October 6, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 38]

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After Nanami told Yoshiaki that he’ll be expelled if that thing about him and Uki going steady got exposed, Yoshiaki says perhaps, but why does she have that kind of expression. Nanami looks flustered for she knows that even if she does this, it is of no use. At the shoe lockers area, Makoto looks inside one of the lockers and tells Uki that Nanami’s shoes are still inside so she shouldn’t have gone outside. She also tells Uki that Iriya told her that he also wasn’t able to find Nanami at the west building. They were interrupted by an announcement at the PA system calling for Uki and Yoshiaki to immediately go to the office. Everyone hears this. Then, the teacher had let Yusa off since he got something to do. He just tells Yusa to wait for him later on in class. After Yusa goes out of the room, Makoto and Iriya meet up with him and mention that Uki is.. Yusa asks if she was called but he didn’t expose them. Makoto says that they also don’t know what’s up. Nanami rushes to Makoto and asks her what to do. Makoto tells her to calm down for they still don’t know what’s up. To her shock, Nanami says that Yoshiaki also got called to the principal’s office.
Nanami is worried about Uki being disciplined for it. Yusa tells her not to mention Uki for the meantime, but if it is Yoshiaki then he only got himself to blame for it. Yusa complains over how arrogant Yoshiaki is for saying that they have been together for such a long time before, and that guy is really preposterous. Makoto tells him possibly, it isn’t like that. [<- not what Yusa thinks it is] Nanami asks what is going on. Iriya says that even if they didn’t know it clearly, and whether it is appropriate for them to be the one to say it. They tell Nanami and Yusa that Uki and Yoshiaki know each other since they were young. In the office, the principal and the supervisor [I presume] ask Uki and Yoshiaki if they should have an inkling in their heart over why they are called over. The two say that they don’t know. The principal says that a student from some other club say that s/he had seen the two of them together in the clinic doing some very lovey-dovey thing. The two are speechless. The principal says that actually, they were together in the clinic yesterday, right? Uki says that it isn’t like that, it is because she isn’t feeling a bit well, and he is only supporting her a bit, that’s all.
The principal says of course, they would think whether that is wrong or not but if it is really like that, they must punish the two of them severely and they ought to clearly know that. While Makoto and others are eavesdropping outside the office, Yoshiaki says okay. The supervisor says that is why he opposes employing a young man to become a teacher. Sloppy and looks unreliable. It is only after he is 14 years old when he properly went to school. The principal says that in last year’s student evaluation, Yoshiaki got a favorable evaluation. The supervisor tells the principal not to be deceived by Yoshiaki for he is basically unsuitable to become a teacher. Just when Yoshiaki says that he is right.., everyone is startled when Uki kicks the principal’s table. She angrily asks what he just said. Yoshiaki tries to stop Uki by telling her that’s enough. Uki shouts that it isn’t enough for it isn’t like he doesn’t want to properly go to school. “What do you know about Yoshi!!” This surprised Yusa and Nanami. While the surprised principal ask what, the supervisor points at her and says see, in the end, it is like that, she is saying that because they are..
Just then, Yusa stands up and enters the office. He shouts, okay, end it there. While they are surprised, Yusa grabs Uki and kisses her in front of everyone. Everyone is shock. Yusa tells them that Uki is his girl so how can she be together with this OJISAN [uncle/old guy]!? “Just think with COMMON SENSE and you’ll also know! For her to be with this LONG HAIRED WEIRDO!!” Yoshiaki angrily thinks that this brat is taking advantage of the situation to get his revenge. The supervisor tries to protest but Yusa shouts if high school students cannot be in love-!? “Who and when was that decided, huh!?” The supervisor timidly says no, it isn’t like that. The principal says that he understands so keep it down. He tells them not to do things again that will make people misunderstand, and for Yoshiaki to pay attention to this. Yoshiaki just says, okay. Then, dragging Uki out, Yusa shouts that they are now off, Uki-chan, to start their love adventure. And they left the speechless principal and supervisor. While everyone is walking at the hallway, Uki thanks Yusa but she.. [<- do not like him] Yusa immediately shouts that that he isn’t thinking of her, and for him to address her that [Uki-chan], it is just some act and it is really sickening to call her that.
This made Uki angry that she shouts that he’s a jerk, and how about she calls him, Yusa-chan. He shouts back for her to shut up, Uki-chan. Nanami suddenly pulls Yoshiaki’s ponytail and says that this is very stupid, both him and Uki. She scolds Yoshiaki that if he really values the other person then properly cover it up. Uki tells Nanami that it isn’t like that, she’s to blame that it got exposed. Yoshiaki says no, she should scold him. “I’m very sorry.” Nanami is flustered by this. Then, Uki bows to both Nanami and Yusa to apologize and thank them. Nanami says that it is enough that she understands. Wiping her tears, Nanami says that it’s great that she didn’t get kick out of school. Makoto comforts Nanami while nodding at Uki. After thinking for a while, Uki tells Yoshiaki that for the next two years, they are going to go back to their original situation. He would be her brother’s friend and they have a teacher-student relationship, that’s all. “Even if I really like you, Yoshi- but, I also like everyone.” Rumpling her hair, Yoshiaki says okay, and isn’t that for the best. Uki thanks him.
Uki recalls when she was young, she told him before about both of them starting some insect research and Yoshiaki saying okay to it. Uki says that she knows that if it him, he’ll definitely say that. Yoshiaki sighs and says that it would be good if he’s also a high schooler. Uki says what foolish thing he is saying. “It’s alright. *smiles* Two years will quickly pass by!” Later on, Yusa jumps on Iriya and shouts that in the end, he still likes Iriya wholeheartedly. Iriya tells him not to do that for it is dangerous. Yusa angrily shouts at Uki to quickly go over that side and don’t hinder him. Uki angrily shouts back for him not to act high and mighty. Makoto and Nanami observe that just like the usual, both Yusa and Uki are back to how they were and no wonder it is those two. Nanami says anyway, like this, she can calm down. She muses out loud that she always passed these few days, as if she is losing herself so.. Makoto smiles and says yes, that is what it feels to be in love. Makoto comforts teary-eyed Nanami by hugging her. Narration: “Perhaps, others would laugh and say that that feeling is just a girl’s delusion but after some days, thinking of the things that happened today, I would feel that it is indeed my first love.”
Comment: With that narration and how things turned out here, it makes me think that this is somewhat like Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’. It started innocently then because of love, things started to become all chaotic and everyone not acting themselves but in the end, everything goes back to normal..but somehow, not exactly the same. So, Yoshiaki did in the clinic with Uki was indeed careless for it wasn’t just Yusa who saw it. Thankfully, Yusa is there to cover for them. Since Yusa is very outspoken and causing a ruckus, the principal and supervisor easily let the two off the hook. I don’t think Uki is an inconsiderate person to make Yoshiaki wait for her for two years if she doesn’t have feelings for him. So, I guess we can say that Uki does love Yoshiaki but she wants to enjoy her school life with friends first. Since they might get careless again and she got kicked out or something. In a way, aside from Yoshiaki being the nice guy that he is, he probably thinks that it is just two years, and after that, he can have Uki for himself. =P Actually, the guy is quite nice for he is almost ready to be punished for it or even quit his job until Uki got angry over how they are treating him. Because of his pride, Yusa is covering up his feelings for Uki and probably vents his frustration by quarrelling with her. Hehe, and she pushes Yusa back to Iriya again =P Lastly, not sure if Nanami leans that way but it is pretty much confirmed that she did like Uki romantically but it was nipped from the bud because she is already taken. Scans by allwink

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