November 22, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 51]

In her bedroom, Azusa looks at her cherry designed earrings. She recalls Mitsuru arriving and asking Shino if she is alright instead of ‘saving her’. She tightly clenches her fist and thinks that even if it hurts, in the end, it is better not to be in love. Knock. Knock. Her father calls out to her and says that he’s coming in to talk with her. Her mother says that she is also coming in. As her parents enter, Azusa crosses her arms and says that it is quite rare for them to appear together at the same time in her room. “So, after you extramarital affair has been exposed, do you guys finally decide to divorce?” Shuiichi says that they won’t divorce, but rather, they decided to separate. He asks Azusa to choose right now, with whom she would like to continue to live with. Touching the magazine on her desk, Azusa clicks her tongue and says that it is due to saving face huh, that they won’t divorce. “..papa’s new lover that was photographed in this magazine’s article IS STILL very similar with that woman. Shino’s mother, Sanada Yuki. That elusive [/missing] woman who had always captured papa’s heart.”
While Shuiichi looks unfazed, flustered Kyouka asks why she.. Sitting on the table with crossed legs, Azusa says that she knows everything. “Papa has someone he likes but for family reasons, he is forced to marry Mama. It is only for the Tokugawa clan [/family] to have a [qualified] successor. Mama actually knows it perfectly clear [as crystal]. Even if Mama knows Papa’s intention, but Mama still loves Papa very much. Because Mama is unable to attain Papa’s love, during intolerable lonely days, in quick succession, Mama find some other man in search of comfort [/consolation]. A really weak and sorrowful mother. *Kyouka looks flustered and mutters Azusa’s name* Do you think that I do not know the situation at all? I know that Mama always use work as an excuse to stay with some other man until morning before coming home. I and Mama are very miserable. Papa just won’t stop pursuing some other person’s figure [/likeness]. In this life, you only love that woman and her child.” Shuuichi didn’t say anything and just close his eyes. This made Azusa furious.
She clenches her fist and shouts why he isn’t saying any word to refute her. “What do you call that, making me choose one side!? *gestures to herself* Papa and Mama don’t want to be together with me? It isn’t ‘I go choose’ but rather, ‘I wish you guys will choose me!!’. Since I was young, it is like that. *parents look somewhat surprised* You guys totally have no interest in me. Always paying attention to some other place.” Flashback: Young Azusa looked flustered as her parents ignore her. She wondered how she is going to make them pay attention to her. If she becomes first place in grades or perhaps in PE [/sports], would they feel happy for her? Azusa studied hard and during the ceremony, she got a trophy and certificate. The teacher says that she’s amazing that she got number one in studies, PE and piano. But her parents continue to ignore her. Azusa thought that it isn’t enough so she has to strive harder so that she can become a more ‘worthy to be proud of’ child. End flashback.
Bending down and crying, Azusa says, “I’m really an idiot. Even if I got first place, no matter how hard I strive, there won’t be someone who’ll love me. All of these certificates and trophies, are basically meaningless. *holding up her hand to hit them away* This kind of things...” Suddenly someone calls out, “Tokugawa!!” and throws something at her. She catches a bouquet of flowers. Puzzled Azusa looks at the direction of Mitsuru who is wearing a white suit. He says, “In hanakotoba [language of flowers], daisy is ‘true love’, peach blossom is ‘your captive’, red anemone is ‘I love you’, Yellow daffodil is..ah-hm I forgot what it is. *coming out from the window* In short, I give everything to you!! Accept everything, Tokugawa Azusa!!” While her parents sweatdrop, blushing Azusa calls out his name, and Mitsuru greets her mother. They are in the second floor so Azusa shouts from where he came from and why he is dressed up like that. Mitsuru says it is to make the girl [so] happy by [making her] pleasantly surprised war[/strategy].
Seeing Azusa’s father, Mitsuru asks if he is the one they talked about, Tokugawa Shuuichi. He thinks that he is Shino and Azusa’s father. He steps forward and prostrates on the floor. He shouts, “Please give Azusa’s hand in marriage to me!! Or else, I’ll snatch her at my own will!!” Everyone looks surprised. Blushing Azusa calls out to him over what he is suddenly doing.. Mitsuru says that just now, he heard it from Shino that she and Shino are blood-related sisters. Azusa says so that is how it is, it is Shino who wants to comfort her that she made him come. Grabbing Mitsuru’s necktie, Azusa shouts, “Don’t treat me like a fool. I said that I simply won’t allow any type of sympathy!! (Do not once again make me feel how miserable I am, okay) Hate!! I don’t like you a bit!! Get lost and leave, how annoying!!” She is surprised when Mitsuru suddenly kisses her.
While blushing, Mitsuru looks at blushing Azusa and says, “..if it is sympathy, would I kneel down? If it is sympathy, would I say such an embarrassing confession!! If it is sympathy, would I go and buy this expensive bouquet and rent these very expensive clothes!! *angry* Do you even know how much those flowers cost me?” [<- poor commoner’s rallying cry] Then, Mitsuru puts a decorated wedding veil on her head and hugs her. He says, “I like you. That terrifying face and that bad temper, I understand everything. You are totally not within my preference [/taste] range, but right now, compared to Shino, compared to anyone, you’re cute. World’s number one cute.” Blushing really red, Azusa says that he’s lying, she gets angry very easily and she is very headstrong. Mitsuru says that he knows. She says that she’s violent and loves to get jealous. He says that just a while ago, she exploded. He smiles at Azusa who is moved to tears. She thinks that he’s really an idiot, saying that he likes this kind of her. Holding her up, Mitsuru says, “Let me snatch you away, queen-sama.”
Shuiichi suddenly realizes something and tells them to wait, he won’t allow them to do what they wish for Azusa is Tokugawa financial group’s only daughter. “Sooner or later, for the clan, she will be married to someone who is an appropriate match with her. Afterwards, give birth to a child and then, for that child to continue the tradition [of heir succession]. We already permitted the clan to specify the marriage for the successor. Azusa says so, for her to give birth to a second her? “I’ll also become like papa, continue on in a loveless marriage. *looking sad and gestures to herself* WILL ALSO give birth to someone like me, a child who is unable to attain love.” This made her parents look tense and surprised. Holding her hand, Mitsuru tells Azusa that they are going. “I cannot make you continue on staying in this kind of household.” Turning to look at her parents, Azusa says, “Papa, Mama, I won’t choose either of you. I will choose this guy whom I love!!” She turns towards the door to find the butler and maid already there. Shuuuichi tells them not to let these two leave this place. He asks Azusa to calm down. Mitsuru curses over this.
Then, he notices Azusa squeezing his hand tight. They look at each other and smile. Mitsuru laughs and says, ya. As the two held their hands tightly, her father is surprised when the two angrily jumps out of the window. The parents look down to see that the two are alright because the trees[/bushes] cushioned their fall. Mitsuru asks if she is still alive. Holding on to Mitsuru, Azusa says that it is thanks to his luck. Mitsuru says that he is truly lucky. Azusa starts laughing and crying. “Haha, together with you, I’m not afraid of anything anymore. With us two, joined hands [acted together], we are invincible.” Blushing Mitsuru smiles. The parents can only slightly blush upon seeing the two love birds kissing each other. Azusa thinks, “I was definitely born in order to meet you. Not loved by people so I’m very lonely. I always thought that I’m unfortunate. *giving her hand to Mitsuru* Is it really an unfortunate life? No, it isn’t. Because the future is full of unlimited possibilities. This endless future, I will go and choose, go and seize, and afterwards, I’ll become happy.” Blurb: “The twins’ love will have new progress!! Aoi’s astonishing decision will make waves!”
Comment: So, amazingly we got a kneeling down, a marriage proposal disguised as a confession, and two kisses ^-^ I’m glad that it isn’t a simple confession and it wasn’t similar to what he told Shino in the last chapter. Any girl who is in love with the guy who proposed would be moved and everything over that kind of confession..even if they are just in high school. I like the contrast on how ugly Azusa is when she is filled with hatred and how beautiful she is when in love ^^ So they are finally a couple ^^ Fufu..I love couples like these and I love their speeches. ^^ Being strong and everything will help since her parents are against their relationship. Somehow, I think the father is brainwashed by the clan’s duties and responsibilities stuff that he has to comply with what they want rather than his own love and wishes in life. He used to have fallen in love with someone, his true and one & only love. He probably wanted and tried to marry her but had succumbed to what the family wanted. In old traditional clans, what the family wants tend to be the ‘rule’ and those who do not go with it are ‘deviants’ and probably ‘disinherited’ but of course, that is not an option if there is only one child/heir. ^^;

It is said that in another series that if unsatisfied with the official wife, the ‘true love’ can become a mistress which is what happened here. I guess her father has no qualms about Azusa having the same miserable life that he has. Not surprising since he and his wife pretty much ignored Azusa’s existence that she doesn’t feel love at all. In a way, they are just chasing after the ones they couldn’t get yet stay together for appearance’s sake. And I guess they don’t really care about having kids and taking care of them, etc except to have an heir for the clan. ^^;; They probably think that Azusa being good at everything is what is expected of her and if she is doing bad things, just leave it to the others to deal with her. I wonder though if it is a given that being in a loveless marriage would automatically make the parents ignore the children. Azusa is already making that assumption and I guess if there is no Mitsuru, she might end up like her father. So, because of that kind of parents, it is really no wonder Azusa turned out the way she is. I guess if good deeds aren’t working, she started modeling and some bad deeds but nothing is working at all to get them to notice her. She probably looked for friends too but they are only her friends because of her surname. In a way, I think she is still hoping for some miracle because she still calls them ‘papa’ and ‘mama’. I guess what happened here was the last straw for her as she finally realizes what she is to them. So, rather than staying with either one and be miserable, she is going to be with the one she loves by ‘eloping’ ^^

Good thing she has that option though I wonder if Azusa can live by herself if Mitsuru wasn’t around or she’ll just give up and choose one of her parents to stay with. I wonder if the next chapters about them would be how they would adjust to life together aside from her parents causing trouble. Depending on their financial capabilities, I guess the Kobayashi family can take Azusa in. Hehe, Mitsuru already prooposed though I’m not sure if she would want to continue studying in that school. Would they both quit school? Azusa already has a job so the problem will be Mitsuru. Also, for the potential fiancée for her..could it be Chiharu, iirc, he’s rich, or a new character? I’m amused that Mitsuru bypassed Mego in a lot of dating stuff and went straight for the marriage stuff. ^^;; It seems that the next chapter will be about Aoi-Mego again. Well, if there is no problem with these two, create a new one. ^^; I’m thinking maybe Aoi will study abroad? Maybe, it has something to do with his mother? Maybe to get things okay with Mitsuru-Azusa, they get Shuiichi be together with his mother. =P So that, everyone will be happy. Maybe, it is simply wanting them four to go on double date =P Oh ya, do you think Azusa’s father is a foreigner? His eye are drawn differently..hehe, he actually looks like a ‘villain’. ^^; Oh, before I forget, I think deep inside her parents are green with envy over that since Azusa chose love and has someone who loves her as she is ^^ Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thanks for the summary kat ^^

    Azusa's dad not matter how you slice it , is a bastard i mean he loved a woman whom he couldn't marry but this very woman left him
    and he is still chasing after her ,dude move on you know what would be ironic is if it is revealed that aoi's mum has another man and is very happy i would love that .By chasing after this woman what did he gain except making his child unhappy and his life miserable .What i get from the chapter is he never tried loving his wife and moving on and that's pathetic .

    He is like a love sick teen who can't get over his crush ,i'm pretty sure if he made efforts with his wife with time he could love her but no the dude choose to chase after a ghost and where is she now ?

    I still can't stomach the fact that he doesn't like his own daughter that's the cherry on top of the cake .

    About the mom i somehow had a feeling that she liked him but got fed up that he didn't care so she started sleeping around and i do feel sorry for her but it still doesn't excuse the fact that she treats her daughter like air like she doesn't exist .

    If you think about it he and aoi's mum are quite suited for each other both selflish people who only think about themselves and don't care about their kids well at least he got love for shino which is very sad thinking he doesn't care about his other child .

    I so hope azusa move out from the house and school and live her own life .Another thing that pissed me off is azusa 's dad not only did he make her miserable but he want her to continue being unhappy her whole life by marrying someone she doesn't love why not bring shino into the family and make her miserable or is she too important and she should be happy .

    Mitsuru even though he is short and cute he really is cool and manly loved the confession and with azusa they truly are great couple .

    Now about aoi since it said his decision will make waves so maybe it has something to do with the mother ? i really hope she is with someone else .

    1. Its the same feelings I had! I hate that horrid parent, he is the worst.

    2. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      Left him? Hm..I thought she went crazy and disappeared so not really deliberately left him. And I would laugh if that happens and aoi's mom has another man who looks like him. =P True..and maybe they should have matched him with someone who looks like Yuki. ^^;; Actually, based on the hair, I thought they are similar. ^^;;;

      Well..crush or whatever..I think it is obsession-psycho level type in a is deeper than a crush that he is willing consciously or unconsciously doing all that and for so long. So I mentioned 'true and one & only love' because no one else will do for him. Of course in this case, it is like that in a very bad way. I get the impression the mother went psycho and is send in some hospital..unless she ran away and left the children.

      The mother does love him before. I'm not sure if she still loves him but is coping up with the loneliness by being with some other man. I guess the type of woman who has to have someone with her or else..she..ah..don't feel like a woman? I'm not sure if it is also her way of getting his attention like I'm having an attention to me..but then, he doesn't care. ^^;;

      True..and I do wonder if ever Shino doesn't look like her mother, would he still treat her the same way? I think he wouldn' what if she looks like Aoi's father.

      I think Azusa will. Hehe..that could be a reason for Shino is the 'favorite' but I think there is more to that. Unless they are really, really desperate and Azusa won't do...Shino might be a choice. But, there are problems with Shino especially since they are a rich traditional family clan.

      1. she doesn't fit the ojousama type like Azusa does. = training, breeding, etc.

      2. she is the daughter of the mistress = the one whom they rejected. Part of her blood isn't of the 'same status'.

      3. this one is harsh but I do think there are people who think that it is a major 'defect' and that is Shino is deaf. Any other party especially the rich traditional type, would not want her because they would say that Shino got her deafness since birth so she might pass the 'bad gene' to the successive heir.

      Yup ^^


    3. Well ,the way i see it is his love for her is strong to the point where he only picks women who look like her it is to the point where he doesn't like his own daughter .What about her ? yeah her husband died after which she left and didn't turn back while that man is still chasing after he shadow that's so pathetic .Ya they indeed do have similar hair but look like that wasn't enough for that dude .

      Exactly he is like some crazy stalker if he is only chasing after women who look like her i wonder if when they have sex he call them yuki ?

      I think she ran away and left her kids behind .

      I think she did it because she wanted to be loved since her husband didn't love her ,maybe at first but since he didn't care she continue to do it because she is lonely .

      I think he wouldn't love her if she didn't look like her mum and you know if this was a dark story i wouldn't be shocked if tried to take shino as her mum replacement and sleep with her by the way the fact that shino knows that he love her because she looks like her mum and is still very happy may means that aoi's dad was cold her thus she longed for a father love and is happy even though he doesn't love her for herself or aoi 's dad loved her and she is willing to be loved because she looks like her mum and that's quite lame .

      I think she can be trained but the real problem is that she is the mistress child and that's very big deal for old families (like in maid sama with usui) but i also think the main problem is shino being deaf how can she blend into the high class society if she can't attend parties since she can't talk how can she build up relationships and that kind of stuff you get what i mean plus like you said she may pass the gene to the heir and above all unlike azusa who is fiery and knows how to play the game shino doesn't .

    4. @Maika maese yup that dude is a scumbag at least the mother looked a little bit ashamed of herself

    5. That's right. And, also, maybe Aoi's mother think that it is a 'sin' to be with him = Shino is deaf so she decided to cut the relationship with him. Didn't she say that 'everything is my fault' stuff.

      Lol..he probably did. And if those women are paid/compensated, I'm sure they don't mind.

      Ya..maybe and now that I think of it, I think she might still like her husband. Azusa said that she kept on changing men so she hasn't found 'love' yet. you also think that. I didn't mention it since it is very dark and...well.. Ya, it could be like that but then, the kid is looking for 'parent love', or any other love. I'm assuming whoever she lives with might not treat her that well..or at least, as an outsider. She is separated from Aoi. Bullied by Azusa in school. So, any love shown to her, whatever form, is gladly accepted. Of course now, she already has a boyfriend, has a dream, friends etc. Well, those are just assumptions since we don't see much of her anymore regarding how she is doing, how she is being treated by her father except for that one instance that he pat her head and sent her to school.

      Yup so I think the most that her father can do for her is at least send her to school.

    6. You know the more we learn about her ,the more i wonder how can anyone love that woman ? she seems very pathetic was her beauty that great that it made others forget her personality .

      Ya maybe he looked for prostitues who looked like her and you know,....^^

      Ya which is also kind of pathetic because if you had a husband/father like that you would lose all respect or love for him . Again him and aoi's mum seems like a match made in heaven or in hell .

      That's the first thing that crossed my mind when i noticed how obsessed he really is .He really should grow a pair and move on .You know if everybody got stuck to a person with whom he had a relationship didn't work that everybody would be single or heartborken or like azusa's dad a scumbag .We all had someone at least once that we loved but our relationship didn't work with and maybe at that time you feel like it is the end of everything and you will never be able to love again ,but it isn't true time will help and if everything keeps on getting in your way maybe the two of you weren't fated to be with each other and maybe your real true love is someone else but you are sure not to find it if you keep chasing after ghosts it is sad and pathetic .

      I think it was mentioned that things were going well with her actual family so i guess she just want love because of the reason you stated and i find it very ...ugh...but compare shino who was loved to azusa who isn't ,azusa doesnt want a person half-hearted love but she wants it all and it is great shino on the other hand so very meh .

      and what he can do for his other daughter is to let her go since he always treated her like crap .

    7. Hehe, is blind. =P Maybe he thinks of himself as 'the hero' saving the 'weak woman' or something..Maybe she's good in bed. But then, you have to admit, there are guys who like those kind of people..actually, all sorts of people that one would think, what does s/he see in him/her. In cases like those, I just think..ah, maybe they put heart first before Sakura and those type of characters.

      Yup..and he has the money for them.

      True. But then, these things happen in real life. I often heard such stories in our place. Still staying with the husband even if he got a mistress. Somehow, I think staying or not, somewhat depends on how the woman views herself. Also, there are cases of 'benefits' that one gets by staying with the husband. Or reasons why they stay.

      Indeed..but obviously, he still clings on to the 'past love'. And while doing that, hurting his family..and obviously, he doesn't care. Or maybe it is one of those, 'I cannot help it' since he cannot forget her no matter how he tried..kind of thing. Yup, obsessed.

      I get what you mean.

      That's right..ideally..

    8. Blind and dumb it seems ^^ maybe ,good in bed and her looks must be really something for that man to go so far for her .
      Ya actually a lot of guys like this type i mean "the weak and very emo type the if you leave me i will go crazy or kill myself type" actually in real life i do know those type of people who breakdown at each diffculty who once a man leave them they cut themselves from the world and you may guess that i cut my ties with those people cause i truly can't stand them .Everybody has lost someone in his life doesn't mean time will stop find the strength to move give it a shoot and trust me things will get better ^^

      Ya ,that's right ^^

      But kat it seems like he didn't try and he doesn't care . Like i said the mother at least looked ashamed of herself while the dad looked pretty composed as if he didn't do anything wrong .

      If i were in azusa's shoes i would leave and not turn back .

    9. Hehe..well, in such cases, logic cannot be used to reason with it. As I always mention, it is feeling/emotions and he got it in 'extreme' so... whatever.

      Lol..I actually only agree on the weak part. Very emo..not sure. Those might be hard to handle for a guy. But definitely not a lot want the 'leave me and kill self'. That is usually used for blackmail. ^^;; They probably want the 'dumb' and 'easy to manipulate' so that no matter what they do, they keep on coming back for them. Of course, this isn't a generalization..probably with masochist guys..or those philandering ones. ^^;

      True..unless, he is the type who doesn't show it on his face. But most probably not.


    10. Ya i get it but when you have a kid you gotta get a hold of the feelings/urges because you are responsible for another life .

      Well aoi's mum does seem super emo ,maybe this is what he likes being at the center of her world well being her world without me she will fall apart that type of thinking which i find sick .

      Azusa's dad to me he is like a retarded /obsessed teen who refuses to face reality that loving someone isn't enough for a relationship to work .Like i said if everything gets in your way you have to give up and accept that maybe it isn't your fate .Why keep struggling if it makes you and the people around you miserable .

      Seems like he doesn't care ,i mean he didn't even try to deny it when azusa said he only loved shino and her mum .He could've tried to denied at least to spare his daughter's feelings

    11. That's right..and of course, ideal and what happens in reality isn't the same. =(

      True though she doesn't seem to be that kind of emo..if she were, she would have pulled that before they break up. She would be more emo like self-blame-type and probably lash that out on kids..I mean emotionally not physically.

      He's a masochist, it seems ^^;; Well, the key word is indeed 'obsessed'. I mean even if it is a would do it for him. ^^;;;

      I don't know..maybe but then, isn't it be better to know the truth rather than be lied to? I'm not sure Azusa would believe it anyway..doesn't action speak louder than words? But of course, I think it will irks her either way.

      I'm thinking that maybe the father is casual about making her marry someone she doesn't love, like he did, is because the generations before him are like that. It is all arranged marriage. He mentioned that the clan is going to decide on the partner so I get the impression that there are 'higher-ups' like the grandparents.

    12. Maybe she did lash out at aoi's dad who knows? what i know is that i don't like her and i truly believe that her and azusa's dad suit one another .

      Yup not only is he an M but he is also dumb and selfish for he only think about himself and doesn't even spare a thought for his child who is just a victim .

      Of course i agree but i just think he could've found a way to protect his daughter a little bit .

      Ya and maybe since he isn't happy he doesn't care what happens to the child he doesn't even love as long as shino is happy .I also think there are other relatives who decide things since it is an old and wealthy family .

    13. Hehe..well, true, they suit each other and they 'love' each other.


      Hm..suddenly asked about that, I doubt he can immediately think of something else. In a way, it is better not to say anything. I'm thinking if he would do that 'protect his daughter', that would make Azusa wrong for thinking that he totally doesn't care. But then, if we were to say Azusa is right on the dot with her perception of her father, it would be out of character in a way for him to do that. Well, I think, the bottom line is, he doesn't care so he won't do that.


    14. Ya that's what it is in a nutshell he doesn't give a damn but i do find it sad that in front of strangers he is trying to keep a nice image while in front of his child he couldn't care less .

    15. True..sofia..well, Azusa already knew everything so..I don't know, at least he didn't refute it even if it will hurt her?

      I'm just thinking that if I were the father, would I still say, no that's not true..then Azusa will not believe him and they will quarrel. Or just keep quiet about it. Or, maybe apologize for it which would had been better but of course, we know that bottom line so instead of 1, he chooses number 2 - keep quiet.

    16. At least say something along the lines of "i'm sorry" is that asking for too much

    17. Ya..apparently...well, at that time..who knows later on.

  2. Asusa´s dad is such a bastard, not only for not loving her he even wants her to follow his missery of steps and marry someone she does not love... What about shino? Why he does not try to make her marry someone wealthy? He is a son of a--- ¬¬ I hate him.
    Thanks for the summary! Each time I love more and more Asusa, but I also love Mego she is so cute and sweer like sugar cotton.
    Asusa is starting to open her heart a bit and she is smiling from her true happiness that is so wonderful.

    1. True, Maika. Well, there are problems with Shino as I mentioned in my reply to sofia. He might want to try to marry Shino with someone wealthy but does the wealthy people want her since she has no breeding, only has half the blood/daughter of a mistress and deaf?

      Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup ^^

  3. Thanks for the summary Kat!! I been waiting for this!!!

    Both of Azusa's parents are numbskulls. They should just moved one with their lives or at least tried to work out their marriage instead of chasing someone who doesn't love them back. I'm pretty sure if they did try their relationship would have worked out. But if that did happen we won't have the Azusa now.

    This chapter was soooooo moe and romantic!! DOUBLE THUMBS UP FOR MITSURU!!!! I hope their eloping will work out. I'm wondering where would Azusa live? Is Mitsuru going with her or is Azusa going to live with him??? It is very exciting!!!

    What is going to the Aoi-Mego pair? What is Aio planning??? I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      That's right. And even if they did, I mean, at least pay attention to their daughter. ^^; I guess they are too engrossed with 'romance' and do not really care for 'family life'. ^^;; So having a kid is out of duty to have a heir..then, that's it. ^^;;;

      Yup ^^ I think she'll live with the Kobayashi for the meantime.

      Ya ^^

    2. I'm imagining Azusa living with the Kobayashi's. I have a feeling she might crawl in to Mitsuru's bedroom or atleast give a good morning kiss. OMG NOSEBLEED MOMENT...

      For now I hope her parents would let her be and just accept her decision.

    3. Lol, avismonte080

      Ya...either that, or accept Mitsuru.

  4. Kat,

    Thanks so much for the summary! This chapter was so surprising...O__o I was like whooaa Mitsuru calm down there bro! But, in the end, it was interesting how Azusa didn't choose either of her parents and is now fully convinced that Mitsuru is committed to her despite her personality. Also, I'm interested in seeing what she is going to do now. Maybe her parents will fund her housing now? She's still the heir. Maybe they'll hope to have her come around or something and she'll take advantage of that? I can't wait to see Mego and Aoi again!


    1. Lol, the marriage proposal is too soon? ^^

      Indeed. Even if they provide for it, I don't think Azusa's pride would let her accept it.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  5. Azusa's parents are terrible. "I'm going to ignore you, but expect you to love and listen to me."

    Good for her that Mitsuru was there, and although she misunderstood (like I thought) initially, his message got through. Let's see how the twins' mother reacts. She seems like the type to enjoy a lively home, so maybe they'll be able to take Azusa in?

    1. SKL,

      That idea sounds nice about the twin's mom. I think she will agree. She seems to be a very cheerful and understanding mom. Let's wait for the update and find out.

    2. Yup, SKL

      And yes, I think they will take Azusa in..hehe, future daughter-in-law =P

  6. OMG,, i really like this chapter
    When i saw mitsuru & azusa kisses it's like whoaaa!! *Nosebleed
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