October 5, 2014

Akai Ito [Chapter 27]

Cover page: “I like Hinase. Like the most. With just this feeling, I don’t want to lose to anyone--...” “There are times when our eyes met in class, there are times when we hold hands while walking home, there are times when we secretly kiss, there are times when we get jealous, there are times when we are lonely, there are times likes so much that I cannot be myself. ALL OF IT IS THE JOY OF FIRST LOVE.” In a restaurant, scowling Chihiro is thanking smiling Elena for coming after she suddenly invited her. Elena giggles and says that her face is quite frightening. This shocks Chihiro. She apologizes. Chihiro thinks that it is because she is always thinking of not falling for Elena’s pacing that she carelessly overdid it too much. Then, Chihiro becomes aghast for she had also carelessly apologized. Elena asks if it is about Sho that she came to talk about. Chihiro says yes. Looking at Elena, Chihiro tells her that if she doesn’t want to get back with Sho, then please don’t come back and bother her and Sho. Elena looks at slightly tense Chihiro. Elena says that Chihiro said it quite bluntly when she thought that Chihiro is a more naïve child.
Elena comments that she never thought that she’ll be bluntly preached at by Chihiro. This made Chihiro apologize. She is surprised that she had apologized again. Chihiro answers back that she thinks that hiding one’s true feelings and beating around the bush is useless because if one hates something, then one hates.. Elena says, then she also hate. She smiles again and asks if she said that, what Chihiro would plan to do. Elena says that just now, the way Chihiro said it, it seems like if she wants to reconcile with Sho, then it is okay to trouble her [Chihiro]. Chihiro exclaims that if she really wants to get together with Sho, then she [Chihiro] will only have to do her best to make Sho chose her because this feeling of liking Sho will not change. Elena sadly says is that so, it turns out to be like that.. Chihiro becomes concerned over Elena for she looks pale. To Chihiro’s surprise, Elena suddenly puts her head down on the table. A black haired guy holds up Elena and complains over Elena ignoring his LINE [<- internet messaging app] and phone calls. Elena exclaims, Minato?! Minato holds Elena’s wrist and tells her to come with him. Elena says no.
Standing up, Chihiro holds Minato’s arm and tells him to wait, can’t he see that she doesn’t like it so quickly let her go. Minato shouts that that it has nothing to do with her how he wants to treat his girl. Chihiro is shock by this and she sees Elena is getting hurt with Minato’s pulling. Chihiro suddenly grabs hold of Elena’s arm and shouts that it has something to do with her. “If you are to ask why, it’s because we are going steady!!” Pause. Minato asks, ha? While Chihiro is also surprised by what she said, sparkling Elena quickly hugs Chihiro’s head and says that is right. She tells Minato that always until now, she kept it a secret but she really likes this child. “After trying to go out with you, Minato, I’ve found out my true feelings!!” Aghast Chihiro says that they are very affectionate, super affectionate. Elena apologizes to Minato and if he hates that kind of her. This made Minato aghast and gloomy. Flustered, he says that he thought that she is going steady with some other guy, but unexpectedly, it is a girl..and for her to say that, he should be okay. Looking at the two girls touching hands, Minato nervously thinks that there is no way...? He curses and leaves.
Just when Chihiro looks relieved at Elena, Sho comes and shouts what Chihiro is doing for it is dangerous to get involved with a guy. Chihiro exclaims why he is here. Surprised Sho says that he just so happen to pass by the store and he saw her, and it is really by chance. Chihiro doesn’t quite believe him. Then, Elena semi-faints and falls to her knees that made Chihiro ask her if she is okay. Elena mutters that she’s so hungry. In Elena’s apartment, Chihiro pushes a bowl of congee towards Elena. Elena is amazed by it. Chihiro tells her that since she’s been hungry for a few days, her stomach would be in shock if she suddenly eat [a lot] so she chose to make her some congee by borrowing her kitchen. Elena says that she is quite astonished for it turns out that congee can be made at home. Elena happily asks Sho if he knew about that. Sho casually says that he is more astonished to see for the first time someone collapsing over hunger. Chihiro asks why she didn’t eat for some days and does she always faint. Instead of answering her, Elena tells Chihiro that this is really delicious. Chihiro is aghast that Elena isn’t listening. While eating, Elena says that lately, she is short on money.
She explains that even if she started living by herself this year, clothes expenses are too much that her money isn’t enough. She thought that if she were to save on eating, she can also lose weight so that’s not bad. Chihiro asks her what’s with that, what is more important, clothes or the body? Elena says of course, it is clothes. Chihiro thinks that is such an immediate answer and it turns out that Elena is negligent or something.. This had surprised Chihiro a bit and made her unable to hate Elena. Then, the couple notices something. They both sit up straight and exclaims simultaneously to Elena over what’s up with this room, what did she do, that it became like this. It turns out that her room is very messy. Puzzled Elena asks what they are saying about her room. The couple is aghast. They both stand up and say that they are going to tidy it up. Grabbing her stuff, Elena exclaims no, if they move the things, she won’t know where it is placed. The couple tells her that she already didn’t know where it is placed. Elena insists no, it has already been decided where they are placed, she knows where it is. Chihiro exclaims that if she stays in this kind of place, she’ll get sick. Sho agrees. This made Elena giggle and tell the couple that they seem like a mother. The couple is not happy about that comment.
Soon, after the compulsory clean-up, the couple is quite happy over how clean the room is. Then, aghast Sho asks why they came here anyway. Agahst Chihiro says that it is better not to think about that. Pouting Elena says that it is now all neat and tidy. Chihiro exclaims that it is okay to be a bit neat. Opening the door, the couple tell Elena that they are going. Carrying a huge filled up trash bag, Chihiro reminds Elena to properly eat. Elena says okay. Sho offers to carry the trash bag. Chihiro thanks him. Elena watches Sho telling Chihiro to be careful of the steps. Elena says that Sho would have that kind of expression when he’s with Chihiro. She tells them that honestly, she plans to borrow Sho from Chihiro today. She tells Chihiro that she has seen her current boyfriend, and it is quite troublesome to break up. She smiles and tells Chihiro that she wants Sho to be her pretend boyfriend. Chihiro sternly says no, it is an absolute no. “Even if it is pretend, it is no good to treat the person you liked[/loved] before as a thing that can be used. *Sho looks surprised at Chihiro* I won’t let this kind of thing happen. Absolutely not.” With a soft expression, Elena just says ya, is that so.
Soon, the couple is walking the streets while holding hands. Sho asks what to do for he’s falling for her once again. Blushing Chihiro asks why he would say that all of a sudden. Sho says that he only felt like saying it. Chihiro shyly says that if it is like that, she’ll also.. She thinks that even if Sho and Elena’s complicated relationship hasn’t totally disappeared but for her, it is also okay..she clearly knows because above all these, this feelings of like for Sho won’t change. No matter what happens, in the end, she likes Sho that there is no cure for it. Holding his finger, she says, ‘yoroshiku’ [/I’m under your care] again. Bumping his head on hers, he says, me too. Holding her head, she asks what that is for and there is that loud bump sound. He tells her that it is punishment for making him worried countless times. She hugs him and apologizes. And, her stomach growls loudly. Sho says the mood. Then, his own stomach also growls. Pouting Chihiro says that his also.. Sho apologizes. Looking at his cellphone, Sho says that it is 17 o’clock soon so what are her plans. Chihiro wants to be with Sho for a longer time. She wonders what’s up for she doesn’t want to separate from him and this is more intense than before, wanting to stay with him but there is not enough time.
Then, Sho asks if she wants to go to his house. In his house, Sho puts the take-out bag from burger shop on the bed. While taking of his coat, Sho tells her to sit wherever she likes. Chihiro says okay. Looking around, Chihiro thinks that this is her third time here, but before, she is always nervous that she didn’t properly look at the room. Then, she sees a pair of glasses on top of the drawers along with some accessories on a tray. Chihiro asks if he is wearing glasses and is his eyesight bad. He tells her that is plain glasses. He puts it on her and touches her face. Chihiro backs away and exclaims that it is indeed plain glasses. She asks how about he wears it. He did and asks if he looks like a scholar. She says that she can’t say. She blushes and thinks, no, it feels a bit fresh [<- new image of him]. Then, while she is looking at the other accessories, he clings on her from behind and asks what. She backs away again and asks if he also wear a ring. She comments over how unexpected for she cannot imagine him wearing it. While Sho removes the glasses, Chihiro is testing the ring on her finger. She thinks that the ring is big and if she doesn’t do something, she cannot keep calm.
Sho hugs her from behind and asks if she won’t eat. He says that it would get cold if she doesn’t quickly eat. Chihiro says that she’ll eat immediately. Sho lets go of her and opens the take-out bag. Sho asks which one she is going to eat. She says the one with cheese. Then, she looks at him and felt that for him to suddenly let go, it felt a bit lonely. While they are eating by the bed, Chihiro thinks that obviously she is shy and nervous like this but staying at Sho’s side, she felt at ease. She finds this strange and she felt that her feeling is different today. Then, Sho asks Chihiro if there is still ice cubes in her drink, and if there are, can she give them to him. She says okay. As Sho opens the cover of the cup, Chihiro asks if he likes to eat ice. Munching on the ice, he says yes, he always eats them all up. Chihiro decides to remember this. Then, Sho leans toward her and kisses her. He asks if it is cold. She blushes and wonders what’s up. He holds her wrist and kisses her again. He slides the ice into her mouth from his. Chihiro had swallowed it. She is puzzled when Sho is looking at her. She suddenly remembers him telling her that he’ll wait until everything is resolved then he wants to properly do it. She looks down and wonders if shouldn’t be..right now..here!? She freaks out that he wants to do it, is that what it was. She looks away and thinks he didn’t clearly say that it is H [/sex] at that time and it might refer to something else.
She steals a glance to see Sho looking at her. She looks away again that he tells her to look at him. She won’t. He insists. She says that she couldn’t. He holds her chin and makes her look at him. He asks if she remembers what he said before when she was prostrating down to him [/dogeza] at the dojo. She turns away and asks what he is saying, she doesn’t quite remember. Looking scary, Sho tells her that whatever it is, it ought to be coming [to her head soon]. Chihiro asks what it is. He says of course, he is referring to H. Chihiro nervously thinks so it is indeed that. She timidly says, yes, it is..even if she thought of it, sorry for pretending not to know. Sho asks her if she doesn’t want to do it with him. Chihiro exclaims that it isn’t so, if it is him, it is okay and it is not, if it is someone else. She explains that she still cannot immediately do it. Flustered, she says that it is her first time and she isn’t emotionally prepared. Sho smiles and sighs. He says that he understands, he also thinks that [/it is because of that]. After getting a magazine from the book shelf, he gives it to her and tells her to tell him where she wants to go. Chihiro says that it is a commercial brochure [/advertising catalogue]. He tells her that he’ll wait until winter vacation and he’ll be very happy if at that time, she had properly sort out her feelings. Looking at the brochure, shocked Chihiro realizes that they are going on a trip. The brochure she is holding is about hot spring [/onsen] resorts.
Comment: And, Chihiro confronted Elena. She did quite well even if she unconsciously tend to be nice and polite that she kept on apologizing to Elena for every ‘rude’ things Elena pointed out that she’s doing. Somehow, Chihiro ended up helping Elena from her possessive boyfriend in a funny way, food for her hungry stomach and cleaning up her room with Sho. That is something that most girls won’t do for pesky ‘rivals’. ^^; Her boyfriend really treats her badly but I’ll say, he is good looking so that is probably what caught her eye? Elena seems to be the type who cares more how she looks but not about the place where she lives or her health. ^^;; In a way, she seems childish and irresponsible. Probably add selfish for she wants to use Sho for her romantic needs. Thankfully, Chihiro decisively turned her down about it. She won some points from Sho. Based on her expression, I don’t think Elena would be bothering them again after this. So, it is ‘we are going to do it’ time. That can drag for a long time like in the mangaka’s previous series though I don’t think that she’ll portray it graphically. ^^; Anyway, I wonder if the other couple would come along with them. ^^ Scans by Link同好会汉化

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  1. Thank you for the summary, Chihiro is so cute ;)

  2. thank you so much for the summary. I am glad they are getting closer than before and developed feelings for each other :)

  3. Ah, that went better than I expected. I hope Elena doesn't bother them again. Well, she might, but I don't think she can break Chihiro and Sho apart.

    So, I guess, the nexr arc will be a dance of will they or won't they ? But then, the problem with that other guy, what's his name, hasn't been resolved yet. What else needs to be taken up before it ends? Sho doesn't have any other ex, right? lol

    1. Yup, megaworthit ^^

      Indeed. Do you mean Touya? Ya, it isn't resolved yet. Then, there is still about Ren and Rino. From the cast page in the first chapter, there is also a character who isn't introduced yet. There is not much focus on Chihiro's younger brother yet either..if we base it on the prologue/cast spreads in chapter 1. So, unless the mangaka changes her mind about that other characters, I don't think this will end soon.

    2. And the character who hasn't been introduced yet.... is it a girl or a boy? Yeah, about the younger brother..... the mangaka has not really shown how he's taking Rino and Rwen's relatiionship. Doesn't he have a humungous crush on Rino ?

      It's okay to touch on Ren;s and Rino's relatuionship, but I hope the mangaka doesn't make it the main focus, like making it Part 2 of Akai Ito, with another set of characters, and Chihiro and Sho just making cameo appearances, with events that have nothing to do with the main characters.

    3. It is a boy, megaworthit. If you look at this page here:

      He is the one on the lower right. He is also introduced in the prologue here as the fake delinquent:

      He does have a long time crush on Rino as mentioned in the prologue:

      I think it might be like that. There are people who are very interested in Rino and Ren. Since the focus here is totally about Chihiro and Sho, I think it will shift to the other couple later on. At the start, I thought it would be back and forth between the couple, but she concentrated only with one couple. So, ya.

    4. Bokutachi Shitte....... was not like that. It was about the mains up to the end...... I think there's another one by the same author, and the story did not divert from the main, either. I feel Rino and Ren's arc is done. That one where Rino cannot accept Ren because of the scar on her thigh. isn't it ? I have a feeling the next major story is that of Touya 's. Looks like Touya is capable of making trouble between the two. Just my speculation, though.

      Good novels do not really divert from the main. Sometimes, a few stories are inserted, but they are done to drive the story forward, and not totally separate from the main plotline.... which is Sho's and Chihiro's romance.

      I just hope that the author does not write in forced drama, like in LDK. lol She should have expanded the Elena arc. He he he

    5. Yes, megaworthit but this one clearly focuses on two couples. Yes, but I think the one who teased Rino will appear again..probably the 'fake delinquent'.

      Yup, Touya ought to be able to do that..or as you've mentioned, capable of doing that.

      Depends...if the other couple is popular/more interesting. Actually, there are other series that I would prefer to see the other couple than the main one. ^^;; But ya, I think most series would tend to stick to the main couple no matter what.

      Is that so..well, I think this series is more on 'light hearted' so it won't go into heavy drama and if she did, it won't be dragged for too long.

    6. What other series are you interested in? Offhand, I can cite Hana Yori dango..... I was as interested in the main girl's bestfriend's lovelife. Seriously interested. I'm also interested in Suiren's best buddies ' love interests. I'm so sad that Kominato's bestfriend got a girlfriend. I was hoping one of Suiren'; friend would be it..

    7. That would be in From Five to Nine, and Hana ni Kedamono. That is what I remember for now, megaworthit. ^^;

      HYD..is that the one who fell in love with one of the F4s? I don't quite remember it though..just the love triangle. =P

      Hehe, I see..though for Hibi Chouchou, it seems to only focus on the main. Just like in Hirunaka No Ryuusei.

    8. Oh, my, gosh !!!!! Hana ni Kedamono ! ^*runs away*... * turns back* I hate the main guy there. He's a first rate manwhore ! ! How can he be a main character ! He possesses 99 rings... that means he has had 99 girls .... and the illustrations show he has slept with those girls, and he's only in first year high school. can you imagine if he becomes the main girl's boyfriend, and they walk together on the school hallway, and then you wonder if every girl that you meet on the hallway had sex with your boyfriend. The girl's best friend, the pretty one, was even the main guy's ex. And you wonder why they don't even talk to each other, and why the girls at school hate her. It looks like there's not a girl that guy has not touched. Well, I like the black-haired guy. Chihiya's the name? But this is a fixed couple, isn't it ?

      Yes, the best friend fell in love with one of the F4s/ Sadly, they didn't get together. I have a dvd copy of Boys Over Flowers. I'm not really into the main guy. I like the other one better. And do you know the manga is open- ended ?

    9. Hehe, megaworthit..that's typical of the 'playboy' jerk type main lead =P Indeed, the best friend is also the ex. I actually forgot the reason but it is her love story with one of the friends of the male main lead is the one I'm after. The guy just says the most amazing lines..even if he can be pitiful since it was unrequited. And, the most amazing moment is when she loves him back. ^^

      The black-haired guy is good though there are some weird stuff with him and his sisters dressing up the girl as some maid, iirc. Yes, it is a fixed couple. The mangaka even forcefully prolonged it by some lame reason for the main girl to just break up with the guy..iirc, on Christmas just when he is working his butt to buy her some expensive gift. The girl is the main problem here, iiirc. She tries to throw away something very important TWICE that lucky her, someone is there to 'pick it up' for her. Then, happily ever after.

      The anime, I presume? That series is quite popular that I think that there are three versions of the drama - Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean. I also like the other guy though I got into the main guy later on. Oh..it was open-ended. I didn't know that. Were manga readers happy with that kind of ending?

    10. The translation /scanlation on aggregate sites is very slow... I think it has a few chapters, to date.

      What I have is live action, Korean, not anime. There's too much drama with the main lead. Have you read Itazura na Kiss ? I have the same problem with that manga, exactly the same as Hana Yori dango. Like, they are willing to marry another girl, and they would have had not the fiancees opted out voluntarily... for Hana Yori ango, the bride opted out right at the altar.

      I don't know if readers are happy, although it's one of those mangas they classify as open ended..... at least for the manga. In dvd, Korean version, they didn't marry... they were all together at the beach, looking at the horizon. lol

    11. Hehe, is that so. That series actually ended a long time ago. Her new series after that, True Love has also recently ended.

      Oh..I see. I more or less know the plot..I think it was a Jap drama before..way, way before. True, actually love triangles are like that in a way, someone has to abruptly give up. ^^; It's like the editor saying, wrap it up already. =P Actually, Itazura na Kiss is actually unfinished/incomplete.

      Well, that's pretty much obvious that they will be together. ^^ Iirc, I think the Japanese got them with guy stepping down from plane and going with her instead of abroad. I forgot the Taiwanese one..but I think he went for her again after he recovered from amnesia. I don't recall any wedding scene. ^^;;

    12. Yes, the mangaka died. Anyway, I really have a problem with the main guy in Itazura ni Kiss. Some random event just prevented him from going forward on his marriage with the other girl. In Boys Over Flowers, it was the girl who opted out, but just the same, he was okay with marrying her. I have the same problem with Kanojo wa Uso.... and AoHaru Ride. To me , these mangas are highly nuanced. Events that led ( or might lead ) to the main leads getting together don't make sense or at the very least, highly suspect. But of course fangirls lap them up, like Kyaaa ! And shojou main girls are as elated, lol.

      That's why I like your comments. 99% of the time , you get it. lol

      I still think you should continue Kiken mania, ha ha ha. It's cute and fluffy.

    13. Lol, true..though if that is the pairing the fangirls like. ^^ If not, groan and hair-tearing. Actually, that is very common with love triangles..after dragging things after a long time, which guy/girl..then at the last few chapters, someone just gives up abruptly. ^^;;

      Is that so. Maybe..skip to the ending =P I fail to like the characters and plot ^^;;

    14. Kat, I just read your latest posting....... * sniff *

      * complaining * You know, please don't think that if there are no comments, there's no one interested. Your summaries are wonderful, especially your comments after the summaries. I've been reading your stuff for so many years , believe it or not, but I have not commented, until lately. But then, it depends whether your heart's in it or not, then I would understand that.

      As for Akaiito, I don't even know if it's translated on raffmanga's. I like to read yours.

      RereHello.... Noooooo !

      I don't care much about Kademono Kareshi... I really used to like it, but it seems the author is jerking the readers around with the plotline. Well, I guess you are aware of what I think of the heroine But I'm the only one, Kat. I don't know either if it's translated on raff''s.
      Kiken Mania.... maybe you can resume from the aggregate's last scanlation. It's not translated on raffmanga.

      maybe you are busy too, but maybe you can replace the ones you've dropped with good ones that are not updated . I can actually suggest some titles. OMG, " Oh, my Romantic Kumiho." ! ! I love that !

      I'll be back ! ! * have to study for test *

    15. Hm..you think so, megaworthit? Well, I think no one is interested in the series to bother to comment. If it is a series that I no longer like, no comments just gives me a reason to drop it. =P In those cases, it is usually the right decision after reading those dropped series later on and ya, still no longer interested in them. ^^;

      Hehe, well now, you know ^^

      Rere Hello..sorry. They're doing it earlier than I am and I just recently started it. Still nothing much though the latest clifhanger is interesting..he is finally making his move. ^^

      KK..after so many chapters, ended up not liking the main characters nor the plot. ^^; There's no comment on the latest chapter, too. Bye-bye.

      Maybe, again the plot seems weak for me after a 2-3 chapters. Okay, I cheated, I've read the last chapter. It is nice though a bit weird for the ex to still be chasing her there. ^^;

      Hm..that is a Korean series. I tend to avoid them because the scanlators for Korean manga are very erratic..sometimes they just suddenly drop it. Sorry ^^

      Good luck on your test ^^

  4. Also wonder when the other guy(fake deliquent) will be introduced?!?!? & who's the girl he will be after to?
    Thank you for the summary Kat!!!

    1. Ya, Kitty. Probably Rino..I think he's the boy whom she had a crush and he teased her = fake delinquent.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  5. first of all sorry to nt replay on all the chapter summuries that I've read am to lazy so am rly sorry feel a little bit selfish :p
    I(ve read from the 19th chapter till the last one in one day maybe it's coz of that
    thx a lot for making those summries I rly enjoyed reading all of it
    u're such a cnt describe it hontoni arigatou
    u're blog is awesome and u're so sweet
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    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, Lovely ^-^