September 2, 2014

Akai Ito [Chapter 26]

Wearing a black kendo uniform, Sho immediately goes on the offensive against Touya. Touya manages to block. Sho’s senpai-s cheer him on. While watching with Chihiro, Rino notes that Sho is quite enthusiastic today. Chihiro agrees. She finds it surprising that Sho would suddenly want to compete against Touya. She thinks that it ought to be because of that kiss between her and Touya. This scares her. She starts to wonder if it is really like that but then, there is that reason wherein, during third year junior high, Sho really wanted to compete with Touya so doing it for her is.. As the two cross shinai-s, Chihiro notices Sho glances at her with a smile. This made Chihiro blush and wonder if she was mistaken. Rino is puzzled over Chihiro’s reaction. Touya tells Sho that he is quite easygoing to look somewhere else during a competition. Sho apologizes and says that he got careless because there was a gap [/time for him to glance away]. Sho attacks back and Touya pushes him back. Sho tells Touya that Chihiro cried before in front of him, and that is because he came, right?
Sho gets irritated when Touya says that a crying face is very cute. Sho says is that so. Then, they break it off before crossing shinai-s again. Chihiro looks tense. She felt that she can only just look and do nothing but actually, she also want to cheer Sho on, like everyone. The others are cheering for Sho except for the Kagamido brothers who hope he loses. Looking at Captain Kagamido, Chihiro thinks that as manager, if she do something on her own, which will catch attention, their relationship will be found out [by the captain] so what way can she.. Then, she realizes something. She turns around while holding her clipboard. She thinks that there is one, and perhaps, it won’t be noticed but.. While pushing down Sho with his shinai, Touya says that even if he finds Sho to be unexpectedly tenacious and, could it be that because of what he said earlier has an effect? He tells Sho that since he is silent, that means he is right on mark. “By the way, let me tell you, I had confessed to Tachibana so yoroshiku [/I’m under your care].” Flustered Sho exclaims, “Ha!?”
Touya exclaims that he got it[/success] and quickly swings his shinai towards Sho. Sho manages to quickly block it. Then, Touya is surprised to feel a sharp pain on his right side. Sho is surprised when Touya is holding his side. After looking surprised, everyone shout why won’t Sho attack, what’s up with him that he would stop, and don’t just stare off like that. Sho apologizes to them and says that it seems that Touya is injured. Touya doesn’t look pleased about that. Kazama’s kendo captain asks Touya if that is true. Touya admits it and says that when he was about to thrust at the opponent, his underarm is a bit.. Captain Kagamido says that anyway, it is a practice competition so it is better not to force himself too much. The other captain apologizes for that competition is considered invalid. Holding something up, Chihiro looks worried about Nanjou. Then, to her surprise, Captain Kagamido asks what she has been doing ever since from the start. Chihiro is holding a sign, ‘Hinase FIGHT!!”
Waving the sign up and down, nervous Chihiro denies it. She says that she only feels that the air isn’t circulating so she wanted to fan a little wind-something..hahaha.. Captain Kagamido doesn’t look convinced. At the side of some building, Touya holds his side and groans. He is surprised when Chihiro calls out to him. Using the pole of a long brush, she pushes a box of cold pack to him and tells him that he can use that. Touya says that is quite blatant. He asks if she won’t come and help stick it to him. Chihiro says that it is because she basically doesn’t know what he’ll do and if he promises that he won’t do anything then, she’ll think about it. Touya laughs and says that she’s really.. He tells her okay, he promises that he won’t do anything. As he pulls down his kendo robe, Chihiro prepares to stick the plaster on him. Looking at the mark, Chihiro recalls that it is.. Touya suddenly holds her wrist and says that he deliberately didn’t get THAT treated because it is the mark that she left him.
Then, someone slams the plaster on Touya’s injury and shouts, “You’re a pervert!!” Chihiro is shock that it is Sho. Sho says that it’s great that it unexpectedly stuck there. Seeing Touya trembling while holding his side, Chihiro asks if he is okay and does it hurt. It turns out that Touya is laughing. He asks what..THAT WAVERING A WHILE AGO turns out to be a deliberate act. Sho says after that kind of provocation from him, it is no good if he doesn’t pretend to take the bait, right? Putting his robe on, Touya comments that it turns out that Sho isn’t a fool. Chihiro asks what they are talking about. Standing up, Sho says that it is something about the competition. Addressing Touya, Sho says that knowing the winner will be left aside until Touya is thoroughly prepared, and they’ll meet at the tournament. Looking irked, Touya looks away and asks as if Sho can participate. Sho says that it turns out that Touya can have that kind of expression and there are times when he is like a human. Touya didn’t reply.
Pointing his shinai at Touya, Sho says that there is one thing he wants to clear out with him first. “If you were to keep on rattling [/upsetting] Tachibana, even if it is just for fun, I absolutely won’t forgive you. Absolutely not.” Chihiro looks flustered over the two guys glaring at each other. Moved Chihiro holds on Sho’s uniform tightly and mentally calls his name. Sho says that they’re going. Chihiro says okay. Before they leave, Touya smiles and says that it is truly interesting. “You’re the first guy who dared to do that kind of thing to me. You’re not bad at all.” This creeps out the couple. Sho says that it feels like he is an enthusiastic kid who found some interesting toy. Touya chuckles and says that he’ll anticipate it and until next time they meet. “Ah, Same with Tachiban. Then, until we meet again.” As Touya leaves, Sho says that it turns out that he is only a pervert.
Holding on to Sho’s arm, Chihiro says that she had become a complement. [<- addition/ secondary importance to Touya =P] She notices Sho looking at her. He says that this is really rare, for her to hold on him like this. She quickly backs away and denies it by saying that it is unconsciously. He playfully hugs her tight and asks what she means unconsciously. He tells her to quickly say it. Chihiro confesses that it is because she’s very happy that he would say such words to Touya. “I realized that you’ll think that way for me, get angry for me.. (making me like you even more. Like you to the point of being unable to free myself [from you]..” It is really good that I was able to like you..)” Sho calls her name and pinches her lips together. This puzzles her. She is startled when he suddenly clenches his fist, turns around and curses. Then, while playfully pouting, he pinches her mouth again. He thinks that obviously, he’s the only one who knows these lips. Aghast Chihiro wonders what it is, what is he angry about, she had personally experience too many frightening [stuff] and by the way, she had become an octopus again.
Sho sighs and says that actually, he is a petty [/narrow-minded] person. Then, he holds her face with both hands. He kisses her forehead, her right cheek, her left eye and bites her right earlobe. While he hugs her tight, she calls out his name and asks him what he is doing while taking advantage of..  He leans closer to her but she stops him by holding her hand near his lips. He lightly touches her lips and stares at tense Chihiro. He sighs again then hugs her tightly. Puzzled, she calls his name. He asks her to let him stay like this for a while. She says okay. Then, he recalls something. He tells her that about that Elena thing, regarding that food that she said that he loves to eat, that is a misunderstanding [/mistake] right? “Those are not at all the thing that I like. Actually, those are nothing at all.” Chihiro asks if that is true. He says yes, it is totally a mistake. “My current favorite food right now *smiles* is your personally made bento box.” This made her blush. Chihiro mutters even if there are frozen food mixed along inside. Sho says ya, that too.. Chihiro playfully wants to hit him and says, geez.. Sho starts laughing. She says but, it turns out to be like that.
She thinks that even if she can let out a sigh of relief, but she was totally played by Elena and this scares her a bit. Holding her hair, Sho tells her that regarding Elena, he will go and talk to her and make her not to bother Chihiro again so don’t mind it. Chihiro is moved by this. She thinks that this is necessary though if she were to depend on Sho like this, there will always be a part of her heart that would always mind that Elena thing. “Just like when I feel inferior compared with Sho, I also feel that kind of inferiority from Elena. Because I’m cherished by Hinase like this, so I cannot run away. I must properly face it.” Chihiro thanks him but assures him that it is alright, she wants to try and talk with Elena alone. He asks why, when he doesn’t want Elena to hurt her again. Chihiro tells him that if it were really like that, then it is her own problem [regarding her feelings]. Chihiro wonders what Elena wants from Sho, and is it to reconcile but honestly, she doesn’t know what to say when they meet..BUT.. She tells Sho that this is for her and Sho to continue on going steady. “I have to pass through this Elena crisis. (and compared to breaking up with Hinase, I absolutely do not want that..)”
He worriedly calls out her name. Flustered, Chihiro admits that she ought to say that her courage isn’t still enough. “Hi..Hinase, lend me..a bit of courage.. I wish.. *Sho asks what?*” He looks surprised. To her embarrassment, Sho holds out a hand to his ear and asks her what she said, he didn’t hear it. As he looks at her in a teasing way, embarrassed Chihiro shouts, “ I’m saying, in order to do my best, I hope that YOU’LL KISS ME! Properly using the mouth..” Red as beet, she covers her face and thinks that she said it, how embarrassing, and she couldn’t face him. Sho calls out to her but she turns away and starts to take back what she said. He already hugs her and makes her face him. Facing each other, she is surprised when he blows her a kiss on the lips. She grabs him and exclaims, geez.. Sho laughs and apologizes for teasing her. “It’s because you’re so cute that it made me want to bully you. *smiles and hold her hands* I like you, Tachibana.” Looking at him, she says, “ too.. I like you, Hinase. Like you the most..” Narration: “Even if there might be no change upon seeing Elena but just with this feeling, I won’t lose..” And, the couple kisses.
Comment: This is a nice chapter with lots of cute teasing lovey-dovey scenes ^^ Sho is really quite playful and he does love Chihiro very much. What he did is really quite assuring for Chihiro that she is mustering up her courage to face the ex-girlfriend who is causing some trouble for her and her relationship with Sho. It is really nice that Chihiro wants to deal with Elena by herself rather than depending on Sho. She indeed has to overcome this because later on, there might be other rivals and she cannot just always depend on Sho to deal with them. Also, I think facing Elena would help boost her confidence rather than always avoiding it. As for Touya, it turns out that he is indeed some sort of pervert..seems like some sadist-masochist. ^^; In a way, Sho managed to direct that perverted interest from Chihiro to him. Hehe, is that a good thing? Maybe that ‘like Chihiro’ is a different kind of ‘like’ as in ‘interesting toy who opposes him’ like what Sho mentioned. Thankfully, Sho is there rather than just Chihiro. As usual, Chihiro tend to be overly nice and it doesn’t help that she used to have feelings for Touya – crush, schoolmate, etc. Maybe this encounter makes her more cautious in dealing with Touya who cannot be trusted. Wait..if he cannot be trusted, he might bother Chihiro again to annoy Sho? In a way, even Sho is nice to Touya when he couldn’t have taken advantage of the situation wherein Touya is currently injured to beat him up. Well, for now, it seems that their duel will be put on hold. Anyway, thankfully, the mangaka didn’t pull the usual dragging in this kind of ‘love rivals causing trouble’ scenario for too long, and that can be frustrating to read. I’m glad that after a few chapters, she made the two do the proper thing to keep their relationship with a confirmation of their love through some lovey-dovey scenes ^^ Scans by Link同好会汉化

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