August 29, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 59]

Narration: “Before entering the company, I was assigned to the morning’s comprehensive program. At 4am, I’ll go to Jinbocho and buy all sorts of newspapers. It has been 30 years since I’ve entered the company, and at that time, it isn’t the internet era yet. And unexpectedly, it has become a very important [part] of work (laugh). BUT, I STILL HATE IT. At that time, I’ll go to Abe-san every day and he’s the one who is in charge of all the music programs. After three years, I’ve moved to the music program. So..this year, it is 27 years? It should? Looking back, I’ll find that 27 years ago is good, and of course, that is inevitable, THERE IS NO PITCH SHIFTER  [<- I’m not sure if is that but it is something that makes the sound better with the help of a device]. IT WAS AN ERA WHEREIN, WHETHER SINGING IS GOOD OR BAD, THE TONE, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, IT IS ALL IN ITS RAWEST FORM WHEN BROADCAST INTO THE TELEVISION. It’s over, right? A lot of idols are singing out of tune (laugh). But, I still really like that kind of feeling. That feeling wherein they sing as if their lives depended on it. So, we prohibit lip-syncing. LOOKING AT A NEWBIE, WHO IS SO NERVOUS THAT S/HE WANTS TO PUKE, MAKE ME FEEL VERY EXCITED. This kind of thing, the audience. Absolutely also think that way. Daiwa Television Music Program Director-Producer – Ikeda Kyoko.”
CP concert continues as the fans continue to scream. Watching Riko sing, Shibaken tells his manger to go invite her once again for in the end, she’s not bad, and she’ll definitely come. Seeing some fans behind her, Riko did a quick turn. The fans think that it is cute. Kyoko says that Riko has a pretty good talent. “Takagi-kun, in the end, you should give that child to me. There is a vacancy for a regular member of ‘Yamamoto Kyoudai’ [<- Kyoudai means older sister-younger brother]. While watching with Sou, flustered Yuu asks if there will be a day when Riko would once again stand on Budokan’s stage. “At that time..we definitely be still like this, watching her perform among the audience seats..” Sou asks why. Yuu says for him to ask, it is because they seem to be just an accessory.. Aki quietly listens to their conversation. Yuu tells him that it always felt that even if they aren’t around, it is also alright. “Riko is quite okay all by herself, right?” Sou says that he can say that. This made Yuu and Aki glum. Sou continues to say, “But, I still want to play drums.”
While Aki looks surprised, Yuu says that compared to him, there are a lot more, better drummers. Clenching his fist, Sou says but he still wants to play. Aki asks why. “Why would you think that kind of thing? *Sou is puzzled* There are others who can play better, didn’t you think that way?” Sou replies, “Why would I stop continuing on wanting to play drums, just because someone better than me, has appeared? Isn’t that very strange? Just because there is a Darren-whoever [<- Sorry, guesswork on the name since I couldn’t find it], that one would give up one’s dream to become a baseball athlete. Is there such a person? *Aki looks speechless.* There will be a day when I’ll also want to stand on that place.” And, the song ended. Shun thanks everyone and calls themselves, MUSHplay. While clapping, Riko’s friends proudly stand up clapping. Riko notices them and calls out to them. This surprised the two. Riko shouts, “Budokan is amazing-!! One day, Mush & Co. will also ascend on this stage-!!” This made the two teary-eyed.
Sou and Yuu raise their fists and shout, “Gambatte [Strive hard] in practice-” As they tell each other to strive hard together and Sou plans to buy an electric drum set, Aki looks somewhat flustered at them. Shun says that next, they will listen to the song, ‘Why does love causes such a heartache?” Kyoko says by the way, CP’s LIVE performance still sucks! “The difference with the CD is quite huge.” Soichiro chuckles and says that isn’t that what’s cute about them. Kyoko agrees, she likes this better than the CD for it feels that they are really doing their best as if their lives depend on it when obviously, they are already chart topping yet. “They would still emit such a ‘longing for’ voice.. Takagi-kun, it seems that you have not been lacking in bullying them.” Soichiro smiles and asks how she can call it bullying when he is protecting them. Kyoko asks how about Mari-chan. Looking serious, Soichiro says that didn’t he properly treasure her. Kyoko asks if he is referring to making Aki write her a song. “That will only cause an opposite effect [/it is only counterproductive]. *Soichiro looks surprised* For her to get such a good song, Mari-chan would come to a dead end, right?”
Then, Soichiro realizes what she meant. He says, it turns out to be like that, women are really troublesome. Kyouko says that women can be at ease the most when they say bad words about others. “You have produced such a good work that if she has no one else to blame, then in the end, she can only blame herself, right? *looks serious* This is very dangerous.” At a CDCD dressing room, Mari calls out to her assistant and says that this room is too dry. Looking at the humidifier, the assistant asks is that so. Mari tells her that her throat is her life and this one is quite useless so quickly buy a new one. After one of the assistants left, Mari puts on a mask and says that she doesn’t want her throat to hurt so she won’t sing today. She tells the other assistant to tell the producer that she will be lip-synching today. The assistant protests but Mari says that it is because there is already a repeatedly recorded perfect music so she wants the audience to listen to the most perfect voice. Taking one of the throat sprays on the table, Mari says that it isn’t about being lazy or fooling people, she only wants to cling on to the most perfect music.
At the reception area of Budokan, Soichiro thanks everyone for coming to first day of CP’s tour in the midst of their busy schedule. “From today on, we will spend 6 months in 28 prefectures in 34 places for the nationwide concert tour. In the end, we’ll come back again to Tokyo Dome. Since their debut at 18 years old, it has already been 7 years now. From the movie called, ‘7 year itch’, it is on the 7th year when a crisis appeared. If we just let things be, people will start to get fed up. Because of this, we still have to keep on evolving! I want everyone to see a brand new side of CRUDE PLAY through this tour. MUSHplay is also included in it! Next, we are going to make CRUDE PLAY liven up and --” Aki looks bored and irked that Shun winks and slightly sticks out his tongue. This made Aki leave with a huff. Kaoru whispers that he didn’t know..and he thought that Aki would definitely storm out. Shinya whispers that Soichiro’s ‘this is my deceit’ has already reached perfection and no matter what, in the end, it will become his contribution [/credit].
Kaoru asks if it is considered a contribution. Serious Shinya whispers that it is a contribution. Seeing Riko talking with Kyoko, Shinya mutters that it reported that it seems Mush is going to become a regular member of Yamamoto Kyoudai. With all smiles, Shibaken greets Shun ‘good job’ [/otsukaresama desu] and the concert is truly a success. He happily says that he is CP’s true love fan. Shun exclaims in surprised that Shibaken-san is unexpectedly their fan. While shaking Shun’s hand, Shibaken tells him not to be so formal when he is 7 years younger than him. Shun says no, for wasn’t Shibaken into the business longer than they are. Thinking that Shun is not bad since he knew that, Shibaken says no, for how can he be called senpai when he got in Marvel at age 10 and right now, it is just 8 years, so 1 year isn’t a difference, that’s all. And, the two proceeds to laugh loudly. Shibaken glances at the side to see Riko still talking with Kyoko. He angrily thinks how come it isn’t over yet and does this mean that he has to line up to talk to her when obviously she is just a mushroom.
Shun notices that Shibaken is looking away. Shun follows Shibaken’s glance and notices him looking at Riko and Kyoko. Shun wonders if that is for really, and this is really interesting. While Riko is telling Kyoko that she’ll do her best, Shun lets out a laugh then says that before, she and their mushroom performed together at Music Station, right? “So, did that girl come and greeted you?” Shibaken thinks that’s right, so resourceful, Shun, for it is no good if she didn’t come and greet him. Smiling Shibaken says not yet, but today, she is in the lead role so.. Shun looks surprised. Then, he calls out to Senzaki [I think he is their manager] and says that Mushroom and the Empress are talking so when it has ended, call her to come over and greet Shibaken-san. Senzaki exclaims okay, sorry for making him wait for a long time. Putting on a smile, Shibaken says not really- please don’t mind!! And, the three start laughing out loud. [<- seems like a fake laugh ^^;] Meanwhile, Kyoko asks Riko how old she is. Riko says 16, ah, no she will be 17 this year since she is currently in second year high school. Kyoko says is that so and it is because right now, she is still young, that she wants to play together with friends, right? This puzzles Riko.
Kyoko says, “But one day, you have to make a choice. Is it music or friendship? Because you want to make a living from music, right? You want to become a professional musician, right?” Kyoko looks surprised when Riko looks serious over her comment ‘want to become’. This made Kyoko smile and says that professional musician earn money from customers. Riko says yes, her family is into a vegetable store and she started helping out at 7 years old so she clearly knows the meaning of business. Kyoko says is that so. “Then, why do you still formed a band with friends who are total amateurs? *Riko looks surprised* Don’t you want to offer the best music to the customers? Why would you prioritize in thinking of wanting to do it together with friends? Obviously, it is work. Could it be that you sell to friends that kind of vegetable in your family’s vegetable store? *Riko is slightly flustered* Even if it is good to have comrades who have the same interests, but if from today on, you still want to continue on working with them, then please be more strict in requiring those two to at least give a worthy music to the customers that they capable of.”
While Riko looks flustered, Kyoko smiles and says that if she cannot do that, then abandon them early on. “Possibly, it is still good during ‘being a student’ phase. You keep on hesitating and firmly holding on to those two. Next time, the ones who will be exhausted are those two. *serious* Talented people also have a responsibility. You have talent. Making those ordinary two guys have some wild fantasy over music, in this world of talent, do you want them to keep striving hard and go all out to death. Or even, they’ll be hated. Or do you want to liberate them and get out from this world. This is something that you have to do without a choice.” Riko looks stunned and thinks of her friends. She had told them that they will ascend one day on this stage. Riko becomes flustered but she is surprised when Kyoko says that right now, she makes friends first. Just when Riko is about to say something, Kyoko waves to someone to come over. Kyoko asks Riko if she knows the band, Eliza. “She is the drummer there. In the next re-organization, I plan to make her and you, Mushroom to become regular members of Yamamoto Kyoudai.” Riko looks surprised over a fashionable girl introducing herself as Eliza’s Lucca.
Comment: It seems that there are three phases of a musician’s career being portrayed here: Riko rising up, CP maintaining and Mari declining. From the introduction, Kyoko did work her way up to where she is and she ought to have achieved something to be called by everyone as ‘empress’. Her standards are high after all especially since she belongs to the era when there is no such thing as lip-sync and enhancing of music. And, her somewhat sadist side is shown over how she finds it amusing when newbies are really trying hard and singing as if their lives depend on it. What Sou said is really good and it was pretty much a bull’s eye on Aki. I think the difference between the two guys and Sou is confidence. And, even if it is nice to hear, there is indeed a difference between dream and reality. It is already obvious to everyone that Riko is the one who is talented. Even if Sou and Yuu still want to play, but they would have to realize, sooner or later, that they aren’t cut to be professional musicians. They can still play but maybe as a hobby or a side jobs. Riko is already talented so it would be easier for her to make it whereas her friends are really going to start from scratch with very little possibility of succeeding. It does make me think that CP still has something than her friends do not have or else, why would Takagi take them all in under his wing? Of course, Soichiro seems to be somewhat of a sadist who keeps CP humble because he would remind them that even if they are popular and everything, they are still not there. The fans don’t seem to care but for professionals, it is obvious that their LIVE performance doesn’t cut it.

In a way, from what Kyoko and Soichiro mentioned, it is because the so-so artists are desperate and eager to please the audience so somehow, they come out more genuine. In contrast, Mari is complacent and is satisfied with lip-sync. She claims that the audience wants a perfect performance rather than an imperfect performance but somehow, I think it can be sensed if it is from the heart or not. Something like there is no connection. In a way, I think if CP and others sound better in CDs than LIVE, but Riko sounds way better LIVE than in the CDs. So, maybe that is the reason why the CP fans are mesmerized by her voice when they should have , more or less, heard her sing in that advertisement. CP makes up for their heart in singing LIVE by giving it their all and Mari..well, you know. It seems that Shinya is quick on the news that he already knew that Kyoko wants Riko. In a way, it seems that he doesn’t have to find new band members for he seems to start to fit in CP when he helped out Kaoru. Of course, I’m not sure if he still believes that Aki would one day take his place. As for Shun, I’m not sure why he is helping out Shibaken. Maybe out of curiosity what he wants from Riko or just finds it amusing that Riko has another admirer. Apparently, Shibaken is in this industry for a long time so like Shinya, he more or less knows how things work in it. Even if Shibaken still lack the maturity, he can be quite persistent on what he wants and that is Riko even if he was indirectly rejected already.

Now, the main part, would Riko give up her friends or not? Continuing their dream/goal even if it seems to be unrealistic, or give up while ahead? In a way, it can be said that they are naïve to think that they can continue on playing a band professionally, together as friends, with two members majorly lacking talent. I would suspect that Kyoko might have an ulterior motive for saying such things to Riko. It is harsh but then, even Yuu’s father mentioned it. The music industry is indeed not for the faint hearted and those who lack self-confidence. It is quite tough. They are out to make money and not doing this for fun. If professional/talented musicians are already having a hard time, what more for total amateurs? Riko just have to mention about the quality of goods served to the customer so Kyoko used that against her. In a way, Kyoko seems to be subtly telling her that with her friends, she would not make it professionally and in the big time. Somewhat like, they’ll drag her down and she won’t be able to attain her full potential. And, she reinforced that by making Riko meet a ‘new friend’. Interestingly, Lucca is a drummer so that is pretty much pitting her against Sou. Will Sou still stick to what he said earlier if there is someone better than him being ‘matched’ to Riko? Or will he realize that he was naïve to think that way? In a way,  there is really no right or wrong, basically, where does one’s priority lie: to have fun with friends while playing, or play professionally? Aki chose the latter one - give up for someone else is better. How about Riko? Will she give up her friends? Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组

Quote of the day:
Reality can destroy the dream; why shouldn't the dream destroy reality? ~ George A Moore


  1. Wow, thanks kat for your early treat. I am happy that the Chinese scanlations were released so we may finally know where we are headed with this story. Personally, I think this is one of the interesting chapters which depict the "slice of life" attribute of this manga. Now we can understand in more depth the challenges of working in the showbiz for rookies. Obviously Mush has a tough decision to make. This is also an inter-sectional chapter where most of the characters appear with questions looming around their future. I also thought that the Empress's remark about Mari was well-thought of and in terms of understanding the characters, I am glad that I could read between the lines what is going on Aki's mind though he better start paying attention because his damsel has a "new" knight who has his eyes on her.

    Thanks a lot for the summary and the comment (I can see that you took your time to think in-depth about this chapter's content, well done indeed). Looking forward to read more ^^

    1. It's shoujo. Even if their relationship is set in stone there's always going to be a new "knight" coming along to mess with them until the end. Thankfully Riko although albit naive does have a decent head on her shoulders unlike some shoujo heroines.

    2. Ah ! Here comes Mari. Is this the part where I start biting my nails ?

    3. Thanks for reading, RoseFleur ^-^

      Indeed..even if I don't like the romance angle, I find the showbiz music industry stuff quite intriguing..and it has its depth in terms of realism. The mangaka has really researched this one.


      Thanks again~

    4. @ kat

      You are most welcome ^^ (it is we who should be thanking you, really)

      @ megaworthit

      hhhh no, don't start biting, not just yet ... Anyways, the mangaka is also focusing on the challenges of working in business show not only the romance between Mush/ Aki or any other possible pairings (so we might enjoy it as well ...). Cheers ^^

  2. Thanks Kat for the summary!!

    A lot of questions has popped out. Which path will Riko choose, friends or music? Will Aki finally be going back to CP after the bull's eye remark from Sou!! Mari is making me mad, if she really is a musician or if still wants to remain in the business at least treat other people nicely. At least sing a bit, you'll be out of practice soon and after that what who knows what will happen next...

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      True..those are important questions to be addressed. As for Mari, well, she seems to be the type who have a swell head. I think the term is 'prima donna complex'. I have heard of such personalities in our local showbiz. =P

      Yup, and from her narration earlier, it seems that her voice is no longer in top form due to age and other factors.

  3. the raws are out, and I just can say... Shibaken make a move to Riko.
    I'm waiting for this, although for me Shibaken's childish but he's know Riko's feelings more than Aki.
    please Aki, make me change my opinion for you.
    at Mari case, I don't care really. please make her dissapear soon, sensei. so tired to see women at her age, not mature just childish person.


    1. I won't reply on the ones about Shibaken since I don't read raws, Ai.

      Hehe, well, she'll probably...soon if she keeps this up.