July 14, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 43]

There is a scene of a woman crying. Narration: “Mama is very beautiful but like glass, she is a weak person.” Young Aoi called out, “Mama. Mama, don’t cry.” Their crying mother turned around and said, “..Aoi..such a grave injury.. Not only Shino’s ears, and you changed into this kind of appearance.. *Aoi’s body is bandaged up including his right eye and Shino looked somewhat scared* This is my fault..? *trembling while clenching her fist* If I knew early on that it will become like this, I shouldn’t have given birth to you two in the first place[/at that time].” Narration: “It is only at this time, I’m glad that Shino’s ears couldn’t hear.” Holding out his hand to her, Aoi told her to calm down, he.. Upon seeing his outreached hand, their mother quickly backed away to the wall. She exclaimed in surprise, “Ah.. Go away..!! Such an repulsive wound, do not come near me..!!” Narration: “Ever since that time, I can no longer touch a girl.” End flashback. Aoi has just washed his face and looks at the mirror.
At school, while on cleaning duty, Mego and her friends are singing, King & Queen & Joker, a song by Sexy Zone. After they do their final pose of their idol cosplay show, their classmates think that Mego and the others seem to be very happy today. Mego feels very happy for it seems like it has been a long time since she’s ‘hapi’ like this. Narration: “Hello everyone, I’m Kobayashi Megumu. After exchanging identities with my twin brother, Mitsuru, normal days have returned. After that time, Uesugi Chiharu no longer threatens Aoi-kun. With the reason ‘if will be too dangerous if you are stalked again by some strange guy’, Mitsuru frequently meets up with Tokugawa as a bodyguard By the way, about Uesugi’s confession, *blush* Ah, in the end, what was it about *sweatdrop and blush* It is definitely not serious. But, for a little bit, I was able to taste the role of a female lead in a love triangle, it is truly quite fun~*satisfied satisfied* And I was also able to hear such words from Aoi-kun that made me quite happy” Tomo is puzzled over why Mego is happily hugging the broom. Then, she looks at her cellphone and says that it is already time, she’ll be late for her date.
At the park, Mego meets up with Aoi and apologizes for being late. Aoi says that it is alright, for he has just arrived. While thinking that today is Aoi’s rare day-off from work, Mego giggles for it is quite fun to date while in their school uniform. Looking at happy Mego, Aoi recalls Chiharu telling him that he thinks that if it is Mego, she ought to be able to accept his everything. Then, he recalls how his mother reacted to his repulsive wound. He tightly clenches his fist that Mego asks him what it is. Aoi says that it is nothing. Mego thinks that it seems that Aoi is a bit listless. Then, it starts to rain hard. Mego exclaims how it can rain so suddenly. Aoi tells her that they should first find a place to take cover from the rain. Just as they go in a gazebo, Mego trips. Aoi asks if she is alright. Mego says that her bow fell off. Aoi is shock to see Mego’s underwear exposed through her wet blouse. Dripping wet [hair]  Very visible [chest] As Mego covers her chest and exclaims that she’s been seen, Aoi blushes and turns around. Aoi apologizes and says that even if it’s very shameless, but it is very beautiful that he is lost in admiration. This made Mego blush really red for he says that it is beautiful. While covering her chest, she thanks him.
Looking away, blushing Aoi asks if this is the time she should be thanking him and isn’t she angry. She says that it is because she is very happy.. While her heart is beating loudly, Mego thinks that Aoi is able to feel her charm and unexpectedly, he is aware of it. Being a lewd girl, she decides to steal a glance at Aoi for he is also went by the rain and his skin ought to be thoroughly.. Then, she notices a huge scar on Aoi’s right shoulder. Mego asks about his shoulder and if he was run over[/knock down] somewhere. This shocks Aoi that he suddenly falls on his knees and holds his right shoulder. Mego is shock when he suddenly shouts that she’s not allowed to look. He is surprised when Mego starts cry and apologize. She thinks that he is suddenly angry. Holding his shoulder, Aoi says that his state of mind is too unstable, and he’ll go home first today. Mego tries to stop him but she is too puzzled over why, when the mood was quite good, and did she just do something that she shouldn’t have done!? (‘A’)  She is at a loss.. Later on, Chiharu passes by and decides to take shelter at the gazebo before walking again. He hears a sobbing sound. He looks at the side and is shock to see ghostly looking Mego sobbing at the side. He asks if she is Kobayashi Mego, and he thought it was a youkai [/ghost demon]. Mego asks if it is Uesugi Chihamrun. [<- sobbing while talking]
Five minutes after, Mego tearfully says that Aoi-kun△△x  to take cover from the rain☆☆☆ Unexpectedly got angry ah @b wah ~~~!! Chiharu asks what she is talking about, he totally does not understand. “Even if I don’t quite understand the situation, I think that it is possible that it is because he isn’t feeling too well. He isn’t the type of petty guy who would get angry without a reason. It is quite unexpected that you would be such at a loss over a small thing. After coming to confront me, and even saying such brave and fierce words, where did that strong strength gone to?” Mego says that if it is to protect Aoi, of course, it is unrivalled and basically, she isn’t that afraid, but.. Recalling Aoi’s outburst, Mego thinks that it is the first time she saw Aoi with such a frightening expression. She starts to cry and wonders out loud if she is hated by Aoi. She says that thinking of this, she would suddenly become discouraged. She feels quite weak. Chiharu clicks his tongue and says so, he told Aoi not to slack off[/be complacent]. Mego is surprised when Chiharu kisses her hair and tells her not to cry anymore. “Don’t give me an opportunity to take advantage of a weakness. Next time, I’ll really kiss you.”
Blushing Mego thinks, how can this be, she felt it, that is the look [from his eyes] of true love. Then, some guys in hoods with umbrellas say that isn’t that Uesugi being intimate together with a girl. “It has been a long time that we let that guy do as he pleases. We should properly give him a return gift. It seems that we can make use of that girl.” Meanwhile, Aoi has returned home, Holding his shoulder tight, he mutters, “No good.. Only Kobayashi, I don’t want her to know.. Up to now, repeatedly, *mother and Chiharu backing away from him* I already made those important people feel apprehensive. *recalls Mego happy with her hair clip* If, this time around, I’ll be rejected by the girl I love the most. *sweating and tense* It will definitely become an incurable wound in my heart forever..!!” Back at the gazebo, Mego is surprised when Chiharu starts touching her face[/wiping her tears]. Narration: “Uneasiness filled the heart [/thoughts]. Uesugi-kun’s hand is very warm. Shower of unrest gradually makes the body temperature rise up. Sorry, Aoi-kun. The me at that time, can only feel my own uneasiness that I totally didn’t consider your feelings. Obviously, your pain stems from your love for me.”
Comment: Okay, it turns out that it is indeed Aoi’s mother who caused him that mental trauma. I’m not sure if it is directly her fault for Aoi’s injuries and Shino being deaf. Either way, it seems that she is very unstable and abusive. There are many possibilities but my current theory for her state of being is because of some guy who left her..maybe both fathers of the siblings? So, based on how his own mother reacted to it, as well as his ‘only friend’ to whatever happened to his eye, it is very understandable that Aoi won’t easily let Mego see it. Aside from fearing of rejection, Aoi is fully aware that if that rejection happens, he will take it really hard. So, he is also protecting himself. That self-defense must have activated instinctively based on his outburst and reaction when Mego mentioned it. I guess he isn’t quite ready yet but then, I’m not sure if he has the luxury of time because his ‘only friend/frenemy’ is making his move on his girlfriend. So, what would hurt more? Girlfriend rejecting him for his repulsive wound or girlfriend stolen by someone? Hm..maybe the latter won’t result to an incurable wound or is that wishful thinking? Either of the two would mean ‘rejection’. 

In this chapter, it doesn’t seem to look good for Mego who already has a boyfriend, to allow some other guy touching her and she isn’t reacting adversely to it. Hair is one thing, but face. Maybe she is just too stunned or just needs comforting at this time. And, I’m not sure if they will continue that since there are some guys who have an ax to grind against Chiharu is going to use Mego to get what they want from Chiharu. Of course, I don’t know if they are going to do it now or later on. From that, there are a lot of possibilities like Chiharu getting injured but winning and Mego taking care of him. Or, maybe, they will be the reason for Aoi to make up with Mego. And, since her blouse is currently see-through, those guys might.. Ah, the downside of having a relationship with a delinquent. It happened with Aoi, and now, Chiharu. Before, Chiharu was the one doing that, and now, it is his turn to feel what it is like. Well, that is how their first school uniform date turned out.. As for her twin, it seems that Mitsuru is going to continue to play bodyguard so maybe there will be a ‘real, not nice, stalker’ that will come out. Ah..I guess, Azusa will still assume that he is being nice that he is doing that, rather than Mitsuru liking her. ^^; Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of Azusa’s past, too..and it would most probably be a parents’ issue, too. Well, it seems that we are in a new arc here so let’s see how things go. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Aoi's childhood story was really heart wrenching. It really made me sad to see a young Aoi taking care of his little sister (“It is only at this time, I’m glad that Shino’s ears couldn’t hear.”) :'( :'( , being rejected by his own mother with such horrible words and by his only friend too. Still with all that, he doesn't bear any grudge towards anyone. The mangaka had projected him as quite the gentle and kind character with an incredibly sad past.
    I had actually thought that the story would have an element of supernatural in it, like the eye would hold some kind of superpowers that would lead to Aoi going into a fit of rage and hurting his dear ones, and so he didn't want others to come near him. But the realistic element in it only makes it more sad. Now, it is quite predictable that Mego will heal his inner wounds with her love and show him how much she loves him by not being afraid of his wound. There is still quite a lot in this story to cover up. Ikeyamada go's mangas are really phenomenal, comedy and tragedy thrown in with just an accurate measure. I simply love this story...Gambatte for more!

    1. Ya..that was so sad.

      Indeed..he is projected that way.

      Nice shounen type scenario ^^

      Yup..unless, she starts falling or something with Chiharu. ^^; But, nevertheless, that would be how it will turn out. I recall someone mentioned that the mangaka said that the story would be about 'healing'..most presumably by the twins to their lovers ^^

      Ya, it's pretty good so far..hope she keeps it up ^^

  2. that was a sad past of aoi i feel bad for him that being rejected by his own mother

    and for mego. well chiharu is fell for her, and about that chiharu touching her face well maybe she just can't refuse it she can see love from chiharu's eyes? but i disagree with it too i think mego is too careless --
    and about that guys wearing hood.. maybe that chiharu's enemy?
    but i wonder (and confused) he back to japan not for that long but he is already has enemy???!

    1. Yup, that was pretty awful.

      Ya..maybe. True, that was too careless.

      Indeed, I think they are enemies. Hm..I think he already made enemies..if you recall the ones he beat up before when Mogami first saw him. Chapter 26. I'm sure he encountered other guys like that..hm..not really sure if it is the same guys though. ^^;

  3. Thanks for the translation ^_^

    That was a really sad past for Aoi-kun, now we had a clue on how he got his girl trauma. Still I like how Ikeyamada go portrays his character of being strong and yet somehow fragile.

    I hope Mego realises what Chiharu meant with his statement "Don’t give me an opportunity to take advantage of a weakness. Next time, I’ll really kiss you.” Please Mego don't let any other guy touch you, Aoi-kun will get jealousy, your being too careless. Even if you see how much love Chiharu has for you, you got to remember how much love you have for Aoi-kun. Where did all of you fighting and protective spirit go, after a slight argument/rejection with Aio-kun?

    With the hooded guy I think Mego is gonna be involve with a load of trouble again. Hopefully Aoi-kun will be ready and protect her no matter what. I have a feeling that whatever trouble this turns out, it will/may involve overcoming his fear of revealing his secret to Mego. I hope the incident of this chapter will not lead to him avoiding Mego. I hope Chiharu will make him realise that he can steal Mego from him.

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      Ya. And, is that so..hehe, this is officially the first time I've read her series..from the start. =P

      Indeed..the same question Chiharu is asking. I guess it is because she really thought that Aoi was angry over her so she got discouraged and all that is gone?

      True..and it depends if they are going to strike now..or later on. If it is later on, maybe Aoi can do something. If it will be now, then, Chiharu is going to do the protecting. True, that is possible or, well, Mego starts to become close with Chiharu. Well, hopefully.

      True..though I wonder, if Mego got stolen..does it mean that she doesn't really love Aoi that much?

  4. That old hag...! I don't know what happened to her, but she doesn't deserve to be called mother. Poor Aoi-kun ;A; I hope he overcomes his trauma soon... or Mego would be stolen.
    I agree with you about Mego letting Chiharu touches her, she shouldn't allow it! D:
    Thanks for the summary. I really love this manga! :D
    Ps: It's the first time I'm commenting here xD
    Ganbatte! I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

    1. Indeed, Shizuka..

      True, and thanks for reading ^-^


  5. Thanks for the summary! loving how the plot is developing, I feel bad for aoi but something tells me that chiharu might eventually get mego in the end, at least, that's how the usual ikeyamada go formula will be going.. we'll see :) thanks again kat!!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hehe, is that so.

  6. Well, in Suki Desu Suzuki-kun, the girl ends up with her first love (only that in the process many things happened). Also, in those stories where the girl had a change of heart (Moe Kare and Uwasa no Midori-kun), the two male characters usually appear in the first chapter (instead, Chiharu appeared much later in the story).

    So there are very good chances that Mego and Aoi end up together, but the worrying thing is what happens in the process. Chiharu touching the face of Mego is the least of our worries, we should be relieved if Mego and Chiharu only get to kiss

    1. Is that so. I only know of Suki Desu's ending..and well, didn't read the whole story. ^^;

      Lol..is that so.. I guess that kind of scenario happened in Suki Desu, right? Or also in the other series?

  7. ohhh the past is starting to be revealed!!!! *excited*
    Aoi past seems really sad......
    I still remember the thing that Shino said about Azusa's past like how she's pitiful. I'm really curious about that now!!! well not that i wasn't before, but now that i see what kind of past Aoi has i'm really curious about Azusa's and how it's connected to Aoi and Shino.
    I'm totally looking forward to the next few chapters! Hopefully we see more Azusa and Mitsuru development!

    It's supposed to be about Aoi and Mego but i can't help but to keep thinking about Mitsuru and Azusa!

    1. Yup, Hareikki.

      Indeed..I'm sure the revelation of her past will be also somewhat simultaneous with Aoi's..since what happens with the twins tend to be the same, right? ^^

      Hehe, missing them already? ^^

    2. yeah! true!
      ohhhh man! I'm getting so curious and excited!! XDD
      and yeaah!! i can't help but miss them! hehehe
      of course i like Mego and Aoi too but y'know, i just love the other two

    3. I see, Hareikki ^^

      Well, hopefully, the Chinese scans are out soon for the next chapter ^^

  8. huaaaa T^T aoi-kun kawaiso..
    thanks for your translation :)) i really appreciate it ^_^
    btw.. chiharu looks like suzuki hikaru xD

    1. Yup ^^

      Thanks for reading, Berlinda ^-^

      Hehe, is that so ^^

  9. After finding out Aoi's sad past, I felt so bad for him. His mom, probably one of the most important people in his life, turned her back on him. Then, Chiharu his best friend, someone who Aoi opened his heart to, ended up inflicting more deep wounds in Aoi's heart. I'm surprised Aoi had the courage to open his heart to Mego after all that has happened to him. To tell the truth, I'm angry that Chiharu and Aoi's "mother" hurt him so much, causing him to carry such a heavy burden on his shoulders. Of course, I'm aware that Chiharu was still a child and his mom was in a fragile mental state, but that's no excuse to hurt the people you care about and not to reconcile with them knowing they carry such a weight on their shoulders! ....Wow... I think I was a bit too intense XD

    Anyway, when Chiharu made his debut in the manga, I had a feeling something would happen causing Mego and Aoi to separate and Mego would end up with Chiharu. However, I dismissed the idea after seeing a couple chapters of Mego's devotion to Aoi...but I started to waver after this chapter. When Chiharu started comforting her, it made me think back on all the times he helped her and how she always blushed while never reacting adversely and she continued to get a better impression of him. Even now, she's blushing while Chiharu will continue to be her emotional support in her relationship with Aoi. Similar to Moe Kare, Hikaru had a change of heart and fell in love with Arata because he was her emotional support after her break up with Takara. Don't get me wrong, I love the mangaka and not all manga are the same, but judging from Uwasa no Midori kun and Moe Kare, things are not going to go well with AoixMego. Plus, Mitsuru and Mego fell in love at the same time, so it would make sense if Mego got her heart broken as well. Well, that's what I think :P

    1. I agree with what you've mention, Grace. Indeed..it is kind of want to blame them and yet...sigh. And, it is amazing that Aoi doesn't have a grudge at all against them. He is a very understanding nice guy.

      I know what you mean even if I haven't read her other series. Based on what others are saying about her previous series, there is indeed a high probability for that. Ugh, it will make me feel more sorry for Aoi. ;_;