August 17, 2014

From Five to Nine [Chapter 44 - UNTAMED HEART (Side B Yuki)]

Cover page: “I’m sure he is my prince.” Flashback: [I was mistaken in the last chapter for it was indeed] Yuki coldly told Nene that that regarding the troubles in her love life, she go properly think about it herself and why would he still help a girl whom he doesn’t like in resolving her love life issues.

Narration: “Those words I’ve said are too serious. After we parted ways, she probably cried. Obviously I could have changed the way of expressing that but I was careless because today, my mood is really at its worst.” Earlier that day, there is a handbag, luggage and other things scattered on the floor of Yuki’s place.

His mother exclaims that this time around, she definitely divorce so live together with her in the attic because that person is really awful. His mother tearfully tells Yuki that they obviously promised that they were going to celebrate their 7th anniversary by riding Queen Elizabeth ship to Italy.

His mother says that because of work, he suddenly cancelled it. “He no longer loves me~~~ there’s no love~~~ *sob* In the end, mama should have only relied on Yuki~~~ *sniff*” Yuki says that didn’t they celebrate their 6th anniversary last year in France. His mother exclaims what’s going on, is he and Yuki partners, and could it be that compared to her, Yuki is more willing to treat Yoshiyuki as his comrade.
Calming her down, Yuki says no, he stands by her side but he has to go to school now. His mother whines for him to be absent for school and just accompany her. Then, her mother grabs his sleeve and exclaims that he can go with her to Queen Elizabeth ship. Yuki protests what she is talking about when he cannot be absent from school that long.

With puppy eyes, his mother asks that he won’t let her be all alone, right? “You’ll go together with mama, right? You will forever be with mama, right? So!?” After school, Renji asks moping Yuki if he’ll go with his mother to Italy. Yuki asks who’ll go and if he doesn’t go to school, his attendance won’t be enough.

“Ah- but if I said that I won’t go, Mama would cry out loud and that would be more troublesome.. No matter what is said, if Yuki isn’t around, mama cannot do anything- How troublesome~~” Renji suggests that he stays at his house then his mother ought to make a fuss about nothing like before and just go home.
Yuki says but this time around, she brought a lot of luggage and has already stayed for two nights, what is he to do.. “Moreover *looks at Renji* Lately, you’re very serious in going steady with Mouri, right? I cannot stay at your house.” Renji says that they aren’t going steady. Yuki says that here he goes again, always like that.

To Yuki’s shock, Renji says but they might get married. Whispering to Renji, Yuki asks if it is because there is already that [<- baby] and that isn’t quite encouraging or rather, he should say that kind of situation is really bad. Renji tells him no, for he is part of the group who must wear protection so that kind of thing won’t happen. 

Yuki covers his ears and says that he is totally not interested with that kind of information. Renji tells Yuki that it seems that Masako firmly believes that she can only attain happiness through marriage and in her search for a partner, she goes farther to the strange route.

“If it is like that, then if the other partner is me, it is quite good, right? It is that kind of feeling.” Looking surprised, Yuki asks him if he really likes Masako. Renji says ah-maybe. Yuki exclaims what, if he doesn’t like her, then he wouldn’t want to marry her.
Renji tells him that it is because he never thought deeply of someone like this but even if it is him, he only wants to help her accomplish her wish and he also wants to see it come true. “I always felt that I cannot just ignore her miai [/blind dating] actions [/behavior] as it is becoming more and more dangerous.” 

Yuki says that means, he doesn’t want her to date with some other guy. Renji says is that so, but then, she said that she won’t marry a student so it is possible that he’ll be dumped if she said so. “What am I do to, Yuki? I’ll be dumped by her.” Yuki exclaims that he doesn’t know and he’s going home. Puzzled Renji says that weren’t they going to meet up with the others at the karaoke bar.

Leaving the classroom, Yuki says that his mother would be quite pesky again so he’s going home, goodbye. Renji calls out to him for he left his ipod but Yuki has already left. Glum Yuki wonders what’s up with Renji, he obviously always change from one girlfriend to another, so what’s up with marriage, is he an idiot and what the heck is he saying.

Riding a taxi, Yuki thinks that it is obviously Renji yet he is talking about decent [/serious] romance!? Recalling when he confessed to Junko, he sadly thinks that obviously at that time, he also has a lot of hope and ambition.. Feeling downcast, Yuki thinks that he already feels really infuriated just thinking about going to school and seeing that monk.
Going into his apartment, Yuki thinks that he would bluntly cut all contact and go on a trip with his mother. He wonders if Junko would break up with the monk because she is worried about is that possible- He calls out to his mother that he’s home but he only finds two cups on the dining table. Beside the cup that is lying on the table, he sees a note. 

Yuki finds this strange and wonders if she returned to the attic. He reads the note: “For Yuki-chan♡♡ Yoshiyuki-san had properly arranged his work and can go on the trip with me♡♡ So, mama has already headed out ^_~/It would be late when I’ll contact you on the cellphone- Anticipate my souvenir, okay From Mama.”

Yuki becomes glum over that. He sits down on the chair and sighs, geez, he really.. Leaning backwards, he continues, he should have more or less, learned from experience. Sitting up, Yuki thinks that from the start, he is doing this kind of dressing up is because at that time, his mother had a really awful boyfriend.

Flashback: Yuki’s mother tearfully cried that she had enough, men are really scary. “Men are really quite filthy. I hate men! Hate them the most!! I really hate everything! Hate so much that I’ll die!” She threw at pillow at young Yuki. Another woman scolded her not to hit the kid. Yuki’s mother shouted that she basically doesn’t want a boy, for a girl is much better~~
To please his mother, Yuki grabbed his hair and made them into ponytails. He said, “Mama, mama look at me, everyone always says that Yuki is like a girl so do not hate me. I will be like a girl.” His mother looked away and exclaimed, “What, you’re not even a bit cute~~~ Darn- men really would unexpectedly deceive women starting from when they’re young-”

Starting to wear a skirt, Yuki frantically says, “Mama, do not say it like that. I will become very cute. I will do my best to become more and more cute.” He started to learn to curl his hair using a hair curler. At school, the others are shock to see Yuki wearing ponytails and a girl’s uniform. End flashback.

While walking in the street, Yuki thinks, “..but when others really praise me that I’m cute, she would have a face as if nothing happened and said, “Yuki, mama has re-married-” He passes by ELA. He tells himself, “No, no, no!! Wanting to see her face, this kind of thinking-- Yuki is really quite a sissy.” Then, he overhears Makoto saying that he wants to confirm about her telling him that she really wants to go work at the main office.
Yuki turns to see Junko telling Makoto that didn’t she tell him before that she wasn’t able to get her fiancé’s approval. “I cannot immediately answer you. ..if it is my feelings, I really want to immediately go to work at the main office. I really want to carry out the teaching division’s work.” Junko is startled when Yuki calls out to her and asks if she is leaving this school. 

Junko exclaims that it is great that he came and she is very worried because he always didn’t come. Yuki asks if she is going to resign from her work here. Junko says that she isn’t resigning and it is only related to a working invitation. She tells him that even if he wants to consult her about tutoring, but they always weren’t able to see each other. 

Yuki asks who this ojisan [uncle not related/older man] is. Junko says that he is a top level staff from the main office who came to tap into her services. Makoto smiles and asks if it is her student. “No need to worry, for her job as a lecturer will be properly hand over and you’ll be studying with that teacher. *Yuki frowning* Oh, that’s right, it seems that there is still a free section in Arthur’s course.” 

Junko scolds Makoto for arranging things on his own for at least, she won’t abandon teaching midway. Makoto assures her that he’ll give it to some other outstanding person. Junko exclaims that even so, she doesn’t want to cause trouble to the students. “It is alright, Yuki.” Yuki says that is enough, forget it, he basically came here for her and it isn’t because that he really likes English.
He tells her that if she resigns, then he’ll quit school. She tries to call him but he already bids her goodbye. She tells him to wait, she still hasn’t decided.. He holds her hand away and turns around. He apologizes for today, it is already enough. Being called inside by someone, Junko can only watch him leave. 

Yuki runs to the train station and recalls that he forgot to get his ipod from Renji and the train ride will be very boring. Then, he sees a boy confessing to Nene. Nene smiles at him but Yuki thinks that imouto [/younger sister of Junko; that is what he calls Nene] is very happy. Looking at the other boy’s uniform, Yuki realizes that he is student from a nearby private school. “He’s tall. How many cm could he be?”

While Nene is talking to him, Yuki is thinking that compared to Renji, isn’t it quite good that guy is more straightforward but it has nothing to do with him and this isn’t something that he must butt in. While wondering what he should tell Nene though it doesn’t really matter, Yuki tartly asks why would he..[help her out with her love life, etc]

As he leaves, Yuki thinks that even if he said some mean things, but it isn’t a lie, because for him, it is really doesn’t matter but it only feels that he’s the only one who is remotely abandoned. “I’m already tired.” While he is walking away, Renji meets up with Nene at the train station.
At his bedroom, Yuki has already changed his ordinary clothes. While sitting on the bed where his female clothes and wig are laid, Yuki thinks that he must put on make-up and properly dress up cute. “Afterwards, I must go and apologize to imouto. Apologize.. *holds the wig then lies down on the bed* It is no good to keep this up. What should I do...

...I obviously said such mean things, but if I don’t go apologize. A scum [/garbage] jerk who dresses up as a girl, it is because it is like this that whether it is mama or Junko, both--” Ding dong. Ding dong. Yuki thinks that it is from the entrance and could it be his mother. Opening the door, Yuki says that she should more or less--

He is surprised to see Nene bowing down while holding up an ipod. She timidly greets him a good evening. He asks her why she is here, did Junko tell her about his house.. Shaking her head and still looking down, Nene exclaims no, it isn’t like that. “I’m really sorry. Hachi..Hachiya gave this to me at the station and asked me to give it to you..”

She looks up to Yuki who apologizes to her for being so opinionated at the station. He is puzzled to see Nene blushing and covering her face. He apologizes and says that in the end, she couldn’t forgive him, right. “Imouto, are you okay? I’m really sorry.” She timidly says that he is so handsome. This shocks Yuki. He curses and exclaims what he is doing. He quickly pulls her inside.
Then, he grabs a blanket to cover himself. He exclaims for her not to look at him and sorry that he is dressed up strangely. “Wait, today’s Yuki is very strange. I beg you to not look at me. Today, Yuki doesn’t know why he has no way of becoming cute.” Covering her eyes with her hands, Nene says okay, she won’t look, it is alright, sorry.

Feeling guilty, he sits on the floor and says, so he is saying, why she is apologizing when obviously, it is his fault that he got dumped. “And moreover, I also felt at that time that I’m probably a child that mama doesn’t need. is because of this kind of thing that I’ve said such mean things to you. *flustered* Basically, I’m taking out my anger on you.. *lowers head into the blanket* Yuki is really a narrow-minded scum..”

Still covering her eyes, Nene says, “But, for me, you are the most important, Yuki-kun. *Yuki looks surprised* I felt that someone like me who is a good for nothing, to say this kind of words will only make.. Yuki-kun perplexed but, Yuki-kun is the absolute number one place in my heart. It is only this little bit that I won’t lose to my sister, perhaps, Yuki-kun’s mother or even Hachiya-kun..., always felt that I’ve said such unusual words.. It is really great that I’m covering my eyes for it seems.. that I am not myself. Because I took courage and come to this place, so my mood [/state of mind] has become very strange.” Yuki looks at her and sees her still covering her eyes. He smiles and says, “Thank you.”
Comment: Yuki is such a nice kid. Honestly, having that kind of mother can drive someone crazy and unwanted but even if his mother is like that, he still loves her. In a way, I guess he craves for her attention and love even if in this case, he plans to go with her to soothe his broken heart. And, he hears that Junko will be transferred soon so all the more he felt unwanted that day.

Hm..I think he finds Junko interesting because she is somewhat of an opposite of his clingy mother. Junko is quite independent and strong. Unfortunately, she is already taken. So, it is natural that he had enough since he felt that even Nene, who had a crush on him, is also moving on without him. And being a nice kid, he immediately felt guilty for lashing out his frustration and anger on Nene.

Interestingly enough, it seems that he lost his motivation to cross-dress and be cute. Will this be the end of his cross-dressing days? I make me wonder if Yuki would give Nene a chance even if she isn’t his type is the one for him. After all, this timid girl loves him for what he is and even if he cross-dresses.

Actually, like most shoujo heroines, she is the type who sees the ‘good’ in the seemingly ‘bad unwanted’ guys. Well, it is a somewhat different confession but nevertheless, it is really something that can uplift Yuki’s spirits on a bad day. a way, they are both ‘nice’ kids so it is kind of a match even though of course, Yuki isn’t that timid and naïve like Nene. Scans by 深雪

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    1. Thanks for reading, bibby ^-^

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    2. I hope you are right, but it looks like a complot between granny and the younger brother to make Takane leave Junko this time forever:( poor monk T_T, poor Junko (the was such a sweet reunion when she thought it was Takane not Amane ) and I need more chapters from mangaka :3

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