July 10, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 57]

[Free Talk: It seems that some people misunderstood about the possible new format. Anyway, this is the sample of it. The summary length is the same but there will be more paragraphs. Instead of 20-30 lines per paragraph, it will be less than 20 lines per paragraph. So, instead of 3-4 paragraphs in a summary, it will be twice more than that. I scrapped the idea of two paragraphs then one picture because it doesn't look nice and I'm sticking to my paragraph + picture format except for the comments. ^^; Hehe, my style ever since I started summarizing =P So, for the readers of this series, does this make it easier for you to read than before? Or, it doesn't really matter? PS. The tagboard will have a captcha temporarily because it seems that the spambots had been triggered and they are spamming really bad and 'deleted' all the previous posts. ^^; ]

After Shinya told Riko that he is worried, Riko asks why. Shinya asks if she is asking for the reason now, it is because she cried and it is alright if she doesn’t go onstage at Budokan. Riko says that if she didn’t go, that song won’t be heard. “I cannot do that because I think that upon hearing that song, the audience will definitely become very happy.” Shinya tells her that this isn’t about she must go on stage while having tearful feelings. After looking surprised, Riko clenches her skirt and says that he is mistaken, for that isn’t the reason why she cried. Shinya looks surprised as Riko slightly smiles. At Miwako’s room, she is venting her frustration on a Shinya doodle taped on her pillow by hitting it with another pillow. She shouts that he is a cold-blooded glasses and really sorry, that she is a cold-blooded ruthless person. She screams for him not to say that kind of things to someone and who does he think he is. “Why don’t he talk about himself, idiot, scum.” As the doodle falls down the floor, irked Miwako crumples the paper and throws it into the waste basket. She falls down in bed and mutters that she hates him the most. “I’ve been hated.”
At school, when Sou is about to put aside his shoes, he is startled when Reiko calls out to him. He looks at her and she’s sweetly smiling at him. Sou greets her back. Reiko tells him that it seems that things aren’t quite good. Sou feints that he doesn’t know. Reiko asks if he didn’t know that Riko is viciously scolded in the internet, how cruel. She says that Riko is truly pitiful that she is hated by so many people. Sou asks if that is what she thinks. Reiko says ya, so she thinks that it is better not to go to CP’s LIVE performance and wouldn’t it be better if he was the one who would tell Riko. Sou says, ‘Squarely stand onstage’. He tells Reiko that is what he’ll say and he’ll also tell her, ‘Bring out your stuff and let them see it’. He also tells Reiko that if everyone hears Riko’s singing voice, they will absolutely like it and that is what they firmly believe. This irks Reiko. She starts shouting that, everyone said that when Riko goes on stage, they will treat it as time to go to the toilet. “If that girl goes onstage, everyone will be leaving their seats! *others are wondering what the ruckus is* If that girl sings, there won’t be a single person listening to it!!” Sou looks surprised by the outburst.
At the studio, the manager[?/staff guy] carries a huge box and says that it is fi-na-lly here. Everyone looks in the box and looks surprised for it is super amazing and well-made. Shinya is actually in disbelief ^^; The manger says that the staff crew worked hard on this so cheese! Everyone, except Aki who quickly runs off, smiles as a picture is taken. The manager asks everyone to sign on the picture and say ‘thanks, everyone’. Shinya looks at happy Aki and asks if he insists on him doing that. Aki says definitely, for this is the essence of the scheme. Back in school, flustered Reiko goes to her 2-3 classroom. Riko faces her and greets her a good morning. Reiko turns away and nods. Riko asks her if she will be going to CP’s Budokan LIVE. Looking away and fiddling with her bag, Reiko says that if it is about going, she’ll be going.. Riko says that’s great, for she [Riko] never once had gone to a CP LIVE. Reiko wonders what about it, is she being sarcastic. Riko tells her thatin  last year's Arena concert, she wrote on the card a sign saying, 'Please give me one ticket' and started standing there since the early morning with no less than 6 hours but in the end, it is basically, useless. Reiko quietly glances at her.
Riko continues to say that if it the Budokan, all the more that it is impossible for her to buy it, and how many people would cry just because they didn't get to buy a ticket. Flashback: Riko told Shinya that it isn't easy for CP to hold a LIVE in Budokan but because of her, it fully ruined the anticipation of the fans who weren't able to come and this part makes her sad.    End flashback. Ten minutes after the rehearsal started, Shinya looks inside the box. Scowling, he pushes up his glasses and says that about this kind of thing, if it weren't for Riko, sigh, he would definitely refuse it to death. Flashback: Riko sadly says that Reiko ought to be really, really anticipating it. End flashback. Back in the classroom, Riko tells Reiko that it will definitely be very very fun [/happy]. “I think it is really great that you'll be able to go.” Flashback: Determined Riko tells Shinya that because of this, she wants to give her whole all-out effort because it is a very amazing song. “Because it is the new song that Aki made. *Shinya looked surprised* Because CP's fans ought to really want to listen to it.” End flashback.
And, it is finally the day of the LIVE in Budokan. Fans are gathering up at the venue. A man is calling out with a megaphone on where the fans of which kind of tickets should go. Some fans are holding cards asking for a ticket to be given to them. Then, there are fans buying souvenir items at some booth. As a man is checking the tickets, Reiko is twittering that everyone leave their seats when Mush comes out. The other fans behind her are glad that they were able to finally watch the concert. Soon, Budokan is already all filled up. Sitting from behind, Shibaken complains about the [complimentary] seats for people in the same industry being too far. His manager says that he was the one insisting to come so don't say such unfit words. Some CP fans start to recognize Shibaken since he is leaning by the railing and they wonder if he is a fan of CP. Shibaken leans back and cower to his seat. His manager says that he knew this will happen. Shibaken mutters if he knew this earlier, he would have bought double/two glasses. [<- not sure what kind these are – sunglasses or thick glasses,  but basically, for him not to be easily recognized. At the backstage, a staff member calls out that they still have three minutes. Then, they will start showing the opening VTR. After exchanging 'good luck' etc with the staff, the four CP members hold on to each other's shoulder for the huddle. Shinya looks back and calls out to Riko. Riko exclaims, no, no, she cannot join for that is a holy ground that belongs only to CP. Shun tells her to shut up and quickly come over. Riko is shock to be told that.
Shun says that this is the first day of CP's nationwide tour and even if it is said everyday but for them, the people who come here on stage today, [the fans] are the most important people. “Shinya's excellent playing. *Shinya says of course.* Even if placed at the most back, Teppei's majestic performance will also be seen. *Teppei says to leave it to him* Kaoru, emit your charm. *Kaoru laughs and called Shun an idiot and he's [Kaoru] an expert on that.* And then, I'll bring out my coolness [/handsomeness]. I hope that we will be able to make our most important people see all these. It is allowed to lose! But, it is absolutely not allowed to give up halfway! *everyone bow heads together* Give it with our all-out effort!” And, they break off the huddle. Shun and the others walk upstairs to the stage. Screaming and crying fans go wild. And the curtain starts to open for Riko. Aki goes beside her and tells her that there's no need to be afraid. It turns out that Riko is trembling. Aki asks what is it, could it be that she thinks that his song will lose. Riko says that she didn't think that. Aki says that he also doesn't think that. Riko giggles for he answered his own question. Aki says, “I don't think Riko will lose.” Riko looks surprised at him. And, he kisses her.
Comment: Well, I guess that is Aki's way of supporting Riko especially since it is now at the moment before she goes onstage and the fans are probably getting ready to walk out when she appears. Of course, whatever gimmick CP and the others have, will work because the fans would still have to walk to the toilets and I'm not sure how they can all fit there. ^^; It has to be something that will make them stop on their tracks. I'm not sure they are willing to walk out because it isn't exactly a solo performance of Riko but more of a duet with Shun, I presume, so they would also be insulting CP if they walk out. For those who stayed or didn't have time enough to go to the toilet, would probably be treated to something rare and the others might regret missing out on this. I have not gone to a grand stadium concert like this but then, wouldn't they still hear the song even if they are in the toilets because of the sound system which I assume can even be somewhat heard outside the stadium? Because of Shinya's reaction, I somewhat imagine that they would be wearing something cute like mascots. ^^;; I'm somewhat disappointed with Riko's outfit because it seems quite plain but I guess that is the outfit suits her? Some of the drawings are still in draft so I think the mangaka was pressed for time here.

If this is a hit performance, I think it might also seal off Mush & Co.'s fate because it would be more apparent that Riko doesn't need her friends to succeed and the others would only focus on her as the talent and not her band. Of course, she can insist on 'us' or else 'nothing' but it can be somewhat risky to be demanding at this stage. For Shibaken to be in the concert and for the others to have seen him, I wonder if he will be mistaken for having a crush on Riko since that was something else that Reiko knew, aside from knowing about Aki. I think it is possible for Reiko to also not give up if her 'plan' here flops and well, as Soichiro mentioned, she is 'unstable' so who knows how she'll react. I wonder if that is the end for the possible Miwako and Shun relationship. Well, it seems that Riko is made of stronger stuff and I guess everyone misunderstood why she is crying. Honestly, I would think the same way with Shinya and the others rather than think that she is crying for the fans' lowering anticipation for the concert because of her. ^^; I don't know if it is just me but it seems that lately, Shinya has somewhat blended in perfectly with CP lately contrary to what I thought. So, it might be unlikely that he'll be leaving the group soon. Interestingly, they did that huddle thing without Aki. I guess that is limited to only people who will perform onstage. Anyway, after that Mari problem, now they are going to resolve this one and I hope it would be something grand and fun ^-^ I think the mangaka portrayed the things that go on in a famous band's major concert really well here. ^-^ Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组

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  1. This is really awesome. I had seen the raw material earlier, I believe that chapter 58 was published and chapter 59 should follow soon. I am really glad that you haven't given up on translating this series. I totally agree with your comment and quote of the day.
    The new format is cool enough but I don't think that your blog's fans misunderstood about it, we just didn't want you to be bothered by inconsequential complaints. Anyways, thank you for your summary and good will. Take care.

    1. Thanks for reading, RoseFleur ^-^

      Thanks for understanding ^^ The others thought that the summary would be shorter than usual.

  2. Thanks for the summary! Reiko made me feel irritated. Ugh. Reiko will be furious if she see Riko on the stage with CP! <3 Tika

    1. Thanks for reading, Tika ^-^


  3. Thank you for the translation. I always anticipate the summary of this manga!

    I so love the new format. I prefer it this way, it is easier and better to read.

    I completely agree with the comments and Riko's outfit, the mangaka could have made it better. But still it looks good on her. I hope Reiko would just stop on her bashing specially after she hears Riko's singing. I hope that afterwards her followers would realise how good Riko is and not just believe what Reiko posted.

    Well I'm not giving up on the idea of Shinya and Miwako pair. Maybe it is more of a teasing stage and then eventually realising their feeling with each other. If not maybe the Miwako and Shun pair will be born.

    I just can't wait for the next update!!

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      Thanks for your input ^^

      Ya..but still..it makes me think that they are doing something cutie. =P Ya, and aside from that, it is more on her jealousy that Riko get to be close to CP..especially Shinya. True..but then, fans tend to not like any opposite sex associated with their beloved band members..so they don't really care whether she is good or not in singing. I think it is already proven that she can sing during the TV program before.

      Hehe..true. I wonder which pairing will happen there.

  4. thank you for the translation, I'm addicted to this manga! I've read her manga before and it's cute how she always centred her story around men being in love :D

    I'm really looking forward for your next summaries, ganbatte! Thank you very much!! ^^

    PS: The new format is so easy to read, it's nice! :D

    1. Thanks for reading, fadhilla ^-^ Is that so..well, this is my first series from her.

      Thanks for the comment ^-^