August 15, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 58]

After Aki kisses Riko, she blushes. Then, she mutters geez, what’s up with that, doing it suddenly. Aki apologizes and says that he himself is a bit startled by that. He muses that maybe he is a very passionate man. While she curses, he says but then, didn’t she want to try that, backstage kiss. She looks at him and exclaims-whispers how can she possibly thought of that kind of thing and she is already quite nervous before formally going onstage. Aki tells her that she is already nervous and that isn’t a good thing, since it will only influence the throat’s situation. Still nervous, Riko mutters that she knows. Then, Aki tells her that he’ll go to the audience’s seats. Riko says that he is quite cunning for she also wants to watch. Aki says, right, it is the privilege of those who won’t perform and it is great that he is an audience. He looks at her and says, “I believe in you.” She says, ya. He tells her, “You also believe in me.” She says, ya. Onstage, fangirls are screaming happily while watching CP perform. Reiko is in quite happy to see Shinya playing bass LIVE. Shun thanks everyone and says that next, is this song.. Reiko perks up. As Reiko looks nervous, Shun says that it really suits the current season- “Ah, what, everyone already know this one, right? So amazing, right?”
Among the audience, Shibaken wonders when Mushroom will come onstage. Looking at the schedule, he thinks that there will be two songs more before Mushroom. Sitting behind Shibaken, an elegantly-dressed black-haired woman also looks at the schedule. She sees that Mush is on the 8th song. She smiles and anticipates. [<- I’m guessing that she is Kyoko] Backstage, Riko is doing some vocalization. Then, a staff member tells Riko to get ready onstage. Riko puts her earphones on and says okay. She thinks that actually, she really doesn’t want to wear the earphone. Flashback: During rehearsal onstage, without her earphones, Riko felt everything is shaking. She thought that the sound is coming from above and penetrating through her eardrum and then echoes into her ear. Confused, Riko asked what this is. Shun told her that this is what he told her before, it is the feedback[/playback]. He said that the first time he heard it, he was also shocked by it. Riko asked how come the sound that she heard vibrates.
He told her that the speed of sound is 330 m/s and relatively, the bouncing back of the sound will delay at this distance. Riko do not understand it so Shun explained to her that if the space is quite big and they don’t use the earphones, no matter it is singing or performing, it will be more difficult especially at Budokan. In terms of space, the roof is one with the highest width so he thinks that the vibration is more tremendous coming from above. Riko said that it would be very bad if the earphones break. Shun agreed. He said that is why they need this. Pointing to a device on the floor, he told her that this hi-fi system [/stereo sound system] can emit a sound to cover up the echo so in a worst case scenario, it would be okay to just stand at this place. Riko said is that so. Shun added but, because the sound is really loud, it is possible that one will feel pain in the ears. Riko didn’t reply. Putting on his earphones, Shun said that even if it is like that, he also wants to take the earphones off and sing with one’s huge booming voice. Riko is puzzled. He explained to her that if they wear the earphones, they cannot really hear the sound of the audience. “Obviously, they are so near but it feels very far away.” End Flashback.
Aki opens the door to the audience seats and hear the fangirls screaming. Shun thanks everyone. As the fans scream the names of the band, Shun removes his earphones and smiles as the fangirls shout they like CP the most. He says they’re so cute. This made the fangirls squeal. As Shun laughs, Shinya asks isn’t he too frivolous [/flirty]. Shun protests that it is really what everyone thinks. Teppei and Kaoru exclaim that he would unexpectedly act moe [/act cute]. Back at the audience seats, Sou looks at the side to see Aki sitting beside him. Aki glances at him in acknowledgement. Yuu protests as to why this NEET also came and Riko would unexpectedly bring her boyfriend along. Back on the stage, Shun looks at Shinya and asks what they will do next. This startles Reiko. Holding the microphone to him, Shinya says, that’s right..he thinks it is a bit.. Back at the audience, Aki muses that if it is Shinya’s fan, there is no way that she’ll ran off to the toilet and not stay to watch this. Reiko is surprised when Shinya mentions about a change of hairstyle. He apologizes and says that there are many people in front. There are a couple of guys who brought out a box.
While Shinya rampages into box, Aki smiles and mutters that even if it is unsuitable for him to say this but this is a really vile method. Reiko and the fangirls blush in surprise. After some screams, the spotlight is on Shinya wearing a cherry helmet-type of thing on his head. Shun exclaims that it’s so cute. Shinya asks if it provokes people to pamper [/love tenderly] him and by the way, there is another one. Shun exclaims in disbelief and asks if he’ll also wear one. Soon, while Shinya looks embarrassed, Shun also wears the cherry helmet thing which is connected to Shinya’s. Flashing a v-sign, he asks the audience how it is. Fangirls scream. Shun asks what’s up with this, making him into a cherry, too. “What do you want to do, Shinya-kun?” Shinya says that isn’t this because Aki wrote a strange song. Shun exclaims that it is because he wrote a song about cherry and mushroom. Reiko and fangirls are stunned when Riko’s face with the name MUSH from Mush&Co is flashed on screen. Aki mutters, “Fly!” Wearing a mushroom helmet, Riko flies up on stage from below.
The manager is surprised when Shibaken is suddenly shouting that the Mushroom is Mushroom herself. Shun exclaims that tonight, it is a limited special band, MUSHPLAY, ‘[If I] Fell in Love with a Rock ’n Roll Girl’. Kaoru is wearing a snow pea helmet and I’m not sure what Teppei is wearing. Kyoko muses that it turns out to be like that, this way, they were able to prevent the awkwardness of having the audience leaving the site. Riko looks at the audience and sees Aki sitting beside Sou. Kyouko muses that onstage, it hasn’t change a bit that the focus is on CP. “Shun-kun only has to walk the hanamichi and no one will look at that girl’s direction, Takagi-kun.” [<- hanamichi is used in Kabuki wherein the main actor walks through a plank where the audience gave him flowers, so here, it is pretty much Shun just get to have the fangirls’ attention and they won’t mind Riko.] Soichiro sits beside her and chuckles. Kyoko asks if he used some kind of method again. Soichiro asks how could he when it is enough to just make them listen to Mushroom’s singing voice. Riko sees Aki smiling at her. She recalls him telling her that he believes in her. Riko happily smiles like she usually does. To his manager’s disbelief, it made Shibaken screaming that their eyes met and she even smiled at him. Shibaken is mistaken for Aki is sitting a couple of seats directly behind him.
Pointing to Riko who walks down the platform, Shun sings, “What a girl, like a poisoned mushroom!♪ You’ve poisoned me ♫ I’m so addicted that I couldn’t free myself from always smiling like this.” Riko happily sings back, “What a boy, like vulnerable cherry!♪ You’re so pure that you’ll quickly become red and get angry. ♫” Reiko and the fangirls are stunned. Soon, the fangirls start to enjoy the performance, Reiko thinks that it is really amazing. “So amazing. You’re so outstanding. From early on, I already knew. *During a school festival, section 1-2 held a café, wherein Riko performed for the customers. Reiko watched this. End flashback.* So, I must not let you be on the limelight.” Fangirls scream that it is awesome and cute. While CP and Mush walk through the stage that crosses between the audience [/hanamichi-type of plank], Reiko watches with a tear on her eye. In defeat, she thinks, “At least, in Crude Play’s LIVE, I was able to forget about school.” Back at the audience, Soichiro is surprised when Kyoko lets out a giggle. She says, “Just now, you said that there is no other method used, but this song is made to fit her voice’s strong points. And, it is cleverly made, isn’t it?” The last scene is Aki watching Riko singing.
Comment: Well, there are some lovey-dovey and encouragement stuff for the couple. That might be nice for those who are into this couple but unfortunately, I’m not one of them. ^^; Their tactic is also good to prevent Reiko or anyone else from leaving their seats. And, those fruit-vegetable helmet things are a bit silly looking. ^^;; Though for fans, it must be a treat to see them like that. Kyoko has made her appearance. I think this performance will make her convince Soichiro or rather, pursue Riko to drop the Co. from Mush&Co. Something like it sealed the fate for Mush&Co and Riko might really go solo from here on..well, maybe at least, until the contract expires or get cancelled. I’m curious though why there was a mention of the earphones during concert. It makes me think that someone might go deaf after this series like something bad is going to happen. ^^; Or, maybe the mangaka is just giving us some other information about how it is onstage. Or, it goes to show how Shun loves the audience that he would even temporarily remove his earphones just to hear them. Nevertheless, it really shows that Shun is quite charismatic. And amusingly, Shibaken thinks that Riko is looking at him, and he is really acting like a fanboy. Until now, Yuu is totally clueless over who Aki really is. ^^;; I guess that’s the end of Reiko. I seriously doubt that she would cause more trouble. So, with most of the antagonists out of the way and Riko is really on her way up, is it time to wrap this series up? Scans by 红莲 & allwink汉化组

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  1. thank you Kat! I really love this manga

  2. I haven't read this yet because ehem ehem I am stuck with work even during my summer's vacation. However, I wanted to drop a thank you note because this is one of the mangas that I would like to read till the end. I really feel very grateful when someone pick up manga/ manhwa's titles and share their summaries of them with others. It is a tedious hobby, I know that so thank you very much Kat. Cheers and take care.

    1. Gambatte on your work, RoseFleur and thanks for reading ^-^

      Indeed and thanks for the comment ^^

  3. Kat, who is that Kyouko? I mean, I don't know her.


    1. Ai, Kyouko is someone on the top from Soichiro. She wants Riko but not her other two friends after the debut on the tv program. She is called the Empress. She was first mentioned in chapter 49.

  4. Thanks for the summary! I really love this manga, I also wait for it summary!! Kat why don't you like AkixRiko they look ute together, specially when Aki throws a tantrum or gets excited when composing a new song!

    I hope we've seen the last of Reiko's bullying. Who is Kyoko, I dot know her to remember her??

    How can Yuu be so clueless and Shibaken be such a fanboy, he has fallen for her for sure!

    1. 1) If I may drop a word or two, of course I am not speaking on behalf of Kat but I think that what she meant is that they aren't the most solidly-bonded couple ever. They both have insecurity issues (for instance though Mush was distraught from Mari's presence in Aki's life, she has never verbally expressed her fears, she has never put her foot down and said no. Instead she bottled up her feelings. Aki for his part is versatile, I mean in one of the chapter's he rushed to Mari's side and was even pondering about the possibility of doing IT with her to see Mush's reaction ...
      The mangaka did warn us though from the first chapter that Aki was going to lose Mush (hence this insecure couple makes the reader insecure ...)

      2) Probably Reiko won't be a nuisance since they know now about her mischievous deeds.

      3) Kyoko is in a top managerial position. She is eying Mush, probably she has an offer to make to her.

      4) Ah about Yuu that is surprising (I've never paid attention to whether he knew the true identity of Aki or not), and Shibaken is definitely interested in Mush. We just have to stay tuned to see how this story will evolve.


      P.S. Thanks Kat for your summary and comment, I've read them just now and yes perhaps the story is going to be wrapped up after it reaches its climax in regards to Aki - Mush's relationship ...

    2. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      Well, it is like what RoseFleur mentioned. And, maybe I'm biased since I have a very bad impression of Aki.

      Hopefully, indeed, that's the last.

      Kyouko is indeed someone at the top of Soichiro and she is called the Empress. She is indeed eyeing Riko minus her two friends. It is in chapter 49.

      Ya, Yuu is really clueless. Shibaken is indeed a fanboy. =P

    3. Thanks for reading, RoseFleur ^-^

      Indeed, we'll just wait and see. ^^

    4. Well I see your point about Aki, when I started reading this manga he really gave me the wrong impression. Then after a while I started liking him. But I wish both of them should be more open with each other and on the things they feel insecure about...

      Thanks for the summary again Kat and thanks for the comments, I understand the whole chapter a lot better now ^_^

    5. I see, avismonte080. But for me, unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to that point ^^; True..that would have been better. ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  5. Can I ask who is Shibaken again?

    1. Shibaken is the guy from a boy band who had a crush on Riko. I think he's first appearance is in chapter 41.

  6. @RoseFluere and Kat....... you both nailed it regarding Aki's and Mush's relationship. This is the reason every update of this manga gives me that icky feeling. Is this the chapter where Aki does the stupid thing that will be the cause of break - up ?

    Indeed, their relationship is flimsy. And it's not because of Mush..... it's Aki's wavering thoughts and behavior. He hasbeen wavering whether to take up Mari's sexual propositions from get go. What kind of a boyfriend is he to even contemplate having sex with his ex just to get a reaction out of Mush ?

    1. True, megaworthit..he/she sometimes do things..though usually, it is him, that makes me think that their relationship won't last. ^^;

      Ya..though at times, I wonder if I should excuse the guy because he is kind of..what..immature/childish? And, thankfully, didn't do that even if he thought of it.

    2. @ megaworthit

      Hello there, it seems that you and I are fated to pick up each other's comments because we also had one-on-one lengthy discussions under the previous chapter's comments, though I was responding anonymously :D
      I tried back then to rationalize Aki's behavior in regards to Mary and Mush, perhaps even defending him in spite of the fact that the scene where he contemplates about doing it with Mary was one of the trickiest parts in the manga.

      So will this relation last or not? And if it doesn't how will it crumble? All we can do is wait.

    3. @RoseFleur

      Oh, yes, I remember that discussion. That was a very nice one.

      I guess we have not changed our positions, he he.

      I have not changed mine , either, and and that's the reason why I believe this relationship will not last. Not to mention the fact that the outcome has been shown to us already. I don't know though if the beginning of the story is actually the ending? That he will lose Mush is pretty much a given. The question is when, and under what circumstances? There are so many foreshadowings as to why they will break up. I still believe it has something to do with Mari.

    4. can I join? hehehe
      me too. I don't like Aki at first, but my impression is change but... the mangaka make me hate him more. why? because mari's case. Aki is adult and he never can make right decision. I read the raws, Shun realize that Shibaken actually really like Mush. I prefer ShibakenxMush or ShinyaxMush than AkixMush. like kat say, he act so childish (you're a MAN, Aki!) I really hate for being like that.


    5. @ megaworthit

      Yup, it was a very nice one. I am always happy when I "meet" another fellow fan who actually takes reading mangas seriously with in-depth analysis and understanding of the characters.

      Nope megaworthit, we haven't changed our relative positions. I am still routing for a happy ending though like you've said there are too many elements foreshadowing an ominous breakup (however I suggested that there might be another ending other than the one the mangaka hinted at in the first chapter and we talked about the cons and pros of such scenario last time and whether it was the ending or not lol ).
      Yes the breakup might havesomething to do with Mari, however did you have a look at Aki's face in the last page? He looks troubled. I won't leave any spoilers but I did have a look at the raws from chapters 59 and 60 and I have to wonder if he has any issues with Mush's possibly being drifted more and more into the showbiz. He looked depressed so I hope that the mangaka won't be taking us into a road where he becomes so vulnerable that he actually ends up with cheating on Mush with Mary.

      @ Anonymous

      Nope not all, comment is free, I don't mind and I think that my fellow fan megaworthit won't mind either.
      Well I think that all other fans' viewpoints are worthy of respect. You probably aren't the only one who are routing for another pairing other than that of MushxAki but perhaps this is what is interesting about this manga. It has given us a couple with insecurity issues and hence we are provided with material which keeps us wondering how things will end. We just have to wait.

    6. @rosefleur

      really? if Aki cheating on Mush, maybe I will stop reading this but I know at first this manga will have situation like that. because megaworthit I starting reading again. in 1st chapter, I think Aki narration like this (-+) 'I just tell lie but you always believe. I never loved you, can you forget me?' oh my, just read that make me sick.
      I believe Aki can be better MAN but can I ask? why everyone thinks if Aki will cheat from Mush? although I know, someday Aki will do it. I pair them because I believe, Mush can go out happily with someone who really love her, like shoujo heroine. she's strong girl! you can do it, Riko.


    7. Oh my gosh !!!!!!!!!!

      I wrote a long response for Kat, @RoseFleure,and @Anonymous, then , I don't know what happened.... it just disappeared ! ! Aaaaargh ! ! !

      Okay, I'll regather my thoughts, but not right now. x___x

    8. Kat, you are wondering if you should excuse Aki's behavior for childlishness and immaturity. In my opinion, there's nothing childish nor immature in wanting to have sex. Aki is a 25 year old man who has been living on his own for years and has a decent livelihood. And for 3 years , he is in a commited relationship with mari, and in those 3 years, we can safely assume both indulged in robust, mature, sexual activities. There definitely was nothing childish about that. What he has lost is the sense of commitment after Mari two-timed him.

    9. @RoseFluer

      Thanks for saying that. Actually, I take seriously only those that deserve to be taken seriously, like this one. Other than that, I just go kyaa like any shoujo fangirl, ha ha. I also like fluffy romance stories .

      I 'm also rooting for a happy ending , most especially for Mush. Even though Aki is the main guy, in my book, he has already cheated and does not deserve to end with her. Mush deserves a better man than him. Yes, he did not go through with it, but the fact that he even contemplated doing it is tantamount to cheating. What's worse is he thought of having sex with mari for the shallowest, most disgusting reason... merely to know how mush would react to his cheating.

      I believe that when Aki chose to be with Mari and not with Mush , he had also decided to sleep with her...when. he brought mari home that night, it was with the intention of sleeping with her, as well. That he didn't go through with it didn't matter. I can say with 100% certainty that this is going to happen again, for the simple reason that he " needs" to. He's a man. When push comes to shove, he will take what is willingly being offered to him,

      The fact is, that same night Soichiro and Shinya had talked about mari and Aki's relationship, and both are so sure that given the right circumstances, both will get together eventually. We have to take note that Soichiro had made Aki in charge of Mari's flagging career from that time on. I can just imagine Aki keeping Mari's career alive and well at the expense of Mush's, and you better believe it, Mush will be mari's rival on top. What is Aki gonna do ? And since mari and Aki will be in close contact soon, how long will it take for Aki to succumb to mari's offerings ??? As you yourself said, Aki would be vulnerable when Mush 's career begins to go up, and he finds himself struggling with mari. Whatever happens with mari and Aki, we cannot call it cheating anymore. It just is.

    10. @ megaworthit

      Thank you for your reply. I usually don't respond to comments and private messages when I am extremely busy, but since you always treat this discussion issue seriously, I won't postpone my reply. About the technical issues, never trust your luck, take precautions by always copying your reply before publishing (select all (ctrl + A), then copy (ctrl +c). It happened with me before and I've learned my lesson -_-
      Well yes, you made solid and good points. Even I, don't have anything as counterarguments because if I contradict you, it would be like going against common sense lol

      That guy is probably going to crack and "cheat" on Mush with Mari, the only lifeboat argument to which we can hang on to right now is the fact that in the first enigmatic chapter (or maybe the first two), he was so remorseful for loosing Mush (he didn't sound like a happy "cheater", I mean if things turned out well with Mari, why would he regret loosing Mush (to someone else on top of all)?).

      And about calling it cheating, you are right to wonder about that. I mean to what extent was he committed to Mush in the first place? Isn't in his habit to leave her and rush to Mari's side even during his first date with Mush? He has certainly shown signs of being afraid that Mush breaks up with him, and signs of jealousy ... but does he love her and if he does to what extent? From what we can see, when he weighs the two together, it is Mari who wins because he automatically chooses Mari (do you remember when he was jealous because Shinya was in Mush's room, but then when Mari called him, he forgot all about that and dashed to rescue her?)

      You know? It is the first chapter which made me keep on reading even though I was disturbed about the future course of events (the cheating scenario, which most readers have probably figured out). However I think that it should be expected from someone like Kotomi Aoki who has the ability to deliver non-traditional (with lots of painful and unexpected twists, even controversial ones) shoujo/ josei mangas.
      Finally, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I hope that you will always keep enjoying reading mangas (including fluffy ones) as much as I do (though I don't read anything fluffy, I am more like addicted to dramatic, shocking ones lol )

      @ anonymous (Ai)
      It is Ok, experienced manga fans go through a lot of different stories and genres (if worse comes to worst and he actually "cheats" on Mush, consider that you got to experience new emotions triggered by a different kind of stories (unlike the sweet traditional shoujo ones where the couple are all the way till the end, lovey-dovey.
      About this sentence (pasted below), I do remember it but it was "forgive" instead of "forget" ;)
      'I just tell lie but you always believe.I never loved you, can you forget me?' (I am pretty sure it was something like "I never like you at first, can you forgive me?")

    11. * I never liked you etc,", sorry about the typo lol

    12. megaworthit,

      Well, I think his behavior and way of thinking is childish and immature. Like when they quarreled at the cafe, his logic and arguments to make Riko not dump him is quite like that. He is also quite naive and oblivious about others..bordering inconsiderate. So, not only that sex thing, in most of the things he does, for me, it is childish and immature. ^^;

      So, I'm saying, it is his should it be excused..don't expect more from him? Something like that.

    13. By the way, sorry, I won't be joining this discussion guys because there are some spoilers mentioned. ^^; I tend to wait for the Chinese scanlations ^^

    14. @RoseFluer

      Oh, my gosh, I've even forgotten that rushing to mari thing. Yes, he does do that stuff. Psychologically, he still considers himself Mari's man. But that's understandable. They were, after all, lovers for a long time.

      I'm just wondering why the mangaka made the plotline this way. That is, letting us readers know exactly what's gonna happen in the future. Right from get - go, I have stopped investing on Aki and Mush's relationship, which in a way is a good thing. It has stopped me from biting my nails, ha ha. I have already resigned myself in the knowledge that soon, Mush is going to be hit with a motherload of heartbreak. This is the only manga where I have to read Kat's comment first before I read the summary. I've made kat my cushion, he he he. * waves to Kat*

      Seriously, why do you think the mangaka made this kind of plotline ? Do you think it's some sort of a red herring where our attention is is diverted from and at the same time made to focus on certain break - up... when in fact, when the story reaches that part, we will find out it's just an introduction to his private narration, and he will continue and we'll learn that he is forgiven, and they have gotten back together? Because, seriously, it doesn't make sense., especially for a series as long as this manga. There are indeed movies where we know right away what will happen to the protagonists. But they are movies, and are completed. But this is a manga that has indefinite date for the ending.

    15. Darn it, Kat, my response to you disappeared again re childish Aki. And it was a long one too. But the gist of my response is , you have a point re Aki pleading to Mush not to break up with him. It was idiotic, too. Anyway, I'll come back for this.

    16. Hm..megaworthit..maybe try typing it in a word editor first before writing it down here. I think that tend to happen if the entry is very long and then there is a hiccup on the internet..bye-bye.

      It happened to me a few times so I write my summaries on a word editor before pasting it here.

    17. @ Kat

      Yes, you are right there were spoilers in there, even though they were prognostic/ fictional ones not real ones. However, I'll gladly make sure not to spoil things for others by giving spoilers in the future ^_^, except for megaworthit that is because she is my discussion buddy -_-

      @ megaworthit

      Actually about the "intro" chapter, it is one of the oldest tricks in the book (used not only in movies but especially in many books, articles and all forms of writing ... and in so many different variants).
      Its purpose is to grab/ hook the reader's attention (and I think it was effective ::grin::)
      I thought the same thing as you however I am not sure anymore, in matter of fact I won't call it the "ending" anymore but the aftermath of a crisis situation in the relationship between Mush and Aki. Will there be a second ending after the aftermath's effects? It all depends on what caused this crisis and how far Aki went with Mary (just a note: it is peculiar that the first chapter hasn't mentioned anything about Mari. I mean Aki was talking about Mush from the first sentence when he confessed that he didn't love her at first, and he went on remorsefully ... so all that I can say, I really hope to see what the ending is going to be and I hope that it is going to be smartly "woven" by the mangaka (I would be very disappointed otherwise).

      Have a very nice week-end megaworthit, kat and everyone ::grin::

    18. @RoseFleur

      Yes, I've encountered such plotline. There's even one where it begins as " I died"...... The narrator is actually dead already. It is indeed intriguing, but it isn't for me.

      Anyway, this is just a speculation. Maybe a guy ( Shibaken? Shinya? ) falls in love with Mush and tries to get close to her.... she is very much in love with Aki and does not get affected by another's affection...... however, Aki is affected by Mush's new found popularity ( and busyness, I guess )........ perhaps he gets jealous and lashes out and reacts to this jealousy by sleeping with Mari. After all, he has thought of having sex with Mari for so much lesser reason. Or, he gets gets closer to Mari, intentionally or unintentionally, then inevitably , sleeps with her.Plain and simple. As I said before, he still instinctively and psychologically thinks of himself as Mari's man. ( It's going t happen. I'm as sure as the sun is up there ). Then, Mush finds out about it ( in fact, Aki and mari's closeness have been troubling her and it's starting to break her heart ), she breaks up with Aki, and finds solace with the guy who likes her. It is significant to note that AKI ADMITS IT"S HIS FAULT AND FEELS REMORSEFUL ABOUT IT . I cannot think of any reason why Mush will break up with Aki ( she adores him ) unless she is faced with straight up unfaithfulness. I don't think seeing Aki and mari being close would be enough for Mush to leave Aki. After all, they are both in the entertainment business. I don't think rumours about Mari and Aki will make her leave him. I'm as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow that she's going to see them together in an extremely compromising situation leaving no doubt that they are indeed sleeping together.

      So that's it. That's my own story. Just my own, mind you. * waves at Kat *

    19. @ megaworthit

      Ok, plausible enough, I had the same scenario going on in my mind except that I have a well-informed "hunch" that we should leave Shinya out of the equation ;) Even though he scolded the lady with the eyeglasses (I never bothered myself to memorize her name), but it doesn't mean that it is over between the two of them (let's not forget that he was about to kiss her in one of the chapters ::grin::). I also hope that no one is going to be disappointed from our joint conclusion (it is some sort of "fanfiction" after all or a personal speculation). That is why I'll leave a small room for hope, and maybe in spite of everything, no one will be upset at the end (just a courtesy for fans who would become discouraged from following and reading this manga till the end).

    20. I see, RoseFleur. ^^ Well, it's really too bad that the Chinese scans for this isn't that updated so that I won't fear about being spoiled even if it isn't confirmed. ^^;

  7. Hi Kat, I love your blog always helps me to understand what they say mangas I follow, I wanted to ask if you could make the highlights of a manga called "Aruitou" is an excellent manga with a beautiful drawing, English single is translated through chapter 20, I really would be very grateful if you could do, because I do not understand what the raws say, the manga is 2011 but due to an accident that had the author stayed paused but since the 2013 return and now published monthly on this page

    Sorry for my English, I'm slowly learning u_u

    1. Thanks for the comment ^-^

      Regarding that series, unfortunately, there are no Chinese scanlations of it..for some reason. So, I never got to read it. And, the mangaka seemed to have an heart problem/attack so it was temporarily suspended. I know the mangaka since I've already summarize two of her previous series. ^^ Anyway, sorry.

  8. oh, my! I'm glad I found this blog because I cant found the English scanlated for chapter 40 and go on! *so frustated*
    Some of manga's site are blocked so I cant access it

  9. Hello, Tatsukida-san! If you don't mind, I'll use your lyrics here for the song and the title as well!
    I'll give you proper credits! Thank you! *bows deeply*

    1. No problem, Sennen ^^ Thanks for asking ^-^