October 8, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 48]

While Aoi and Mego hug each other and listening to each other’s heartbeats, Mitsuru and Chiharu are spying on them. They chased after the couple because they were worried but it turns out that everything is lovey-dovey. Mitsuru cheers Aoi on and hopes that they’ll kiss. Chiharu reprimands him for keep on staring at the two. Mitsuru wasn’t able to see anymore lovey-dovey action because Azusa saw him. She asks how come he’s here. She accuses him of wanting to flirt so came here to check over the girls. The love birds are interrupted by Mitsuru shouting why Azusa is there. Azusa says that her work is finished and she’s going home. She tells him that it is worrisome for a beautiful girl like her to go home alone, right. So, Azusa drags Mitsuru off to escort her home. Then, Chiharu comes over to Mego to apologize for getting her involved with those who hate him. Mego happily tells him that it is okay for even if it was scary but a lot of good things happened. The three of them saved her as if they are princes, and it got to the point wherein she can touch Aoi.
Shaking his hand, Mego thanks him. Chiharu couldn’t believe that she is thanking him. At the start, he wondered why Aoi would like such a plain girl. But then, he was a coward regarding Aoi’s scar whereas for Mego, it was an insignificant thing. This made Chiharu think that Mego is stronger than him even if she doesn’t have [physical] strength, any weapon or anything. Later on, Aoi wants to bring Mego home but she asks him to let her see his scar. In his house, Aoi takes off his shirt. Mego looks at the burnt right shoulder. With his permission, Mego touches it and asks if it hurts. Aoi says no, for it is an old injury. Aoi tells her not to force herself to look at it if she feels uncomfortable. Mego assures him that it is okay. She asks him if the scars were burns. He says yes, there was a fire when he was young. While her mother is away, the fire quickly spread that almost half of the house is engulfed. His father died because he wasn’t able to escape. He protected Shino as if his life depended on it. And when he woke up, he is already bandaged up in the hospital.
Mego realizes that this is the reason why Shino blames herself for it. Aoi tells her that their mother is mentally weak and unstable so she always blamed herself as the reason why Shino was born deaf. But, because of the fire causing the death of her husband, and for Aoi to become like that, their mother finally had a meltdown [fell apart]. She didn’t touch him again and he became someone who cannot touch other girls except for Shino. Aoi apologizes for the gloomy story. He is startled to see Mego trying to stop herself from crying. She ended up crying and telling him that it isn’t pity for she knows that he hates people pitying him. She explains that it is because she loves Aoi who has high self-esteem and she only wants to have met him earlier on, even for just a year, so that she can be his comrade and to protect him who bore this sadness. Wanting to give the young Aoi a tight hug, Mego says that someone like her might not be quite useful but she feels frustrated that she wasn’t at his side at that time.
Touching her face, Aoi says yes, if it is her, she will definitely become a strong and kind mother one day. Just when they are about to kiss, an older man comes in and asks Aoi if dinner is ready. As the man sees Aoi half-naked and Mego pouting her mouth for the kiss, Mego shouts in surprise and wonders who the man is. Five minutes later, Aoi introduces his uncle [father’s younger brother], Sanada Kagetsuna to Mego. Aoi says that he was the one who took care of him since he was young. Mego give her greetings but she got scared for Kagetsuna is staring at her. He angrily tells Mego that his house is not a love hotel. Even if he knows that Aoi is going out with someone, Kagetsuna cannot believe that while he is gone, this scary girl would attack his cute nephew whom he personally brought up. Embarrassed Aoi scolds him not to say such embarrassing stuff. Kagetsuna says that it isn’t embarrassing and he basically is a scared lonely nice kid. Mego thinks that it is the first time she saw Aoi with that expression and they are like brothers. Not wanting to offend his uncle, Mego tells Aoi that she’s going.
Putting his arm around Mego, Aoi tells his uncle to remember her name, Kobayashi Megumu, for he will marry her and she’ll be part of his family. Inspired by Aoi’s clear and determined eyes as if changed by his new life, Mego salutes and formally introduces herself. She adds that she will become Aoi’s bride so yoroshiku [/I’ll be under your care]. After looking surprised, Kagetsuna angrily shouts for them brats not to get carried away and brazenly show conjugal love-something in front of a 30 year old single man. The two freak out for they just made things worse [/put oil on the fire]. They held hands and run away. Kagetsuna recalls how he used to walk Aoi to school and now, Aoi is telling him about the girl who’s going to be part of his family. Kagetsuna is amazed that Aoi who couldn’t go near anyone would have that kind of expression. At the pedestrian bridge [hopefully, the one where they first met/stolen kiss and where Mego confessed], the two notice that they are holding hands for the first time. And after two tries, they finally get to share their real mutual first kiss. Mego thinks that this is the world’s happiest ‘on the way home’. Blurb: “The two’s world’s happiest kiss. Next, new progress! Mitsuru and Azusa’s love will also progress!!”
Comment: That was really nice ^^ They are now a ‘normal’ couple who can touch each other. Honestly, for a while there, if Aoi’s uncle didn’t come, I thought that they might be doing more than a kiss =P Actually, it ought to be quite scandalous since they are doing it in the living room. ^^;; And, he thinks Mego is the attacker..is it because Aoi is the one half-naked and he’s so nice and everything? =P I guess Kagetsuna must have been quite overprotective of Aoi. Even if there is some resistance but I’m sure his uncle will accept Mego with open arms ^^ Theories about Aoi’s story turn out to be the worst..and not what actually happened. It turns out that Aoi got the injures from an ordinary fire and not some child abuse thing. Probably, when debris is falling down, his eye and shoulder got hit. The mother does seem to be quite mentally unstable to blame herself for Shino’s deafness. I guess she is the type who blamed herself, somewhat like self-pity for everything including why she wasn’t in the house. That might be one of the reasons why Aoi doesn’t want any pity and be like his mother. Since their mother is no longer able to take care of the kids and probably sent to some hospital/hospice-whatever, they are sent off to other relatives. Aoi is sent to his father’s brother. And, Shino is probably sent to her father or someone related to him. Then, that will connect Shino with Azusa but not Aoi. <- This is based on the English translation that mentioned that they have different fathers. The Chinese translation is same father different mother. ^^; Since Asahi of Halftone Circle also mentioned different fathers so I’ll stick to that regarding the theory below.

Hm..but then, whose father was Aoi talking about when he mentioned got killed in the fire? I presume that it is his so that would make the mother having an affair or something since Aoi is older than Shino. Maybe someone was able to comfort her and something happened between them? If that guy is dead, again, the mother probably blamed herself. Oh..maybe, because it was an affair, she believes that it is a punishment that Shino is deaf. Maybe she also went to see the man again or something, then the fire happened so she had a meltdown. Anyway, Aoi is going to get a happy ending to his story and finally be able to do all those lovey-dovey stuff with Mego ^^ In their position, I think the feelings of it finally happening can be quite overwhelming and as described, ‘world’s happiest’ for them. I guess Chiharu would just remain a friend. Not sure if he can still intervene between a couple who practically proposed to each other. They are informally engaged if I may say. So, it is time for Mitsuru and Azusa to progress their own relationship. ^^ Hehe, from this chapter, she really knows how to handle Mitsuru. =P And it seems that there is no link between Azusa and Chiharu. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thanks kat for the summary :)

    Look like we were wrong it isn't child abuse but doesn't change the fact that the mum sucks i mean what kind of mum tell her kids i wish i never gave birth you and with this chapter she really does remind me of eros 's mum in The One ,but if you think about since she isn't strong it was a good move to leave her children in other people's care that's why better than keeping them just to abuse them.

    -Could it be that azusa and shino have the same dad because i think it is somehow obvious that the two lived together at some point in the past but if she was her half-sister shouldn't aoi know her and it doesn't seem like he does and i don't remember shino 's surname but it isn't the same as azusa's which is Tokugawa so just what's the relationship between the two? oh well we will find out soon enough since the story will shift toward azusa and mitsuru

    -I have one problem what's the point of chiharu ?i mean what's his purpose in the story ? was he just introduced to create a tiny bit of drama ? i was sure that at some point he would get with mego with all the hints from aoi that someone would snatch mego away also in her other manga the girl always had two guys that she loved but now chiharu is just there .I hate when an author introduces a new character then cast him aside.

    -Another problem i have is how mego's courage and strength is exaggerated ,the girl is just lovestruck almost a fangirl so if it is her love interest she will accept whatever has to do with him and don't get me wrong i think mego is cute and funny but i'm not a fan of that and unlike with mitsuru and azusa whose relationship developed slowly and became stronger thus is more realistic ,mego and aoi relationship has more to do with puppy love something you find in fairy tales it is cute but very meh

    -funny part of the chapter the uncle^^ he thought mego was the one attacking lol but he is right to think that aoi is the type who gets attacked not the one attacking and he will indeed welcome mego with open arms since she is the one who changed aoi for the best

    -what he told her uncle is rather nice so those are engaged^^ the uncle reaction was very funnu :)

    So now what's left is for azusa and mitsuru to get together well they already are i mean to become an official couple but first azusa need to overcome her issues and the last thing for the story to end is to face the mum but you know compared to other stories of the same author this lack drama .

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup, it also made me think of Eros' mum. Indeed, that is a good move. Aoi seems to be okay. I'm not quite sure about Shino since Azusa did use to give her a hard time. Well, it probably made Shino strong..and better off than her mentally unstable mother.

      Shino's surname is Takenaka. In Sengoku Basara, which is loosely based by the mangaka for this series, that is a villain's surname. ^^; So, doesn't seem to be the same dad unless Shino got her surname from the mother. I'm still thinking if her father is the 'other man' and if the relative she is with is her mother's or father's. So, if that is what it is, Shino is the half-sister of both Aoi and Azusa. ^^;

      I'm somewhat thinking if she is at the mother's because I'm assuming that the mother is rich, pampered and spoiled that anything that is not ideal is enough to cause her to have a meltdown. And probably, they oppose Aoi's father so maybe Aoi looks like the father so they don't want him..aside from him being scarred and everything. So, the single younger brother of the father was the one who took him in. Still..for them, Shino would also be 'defective' but from the flashbacks with Azusa, I guess since she is good in studying, etc..they are okay with it? Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see what is the truth.

      Well, Chiharu was useful in making Aoi jealous and protective of Mego. I think the most important thing is, he indirectly caused the 'healing' of Aoi..c/o the thugs after Mego because of him. He had done his role..though I'm not sure if he'll still stick around. If you are to say introduce a new character and cast him aside, I would think of that other guy who fell for 2nd year Mego..then he was gone after one chapter, I think. ^^;;

      True..it can be viewed that way but then, in this case, it is a good thing because of what happened with Aoi. If it is some not that good guy, that might not be good. I do get your point. Mego does seem to be more emotionally driven with less brains..but for Azusa it is more brains than emotions since she tries to 'act not too much in love'..something like cautious. I wonder if it is because Mego doesn't have a 'bad past' so she can be naive and 'go all the way, be in love without a care' whereas Azusa, it isn't like that.

      That's right, and Aoi's the one undressed. =P

      Yup..I like the uncle already ^^

      Ya.. Hm..is that so?

    2. That's true abuse sometimes makes one tough ,well in azusa and shino's case rather than abuse it is bullying .

      Lol it will be quite a twist if Shino turn out to be the villain ^^ oh damn that's one complex family .Ya it is possible or it is maybe something much more simple just like with aoi we thought he was abused by his mum's lover yet it was just a fire so this time i don't want to get ahead of myself with some crazy theory ^^

      That's a really good theory her being a pampered miss which explains that she break easily since she didn't experience hardship in her life and also the aoi's part .

      That's true but i still feel that chiharu isn't really needed in the story .

      That's right but mego is a character which belongs in fairy tales where common sense isn't needed while azusa is rather realistic

      let's hope we will see more of him ^^

  2. oh wow i didn't notice but i wrote quite a long comment i justed wanted to say that from now on i think for series like kobayashi and SB i will just comment under the summary i think it is better that way for other series i will continue to comment on the tag board

  3. Thanks for the summary <3

    LOL this chapter was great, EPIC!! At least now we are clear that Aoi is not being abused by his mom in anyway that we imagined. She was just a weak mom that blamed her child shouldn't have been born (which is so sad...)

    I got to agree what is the real relationship between Shino and Azusa? How are they related to each other? Well I gues we will find out in the next coming chapters...

    I must agree with sofia, what is the point of Chiharu in the story if it is only for a slight disturbance in the couples' relationship? I was expecting a more twist in the story like her other mangas. I hope he gets another point for the story, I know he is already the best friend of one of the main characters but still don't disregard him...

    Finally we get to see the Asuza x Mitsuru arc!!! I HOPE THEY BECOME AN OFFICIAL COUPLE SOON!!! Mitsuru please don't be so dense this time....

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      Yup, and true..


      That and indirectly causing the miracle to happen. Maybe.

      Lol..I think he already knows but he is just 'playing along' with her. ^^; I think 'teasing people' is part of Mitsuru's personality. =P

  4. It's great that we finally know what happened Aoi's past especially about his mother. I have a feeling that Chiharu will still have a part for the upcoming chapters between Aoi and Mego because I think that this couple would still have more trials to overcome or I'm just paranoid XD As for Azusa x Mitsuru, I'm really excited for this couple since it would be about them next! Thank you Kat for the summary :)

    1. Yup, hana ^^

      Is that so ^^

      Indeed and thanks for reading ^-^

  5. Well, I'm not so sure that the couple has overcome all problems.

    Go Ikeyamada is the writer.

    In Suki Desu Suzuki-kun, the main couple is deeply in love (almost committed), but that does not stop Go Ikeyamada put a lot of difficulties (and she made the female protagonist has her first time with another guy).

    1. Is that so..

      True...new difficulties are possible. Hm..I think it was also hinted about how others would view them..I wonder if that would be an issue later on. I mean, it is one thing to say that it doesn't matter, but how would it be in actual.

  6. This just got licensed in the US! :D

  7. Yay!! Its time for AzusaXMitsuru arc !! Can't wait for the next chapter !!
    Thanks for the sumarry ^^

    1. Ya..and thanks for reading, valerie ^-^

  8. Kyaaa!!! I already saw KgKST ch 49 and in ch 49 there is all about Mitsuru and Azusa !! Kyaaa!! Can't wait for the summary ^^

    1. Is that so ^^

      Well, hopefully, the Chinese scanlation will be up soon ^^