November 24, 2014

Free Talk: OnH 40-41 are out + Shinobi Shijuusou review

This is just to inform  Ookami-heika no Hanayome readers that chapters 40-41 summary is already out here.
Regarding the new picture at the side, that is a new series in Asuka called  Shinobi Shijuusou (Ninja Quartet) by Tohru Himuka. It doesn't look like it in that picture at the side but this a reverse harem series.

The story is about an ojousama forced to find some ninja-bodyguard by her protective father or else, she'll always listen to what he says. She goes to school where them elite ninjas study and 'hire' one for herself. The first candidate is the son of her father's butler-ninja who is cool, and handsome everything but has puppy-stalker-obsessed-pervert tendencies. The second one is twins. The older one is the brains and tend to be cocky while the younger one with glasses is an idiot. The fourth candidate is some easygoing older guy with eyepatch who is obsessed with poisons. The fifth is still unknown since it is only up to chapter 3. But from the picture above, he is a shota. The lead girl is strong and for now, not interested with the guys. ^^;

So far so good, and this is more on comedy rather than romance. ^^ Actually, if I were to sum it up, this seems like Ouran High Host Club but change the host theme to ninja theme =P The lead guy reminds me of Tamaki. But then, the older twin reminds me of Kaichou wa Maid-sama's Tora. Anyway, for those interested in it, you can read it at mangalator.


  1. Omg this Shinobi one is gold! I liked it very much <3 Thank you for recommending this <3
    Can't wait for the shota to show up ahhaah I bet he'll be just like the offspring of Hani senpai and his wife xD (gloomy and shota!)


  2. thanks for OnH summaries! :)
    haha im also reading that shinobi, didn't expect the MC guy is soooo funny! the MC girl should also try to be ninja, she's quite strong! ;)


    1. Thanks for reading, Na-chan ^-^

      Yup ^^