October 14, 2014

From Five to Nine [Chapter 45 - WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?(Destined ex-boyfriend?)]

Cover page: “Wanting to look for something, no matter when, it is always difficult to search..” Satoshi tells someone on the phone that he had just arrived at Haneda airport. About that thing, he’ll go there at 1pm tomorrow and during that time, he’ll temporarily stay in Japan. He has a private matter on Saturday so his reply would be delay, ya, he’ll contact him/her. After hanging up, Satoshi contemplates on calling Junko but decides not to.

 In ELA, Masako is calling out to Junko if she heard that Takane left the school. She feels sorry for Junko since they could have broken up, and how can she say this, she already doesn’t have an escape route. Momoe tells Masako that Takane didn’t leave, he just deferred his studying. Junko tells Masako that her voice is too loud and it is prohibited to discuss about student’s private matters. 

Junko says that Takane’s spoken English is very good that he doesn’t have come for lessons everyday, and lately, they’ve always been talking about that. Masako is surprised that they’ve decided on it together, when she thought that something had happened to them. Masako says that she has seen her with director Makoto from the main branch and it seems that their relationship is quite good at Arthur’s party.
Momoe remembers Arthur telling her that Makoto is his roommate. Junko tells Masako that they are just greeting each other and talking about the lessons. Masako is glum over this. Junko says that she heard a rumor about her having a good relationship with TOEIC [Test of English for International Communication] class’ Renji and she heard it from Renji’s classmate.

Snake/cobra Masako smiles and denies it for she is just giving some introduction to Renji. Weasel Junko says, ya, after all, the other party is a high school student. Outside the locker room, Momoe says that she can be at ease for it turns out that she knew about Takane not going to class. She thought that it is something else because of how shock Junko looked.

To Momoe’s surprise, Junko says that she doesn’t know, and after their last meeting, she lost contact with him. Momoe is about to suggest calling the cellphone but she remembers that Takane doesn’t have a cellphone. Junko gloomily says that she can directly call his house or go to the temple. Momoe says that is quite difficult that she won’t be able to do that. Junko says that she also doesn’t want it to be like that, but perhaps there is some sudden religious ceremony [that he has to attend to].
Momoe says that she might be meddlesome but if it is this weekend, she can accompany her. Junko thanks Momoe then greets Arthur who is approaching them. Arthur greets the two. Momoe briefly greets him and tells Junko that she’s free the whole day on Saturday. To her shock, Junko apologizes for she has a senpai’s wedding to attend to. 

Momoe is disappointed to hear that. Smiling Junko tells her that she’ll contact her when the time comes, for now, let’s leave it there. Looking at Junko walking away, Momoe thinks that Junko is quite easy-going and no wonder, she’s experienced in love because if it were her, she would be nervous to death.

Then, her cellphone is ringing. It is a message from Arthur saying that he wants to see a movie this Saturday, and she’s coming with him, right? And, she’s free on that day. Momoe turns to look at Arthur who is smiling at her. Blushing Momoe thinks, that so she told him not do this kind of thing at work.

While somewhat dizzy Momoe walks away, Junko actually doesn’t want to make a big fuss over a minor issue of not being able to see Takane. On her way home, Junko tries to dismiss it as nothing for they are adults and busy at work so no matter what, Takane ought to be busy at the temple.
Upon arriving at the apartment building’s main entrance, she thinks that it is impossible that he’ll wait for her outside. She remembers something. Checking the parking lot, Junko thinks that his Ferrari or Mercedes Benz isn’t around either. She wonders what Takane is up to. Opening the door to the apartment, Junko plans to pester Takane a bit so that he’ll properly consider her company transfer. Then, she smells a fragrant scent inside.

She sits down on the sofa and recalls how Takane hugged her and told her that she’s the only woman that he’ll marry. Junko thinks that ever since she moved to this apartment, he would always come over or call at night. And for him not to be here, it feels lonely.. She shakes her head and thinks no, no, occasionally, there is a need for private time.

She thinks that if she thinks that way, it would be exactly what Takane wanted so she’s alright, she’s alright. Posing, she starts thinking of the dress that she’s going to wear for the wedding and where did she put it. She sniffs and thinks that he is obviously not here, but there is that scent left behind.. She looks at the side to see a letter, addressed to her, by the kitchen counter. She angrily thinks that he has time to give this to her, a letter. Then, she holds it to her chest and blushes.
She happily reads the letter. It just says, ‘Greetings, right now, I’m wholeheartedly doing my best so you should properly do as I say. Properly wait for me. Takane.’ Junko is stunned. She flips the paper around to see if there is more to it. Then, she sees ‘PS, if something is up, then talk with Amame. Forbidden to make unnecessary contact [/keep in touch with].’

And, the sound of a telephone call echoes in the temple. A monk answers and says that this is Hoshikawa residence. Since she totally didn’t understand Takane’s letter, Junko had angrily called and apologizes for it being late but can she talk with Takane. The monk realizes who she is but he is at a loss over what to tell her. Someone tells him to give it to her. 

Junko stiffens when Hibari, Takane’s grandmother, takes the call and says that it has been a long time. Hibari says that they are already spreading out the futon [/quilt] so for her to call so late at night, is it some ‘parents passed away’- type of thing?

Thinking over how unlucky she is that the big boss would suddenly appear at this time, Junko apologizes to her but there is some urgent thing that, no matter what, she has to..so can she pass the phone to Takane. Junko thinks that they are obviously not face-to-face yet she felt that she is automatically bowing to Hibari.
Like a tiger behind some bamboo, Hibari tells her that Takane isn’t there anymore. She says that Takane left early in the morning yesterday and he probably reached the mountains by now. Surprised Junko asks mountain, what mountain..? Hibari tells her that didn’t she break up with Takane and right now, is she getting along with Amane so how about asking him. 

Junko says no, so she’s saying that Hoshikawa-san [/Amane].. Junko stops and thinks that Takane haven’t told them the truth. Junko tells her that it is a misunderstanding and it is better that she asks Takane himself. Junko says that since he left, please tell her the way to contact Takane. 

Hibari says that she is really a troublesome person. “He himself didn’t tell you so would I tell you? *Junko looks flustered* Takane doesn’t want to tell you, right?” Unable to refute her, Junko tries to protest by saying about the letter.. Hibari tells her that everything is fated and from the very start, the one who severed their fate together was her, right?

“After severing the fate, no matter how, it is impossible to take it back. So I’m saying that your fate is already with someone else. Sorry, I’m hanging up.” And Hibari hangs up the phone. Then, she looks at smug-looking Amane and says, “Amane, it’s really amazing~~ I only say it according to what you told me to say. That arrogant girl couldn’t come up with a single word. Ha ha ha!”
Because Takane wrote ‘properly wait for me’ and he whispered to her ‘I like you’ with his pleasant voice which still echoes in her heart, she absolutely won’t let that granny’s words waver her. While Junko is handling her wedding invitation to the reception table, she tells herself that something is definitely up.

She thinks that even if it is Takane, he definitely has his own mysterious reason. Then, a female friend calls out to her and asks if she went to the lounge for their senpai is very beautiful. Junko says that she has seen her and she is indeed very beautiful. While Junko looks surprised over what’s behind her friend, the friend tells her that it is really great that all of the club members came and Satoshi just arrived from New York.

Turning around to Satoshi, who is talking with some guys, behind her, the friend says that there was a time when there are rumors that he is getting married so what’s up with that. Another friend exclaims in disbelief for she came here for Satoshi-senpai so don’t joke like that. Just when the kouhai is asking Junko that the rumor isn’t true, Satoshi turns around and sees Junko.

They both quickly look away. And, later on, they are surprised that they are seated together in one table. Satoshi slightly smiles and greets her that it has been a long time. Junko awkwardly greets him back. And for a moment, what Hibari told her, with that mean voice, about her fate is already with someone else had surfaced in her mind. And, she used all her strength to remove it.
Comment: And Satoshi is back. For what purpose? Probably more broken heart for him or most probably cause more trouble. ^^; Even if he wasn’t the intention of Amane/Hibari but his re-appearance did momentarily waver Junko. And, it seems that Amane is not a good guy. Based on the letter, it seems like Takane is entrusting Junko to Amane.

Too bad for him that his own younger brother is up to no good and is allied with his grandmother. Though what ‘they’ told Junko really hits the bull’s eye that Junko couldn’t refute any of it. It is like bringing the past or rather, her past mistake against her.

Also, it would have been better if Takane explained or told Junko what's going on so that she'll be totally clueless that she will be forced to find out what happened to him or the reason for that message. Takane is quite old fashioned that he expects her to just sit and wait for him just because he said so without anything else but an 'I like you'.

So she doesn't know how long she'll have to wait when she got a job promotion to say yes or no to. Well, he also deemed that it is unnecessary to have a cellphone to keep in touch with her. ^^; They have somewhat of a problem there and other people are trying to break them up so things are not quite good. And, Masako is annoying as ever.

It seems that she has some sort of rivalry with Junko in regards with their love life. She’s such a hypocrite to act as if she is concerned and everything about Junko. Good thing Junko got that rumor about Masako and Renji so that she was able to tit-for-tat Masako and shut her up. That’s one good thing about Junko, if she is able, she’ll fight back.

And, we only have a little bit of Momoe x Arthur. He came in the right time to overhear that she’s free on Saturday ^^ I wonder what movie they are going to watch. It would be amusing if he let her decide and we know her preference =P Scans by 深雪

Quote of the day:
Every relationship goes through troubled waters, but if the love is true, nothing or no one, can phase it and it will make it through the storm. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Thanks for the summary! !!!!! It really is getting interesting for Junko. ...Hope she stays strong. I love Momoe and Arthur ♡ it would be so funny to see how their movie date goes!!! Lol Can't wait (hopefully they do focus on that date the next chapter)
    Thanks again! Your so awesome!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup ^^

      Ya..unfortunately no, it would still be about Junko in the next two chapters. =(

      Thanks for the comment, Steph ^-^

  2. I hope she don't start up with Satoshi again, I think she should wait I do not think she will have to wait long. Takane will not be able to stay away from her long. He would be really hurt if he came back and found them two together. Oh I forgot THANKS FOR THE UPDATES KAT!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

    1. Hopefully, bibby and well, she seems to really fallen for Takane now. True, though it would be better if Takane doesn't give her such a vague message. ^^ Like how long waiting and no contact information...sigh, is it just because he is old-fashioned.

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

  3. Thanks for the summary....I saw the chapters up to 48 and I'm so feeling sorry for Junko!!! I can't wait until you translate it.

  4. This is one of the mangas I took interest in. Unfortunately when I started reading it, you had already published so many summaries that I couldn't follow up. I thought that I will be able to do so when I have more free time, I am glad though that this chapter still makes sense to me ^^ I like Takane but I didn't like Junko at first because I thought that she had so many tricks up her sleeve to make someone like Takane fall one-sidedly more in love and hence suffer more. I am glad that she reciprocates his feelings now but will she remain steadfast? hhhh In my opinion, she shouldn't let the grandma or the young brother win :D .

    Either way, I still think that this is an interesting couple because each of them has his own flaws but also strong points and this is a very unusual love story (I mean come on, a monk with a Ferrari, how unusual?! Not to mention that he did go with her to a love hotel more than once, and according to her, he did well in that area too (aren't monks supposed to be a role-model for continence and chastity? lol :D). I know that Japanese monks can marry, raise a family etc. but can they really have intimate relationships out of wedlock?! How peculiar!

    As usual, thanks Kat for translating. I loved your "quote of the day". Lots of love for you ^^ mwaaaah <3

    1. Hehe, is that so, RoseFleur. Indeed, that's the problem with so many chapters to catch up with a little free time at hand.

      Ah..time will tell but for now, it seems that she has indeed fallen for him. True..and she tends to be in 'fighting form' with the others.

      Lol, true, that is what makes it unusual and it isn't usual we get a monk as a lead character. It seems that they can..I view them as if they are from some 'noble family'..you know, high status thus that is possible. Now that you mention it, is it really okay. ^^;;

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. Well today I went through two chapters and read one, I hope to catch up soon ...

      now that we are mentioning it, it is not the only series featuring a monk as a lead. I read a manga a long time ago about an exorcist monk but he was originally poor and an orphan. Nevertheless, like Takane, he had a girlfriend who was living with him in the temple and he had light ecchi thoughts all the time (back then I didn't know what ecchi meant and I had to discover it by receiving the "awe and shock" treatment and it was like: "O my gosh, are monks like this nowadays?!!"
      The manga also featured a woman-monk who was married with kids too.
      Hence, I was - and still am - perplexed because I don't know if it is fictional or realistic? Indeed monks are human beings too so it is only expected that they would want to experience love and consummate the relationship but I am still curious to know if they have out of wedlock intimate relationships ... because it is my understanding that when a person becomes a monk, he strives to control all his weaknesses (sins of the flesh included). Even if in some countries they are entitled to get married, I thought that the relationship would be consummated after the marriage not before. Anyways, it is maybe off-topic. I am sure that one day, I'll land on a lengthy article or a book which explains more about this issue ^^

    3. Gambatte, RoseFleur ^^

      Lol...is that so. It does make one wonder how much of it happens in real life or it is just a 'for manga only' thing. =P

      Indeed..I also have that thinking about monks..something like priests. I was quite surprised at first that monks in Japan can marry. Reading a bit on the net, it seems that it depends on the sect if it is allowed or not. In a way, it seems to be like in 'royal families'..they marry to have a heir for the temple. The wife is the 'care taker', 'have to give birth and train the heir', etc. In a way, like royalty of all times so in case the one the monk loves is not satisfactory like Junko, the 'win-win' solution is marry a suitable one then, take the love one as a 'the second woman in an affair'. ^^; That was the impression to me when Takane's grandmother suggested it.

      You might want to read more about it here though it focuses more on gender inequality: