July 12, 2014

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 36]

So, Himari and Keita finally arrive at the place. Himari thinks that they will be together in this place the whole day. She hasn't thought of the things after today ends, but before that, she should first have fun here.. She asks Keita if they are going to the sea they went before but he says no, they first go at this side. And it is at an aquarium. Inside, Himari first notices that there are many people. Upon close observation, she realizes that they are mostly couples. She wonders if the others would also think that they have that kind of relationship. She is envious over the close lovey-dovey couples since they held hands naturally. And since they are on a date, they might as well.. She thinks that if it is Keita, he ought to be making the first move. She nervous wait but Keita just casually points to other things. So, Himari thinks that today, she’ll take the initiative for it is only today she’ll do her best.
She tries to grab his hand but he quickly turns away to take a picture. Himari is totally embarrassed by she is like an idiot wanting for always wanting to stick on to him. Keita starts laughing at her over what she has been doing just now, and it is so obvious what it is since she’s staring at his hand. Himari is embarrassed that it was already exposed. She calls him meanie for laughing at her when he knew. She says that didn’t he tell her that he won’t pull any mischief and will reconcile with her again. Still laughing, Keita says that this is this and that is that, for he couldn’t help teasing her with her being like that. Embarrassed Himari mentally asks him to give back her courage which wasn’t easy to it summon up. Keita says that she is very interesting. He asks her to give her hand to him. Himari doesn’t want to at first. After he assured her that he won’t trick her, they finally hold hands. Keita says today, it should be like this. Himari notices that he intertwines his fingers to her – lovers’ finger knot.
Like that, they watch the fishes and enjoy themselves that Himari starts to wish that it would be nice if it is always like that, rather than for it to be the last. In the toilet, she checks her appearance. Deciding to check the time, she notices that her fox strap on her cellphone is missing. She panics and goes out to find it. Keita has to pull her back and asks why she is going back. She explains what happened and telling him that she brought it because it is their date today. They split up to look around for it. Keita returns and says that it isn’t in the lost and found section. Stroking her head, Keita tells her that it is lost so that’s that, and they just continue to walk around. Flustered Himari exclaims that she doesn’t want to. Himari vents her frustration on him by asking him why he is simply giving up on it and she must absolutely find that strap. Irked Keita says that even if she says to look but she doesn’t even know where she lost it. He asks if she is implying that they go back through the way that they’ve gone earlier.
He calls it a waste of time for they haven’t even gone to the place they have to go and they won’t be able to go because of this reason. Since Himari is insistent, Keita decides that they separate and look for it since it will be faster that way. Starting to quickly walk away, he tells her that he’ll look at this side and they meet up again later on. Himari couldn’t believe that they are actually quarrelling on their last date. Himari re-traces their steps and looks for the strap. She is already by the entrance when she notices a happy looking couple. She starts to mope that they were like that a while ago so why is she looking for it all alone here. In tears, she starts to blame herself for losing it but couldn’t let go of the strap since it is a one and only first couple strap that they’ve got. And, someone dangles a couple of shark straps in front of her. Keita tells her that the thing that she is always persistent is it has to be a matching pair so just take this as today’s remembrance. He asks her not to cry again on this kind of day. Holding the straps, she tearfully cries again over Keita knowing the reason but how come this is the last day, when obviously her love feelings [for him] continuously increase.
Comment: Keita is still the same before. He bullies her and in this case, when she is taking the initiative and even laughing at her for it. Hm..that might make her not want to do any initiative again. And because of her reactions, he finds that interesting. Okay...he is just fond of someone whom he can easily bully around. ^^; Then, Himari is making a fuss over a strap. She is willing to ruin their supposedly last date for it since it is an important thing. It is a valid point but then, isn’t time together more important than time spending looking for it on their ‘last date’. ^^; Oh well, Himari is Himari. As usual, she ends up crying over it. That is resolved with a new matching strap. =P Why a shark? With bigger teeth to bite you with, my dear ^^ Scans by allwink

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Make a point to show your friends, neighbors, colleagues, or community that you genuinely care, in ways that are meaningful to them. ‘A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17’ ~ 101 mottos for success by J. Richards and M.S. Fontaine.


  1. Thanks for the summary.

    Ugh, the author seems to want to drag this out even further than it need be since the latest chapter she's adding in yet another competitor for Himari's heart.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Ah yes, it seems so. I've glanced the teaser on the official page and it mentioned of a new character.

  2. *sighing* Himari, Himari. * sighs again*

    Anyway, I hope you have a good time on your vacation in Paris and , where else ? I'm on vacation too right now... in the Philippines. * I'm from California * That's why I barely have time to read, though I brought my laptop, he he. Also, I 've been on vacation too in Europe last year ( including france ) so I'm sure you'll have fun there. Great place.

    1. Ya..megaworthit.

      Ah..it isn't definite yet with visa and stuff. Oh..enjoy..have fun in the Philippines. It is my country ^^ You're going to the beach, right? ^^

      Oh..that's nice ^^ Do you have any tips if you went to Paris or London? ^^

    2. Been to Boracay and was there for 0ne week. We managed to go swimming despite the torrential rains. We're still here butwe'll be leaving in one week. It's a one-month vacation.

      We were in a group tour in Europe. Though London was the first one we went to, we went there 2 days before tour started, so we were pretty much on our own for 2 days. We took the hop on, hop off bus tour. That's getting a one day ticket for trains and buses. If you see something nice, you get off the bus... then later you can hop on the bus again and go anywhere the bus or train takes you. A]fter that, it was pretty much a regimented tour with a tour guide and all. It was a one - month tour as well. 9 countries in all, ending in Paris. We were in Paris for only 3 days, but we did go to other places in France, like Nice, Calais, Carcassone, Piers, Bourdeux.

      Anyway, with group tour,there's no problem with transportaiotn, where to get meals, nd where to go. Everything's plnned for us.

    3. Oh, I see, megaworthit. Hope you have fun ^^

      Wow, one month tour ^^ True, that's the good thing about tours..everything is pretty much done and planned. ^^