August 19, 2014

Rere Hello [Chapter 18]

At a home & kitchen store’s apron section, Kengo asks Ririko which one she likes. Ririko continue to insist that there is no need to compensate her for it ought to be cleaned up with some bleach. She is actually doubtful about it since if she used bleach, it might ruin the decorative pattern on her apron. Holding up an apron with laces and ribbons, Kengo tells her that if she doesn’t quickly decide, he is going to buy this one. Freaking out over that kind of apron and his threat that he is going to buy it, Ririko manages to quickly spot some aprons being sold at a discount. She quickly grabs a plain looking apron and says that it is this one. Holding the bag which contains the newly purchased apron, Ririko felt tired but she still thanks him and apologizes for the trouble. Kengo apologizes for dragging her but it is because he doesn’t like to owe someone something. He says that if he just let it be, he feels that there is something plugged in his heart. Since she is the type who wants to do something immediately after thinking of it, Ririko says that she can understand that. Ririko thinks that since it is like that.. She decides to accept the apron. Kengo says that his heart feels at ease now so how about they eat together. Ririko exclaims that didn’t he just ate, and he’s hungry again.
Kengo says that was a snack and it wasn’t enough. Ririko declines by saying that she still has to cook at home. He asks if she is taking turns in cooking. She says not really.. Meanwhile, Serina happily says thank you. Minato lamely says that it turns out that it isn’t about going to eat. Serina tells him that it is because this skirt is very cute. Holding the shopping bag, Yuuma says that it definitely really suits her when she wears it. Serina happily agrees. After sighing, Minato looks at the side and looks surprised. Just when Ririko and Kengo are parting ways, Ririko recalls him telling her about the girls gossiping about her dating Minato. She thinks that it would be troublesome if this gossip spreads to other schools. Ririko asks Kengo to help her correct those gossiping people regarding that rumor that they’ve talked about at the club. He asks if it is about that Seiou boyfriend. Ririko says yes and if Minato or the people around him know, it might cause them trouble. While Kengo says okay, Ririko is thinking that she’ll be troubled if the contract is terminated again. [<- if she has a relationship with Minato] Then, Kengo notices something. He smiles then bends down to Ririko. Holding Ririko’s head, Kengo smiles and says he knows already, it’s a deal. Ririko quickly backs away for he is too close to her. She says okay, goodbye.
She quickly turns around to bump into someone. Holding her nose, she apologizes and looks up to see Minato. While she happily calls out his name, she thinks that it is quite lucky to meet him for she thought that they won’t see each other today. Just when she is asking if he is also going home today, Minato quickly grabs her hand and walks away with her. After they left, Yuuma and Serina are breathing hard from chasing after Minato. They meet up with Kengo who is facing away from them and slightly smiling. While Serina is saying that they already couldn’t see him, Yuuma thinks that Minato is definitely angry because from the corner, it seems like this guy is kissing Ririko. He thinks that the possibility of that isn’t big. Yuuma calls out to Kengo and introduces themselves as Ririko’s friends. They ask if he is Ririko’s friend from school. [Ah, can someone tell me what is the name of Ririko’s school in English? The kanji is this 集南.] Yuuma becomes flustered for Kengo isn’t reacting. Kengo says that he is totally not a friend, but rather, it should be a contender to be a boyfriend. This surprises the two. After Kengo left, Serina is shaking in anger as she exclaims what’s up with that for Ririko to seduce that guy. Serina finds this unforgiveable. Taking out her cellphone, she plans to tell Minato about it but Yuuma stops her.
He manages to convince her by saying that he felt that guy is a bit suspicious and it would be better not to let Minato have anything to do with that guy. Thinking of Minato, Serina agrees. Yuuma tells her that it is also impossible for Ririko to seduce that guy. He tensely thinks that Ririko ought to be going steady with Minato, right? Meanwhile, Ririko is calling out to Minato and asking where he is going. They pass by some stairs at the back when Minato suddenly stops walking and turns to look at her. Ririko screams for him not to suddenly stop. She bumps into him and Minato loses his balance. He is about to fall down the stairs so Ririko quickly grabs him tightly and pulls with all her might. Breathing hard, Ririko thinks that is dangerous and it is great that she didn’t lose her grip. She looks at him and sees him looking at her hugging him tight. This embarrasses her that she quickly backs away and apologizes. She asks him if he is alright and it is only for him not to fall down. After some awkward pause, she asks him why they went to this place. Minato asks who that guy is, and what were they doing. She tells him that he is Nanami, from club who bought her an apron to compensate for the one he dirtied. Holding up the bag to him, she tells him that she did her best to refuse. When Minato asks about the club, she explains that he is from the cooking club and it seems to be quite popular since she didn’t expect that there are guys in it.
He asks if it is only that. Clueless Ririko asks only that is..? Recalling how Kengo is holding Ririko’s head and leaning down to her, Minato thinks that if it is a kiss, Ririko would have been quite flustered but at that time, her face is normal so it SHOULDN’T be [a kiss] right! (<- trying to convince himself). He asks if she is hiding something else. This startles Ririko and thinks that he is quite sharp. She mutters that it is supposed to be a secret. She thinks that about that rumor, compared to Minato, she doesn’t want Serina and her family to know about it. After thinking for a while, she looks determined and says that even if she felt that it will make him feel unhappy. Then, Minato leans closer with hand on the ear. He claims that he couldn’t hear her so say it one more time. After exclaiming that in her school.., she mutters that there is a rumor that she and Minato are going steady. Thinking that he doesn’t mind, Minato says then, what. Blushing Ririko says that they were seen buying things together so many times that it seems that they were misunderstood. She exclaims that she has denied it but she doesn’t know why the misunderstanding has not been resolved but spread further and further so she asked Kengo to clear up the rumor if he hears it. Ririko freaks out over why Minato is silent and it must have been a blow to him.
She nervously tells him that she apologizes if the rumor has already reached his side and she will do her best in suppressing the rumor. He tells her to wait, he has to sort some things up. At the side, Minato wonders what Ririko is saying just now, misunderstanding, mistaken, do her best to suppress the rumor. He thinks that for her to say that, it seems that they are totally not going steady. He looks startled and asks, “Could it be—for real? *aghast* Really..” Then, they were interrupted by a saleslady holding a box asking if she can pass through. They realize that they are blocking the staff room. Minato pulls Ririko to him and says, go ahead. After the saleslady pass away, Minato is gloomy for what is this, he already said that he likes her and she also did.. Then, Ririko has to call his attention for he is hugging her tightly and she couldn’t breathe. He apologizes and lets her go. Blushing Ririko says that it is alright. Seeing her really red, he tells her that her facial complexion isn’t good and does she have a fever. Ririko exclaims in surprise when Minato bends down and puts his forehead on hers. He pulls away and looks at her. He calls out her name when Ririko’s knees gave way and she bends down on the floor. [<- somewhat like swooning =P] This in turn freaks Minato out. He holds her shoulders and asks her what happened. She struggles to say that it is alright, it is only.. While gasping for air, Ririko thinks that she forgot to breathe. Minato thinks that her face is really red.
Since she is getting dizzy and already at her limit, Ririko asks him to go a bit further away from her. She slightly pushes him away. As she backs away to a wall, she tells him that if she doesn’t back away a bit, it seems like she is going to die. While Minato is puzzled by what she meant, Ririko catches her breath and thinks that if she suffocates, it feels like a vein is going to explode and cause her to die. She calms down a bit and looks at Minato. She blushes really red again and tells him that she just said that she’s going to die so face the other side. Minato burst into laughter and says that isn’t he just looking at her. He did as told by looking away from her. Blushing Ririko mentally tells him to look, right now, she already no good [/at her limit]. Minato says that this is quite perplexing. Looking at her, Minato tells her that if she doesn’t get used to it, from today on, she will be more perplexed. Ririko is shock for she totally didn’t think of getting used to it. Then, her cellphone is vibrating. She exclaims that it is her father. She asks Minato if she can answer it. He says, of course. Her father tells her that in 30 minutes, there will be a customer coming but he is a bit held up at his current work so even if he leaves, he’ll be late so can she go to the office help him out. To her shock, his father says that he’ll leave it to her.
Ririko panics for she isn’t at home yet. She starts calculating the time she needs to reach the office and she has to run to make it in time. With that, Ririko immediately tells Minato that she’s going. And, off she goes, leaving Minato stunned. He lets out a laugh and says that she’s quite busy. Then, Serina and Yuuma calls out to Minato and tells him that he suddenly disappeared and they have a reservation at the restaurant. Smiling Minato says okay, let’s go. He notices Yuuma staring at him. He asks what it is. Yuuma says that he’s thinking if they quarreled though it seems that his mood is quite good. Yuuma is puzzled when Minato tells him that the other party is already at the point of death. Minato thinks that even if he was shock that Ririko wasn’t aware that they are going steady but they had already said ‘I like you’ to each other so about this, he’ll go for it one more time. At the office, Ririko apologizes to the customer and says that her father will come back quickly. The old man says that it is okay, he isn’t in a hurry. Ririko is relieved that it is an ordinary customer, a gramps staying nearby. Then, the old man asks if she has a fever for her face is as red as a tomato. Blushing Ririko exclaims ought to be because she ran all the way there. The old man laughs and says is that so. She quickly tells him that she’ll give him another cup of tea. The old man laughs again and tells her that he isn’t even finished drinking.
Holding her reddish face, Ririko thinks that it’s quite warm. She thinks that for that kind of thing to happen, it is impossible for her not to be all tensed up [/nervous]. Shaking her head while making some more tea, Ririko tells her heart not to be distracted. It has been the first time she learned that if her heart beats too fast, it will hurt. Before, she heard this saying, ‘love would make a person gamble up one’s life’ and she thinks that this is true. At school, Ririko has been unconsciously sweeping the stairs at a higher frequency than before. She is busy thinking that even if Minato had intimately touched her before and made her heart beat wildly, but after realizing that she likes him, her reaction is a bit too much.. She thinks that Minato also told her to get used to it so if she were able to calm herself down.. Then, she wonders what Minato meant that if she didn’t get used to it, it will be more perplexing for her later on. Above the stairs, Kengo asks if it is her turn to sweep today. Ririko greets him and thanks him for yesterday. Going towards her, Kengo says no need to thank him. He tells her that he was able to finally talk with her after school. He explains that he wanted to talk with her in the classroom but her friend [Towa] kept on giving him the death glare so he gave up. He asks Ririko if he has done something.
Thinking that Towa is always like that, Ririko sheepishly says that it is nothing, don’t mind it. Then, Kengo asks her to go check out the soccer club, which he joined, later on today. This puzzles Ririko that she asks if he isn’t part of the cooking club. He tells her that he is just moonlighting there [/having two clubs simultaneously]. Thinking of making temaki for anticipating Minato, Ririko tries to decline. Kengo immediately starts talking about not hearing about that rumor and he always see those girls spreading the rumors at his club so he thinks that if they can clear the misunderstanding there. Then, if that would spread out, the rumor would quickly settle down. Ririko is delighted that Kengo is going to help her out in clearing it up. At the soccer club’s room, Kengo is playing with a soccer ball. He chuckles for finally, the opportunity came. His friend from junior high, asks him what it is. Kengo happily says that the opportunity to finally get his revenge on that guy who stole his first love. His friend asks if it is that girl during second year junior high and what is this about stolen. Kengo says that didn’t he tell him before, it was his first time to go steady with a girl and he is also very serious in putting importance on that relationship and obviously, it has been going smoothly. Angrily stepping on the ball, Kengo exclaims then that Suou Minato jerk from Seiou suddenly came out and ruined everything!!
His friend says that wasn’t his girlfriend the one who stick on to Minato herself and thinking about it, it was an ill-fated relationship. Kengo shouts for him to shut up for it doesn’t change the fact that Minato stole his girlfriend and his heart is quite hurt. His friend says that didn’t after they break up, his girlfriend immediately reconciled with him again and obviously, he can bury the hatchet like that. Kengo grumbles that after she was in very much in love with Minato, she just kicked him away like that, then she would even think of going back to him after Minato dumped her. Quit kidding around!! He thinks that at that time, he wanted Minato to taste a bit of suffering, so he even changed school though he wasn’t able to get any opportunity to do so. And, he basically gave up. So, upon hearing that rumor about Ririko, he was quite startled, for he didn’t think that the opportunity would unexpectedly come after him. Recalling how Minato took Ririko away, Kengo thinks that even if she doesn’t look like his girlfriend, but from the outside, it looks like he is very concerned about Ririko and he isn’t mistaken about possibility. Looking dark, Kengo mutters to Minato that for completely messing up his and his first love’s beautiful memories, he is going to give him back this huge gift that is the same as the original.
He plans to steal Ririko away from Minato and make him taste the same thing. While Kengo kept on laughing, his friend asks if he has the confidence to steal away that girl. Kengo tells him that it is a piece of cake to do it to a girl who was led away by the halo of Seiou. Later on, Ririko messages Minato that she will be a bit late. He replied that it is okay. Ririko wants to resolve this as quickly as possible. At the soccer field, she thinks that it is this place and the benches are all filled up. She wants to ask Kengo when suddenly, she hears some screams for Kengo. She watches Kengo play some soccer and manages to score a goal. The fans are praising over how Kengo managed to score the goal. Ririko finds it amazing even if she doesn’t have an understanding about soccer. To her and everyone’s shock, Kengo suddenly calls out to Ririko and gives her a hug. He exclaims that she came. She mutters, what. He whispers to her that about the rumor, even if there is only one person, but that person came. This surprises her. She looks at the side and asks which one. To her shock, a guy, with some others, asks Kengo if she’s his new girlfriend. Ririko tries to say that it isn’t so but Kengo hugs her to him and happily asks if they found out, it is indeed like that.
While Ririko is in disbelief and the others are exclaiming in disbelief, Kengo claims that his girlfriend is very shy so he always didn’t tell everyone. Later on, Ririko pulls Kengo’s wrist and drags him away. He exclaims that it hurts but she shouts for him to be quick. He whines where they are going when the coach is coming. Behind a building, Kengo says that he’s astonished that Ririko is quite strong. Ririko exclaims that shouldn’t she be the one astonished for obviously, she wanted to quickly resolve the misunderstanding so why is it something that would make people misunderstand things again. Kengo says that it is because the moment they got everyone’s attraction, it would be very strange if the two of them would suddenly want to clear up some rumor. He tells her that compared to that, it would be quicker and more effective if they make everyone think that they are going steady. He explains that if everyone thinks that he is her boyfriend then, that rumor about her and the Seiou guy would settle down. Ririko thinks about it but in the end, she refuses to go along with it. Then, someone is calling out to Kengo. Kengo says that he must quickly go back. He happily holds Ririko’s hand and says that in short, the two of them are temporarily lovers, yoroshiku [I’m under your care]. He runs off, leaving Ririko in disbelief, yoroshi—what--!!
Comment: And, apparently, if it isn’t annoying fangirls of Minato bothering them, it is a jealous guy who is causing trouble for the couple. ^^; Kengo has an ulterior motive for getting close to Ririko. And, that is one misdirected revenge based on a very shallow reason. ^^; Obviously, it is his first love who was fickle so why get back at the one whom his first love fell in love with? ^^;; Hm..maybe it is a man’s pride thing rather than his first love precious memories being ruined. =P Unfortunately, so far, Kengo has managed to make Ririko do whatever he wants her to do or at least, made Minato think that something is happening between them. What Kengo didn’t consider is that with that new rumor, he is making Ririko look like some flirty playgirl, fooling around with two guys. Serina would have a fit if she thinks that Ririko is playing around with Minato, and she might cause trouble again. If this causes Ririko trouble, Ririko’s friends who would probably help her out against Kengo. Of course, the important one is Minato. Yes, Minato would be jealous but up to what extent? Based on how Ririko is gasping for air just from him doing those things, it is already obvious that she really likes him. He also plans to clarify things later on that he had confessed to her. Apparently, it is a Japanese thing to always tend to have misunderstandings about ‘I like you’ regarding its intention especially if there is no follow up, ‘Will you go steady with me’. Hehe, something I learned from Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta. =P It also depends if things will be messy if that rumor reaches Minato and he actually believes it. And, there’s a possibility that Kengo would actually fall in love with Ririko. =P  Though, it can be nipped from the bud if Ririko immediately clarifies things like she usually does. I think these two’s relationship can progress well if it weren’t for the interruptions. ^^; In this chapter, it is her father’s phone call. ^^;; Anyway, as the trend of this series, ‘rivals’ tend to progress their relationship so this time around, they might end up going steady ^^ Ah, hopefully soon. Scans by allwink

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  1. I think he'll not prevail. It's either he will taste a bad defeat and never appear again or fall in love with her truly.

    1. Yeah btw, I think the school is read as "Shuunan".

    2. True..and surely, there ought to be progress between the main couple by then ^^

      Thanks for the info =)

  2. I think Minato will make his claim as a boyfriend solid or known.. Looking at how he's handling things, he seems to be the slowly but surely type and he already knows much about Ririko's reactions and personality. Besides, knowing that Ririko is doing her best to clear the "misunderstanding", he might not blow up big time if the rumor about Ririko and Nanami going out reach him since he can easily get the info from Ririko, instead, he'll probably going to resolve this "misunderstanding" smoothly before Ririko will be branded as two timing girl.. and Yap.. indeed, Ririko's school is "Shuunan".

    1. True..though the problem is usually those interruptions. ^^;

      That's right..and hopefully ^^ If that happened, like making things messy because of the rumor, it would be like dragging the inevitable.

      Thanks for the info =)

  3. If and when Minato does hear about the " news" that kengo and Ririko are boy friend /girlfriend, I wonder what he'll do? Is he the type to fight for his love? So far, everything ( meaning , girls) just fall on his lap without any effort on his part. He goes with the flow , and goes into a relationship , whether he falls in love or not. As I said before, Minato likes to look at pretty girls, and most likely, he looked at Kengo's girlfriend admiringly... GF misunderstood it as a come-on, and broke up with Kengo. Take note.... Minato also stared at a beautiful girl , who happened to be his ex . And seriously, why he has been allowing and tolerating Serena to cling onto him, eating at his place everyday, and if she so wants it, can even stay over at his place. So, seriously, how would Ririko know that she and Minato are actually in a relationship? I understand that he is somewhat baby-sitting Serena, but he knows Serena likes him romantically..... he should tell her in no uncertain terms that he likes her as a sister and that he likes someone else. . Minato is just too easy-going to be taken seriously. His nerves need to be jolted.

    1. Well, megaworthit..from this chapter, it seems that he will fight since he deliberately took her away from Kengo.

      Hehe, possible. Well, it must be hard to be a popular guy since gullible girls would immediately think that he likes them just because he looks/stares at them. ^^;; That would be highly problematic if he has a jealous girlfriend. So, from what you mentioned, you also think that it is Minato's fault that happened to Kengo's first love?

      Because she's his cousin and I think she had some family issue. In a way, I think he treats her like a 'younger sister' so he cannot exactly just 'shoo' her away. He doesn't seem aware of her 'real side'. Hm..I was always under the impression that he didn't know she likes him romantically and just thought that she's clingy-possessive about him. From his actions towards Ririko, I think Serena already knows that he is serious with Ririko. So, I never thought it is necessary for him to tell her so because Serena already knows. Unless, she is the type who has to be formally rejected. And, based on Japanese culture in manga, that only happens when someone confesses. So far, she has not done something really bad that he knows, which would make him tell her off. And, he cannot just suddenly tell her so, without any due cause. I think that she only an annoyance, that's all. I'm not too sure of her new role with this new guy though. She can be 'good' for she might help out Minato since Kengo is out to 'hurt' him or 'bad' like help Kengo so that she can have Minato.

      Well, depending on the extent of the rumor, he might not be too easy-going. Actually, I do think that is indeed the role of this new guy. To make him jealous and such..but not to the extent of making a love triangle wherein the readers would root for the other guy because of his ulterior motive. =P

    2. I'm not sure if it was Minato's fault. But he must have shown willfully that he was attracted , so much so that it gave enough reason for Kengo';s GF to break up with him. I mean, no girl will break up with her boyfriend just because an attractive guy stared at her just one time, right ? I'm sure it wasn't just the staring thing.

      I'm aware that as far as Minato is concerned, he is just baby-sitting Serena because of her family issues. But at the same time, he allows Serena to physically cling to him. If he is starting to like Ririko, he should know that his closelness to Serena will be misunderstood by Ririko, or any girl, for that matter. And yes, Minato knows that Serena likes him romantically. He and his bestfriend even talked about it. Serena transferred to another school when Minato got a girlfriend. Minato knew about that.

      I'm not saying that she's a bad rival.... she's just annoying. But I really want Minato to tell her that he likes Ririko, without telling her to stay away from him.

      I really don't know if she'll ally herself with kengo so that she can have Minato for herself. So far, she hasn't really done anything nasty , though we still don't know if she 's reallyt the REAL rival .( Minato's father dotes on her, and he's the one who gave Serena the key to Minato's apartment. Well, that tells us something, doesn't it )

      I hope Minato does something and clears up the situation with Ririko. To be honest, I like where the story is going.

    3. Lol, megaworthit..true, though cannot say for sure. That is only Kengo's side. What is the side of Minato and the girlfriend. Minato might gave Kengo's gf reason but then, I believe that it is still his gf's decision to do that thinking that Minato is better than Kengo. In this case, I would more or less, put the blame on the gf being fickle.

      Well, I did think that Minato consider her as a 'sister' so physically clinging is no big deal to him. It seems to be no big deal to Ririko either for I get the impression that she knows where Serena is coming from. Well, Ririko is understanding, nice and everything. They did talk about that though since I'm thinking that it is 'she's like a younger sister', it can be Serena as a younger sister feeling jealous that Minato, the brother, has a girlfriend. Of course, it can be actually like what you've mentioned.

      I agree, she is a 'bratty younger sister' =P Maybe that will come later on..though rather than he likes Ririko, he would most probably tell her that he's going steady with Ririko. He did somewhat mentioned about it and his friend asked him to delay it.

      True, nothing nasty so far.. Oh is that so, that does tell us something.

      Yup ^^ Hopefully, it is progress and not step backwards ^^

  4. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy