May 18, 2013

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 40-41]

Originally posted on November 24, 2014

Chapter 40: Reishou is presiding with the ministers and the others in the government hall. Kouren overhears Shisei chuckling that the direction of the conversation between His Majesty and Minister Ryu is totally wrong. Smiling Shisei sighs and says then, in the midst of that, this report is fairly scary, a scheduled visit. Holding a box of scrolls, Kouren muses that a storm is about to come. At the harem, Jun informs Yuulin that Reishou’s aunt is coming to visit. She was married into the royal family of the neighboring country of Sogyoku. She is His Majesty’s father’s younger sister, Princess Haku Ruka. She will be coming back to the country. This time, it is a private return visit thus there’s no need for a showy welcome. It is a friendly country’s important visitor so Yuulin only needs to give her greetings to her, that’s the plan. Yuulin nervously says yes. Trembling Yuulin thinks that this time, her work makes her very nervous..aunt..princess.. Pushing up his glasses, Jun says that even if she is His Majesty’s relative but it has already been ten years since she left the kingdom. “We must not let the other party know of His Majesty’s ‘nature’. We must not destroy the ‘cold-hearted Wolf King’ impression. So you must also act well the role as the pampered queen.”
Feeling really pressured, Yuulin kept on saying yes. Smiling Reishou says that she’ll just be in the royal capital’s official residence. “You only have to see her a bit during the welcome banquet, that’s all. I myself only saw her when I was young so I’m not sure what kind of person she is. ..Yuulin, you only need to see her for a little while.” She says yes. Then, noticing the piles of paperwork on his table, Yuulin asks if it is another astonishing amount of work again. Reishou tells her that it is a carelessly drafted internal affairs [of the country] problem caused by a sly fox [/tanuki; Gikou] and a ghost person [Kouren]. Yuulin watches while Reishou reads some of the documents. As her enthusiasm goes up, Yuulin thinks that he is working hard so she cannot tell him about being nervous-whatever. “Even if I’m afraid, I’ll also properly do my best.!! Fighting!!”
And soon, that guest arrives like a celestial maiden. Yuulin goes into shock that the aunt is a beauty and is so young, that she is stunning like Reishou. Ruka goes to Reishou to his throne and tells him how honored she is that he personally came out to welcome her. Reishou says that it isn’t easy to return to her native country after ten years, it’s quite nostalgic, aunt-sama. Ruka thanks him for his concern. Reishou calls out to Yuulin so that he can introduce her to his aunt. Yuulin thinks that she only has to greet Ruka then she’ll withdraw so she cannot make a mistake on this. Ruka asks if it is her? With flowers all around, Ruka says that she always anticipated meeting with her. “..During the time I’m here, can we have some time to chat?” Reishou looks surprised at charmed Yuulin. At the harem, Jun gloomily says that in a split second, she fell to the enemy, why..when it is also a female. Reishou seems to be still stunned over what happened. Thinking that it is very dazzling, embarrassed Yuulin apologizes for she had agreed to have a tea party with Ruka. Jun sighs and says forget it, in that situation, it isn’t good to refuse. “There’s no other way..when you meet with Princess Ruka, take care not to bring up any dialogue that has no substance. If that kind of thing is discussed, answer boldly [/without shame]. It is also alright to pretend that you’re an idiot, *sparkles* and go inquire about some inside information about the country of Sogyoku!”
Teary-eyed Yuulin says that he is confidently making use of her when he says that. Jun says okay, if she got good (spy) intelligence report, there will be a special allowance. Reishou interrupts by telling her that there’s no need to force herself. “If it is no good, and you think that it is bad, then say it out, and immediately withdraw. If you were to refuse right now..” As Reishou noticed that ‘special allowance’ is influencing her, Yuulin says that she is just reaping what she sow so she is going to do her best a bit. “A professional queen would not give up on an added increase of income.” While Reishou looks worried, Yuulin thinks that he is always so nice compared to what she imagined, she’ll just have to think of a way in dealing with the conversation with the guest. While having tea and sweets by the lake, Ruka apologizes for saying such willful words but it is because she heard that this country’s harem only has one queen, she is also the same. That familiar feeling when she was at the harem of being beside someone close to her yet wasn’t able to get married that person. “—if you feel uneasy here, then if it is something within my ability to do, it is okay for you to tell me.”
Later that night, Yuulin happily says that in short, Ruka is very nice and kind, she is quite knowledgeable and good in conversation that time just pass away. She notices that Reishou didn’t react much so she asks him if he doesn’t want to see Ruka. Reishou says that even if it is just for some time, that is already at the lowest degree that the king can make available [for a guest] and the rest will be left up to the Foreign Affairs Ministry that is headed by Shisei. Holding a bowl, Yuulin sadly says that it isn’t easy for one’s blood relative to come over, and like this, it feels a bit lonely.. She is puzzled when Reishou looks at her and goes into wolf mode. Reishou darkly says, “..want me to properly get along with her. That is impossible. *holds up her chin* --..It is different, if it is you.” This made Yuulin blush. Pouting, she tells him that is unnecessary. She angrily starts to walk outside. He asks where she is going. She tells him that she’s going on a stroll. By the balcony, Yuulin thinks that he used acting in ‘don’t want to talk’ refuse her. “I had also been working here for a long time. Our relationship is also better than before. –in the end, this means I shouldn’t want to move it a step further. I..
..have failed... Hearing good and bad thing. Saying good and..not good thing. It is right to set limits to the boundary. Obviously, I’m no good. Pull yourself together, professional queen! Properly strive hard together with His Majesty’s share!” Later on, Yuulin is having tea again with Ruka. Ruka says that today, she wants to get go directly to the main topic. “..actually, threre is something that I’m always concerned about..” This made Yuulin nervously wonder if there is something that made her suspicious--!? Blushing Ruka smiles and asks, “What do you like about His Majesty?” This surprises Yuulin. “Huh?” Ruka says that in this vast harem, there is only one person! “The king is affectionate with only one queen.. I’m saying that I have heard so many rumors about you. No matter what is said, I want to know about my cute nephew. Say it *sparkles* Sweet speech and honeyed words is my existence’s nutrient!” Finding her too dazzling, Yuulin wonders why it is this kind of love topic but then, this is work. Yuulin remembers Jun telling her to act the role of a pampered queen. She thinks that even if she is by herself, she can act the part of a lovey-dovey married couple.
While Ruka eagerly waits for Yuulin’s answer, blushing Yuulin says that he is very kind.. Then, she thinks that isn’t the ‘Wolf King’, that is the puppy.. She continues to say that he is also very strong.. “Very frightening.. (No, for me to say that it seems like I like frightening stuff..) Always working hard, day and night, for the country by dealing with the government affairs.. (but we have to properly support him) [<- or else, he goes into puppy mode and goes to look for her] Even at his side, (Lie or truth) for me, *flustered* he is an unattainable person.” Ruka looks surprised as Reishou stands behind Yuulin. He says that is a very interesting topic, king’s queen. They are surprised when Reishou carries Yuulin ala princess carry. Reishou says that happy dialogue is really lacking in manners. [<- it is something private] Reishou starts to ask his aunt if she had fully enjoyed the faraway ancestral land. Just when Ruka is saying that she already--, Reishou interrupts by saying, that’s really good. He calls the head of the court ladies to please lead the guest to the flower garden.
As the head says okay, Reishou darkly tells his aunt with a smile that she must go and cheerfully appreciate a lot of different scenery. Smiling Ruka says yes, she’ll definitely go and cheerfully appreciate it.  While walking through a covered hallway, Reishou still carries protesting Yuulin. She asks him what he is doing, for the meeting with his aunt is still... Reishou says that he doesn’t want to, he wants to show off how he dotes on his queen and what she said a very interesting thing. He happily asks what her cute bride has been saying. Blushing Yuulin exclaims that it is work. She thinks that truth or lie, her boundary line is totally vague. Reishou wonders if his aunt really only privately came back to her homeland or there is some other motive. “That aunt-sama actually wants to eat her up, right.” Yuulin continues to protest for him to let her go and to go back. At her room, Ruka talks to herself that at this side, is her nephew. “Your son is all grown up. ..No wonder he is brother-san’s son. Kuku..I want to know more about regarding the ‘queen-sama’. Isn’t this quite enjoyable than I imagined?” Still carrying Yuulin, Reishou tells her not to recklessly move for it is dangerous. She can only angrily say curse [over her helplessness]. Narration: “The storm has not yet arrived..”
Chapter 41: Sparkling with flowers all around, Ruka says that love is really so beautiful. Also sparkling with flowers all around, Kouju says yes, that is the best flower that has opened up in this ground above, and also solely staying among man [/humanity?] forever. While the sparkles are bouncing off her, Yuulin couldn’t figure it out why she is being surrounded by shiny radiance. Ruka has come back to her homeland for a visit. Being the one in charge in entertaining her, Shisei got his daughter Kouju to come and chat along with Ruka. The two are fantastically congenial. Ruka says that’s right, a few days ago, His Majesty carried the queen up-front in such a way that it is like a painting.. Holding a paper and brush, Kouju says that’s right, that serious king gives his full love in pampering the queen. “I have also seen that kind of scenery..!” So the ‘talking about the queen’ meeting is currently in progress here... Elsewhere, Jun tells Reishou that according to rumors, Ruka is an extremely active[/mobile] dame. Before, she would always interact with noblewomen. She would frequently hold tea parties or banquets.
This time, she came back to the homeland. It is also because her husband, who is a diplomat, just so happen to be at the nearby national border so she came with him.  But during the time her husband’s work is still not over, she decided on her own to force her way to come the royal capital – go to my homeland, she said. Her ‘I continue on my own way’ [/ignore advice] is really similar with someone. [<-referring to Reishou] “No matter what, right now, it seems that she is a capricious princess and she left the place where she got married to go on a holiday at her homeland. --Also, there is a report coming from Prime Minister Shuu-- For His Highness and the queen, ‘be careful of an intense storm’--” Reishou asks if that is a weather forecast. Jun says that he doesn’t know.. Reishou just looks thoughtful. Back to the party, Yuulin puts on her best smile for she doesn’t want to lose to these two’s radiance. Even if she’s entertaining [the guest], it is quite uncomfortable that it feels that she shouldn’t have come to this place. “I must act well as ‘deeply pampered Wolf King’s queen’ Professional-type queen!! This is work so essentially, I should be here--”
Then, Ruka asks her that if she is alone with His Majesty, how does he call her for they ought to have some exclusive pet name, right? Yuulin is freaking out for in the end, she should have run away. Blushing Yuulin apologizes and says that she cannot tell others about what they tell to each other when they are alone for it is what His Majesty instructed her. Yuulin thinks that she only has to say something like they are a sweet married couple, and conveniently deceive them, so that Ruka won’t feel suspicious.. Kouju says that he definitely say some very sweet ‘sweet nothings’ right.. Yuulin says yes.. then goes into shock over it. Kouju imagines Reishou saying, ‘I’m the only one who knows your everything..” and Yuulin says, “Your Majesty..” Blushing Kouju says that she thinks that it is possible that His Majesty wouldn’t even want a single hair on her body be seen by others.. Yuulin mentally thanks Kouju for increasing the sweet feeling. Blushing Ruka says passionate, and for her to say that makes her feel a bit embarrassed. Becoming tense, Yuulin wonders why it feels like she is forced into some awkward situation.
At the harem, Reishou worriedly calls out to Yuulin who is sitting by the sofa. Dazed by some excess sparkles, Yuulin says that she is okay, she is only dazed by their dazzling radiance. Reishou informs her that in the next few days, he might temporarily have to deal with matters in the royal palace and sorry about that, just when a guest had arrived. He tells her that during this time, there is no need to force herself to see his aunt. Yuulin tells him that there’s no problem at all, just leave that aunt thing to her for it is very important to get along with relatives. “This is also my work so there’s no need for you to worry.” Reishou still looks concerned that he seems to wants to hold her yet didn’t. Yuulin thinks that she must make the kind king act at ease as the ‘Wolf King’. “I can also properly persevere in this part of the work. The king and the working queen’s proper distance. I cannot step over that boundary line.”
At the government hall, scowling Houen tells Yuulin that her expression is very strange. Surprised Yuulin asks, what? Quickly turning around, Houen tells her that it is wise to quickly go back to the harem. “..what an eye-sore.” Freaking out, Yuulin wonders how come Houen picks a fight with her just upon seeing her. Smiling Suigetsu arrives and asks Yuulin if she isn’t feeling well for that is what Houen mean. Patting her face, Yuulin asks if she looks quite tired. Suigetsu didn’t answer that but instead tells her that His Majesty is temporarily staying at the central palace hall so he won’t be coming here. Thinking that his silence has meaning, Yuulin just says is that so. Later on, while walking through a corridor, Yuulin thinks that from that time on, Reishou really didn’t come over when she thought that she could at least see him at the government hall. When it is night, Dai appears at the window of Reishou’s office and exclaims that it is really funny for he is really working. Surrounded with piles of paperwork, Reishou says that in the end, what does he think of him.
Dai happily catches the small jug from Reishou. He exclaims it’s great, wine. While having a drink with Reishou, Dai says that Reishou’s aunt really dotes on Yuulin though it seems that Yuulin looks exhausted that he thinks that Reishou totally ignores her. Reishou says that he told her not to be like this but she won’t listen. “..for her, it seems that only just having blood-relation, the feelings between each other will be very good.” After looking surprise, Dai hits his thigh and exclaims that lately, Reishou really concedes a lot, so amazing-!!! Reishou says let him say, in the end, what does he think of him. Dai chuckles for that child would unexpectedly go that far and make this person be caught in this situation. By the lake’s gazebo, Ruka says is that so, His Majesty is really quite busy. He is very enthusiastic with government affairs that actually, it is quite admirable. But then, when the [husband]–samas, are engrossed in work, they would immediately forget about them [wives]. “ really cannot be helped. We can only find and do some fun things.”
Smiling Yuulin thinks that Ruka is very talkative, her attitude is very sociable and very nice that talking with her is really fun but just thinking that she is His Majesty’s relative, it makes her very nervous and she doesn’t know why but there are times when she feels that Ruka is always staring at her. After Yuulin sipped some tea, Ruka calls out to her and says that she thinks that they go play a little prank on the husband who is giving a cold-shoulder to his cute bride. “What do you think of it?” While looking tense and surprised, Yuulin thinks that at that time, she felt that in that beautiful smile of Ruka, she seems to have seen the shadow of a carnivore. Later that night, while following Reishou, the head of the court ladies tells him that she didn’t hear that he’ll be coming back today. Reishou tells her that he is only going to see the queen and then, he’ll immediately go back to the palace. She is about to tell him, about that.. Reishou is surprised to see Yuulin wearing beautiful off-the-shoulder gown.

Blushing Yuulin calls out to him and apologizes for coming so late to welcome him. Ruka says that he’s timing is quite right for isn’t she very cute? “No matter what she wore, it looks so good in it so we unknowingly forgot the time.” Inside a room, Reishou says that it is already late today and he made his aunt to go and stay at the detached Water Lily palace. “So can you tell the end, what is this about..” Sitting down, embarrassed Yuulin apologizes for it seems that Ruka really likes to tease her. “She said that a queen also needs to work hard a bit to give the returning husband a shock.” There is a chibi Ruka, filled with tricks, telling her that there’s nothing to lose in learning about it. Yuulin thinks that there is even no banquet yet she is wearing this. After looking at her, Reishou looks away and says that it is basically unnecessary for her to do that. This startles Yuulin that she stands up and exclaims that he is right, after all, she is only working. Preparing to go out, Yuulin says that she’ll go change her clothes. Yuulin felt very embarrassed. Surprised by her reaction, Reishou calls out to her to wait, and goes after her. He manages to catch up to her and tells her to wait.
Just when he corners her by the railing of the outer corridor, Reishou says that there is someone there. He tells her that his aunt and others are currently walking at that other corridor. He asks her that in this current situation, do not scream, or run away, first bear with it. Teary-eyed Yuulin bites her lips and wonders why it became like this. Looking at her expression, Reishou says that he isn’t condemning her intention. “I only want to say that it isn’t necessary for you to do this. You only have to stay at my side and no matter when, I’m given a shock because of you. For me, like enough.” Reishou says that it seems that his aunt is already leaving. Yuulin backs away and says okay. As Reishou tries to pull his hand away, he couldn’t move it. Yuulin apologizes for her hair accessory had hooked his sleeve. While thinking that he’s too near, Yuulin tells him that she’ll quickly take it off. Since Yuulin is freaking out, Reishou tells her to calm down a bit. Narration: “It is no good, I have to leave. I mustn’t misunderstand him for it is just acting, after all. I have to be careful of boundary line and distance.” Just then, Yuulin loses her footing so she tries to stable herself by grabbing on to Reishou. And, she ends up pulling him to her and their lips touched. Seeing what happened, Ruka thinks that they are very lively. She chuckles as she leaves. While Reishou looks tense, Yuulin is covering her lips with her hands. Narration: “Since the start of work -- Tei Yuulin’s detestable failure.”
Comment: Indeed, there’s no need for a nice sexy gown, well, in their standards, to shock Reishou..just being with her..she can do and say things that really shocks him. =P So that is their ‘first kiss’ though I wonder why the mangaka didn’t draw their lips together ^^; Usually, that is done in other series. Anyway, apparently Reishou isn’t into his relatives since he totally does not think that he must get along with others just because they are blood-related. Of course for Yuulin who is working hard just because of her debt-ridden father, it is really different. So, it means that for Reishou, family and relatives are not important to him. He must be amazed at the extent that Yuulin is doing for her family. Aside from paying the debts, she is working to pay for her younger brother’s living and studying expenses. Her job this time is quite hard for her since she isn’t used to shiny people and lying. So far, some intentional and some other unintentional stuff helps deceive the aunt =P Scans by BaRaMei私人化 and 楓的个人

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