October 7, 2014

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 95]

[Free talk: sofia, the tagboard is still acting up on my side. I saw the tags this morning but now, I don’t see it anymore so I’ll just post the brief which turned into a long full summary here. ^^; And hope you don’t mind my spellings of the names =P]
Days after that five tribe meeting, Yona and others have arrived at some village near the Earth tribe. They comment about how lively it is there. Yun/bsho kid explains that lately, they managed to excavate a mine that has precious stones so the merchants increased. Haku muses that ojisan [<- head of Earth tribe] is unexpectedly lucky. Yun says that lately, they have some cash in hand so he thinks that they ought to be able to buy all sorts of stuff there. There are also a lot of people so they won’t be too eye-catching. Zeno/GD is hungry and wants to buy some meat bun. Yun says that he brought some lunch. He gives the pack lunch to everyone. While they are about to eat, a boy steals Yona’s onigiri [/rice ball/salted rice]. Yun freaks out over this. The boy runs and the squirrel jumps on his face just when he turned around. Yun demands the food back. The boy tries to escape but the others are in front of him. Yona asks if he is hungry since his stomach is growling loudly. Yona looks up, takes an arrow, shoots bird and gives it to the boy. She tells the boy to sell it at the store there to have a bit of money.
The boy is amazed by her and exclaims that she’s a cool woman. “I want you to marry me!” The guys who are interested in Yona immediately lost their smile. ^^; Holding her hand, the boy tells her that it is okay, in his village at the opposite of the river, they can marry at age 13 and right now, they’ll just get engaged first. Yona tries to tell him to wait but Yun and Kija[/WD] already stop him. Yun asks how come it is okay just because he wants to marry and how can she let him get a piece of the action [<- probably the harem]. Kija calls him rude for treating his master that way even if he is a kid. Jeha[/GD] teases Haku over having a rival but Haku pretends not to know what he meant. The boy asks Yona if all of these people are her men. [<- as in harem] Yona says no. The boy asks what she thinks of him, he likes healthy women and he’ll really treasure her. Jeha asks Haku if he isn’t going to say anything. Haku replies that if Jeha wants to say something, he go do it. Yona says that she cannot marry, sorry. Yun comments over how ruthless Yona is. The boy refuses her answer so Yun tells him not to be stubborn. Yun says that they won’t give Yona to him so find some other person.
The boy doesn’t want to give up so Yun gives him his lunch so that he’ll give it up. The boy says that Yun is so nice, marry me! Yun says that even if he is beautiful but he is a guy. Jeha muses that the kid is fickle. Haku asks isn’t he the same with him. Jeha says that is a misunderstanding. While walking and eating, they start to chat about the boy’s village being in the west side of the river. Yun says that there should only be Kai empire. [<- the country at the North and seems to be the one that teamed up with Fire tribe’s rebellion] The boy says that it is Kai. They are shock that he is from the other country. Yona asks if he is alone. The boy says that his family is by the river bank. She asks why he came to Kouka [her country]. The boy says that he wants to see what kind of place Kouka is. After walking for so many days, he became hungry to the point of fainting so he stole rice -> Yun’s onigiri. He apologizes and says that it is the first time he ate such a delicious onigiri. Yun says that is okay and he even gives the boy another one which is the others’ share. The boy says that in short, he knows that Kouja’s food is delicious and there are nice women.
Yona happily tells Haku that she got called a nice woman and it is the first time someone said it to her. Haku says that at least, she is extremely powerful tool, [<- not sure] a woman who is able to shoot down a bird and give it to someone. The boy thanks them and says that he’s going ahead since his father and the others would worry about him. Jeha asks if he is okay alone because there is the garrison by the border and it can be very dangerous. The boy says that it is okay for when he came, it isn’t so.. Just then, Shina [BD] notice something and pushes everyone on the ground. Zeno says that Shina says that they should hide. Jeha being the one below the pile tell Shina to use him mouth next time. Shina says that there are many soldiers coming over, around a hundred. The boy cannot believe it because it wasn’t that many when he came even if he slipped into a merchant ship but everything was okay. He says that he cannot see them so Yona tells him that Shina’s eye sight is good. Haku wonders what they are doing so near the border. Jeha says that it would be good if they are helping the excavation or some other peaceful thing. The boy asks if he cannot go back. Yona asks Jeha if there is no other route. Jeha says that if it is with him, they can barely have a route.
Yona asks the boy his name. He says, Keigen [/guesswork from 輕元] Yona tells him that they’ll bring him back to his village. The boy asks if she’ll marry into their village. Haku and Yun says ‘won’t’. Soon at some waterfall, they are going to jump over the cliff. Haku immediately made Jeha carry him over. =P Keigen asks why they would be barely enough get there if they are with him. Jeha carries him and jumps over. Then, he tells Keigen to keep it a secret. And, they decide to rest near some forest. Yona gives a drink to Jeha and says good work. He says that he is willing to serve her anytime and he doesn’t know if the guys can jump over themselves especially Haku and Shina who are heavy. Haku laughs and says that it is so fun, let’s do it again a few times. Yona smiles upon seeing Haku laughing. She is startled to see Keigen starting at her. He asks which one she likes. Is it that guy. He is referring to Haku. Yona asks what he is saying. Keigen says that it is because she is always looking at him. Then, after a few moments, Yona blushes. This made Keigen think he is right but Yona denies it by saying that it is only occasionally. She says that Haku is so spiteful [/mean <- usually teasing her] that he isn’t a bit cute.
She is startled when Haku apologizes for not being a bit cute. Haku asks why she would suddenly say bad things about him. Keigen says that it is because Yona is always looking at him. This is freaking Yona out. Haku asks if it is like that. Blushing Yona denies it. Keigen says when Yona saw his smiling face, she had a very happy expression and since it is like that, it is good for her to say it early. Keigen runs off that Yona thinks that she never thought a kid can be quite troublesome. Haku asks, smiling face? She tries to explain but Haku leans closer to her. He smiles and asks her if it is amusing [/interesting]. She says totally not. Haku mutters that it isn’t the same as what was said. Yona starts to think if she is really like that, always looking at him. Haku seems puzzled over blushing Yona. The next day, I presume, Yona couldn’t sleep and finds Keigen looking tired by the tree. Jeha offers to carry him but Kija is the one who did it since Jeha hasn’t recovered yet from yesterday. [<- he carried everyone over the cliff] Jeha says that he isn’t tired. Kija asks Shina to carry Jaeha but Jaeha refuses. Keigen apologizes for giving them trouble when they just met. Kija says that this is a small thing so don’t mind.
Keigen says that even if it is just a short time but he is very happy in Kouka. His village is very confined so there is no opportunity to talk with outsiders. When he told his parents that he wanted to go see Kouka, his parents extremely opposed it. Keigen says that it would be good if he came over earlier for he’ll knew earlier that there are good people. Kija says that if Kouka gave him a good memory, it would make him proud. But, he mustn’t ignore what his parents say and they cannot be at his side forever to reprimand him. Cherish those times when they teach him important things. Then, after a lot of walking, Keigen says that it is that hill, his village. Zeno exclaims that it’s great that they are going to reach it soon but it is quite warm at the south ring[?]. Then, Kija passes Keigen to Shina. Jeha teases Kija if he is already exhausted when he obviously have a strange power [/dragon claw] but he’s physical strength is weak.. To Jeha’s surprise, Kija faints.
Comment: Heat stroke? Most probably since Keigen seems to be a nice kid so he won’t do anything deliberately bad to his new friends. Maybe Keigen has some germs that won’t harm him but will harm someone from a different country? The potential problem here would probably be Keigen’s village would refuse to help Kija since he is an outsider. Then, if they knew that Suwon is going to attack their country soon, all the more they won’t help the ‘enemy’. So, in a way, Yona might be forced to fight against Suwon and others for Kija to get the villagers to help, or at least, protect Keigen’s village. If she does that, then, she and the others might be branded a traitor of their country. At first, I thought that Keigen would indeed join Yona’s harem but it seems to be just a joke..for he turns out to be a cupid. =P There is a lot of obvious stuff there that Haku didn’t notice. ^^; Also, maybe he has to tone down his teasing for it makes Yona think that he has zero romantic interest with her. Hopefully, Keigen’s advice to say it earlier isn’t some ominous thing. ^^; As usual, the group’s interaction is quite fun to read. I wonder if Zeno can read other people’s thoughts or he just assumes that is what Shina meant since he pushed them all down. ^^;; Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. This is great~! And the cover is so pretty! Thank you for your hard work! :)

  2. OMG can't believe my eyes when i checked the blog to see ANY summary thank you ^^ you are great :) well the soldiers are obviously suwon's .I agree that baby hak 's village won't help out yona's group if they find out that a war is about to start with kouka and that they are from kouka .But yona to fight suwon for medcine i doubt it , i mean it must be heat stroke if his life was on the line maybe but he just need to rest .yona is quite dense if a child they just met noticed that she has feelings for hak while she hasn't facepalm but like you said it is the teasing which make her think that he has zero interest and for him it isn't even an option since in his mind she likes suwon and only him

    1. You're welcome, sofia and thanks for the comment ^-^

      Yup, Suwon's and the other tribe's.

      True..it depends if it is life-threatening or not. Hm..maybe not for medicine..how about peace? =P Of course, Suwon's reasons for it is valid. I wonder how she'll react to it..I mean would she be like her father regarding this?

      Lol, well, it is like that for most shoujo female lead ^^

      Well, I won't say it like that..but rather, that is what he has been doing since they were kids ^^ Out of habit?

    2. ^^
      -it's indeed a valid reason,still i believe it is a bad move i mean it isn't like his country is all that powerful so what if the guys from kai decide to attack kouka i doubt the country can handle a war ,he should've waited when the inside matters of the country were resolved and the country was back on it's feet to get back what they lost .
      about yona 's reaction i really don't know will side with kai and become a traitor i mean they are already on the run so will it change something ?but kouka is her country i doubt she will side with others and above all i still don't believe that she can stand against suwon like how she stood up to that fire dude during that "war" i can't picture yona vs suwon .
      -that's true being dense is what define shoujo female lead
      -out of habit and love ^^ but you know hak doesn't notice that yona is starting to see him as a man because yona gave him no reason to believe so i mean all the events till now led him to believe that she is still attached to him which i do believe to be right .
      -as for yona i think it is the fact that she is a clueless young girl who doesn't have much experience and add to this the teasing so she can't notice it yet

    3. Hm..I think inside matters are already resolved, sofia..if we were to think that he already got the five tribes agreeing to whatever he wants. So, time to get back what needs to be taken back. Since he is a tactician, I presume he already sent spies-whatever and access their chances on winning.

      On the run from Suwon and others, but for the 'common people', we are on war, and she + others side with enemy so..she might not be able to go back to her own country anymore. But then, cannot say, they don't even recognize her ^^; Hehe, don't think of it as yona vs suwon. Think of it as dragons vs generals ^^

      True..though the blushing is a give away. baby Hak hinted/mentioned a lot there.

      Ya..and, currently, she is more focused on 'helping others' and 'Haku happy' than any romantic stuff. =P

    4. You think? things are better but not resolved ,don't forget that almost all the people in the kingdom are very poor and most villages are in ruins so i highly doubt that a war right now is a good move .But ,like you said he is a smart dude so he must be sure of his victory

      But the common people don't care about who is king and who does what since their lives are quite bad +don't recognize her .Well the dragons move only on yona's orders so they won't move if she doesn't intend to have a vs suwon plus suwon or his generals it's the same thing at lest we know that hak won't have any problem with it since he just want to cut suwon 's head off and since he is said to have killed the king at least let him do it this time for real ^^

      -oh well let's hope that baby hak will speed up the romance between the two

      -That's true

    5. Well, more or less, resolved..at least get the heads with him rather than against/'don't care' towards him. =P It depends which part of the kingdom. Though for now, it seems that the earth is the only one that is well-to-do. I agree, at times, like that, it would be better to strengthen the country first and economy but he chose to take back their territories first.

      Based on previous arcs, it seems that other country is a troublemaker [<- was it the same one with the fire and water arc ^^;] so Suwon probably wants to show them who is boss so that they'll quit bossing them around and they can jump start the economy, etc..probably get some loot, too. I'm also thinking if the land there is better so taking them back is a good idea.

      Hm..good point though I thought you were referring to yona vs suwon as in a duel. ^^;; Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see over that..if Yona will go against Suwon and what would be the reason for it.

      Indeed ^^

    6. That's true the fact that the five tribes are united is a big step toward a better futur for the kingdom .Ya and it isn't enough if it just a small part of the country that is doing well .

      That's a good point so one can say it is a good but risky move .

      Hell no he would kill her in the blink of an eye ,yup and i do hope this arc is better than the water tribe arc which was for the most part boring .

    7. Yup, sofia ^^

      At her current fighting state, ya. Hopefully, it is. ^^

    8. Ya but i doubt that she will be able to kick ass even by the end of the series otherwise what's the use of hak and the dragons ?

    9. Hehe, I know it might be far-fetched..but how about fighting side by side? Rather than just be the princess always being protected. Actually, it is already something that she can do some archery and actually killed a bad guy. It would be great if there is something more later on. ^^

    10. When you think about it she is already fighting side by side ,she fire arrows while others engage in close combat that's already pretty good like you said ,you know what i have been wondering is will yona ever grow scales and gain dragon powers since she is supposed to be the red dragon.

    11. Ya, but more than that. If you look at chapter 1, her weapon of choice is a sword that has a dragon on its hilt. Oh wait..she is still called 'princess Yona' there..so she probably didn't take over the country..yet? Since she mentioned 'once my castle', I guess she didn't return to it anymore.

      Probably not..Haku and the others would freak out if she did. =P And, wasn't the red dragon kind of like 'human' after becoming a ruler. Was it mentioned what its power is?

    12. Maybe it is the sword that the priest spoke of ,i really hope it is an actual sword not a person .Ya and the beginning of chapter 1 was a flashforward and her hair was as long as it was at the start of the series so maybe that scene will occur in a few more month or a year .Yup so maybe she will end up being the queen of the people while Suwon is the official king something like an asian robinhood ? but then again in the cover of the first chapter she was drawn wearing the crown so what's goona happen ? yeah he was a dragon then became a human no it wasn't mentioned but i think it's power is intimidation since yona was shown to have a fierce glare that made her enemy super scared lol though it is still no match to hak's haki ^^

    13. Hm..possible, sofia.

      That's right, maybe something like that. Maybe that is in between. Of course, I'm still wondering if the mangaka somehow changed her mind over how it suppose to end up.

      Hm..is that it? Hopefully, it will be more than just a glare. Thinking about it, maybe her 'dragon' part is the untamed red hair. =P It is the main characteristic of the red dragon.

    14. No idea , maybe she is still going back and forth between Yona becoming robinhood or a queen .

      You know if you think about it Yona isn't fit to be a queen /leader ,think about it all what she does is nice but it won't bring any long term results ,the country won't improve by washing the feet of an old man or fixing the house of a granny i remember she told the priest i can't do what i want from a castle that's so wrong you want to help the people the best you can you need power and position for that .If she was in the castle she could send out men to see what needs to be done and organize accordingly .But i guess yona doesn't see far enough as she think helping those in need will be okay while suwon want to restore the country strength as a whole it's military and economy and even it's unity and even though i hate the dude he is a better king than she is .

      Ya ,he got red hair she has red hair so the others got the scales from their dragons and she got the hair from hers that's a good point . I'm saying this because at this point of the story it will be really random if she got powers

    15. Hehe, maybe, sofia.

      True..though for now, it is too early to say if she would still be doing that in the future. In her current situation, that seems to be the extent she can do. She doesn't seem to intend to rock the boat by saying she's the rightful heir and Suwon killed her father stuff. Maybe, she is thinking ahead like...so she gets the throne what then...no training whatsoever about ruling it. Having 'fanboys' with her won't be the same in the palace..and well, there are a lot of backstabbers. Suwon already has the brains and 'ruthlessness' for it.

      Also, aside from how Yona is, I think this country isn't the type who would want a female ruler. Again, her father rather want whoever she'll marry be the ruler. Anyway, a lot of things can happen...like what if Suwon gets killed, Yona would naturally take the throne or whoever she marries..if they still want a royalty. Or, it might turn into something like in Magi, democracy = voting. ^^;;

      Well, you did mention about her being 'awakened' before. Wasn't it powers you were referring to?

    16. Maybe it isn't the right time but i won't say it is too early she went through a lot so now she should know where she wants to go ,like i said before the only way for her to live on and stop hiding is to face suwon and take back what belong to her .

      Of course she can't walk into the castle and chase him out she need to think about it just like Suwon prepared his coup d'état she needs time but what bothers me is that she doesn't have this type of thinking "someday i will go back to the castle and settle my score with suwon and the other traitors" at least if she gave it some thoughts but no she doesn't and that's just annoying .

      It's true that she doesn't have training and like i said Suwon is a better king because like you said he is ruthless didn't hesitate to throw away those important to him to achieve his goal while yona can't bear to throw away a hairpin that's just show the difference .To me being a leader means you have to make harsh choices and just for that without considering other reasons she isn't fit to be a queen .
      It's true that they are her fanboys but they are skilled fanboys mainly Hak whom you said had experience as a leader and GD is quite mature ...etc so with them she could make it plus there is Hak's gramps who is old and wise i mean he knew right away what was going on when the king was murdered he is no fool

      That's right people won't accept a woman as their leadr what i mean by people is the heads of the tribes .That would be cool no more royalty .

      What i meant by awakened is for example when fire guy chased them and hak was about to fall from the cliff she narrated saying my blood is boiling and others said she is burning and were all scared .

    17. Kat it seems next chapter's title is " dark clouds " 「黒雲」 so it may revolve around the group learning about the war or WD having some serious health problem or something is wrong with baby hak's village .

    18. I can understand your frustration. There is no long term goal just, short term ones. So, maybe it is just her personality or something...'now' is important and who cares about the future. I was about to say that survival could be her priority though right now, that's no longer the problem having the dragons with her. I guess, without a long term goal, there is no 'epic-feel' to it..as if it is falling somewhat short.

      Of course, especially since Haku is cares for the king and is even to willing to be spoiled Yona's 'babysitter'. I mean, with his strength and position, that isn't something anyone would accept except if one really likes the king. So for them to say that Haku killed the king..they are either stupid or they don't know Haku or both. Of course, the fire tribe has their own agenda. I don't know about the others. Normally, shouldn't they be angry at those heads too for turning a blind eye on who killed the king..or maybe they know, just didn't care, own advantage or approve of it.

      I see..and that's it? Just blood boiling? Well, fire guy is just an 'small fry'. =P

      My guess is the war.

    19. Exactly i believe i told you before one of the main reason why i love one piece is because it has a final goal and throughout the story the main characters are getting closer to that goal by finding out clues about the blank century and becoming stronger it gives you this feeling like you are reading an epic adventure which i don't get with Yona .

      That's right it isn't something someone of his caliber would accept that just show his love for yona and loyalty to his father to me he is the just prince of the story .Ya and more than them being stupid and not knowing hak i guess it shows Suwon 's persuasion and manipulative skills because we know that he got everybody dancing to his tune .Ya they should but the people and the heads don't give a damn about the king so they didn't try to understand since they don't care.

      Ya but who knows when the shield and sword awaken she may turn into something else !!!

      I will also go with the war

    20. kat i just of something Yona said my goal is to live everybody wants to live but when someone ask you what's your goal or life ambition you aren't gonna say something like i want to live hell everybody wants that

    21. Yup..and AnY has that epic feel when it started..but now, there is no long term goal. Of course, it also depends on the delivery like we know Naruto has a goal though reaching it seems not that convincing since he didn't seem to grow to be hokage.

      True..or at least, threaten/blackmail with the wind tribe.

      Maybe..^^ Suddenly become warrior princess =P Unless you mean something like mutant dragon princess ^^;;

      Well, true..before I assume it would be 'survival/to live' before, but then, Suwon and others aren't exactly deliberately chasing after them or anything either. ^^;

    22. That's true at first if felt epic but now it's meh .Ya now that you talk about it one of the reason why i stated to hate naruto is that he forgot about his goal to be hokage i mean the second part is like a yaoi manga instead of training to become hokage and try to become mature he became even dumber and his skills well you know how i feel about it ^^

      At first i thought she would be a mutant dragon princess but i guess she got the hair from her dragon so a warrior princess

    23. Indeed..and too bad, it had potential.

      Hehe ^^

    24. yup potential that got wasted i'm not saying the series is bad but it could've been way better ^^

    25. True...well, let's just hope it doesn't end up like VK. ^^;

  3. it is like with ren and kyouko right ? where the couple can't imagine the other liking him ,her . so baby hak is saying to yona tell him how you feel before it is too late right? again with this i mean hak's character has always been surrounded with bad omen stuff like he has the smell of death on him and now this it makes me worried about the futur :( i hope yona will give some serious thoughts to her feelings for hak . as usual quite funny their group life but i'm kind of bothered by the fact that they act like nothing happened the hak /suwon thing but well i hope it will be dealt with soon ,so no one said that baby hak looks like hak :((( what do you think ? again thanks :)

    1. Ya, it is like that. It is a bit common in 'slow paced romantic shoujo'. ^^;

      True, it somewhat makes me worried. They are going to war. If what WD got is contagious... Maybe, she will..as cliche, when things are bad for him like almost losing him..

      Well, true..maybe they don't want to ask him much and want to wait him/Yona to tell them voluntarily. And, most of them also have sad pasts which I don't think they told the others either..though the hints really stab in the heart -- when WD is talking about parents here.

      Ya, he kind of looks like him..cannot say if they are related or anything. Surely, something related or the mangaka had run out of ideas for a character design. ^^;

    2. yeah though i don't mind in SB since there are others to look forward except the romance but with ANY it really does bother me
      -ya what if he gets the loki's treatement and die like a dog :((((((((( i will really be pissed i mean i was so mad with reimei no arcana that he had died and others were all happy while he never was , i think it is just the heat compared to BD ,GD and hak he is quite "weak" even though he has super human strength .
      - i hope so cause that talk need to happen sooner or later hoping soon .well yeah but the one who has had a really horrible past is BD ,yup mainly for yona who told her father stuff like you are a coward and i hate you (i think) just to find him dead hours later that 's just sucks
      -i don't want to gets my hopes up so i will go for option 2 mangaka has run out of ideas

    3. Don't worry, sofia, it won't happen like in RnA. See those pictures/covers with the couple. That pretty much says a happy ending and a 'fixed couple'.

      Lol..and mangaka running out of ideas is not good.

    4. That's true it is always hak/yona or yona by herself or the dragons never suwon thank god but i think even if he doesn't die at the end something is gonna happen to hak there was alot of hints .

      Yup not good at all

    5. Maybe..but then, you did always say, this gives a feeling of having a 'rainbow and sunshine' ending ^^ So whatever would happen, I'm sure he'll be okay ^^

    6. ya and sadly that happy ending includes suwon T_T

    7. Aready pissed about it ,you know what ending would make me happy is if he dies lelouch's though he is nowhere near lelouch greatness or if yona becomes king and suwon and his supporters are exiled from the country just to show him i'm better than you ,you killed my dad i'm gonna punish you but no blood will be shed

    8. if he dies lelouch's style i forgot the word^^ style

    9. Well, Suwon seems to be aiming for that in some way = the means justifies the end. From his 'hesitations', I think he is aware of what he is doing and its consequences.

      I see. Though thinking about it, it doesn't seem that Yona got any formal training to rule a kingdom. Her father is just banking on whoever is Yona's husband. I'm wondering though whom her father is thinking as the prospect candidate. Highly probable that it is Haku. If not, since he is a pacifist type, a marriage with some prince of the other country so that they can maintain the peace. Of course, that might anger the people/nationalists ones..so another reason to kill him?

      Anyway, it would be nice if Yona becomes the ruler and better if it is done in a convincingly way ^^

    10. Ya the dude knows exactly what he is doing .He told yona i can't die yet i have something to do which makes me think once he restore the country to it's former glory he will die because even if he did it for the greater good he still did a lot of nasty stuff .

      No she did not but all she doing right now and all what she has been through is for her i believe to be king at the end of the manga .Ya now that you mention it yona's dad when he heard his daughter that she was with hak he didn't have any problem at all (though she lied) even if the dude is a commoner but suwon who is a prince was a no no for him .It's weird if you think about it cause in royalty marriage among cousins is something which happens often ,anyway this led me to believe that maybe there are some hidden secrets in their family maybe just maybe what if yona and suwon weren't cousins but siblings or maybe yona's dad knew something about suwon that he didn't like and thus refused him as king

      What would be great is if everybody acknowledge her as the rightful king/queen .

    11. Yup.

      That's right, it's quite strange. Maybe he also knows that Suwon isn't a 'pacifist' and will plunge the country into war. I don't know how much the king knew but he probably didn't know that Suwon would kill him. Though, I'm curious why he would tell Yona that it would make Suwon happy if she didn't marry him. As she reason, why is it okay for her to be unhappy? It's her responsibility so it is okay? The fear of some rebel killing him shouldn't be a deterrent to become king, there is always that threat. There must be some other reason.

      Also, if the king is wary of him, why grant him an audience. He did kill him while facing and not at the back..unless the king just so happened to turned around. ^^;

      True..though it seems that for Yona, it doesn't matter to her anymore.

    12. Re-reading chapter 1..maybe one reason is also Yona's father supposedly killed his father so because of guilt, he doesn't want Suwon to be king? If that really happened, I guess her father has similarities with Suwon. Smiling and innocent but when the time comes, can dirty one's hands.

      And, perhaps, Yona would become like Suwon's father who is okay not inheriting the throne but will just be in the front lines fighting enemies and probably helping the defenseless stuff..like a 'soldier'. What do you think, sofia?

    13. That's a good point maybe he knew that suwon's ambition would lead the country to war so he refused him as a son-in-law but it is also strange that he seems okay with a commoner like hak . Did he tell yona that if she didn't marry suwon it would make him happy ? ya ,that's why i'm pretty sure that there is much more to yona's family than what meets the eye . What if and i really don't think so but just what if yona's dad really killed his bro thus he let suwon kill him to grant him his wish for revenge since he was facing him .

      yup ,she doesn't care and she is already like suwon's dad she prefer to be a "soldier"

    14. True, sofia..but he is still a general = has position. He is also calm and everything unless provoked so that probably one reason to qualify him to be king. He is also strong so he can defend the country ^^ He is the head of a tribe so he has to have some leadership skills. Still, again, the king might marry off her to some other country's prince for 'peace'. ^^; He has given away lands..I'm not sure if his beloved daughter is included in that for peace.

      Actually, you know, maybe for the king, he doesn't care about royal blood but rather the intention/heart. If he really did, he is right on the spot since Haku turned out to be very loyal whereas Suwon..well, we know what happened.

      Yes, he did. Here:
      and Yona thinks of this

      Hm...that is possible though it's somewhat selfish unless he is betting on Haku to take care of Yona and somehow, things will be okay with her. Also, there is about the future of the country. Given how childish and spoiled Yona still is and the king's personality, I don't think he would just agree to that.

      Yup ^^ So, the question is, does she plan to do that throughout her life or take back the kingdom later on?

    15. Yeah he does have position but generals are still commoners right ? I agree on all what you said plus he is handsome ,hot and smart ^^ I think he wouldn't mind giving her away if he likes the guy and accept him as a son in law one such as hak

      I also think he doesn't mind since he was ok when he learned that yona and hak were "together " but doesn't the marriage need to be approved by other people like advisers or something ? That's true maybe he did have a keen eye and saw that even if suwon was royalty ,hak was more noble and loyal than him .

      Ya ,thanks for the links i wonder why ? but i'm worried about something up until now a lot of stuff happened among the group most recent event hak's breakdown yet it hasn't be touched upon so i'm thinking what if the author leave some question un answered even at the end of the series ???

      Ya but him trusting hak with yona and the kingdom isn't that far fetched because since his youth hak has proven that he was strong and loyal so why not ?

      I think she does want throughout her life mainly because she doesn't want to face what happened and thus suwon cause taking back the kingdom means taking down suwon and i really don't see her do that so she is gonna be an asian robinhood or mother teresa

    16. Yes, but the king seems open-minded. I mean, Suwon has royal blood and doesn't want him =P That's right and for him to be Yona's personal bodyguard/escort/friend, etc, it means a big thing since Yona is his beloved spoiled daughter.

      Hm..I don't know. Usually, it does if the king's power is shared by advisers and stuff..like in RnA. I got the impression that the king has the sole authority for it and he doesn't seem to have any advisers. ^^;;

      Of course, if that is already revealed and addressed..what more reason are we reading this? Okay, aside from highly possible Haku x Yona, the group, etc. In SB!, that is also used. Actually, in most stories. The secrets are in the end to keep us reading. =P

      You know, I got a new theory. It was mentioned that Yona's mother was killed by rebels. Except for Suwon who is gaga over his father, everyone has a bad feeling about Suwon's father. Now, Suwon are with rebels, whom I assume might be the ones who killed her mother. So, maybe, Suwon's father changed his mind about being okay with Iru's rule when he is giving out territories to the enemy rather than fighting them. Maybe he teamed up with those rebels who doesn't want a 'pacifist-type' of country.

      So maybe, later on, Iru learned that it was Suwon's father who indirectly killed his wife or maybe Suwon's father tried to kill him then in self-defense, Iru managed to kill him. It could be an accident as Yona mentioned but then, they covered it up since Iru is suppose to be against weapons and stuff = Suwon's version. Anyway, Suwon being a smart kid learned of it and revenge consume him. Rebels then approach him and tell them of their plan and his father's 'dream' so that's that. Probably the 'happy thing' is not marrying the daughter of his father's killer?

      Actually, it does make me wonder if it was really possible for Yona to convince her father to let her marry Suwon. Suwon is probably indeed oblivious about love or treat her as a younger sister. I mean, being smart as he is suppose to be, he could have used Yona by marrying her, poison the father, and then be king. Heck, Haku would be his 'underling' Of course, he preferred it this way but his plan to still look good with his friends after that, got ruined when Yona saw the deed.

      True..but I think it is against what a loving parent would do. Would a loving parent easily agree to atone for one's 'sin' in exchange for one's life when s/he still has a naive daughter like Yona? I would imagine that like Suwon, s/he might ask for a postponement since s/he still has someone to 'take care' of. Though ya, she had her birthday which probably makes her an 'adult', old enough to marry. ^^;

      And yes, he would probably entrust Yona and the kingdom to Haku though I don't think it would be this way. Or maybe, there is a deal between him and Suwon so he let Suwon kill him. Obviously Yona seeing that isn't part of the plan so I'm curious what was the plan if Yona didn't see that. Maybe it is for him to marry Yona? Though I'm not too sure how well he can cover it because if Yona doesn't, I'm sure Haku would want to find out who killed the king.

      Well, for the story, I think she will have to face that no matter what or we won't have closure. Actually, based on their luck, they might meet again and Haku might deal with Suwon before Yona will =P If it is real life, highly possible...from how things are going.

    17. You know what...speaking of royal blood...what if Haku is Suwon's father's child and Suwon is just adopted. =P Suwon's father is supposedly very strong and everything warrior which is like Haku is. Maybe to make it more soap opera, maybe they did some baby switching. So, Suwon had killed his own father =P

    18. My god i thought of the same thing but i thought no it will be too much .Now let me explain why i thought of this ,think about it how come Hak a commoner became such a good friend with kids from royalty and was raised with them it doesn't make any sense right ? Another thing Hak just like Suwon's dad are praised to be the strongest warriors and Suwon like earth general said is nothing like his dad and Hak has black hair just like SW's dad ^^ and this brings back what i said what if Suwon is yona's dad son because if you think about Suwon 's personality even if though it may just be pretend is somehow like yona's dad and even earth said he was more like yona's dad so just what if and yona's dad didn't mind him marrying his daughter because the throne rightful heir is Hak ? I always thought of this but i thought no it is too far fetched and like you said a kind of soap opera so no but to see that you also thought of it ^-^

    19. True he seems to put more trust in Hak than in Suwon and like you said it turns out he was right .That's right because if the generals had a say in state matters the king would not have been allowed to give away lands .

      You are right but i wish we got more clues .

      That's a good theory and i have to add that those rebels that suwon teamed up with are the fire tribe guys they are the ones who helped him overthrow the king and i always thought did they team up out of the blue just like that but if they were plotting with Suwon's dad it wouldn't be such a suprise if they did team up with suwon himself .
      About suwon 's dad i agree i have a hard time thinking that a man of his caliber was just killed like that or that he agreed to giving away lands .

      Maybe but i think the one thing we can be sure of is that it isn't something simple as your dad killed mine so i killed your and there is a bigger secret .

      No it seems like it was a lost cause from the start whatever she wanted he gave it to her but Suwon was a no no .I think he knew that she liked him but since he didn't love her that way he pretended not to know .Ya i always thought he would pull the usual poison the king marry the princess and take the throne but it seems like yona ruined his plans and i always wondered how shamless he is killing the king and playing innocent afterward before his friend and you know maybe he didn't want to marry yona because he knows hak love her .

      Ya if you had a child like yona you wouldn't feel at peace leaving her alone with a cousin like suwon who is like a poisonous snake but i guess he had faith that with hak things were gonna be ok .

      That's true i hope one day in the series will see what would 've happened had yona not seen the deed it will be nice a chapter from suwon's point view .

      Ya and i'm sure the will meet again in this chapter hoping that this time hak will have his spear in his hands ^^

    20. Hehe, is that so, I was reading that part now..after a lot of hesitation since I don't care about Suwon. That is indeed the part that made me think that they are related.

      Yup, there must be something more to it even if I did think that it is because Haku is at their age and he is adopted by wind tribe.

      That's right. And I think a big part of the rebels are within the army, too since they probably sided with Suwon's dad and highly probably agree with how he does things. In a way, that makes it easy for them to kill the queen. Hm..it does make one wonder, was that adviser part of the king's court or just part of Suwon's 'rebels'. It seems to be the king's court for the heads not to question who he is. Anyway, there is definitely a bigger secret and hopefully, it is a really good one or nice twist to it.

      Hm..now that you mentioned it, given how strong and everything Suwon's father is..even if it is Iru, he shouldn't be easily killed that way. Maybe he just belittle Iru? ^^;

      Actually, not just Suwon but there ought to be many 'threats/troubles' for Yona if left alone..even with Haku can take care of her. I mean, like what happened at the cliff, he cannot protect her all by himself.

      Hopefully, though I think the arc is just starting so there has to be some build-up first.

    21. Me too i read that part almost against my will since my interest in Suwon = 0 and kat just like with yona i think Suwon's skills and greatness are a little bit exaggerated to say the least i mean he is just manipulative and a liar though he still better than yona i mean seriously did you feel that he was amazing during that arc with earth general cause i didn't .

      Ya it is like what's happening with magi where a prince wanted to take back his empire and two generals who were under his father decided to side with him and betray the current king i think there is and also Suwon probably found the right words to convince them i remember when they were gonna kill yona during the first chapter the soldiers said it is also for the sake of the kingdom and let's not forget they hate the king .I think he was only part of Suwon's lackeys because he didn't know what yona looked like . I hope so ^^

      That's why i'm saying it is fishy it is like saying Hak got killed by Yona as if she had the skills to take on someone like Hak it is the same thing with yona's dad and his bro .

      Ya since her dad isn't that popular and like you said she is a woman so

    22. True..but in a way, that is need. I mean, it is a great way to trick the enemy to belittle him by acting like an idiot and such but actually, there is a motive in everything. Suwon achieved what he came for that tribe and even got that head interested in him.

      Thinking over it, actually, maybe if it weren't for the betrayal of his friends for his ambition or whatever, he would be likeable. I tend to like clever guys like Lelouch that I'm wondering, Suwon is pretty much like that..and well, he didn't click with me. Maybe aside from the betrayal..maybe because he looks kind of girly? ^^;

      Yup, they are probably thinking that it is to stop the king from making the country become any weaker as it is now.

      Indeed..and Yona couldn't even steal a sword from sleeping Haku. And their body built is also pretty much the same. If that's the case, strange that Suwon being suppose to be clever and everything didn't find it fishy. Maybe someone else did it and told Suwon a different version?

      Thinking about Yona being approved by the heads, I'm starting to think that she might get it with some tribes. Wind will definitely side with her if Haku is with her. Water and Fire might be half-half since both Suwon and Yona helped them out in their crisis. Sky belongs to Suwon. Also, by working with the people in improving their lives, she might get the approval of the people to be their leader..that is unless Suwon isn't doing a good job.

    23. Ya that's true Suwon is a double faced person he make himself seems dumb and naive just so to trick others and screw them over the moment they let their guards down i mean look at how he did it with Yona and Hak he tricked those two people who are like his siblings and they didn't see through him the dude got great acting skills

      Yeah me too i have a thing for clever characters but i won't put Suwon in lelouch or light yagami category those characters had insane charisma and they were twisted and complex yagami was a psycho and lelouch an anti hero but what is Suwon ? i don't find his character the least attractive hahaha he does look girly ^^

      Ya i also think Suwon was tricked by someone

      Ya Wind will always be on Hak/Yona side that's a given ,Fire well the one who know they helped out is the brother of the current fire leader so i don't know and we know that the fire dude is taken seriously by his bro so i don't know .Water lili may convince her dad that it's yona who helped them out so maybe .Sky hell now the general is devoted to Suwon and Suwon only and earth he seems to like Suwon so no and he hated the king so his daughter .If suwon manage to take back the lands and improve their lands so no i don't think the people will side with her plus the person herself isn't interested in taking back the throne .

      Also like i said yona isn't fit to be king since a king like it was said in AOT a true leader one who can bring change is someone who can let go of something important Suwon tossed aside his important people and Yona is still holding on to an hairpin i think that one thing speak volumes and who is more capable but at the end of the day i hate both ^^

    24. Yup, and that's a very good thing. Of course, after the initial 'I didn't know that you're..', I guess he ought to be able to do other stuff with strategies except that one. =P

      Indeed..seems to be lacking something..to make him fun, I guess. Or maybe, at least, can relate to what he is doing since we don't exactly know what his motives/thoughts are..everything seems/he is a hypocrite like when Haku's grandpa said that he treated him like a grandson, iirc..then Suwon would mutter when he is leaving something like thanks for that. It makes me want to hit the monitor.

      Well, this is just assuming that she is interested to get the throne back. I agree with that..though of course, it also depends at what cost. It makes me wonder if the king's father/Yona's grandfather had some battle fatigue/sick of wars that he decided to choose Iru as the heir. ^^; So, the people might want Yona as 'peace-loving'. Since the heads also listen to their people...

      Lol, well, I agree on both so I'm entertaining thoughts of Haku...though he isn't the 'main character'. Yona is and well, it is on the title. Much like Naruto is.

    25. Exactly to me he seems like a cunning hypocrite i just can't bring myself to like him .I know how you feel it makes me think good ,evil pick one don't do both .I think he is a failure as a villain and as a good guy .I'm not happy with the fact that this arc will have suwon in it

      Maybe but i highly doubt it since the person herself has never thought about taking the throne but Hak i remember he said something like " i swear one day i will return you to the castle" so who knows but i don't see the tribes siding with her at least most them .Let's not forget that a lot of people sided with suwon because he was the child of a great general and yona well you know who her father was right ?

      Ya we will have to deal with it and it's shame since Hak is supposed to be the main guy he doesn't get enough chapters dedicated to him even that girly suwon got chapters on him ....sigh

    26. kat i checked baidu out of curiosity to see if spoilers of Any were out and guess what they are i have been tempted to do the same with SB but hell no this one is too good for spoilers^^ anyway here is the link http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3329578081?pn=1 it seems like this time it is GD that passed out so maybe it is a dragon thing maybe it has to do with the sword and shield thing since the priest said when they awaken you will know it and i don't know what GD told to yona but he hugged her did he say "i love you " because hak turned his gaze away from them !!! so maybe this chapter isn't about the war but instead about the dragons having some health isssues or whatever .

    27. Actually, reading from the comments, it seems bad. They are all saying about the dragons having short lives. ^^;; They wonder if it is a confession from Jeha because Kija had confessed. Ah..take that with a grain of salt, okay. I don't know if they are guessing or had seen/read it. ^^;;

      Maybe, or as you've mentioned, time to get that sword and shield to stop depending too much on the dragons? The war might just be on the background with the preparation and stuff. During this kind of time, it should take some time to go and attack, right?

      Hm..I wonder if that illness only affects dragons or it is something about being in the other country..like susceptible to other countries' disease. Maybe the dragons cannot go out of the country?

      Ya..or at least, show his internal struggle with doing bad and good so that we can relate but here, he is well, just a hypocrite.

      Well, it depends. I also don't think it would necessarily because of who their fathers are. I think they chose Suwon because of his willingness to get the country back. And the people we are talking about are the higher ups. As we mentioned before, the poor people probably don't care since they focus on survival. For a while, it is these poor people whom Yona is helping to uplift their lives. Unlike Iru, it seems that Yona is more on 'defensive' like defending the country from threats rather than giving away what the enemy wants. Well, she is already using the weapons that her father detest. Anyway, who knows, maybe she changes her mind if she doesn't approve of what Suwon is doing or something later on. Hehe, I'm not sure if I'm hoping/expecting too much for that =P Oh well, still hoping she throws away that hairpin.

      Sigh..sigh..yes...we need more Haku.

    28. What so what they are dying that's crazy actually i did see them dying at the end of the story after yona achieved her though i also saw them as her generals .So there may indeed be a confession but here is how i see this the dragons except for yellow one who doesn't seem to care have it in their blood i mean they would love yona no matter what even if they met her while she was still a rotten princess it in their blood and can't go against it i most of their feelings come from that .

      Ya and what if this is an excuse of the author so that yona won't step in and stand against suwon in the war because if dragon gets sick or it is revealed that they are dying i doubt she would go to war they will lack manpower though i'm sure hak will be more than willing to go and shoot suwon or caught off his head .Maybe like you said this an excuse so they can get faster to the sword and shiled and maybe YD will start telling what he knows and isn't telling others

      ya you really can't relate that's why the character is a failure he is just a freaking hypocrite

      Yeah that's right but that's also part of it how they always say because he is that man 's son he will probably do great even earth general believe that .As for yona do you think if people knew she was the king's daughter they would welcome her ? i highly doubt it but up until now suwon is better king than her dad and somehow yona admits that when she see him in the war ,me too just throw it away toss it in a fire and let it melt take a page from suwon's book who didn't think twice before throwing you away .

      sigh facepalm sigh and facepalm when the hell with the other give some focus to hak

    29. Ya..that's why I said, a grain of salt about those comments. It does seem unbelievably lame. Ya..but BD doesn't seem to be romantically inclined with Yona. Well, for me. ^^;; Yup, it's in the blood..and doesn't it make them wonder if they really love her or it is just because of the blood. Either, they didn't seem to care much about it or rather, they cannot do anything about it. ^^;;;

      Yup, and that's a lot of maybes. ^^;; Need more information for speculations....and the arc is just starting.

      I'm not sure, Lili girl and Fire dude did. =P Unless, they are the exceptions. Indeed, in terms of winning the people to his side and starting to fight to get their lost territories. He is also kind of helping the country in his own way..well, he tends to be where Yona is helping around. ^^; Hm..in a way, I think their country isn't exactly a pushover because of how capable the generals in fighting. So, what Iru is pretty much go against to how they are. It does make one wonder, what was the grandfather thinking to make Iru the king and making the country 'weak'.

      Ya..before, maybe she couldn't throw it because she is still in shock. But later on, for her to still hold it. It can only mean that she still cherishes it and likes him, as you've mentioned. Hehe, maybe, she wants to poke his eye with it. =P I know, I'm dreaming.

      Ya..le sigh.

    30. Ya and about BD the only reason he doesn't love her in a romantic way is because he lived in a cave and let's say it isn't the best place to interract with people .If he had more contact with people i'm sure he would be in love.Well GD said it several times that it was his blood but he never went against it .

      Yup since we don't have enough clues there are only maybe (s)

      Well fire dude did because he felt guilty and later was in love with her and Lili she learned who she was after she helped her out and by the time she knew she was already a fangirl .Ya the generals are capable but still fodder compared to Hak we see how he gave a beating to one of them with his bare hands and the guy was older and with more experience so they aren't that great . Ya maybe he saw something in his capable son that he found fishy so he picked his useless son.

      Exactly even Hak said it was ok at the beginning to keep it if kept her alive but now what's it's use she gained power courage allies has a goal i think that's enough to keep her alive ? So if she still keep her it is like you said she still love him and can't let go and i think that hak think the same thing when he saw it with her after the dance during the fire tribe arc that's why he was hurt and when he sees stuff like that i doubt he will believe that she is starting to like him as a man .Lol more like she will grow her hair out again to wear it

      Oh god i just read the last line of my comment it made no sense sorry ^^ i guess you understood what i meant "when the hell will the author give some focus to hak "

    31. True..and he's mentality seems to be of a kid + extremely shy ^^ Hm..YD seems to be not inclined either. ^^;;

      Ya..or there was a falling out towards the eldest son?

      Lol..strangely, I understood it as that. =P

  4. p.s about the spelling i really don't mind it is true that i'm used to the japanese spelling but it is fine i'm just grateful for your effort really thank you and also whenever we discuss it we call the character YD BD ...etc so their names don't matter thank you by the way what's the title of the next chapter ?

    1. =)

      Sorry, I don't know. I think those are written in a certain preview page in the magazine itself..I don't see it in the Chinese scans. Also, I'm not to sure if the next one is related to a 'present arc' as in everyone in the present age..if you saw those posters. I don't know if it is a promo or there will be another 'side story' type. ^^;;

    2. it doesn't matter thank you i wanted to know because the title usually gives a hint about what the chapter will be about .
      are you talking about the colour page of this chapter ?

    3. I see.

      No, the pictures at the back of the chapter, some promo stuff.

      You can see the colored ones here:

      If I got that Hak-Suwon poster, I'll rip it in half and keep the Hak one. =P

    4. I don't know i hope it isn't a side story and just promo stuff for the anime
      Lol i would the same in fact i may burn the suwon half^^

    5. Maybe, sofia. Or just a short side story plus the main chapter. ^^


    6. if it is like that it is okay^^

  5. Ugh. Thank you so much. One of my favorite series that doesn't get nearly enough love as it should (hopefully that changes after the anime starts today).

    I tend to think the main barrier between these two is their 'knight/princess' relationship and not their inability to see what the other feels. They purposely keep distance between each other to designate their roles in each others life. I believe Yona outright told him he was the only one not allowed to call her Yona. I'm not sure if that's to remind her of where she came from and what he IS to her. To Yona, Hak is doing this entirely out of duty and she's forcing him to be with her. I'm pretty sure one of her goals is his freedom.

    Thanks so much, Kat.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^ Well, with an anime, it should become popular soon ^^

      That is a good point. I think that is true..before, I and some Chinese readers thought that Yona is going to leave Haku just because she already got her dragons so that he won't put himself in danger for her anymore. ^^;; Thankfully not, since Haku is one of the reasons I read this series ^^

  6. thank you kat-sama for the summary of this chapter of this wonderful manga^^

    thanks to this kid maybe yona will realise her feelings for hak a bit faster^^
    i was only a little irritated from the name spelling haku instead of hak but the other names don't matter to me xD

    still many thanks for this chapter kat-sama


    1. Thanks for reading, Sebastian ^-^

      Yup ^^ Hehe, is that so..in Japanese, it is 'Haku'..weird though. ^^; maybe it is a silent 'u' ^^;

  7. Thank you for the summary, I've been waiting for the translation to come out since its hard to understand just by looking at the pictures..

    Sorasan said on her tumblr, she guessed the reason of Kija's passing out was people from Kilgan’s village have spread out and once they spotted Kilgan on Kija’s back, they shot him with a poison dart somewhere.

    and yeah, the 1st episode of ANY has been released a while ago! :)


    1. Thanks for reading, Na-chan ^-^

      Oh, so the name's Kilgan? ^^; Hm..probably though from where they are, it seems to be a desert..so hiding in one of the sand dunes? Lol, if Kilgan got passed around, maybe the others would soon be poisoned, too. Anyway, if it is like that, I guess his villagers are hostile and sharp shooters. Hostile because from that scene, it isn't like Kilgan is a hostage so why would they attack Kija?

      Is that so ^^

  8. Thanks for the summary.... :-)
    Yona not having long term goal is ok... after all she is 16, her father was killed, and her best friend betrayed her... the fact that she is not going after revenge and the throne is good because revenge will destroy her character and the throne is too big a responsibility for her...
    her traveling is good because she needed to get out of her small bubble of a life and see outside the castle.. she was a pampered princess but being a princess has some responsibility.. she never showed interest in the affairs of the country, never went out to see the people, so she could never be a good leader like that... also she was able to see the people of her country and the problems they faced which is important... a good leader is one who can see the problems himself rather then waiting for others to tell him... she can handle them later if she gets the throne...
    as for governing, she can get good advisors as long as she can learn to handle them... for ruthlessness, she can kill people now, so a time will come when she will be ruthless enough and make hard decisions but she must not lose her kind heart...
    Suwon, he may be smart and ruthless but starting a war now is a bad move esp if the war ends up taking a long time to finish... the country and its people are not stable enough for a long period of fighting, a short time period may be alright but just barely... I think a problem will arise and yona and company will have to step in...
    Yona will end up facing Suwon for the throne sooner or later...well the rest is how the author proceeds..:-)

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Is that so. Well, that is a good point..learning about the country through travelling rather than just reading books, etc. Indeed..that is because she was never meant to be a leader. Her husband would be the one who'll do the ruling..well, based what I understood as his father's intent. That can also mean, they are in a male dominated society.

      I agree with the revenge thing but her anger seems to be lacking towards someone who killed her father. It makes one think that she doesn't love her father that much hence, she does not feel really angry about it. She is also keeping that hairpin as if it is some treasure. Does it mean that she loves Suwon more than her father?

      Well, I'm assuming Suwon knows what he is doing based on how he did things before. I don't know though if Kai is very strong as they seem to be and if their ruler is at Suwon's level.

      Hehe, hopefully ^^

    2. Yeah you could be right about male dominated society...
      As for revenge, she is traumatized enough that she put the incident to the back of her mind... forgetting the trauma causing incident is a common method to save one's mind... whatever may be the case, the hair pin is a symbol of Suwon's betrayal and won't let her forget her father's death... hopefully...:-P

  9. This is my favourite manga!!!tq kat!!

  10. Thank you so much for doing this! I'm always looking for Akatsuki no Yona updates! **Kyaaaa** Hak-sama is so great/awesome/beautiful/cute/perfect! I love him! And I love this mangá! =)

    1. Thanks for reading, Fêhh ^-^

      Yup ^^