kamiya Souichirou.” Sou laughs and apologizes for making him misunderstand. Even if everything is a game for him, but for Yuuya, it is totally not like that. “Yuuya killed Erika. He is already not the Yuuya that you know, Eiji. If you want to let Saki live, *Eiji starts becoming nervous and trembling while holding the knife* you only have to kill him, Eiji. *Shiki looks tense* Time is up.” Blurb: “Let Saki be killed, or kill Shiki?”
Comment: Nothing much happened in this short chapter. I think for now, everything does lie with Eiji. If only Eiji recalls that Yuuya wants Yuki, he would have realized that Sou is indeed bluffing about Yuuya killing Yuki. Maybe Eiji didn’t realize that since Sou is feeding him the idea that Yuuya is not the one he knew because he killed Erika. Shiki has his doubts but then, right now, with Yuki being hostage, he cannot do much or do anything risk especially because of his attachment to her. Sou is basically asking them to trust him that he’ll keep Yuki safe. Given the lies, murder and attempted murder, it would be foolish to actually trust him. Again, these two guys have very deep attachment with Yuki/Saki that they are willing to do everything and give him the benefit of the doubt that they won’t kill her, as long as she is alive. But then, what kind of life would she have? Oh well, Sou is also putting the pressure on Eiji by keep on mentioning the time. It does seem that for Sou this is some sort of game. Game to test love or something? If Eiji will do it for Saki? Well, he has always been apathetic to everything so he can be quite calculating. He is probably someone who is just bored to death and is amused with these two guys about their secrets. He just feeds them lies and withhold some truth then, see how things turn out? Well, from the hotel side, whether Yuuya is going against Sou’s plans or not, he obviously isn’t going to kill Yuki for he has indeed fallen for her. I’m amused by the number of sleeping pills he gave her. I’m thinking that the sleeping pills had lost their potency in Yuki because Shiki has been feeding her the same thing all this time. ^^;; Unless, she already had doubts and pretended to sleep. Scans by 深雪

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  1. Thanks for the summary Kat

    Nothing much happened in this chapter. I hope Eiji will come to his senses and realize Sou's bluff or else Shiki is going to die. If not Eiji might try suicide. I have a feeling though, since Yuki woke up when Yuuya left, she will follow him and then rescue the other 2. It is like a reverse damsel in distress.

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      Ya,..and hopefully he does.

      Maybe..but it also depends if they'll reach it in time. I got the impression that place is far away from where they are staying. ^^;

  2. OMG! Two more chapters to go for the FINALE! Can't wait for it! I'm gonna some tissues now... =(

  3. Yuki woke up as soon as Yuuya left... I think she was really awake all that time.

    Wow, what a cliffhanger ! ! Wait, was Saki ugly ?

    1. Ya, most likely, megaworthit ^^ is on the eye of the beholder..=P