June 6, 2014

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapters 34-35]

Himari suddenly opens the door to tell Keita that dinner is ready. She notices the fox strap that he is holding on his hand. She quickly exclaims that she’s finished talking and closes the door. This made Keita flustered. Outside the door, Himari thinks that she thought that he definitely threw the strap away because he wasn’t using it but it turns out that he’s keeping it. Later on, after all that hard work, Keita goes to the rental estate agency to realize that a minor needs his guardian consent. Keita doesn’t feel good about asking his father about it so he plans to re-consider his plans on ‘living alone’. He starts thinking of going to some other rental estate agency at that side since he already gone to the ones near school. Then, he hides behind a tree upon seeing his mother greeting some co-workers, good work[/otsukaresama] and they’re getting off work early. He recalls that his mother did tell him that she lives near here. He thinks that if he knew earlier on, he wouldn’t have come here. He overhears the co-workers wondering out loud if Takanayagi’s health is okay since she collapsed due to illness at work, and that startled her. The other woman says that later on, she heard that Takanayagi went to the hospital but it seems that the situation.. They are worried about her since she is divorced and all alone. Keita approaches the women and asks them to tell him in detail regarding what they are talking about just now. While walking home, he recalls what the women told him and her mother telling him that she wants to see him, he wonders if it isn’t merely because his mother lost her man that she came to find him. He recalls his father telling him that it wasn’t his mother’s fault. He goes in the house and hears laughing at the living room. He looks sad over his mother. He goes in the living room. Himari is startled and his parents welcome him back. Keiko gets ready to prepare dinner but Keita says that he has something important that he wants to ask. The parents are puzzled and Himari wonders if it is about leaving the house. Keita tells them that he wants to leave this place and live together with his mother. Everyone is surprised by that. Keita explains that even if he said that, it isn’t because he hates this place, but only today, he incidentally saw his mother and felt that right now, it isn’t good that there is no one accompanying her. He asks his father if he can go live with his mother.
After looking serious, Shigeru tells him to do what he likes for he had definitely already thought of it before saying that he wants to leave the house, thus, he won’t hinder him but this is also his house so he is welcome to come back whenever he wants. Keita thanks him. Himari is in disbelief. She goes to his room and finds him packing. She asks if he is really going and would he still come back. Keita didn’t reply nor turn his head towards her so that means, it’s already too late. She is surprised when he says that there is no school tomorrow so how about accompanying him for a day, and go on a date as if they are lovers going steady. He tells her that this will enable him to sever off his feelings. Himari thinks that it will be a last date with him. Himari thinks that today’s Keita is totally different from the Keita at that time [who forced himself on her by the stairs] since he has already made a decision to leave the house. She couldn’t match him [with his decision?] but she still wants to be together with him. She really puts importance to family that she couldn’t just choose Keita alone even if she still likes him. She’s the only one who is always perplexed. Seeing her expression, Keita tells him that if she doesn’t want to, then he won’t force her. Thinking that even if the last date is truly very sad but she hates even more that she’ll regret if she didn’t go. She exclaims for him not to say that she doesn’t want to, she’ll go!!! So, Keita tells her that they meet at the station around 930 tomorrow. He asks for her contact so that contact[/email] address since he only knows of her telephone number. She runs off to get her phone and returns with it. As they exchange contact information, Keita says that it turns out that she uses LINE [internet phone and messaging app]. Himari thinks that even if they are siblings for almost half a year, she hasn’t used LINE to contact him but then it was not needed since they are always living together. She says that she’ll go out and good night. He greets her back, good night. Outside the door, Himari thinks that like this in this house, soon, such ordinary conversation will also quickly not happen anymore. Inside, Keita says that unexpectedly, at this time, he get to exchange LINE with Himari. Then, he decides to contact his mother.
The next day, Himari is excited as she waits at the station. She couldn’t sleep last night over her nervousness regarding her unexpected decision and this is the last date. She shakes off her head and tells herself that she must be happy today, just for today, she must smile throughout the day. Then, she gets a message in LINE from Keita that she’s being too weird. She is puzzled and he replies, behind. It turns out that Keita is always standing behind her and yet, she doesn’t even notice him a bit. While she is surprised, he tells her that he has been calling her but she is engrossed in her own world. Realizing that he saw him like that, she apologizes. He asks her what she told her mother. She says that she told her that she’ll go out with a friend. And, by now, Himari realizes that this will also be their first date. While they wait for the train, she recalls that this is the second time they went out like this though before she really hated it [<- fake girlfriend] but now, she is standing there because of love[/like]. There are many guys around in the train so Keita leads her to the area that has lesser passengers. She is getting nervous so she decides to find a topic to talk about. She asks him where they are going. He mentions a sea park which reminded Himari as the place where they went during elementary. Keita pretends not to know about that until Himari recalls that it was where young Keita pushed her into the water while calling her stupid. [<- she seems to be sitting beside Ryou so Keita did it out of jealousy.] Keita tries to deny that it was him but in the end, he admits it but says that it is all in the past. She calls him mean for wanting her to go there with him but he explains that it is because it is at that place when she first told him that she hated him. Himari recalls that she had cried at laughing Keita that she hates him and get far away from her. Somewhat embarrassed, Keita tells her that he is admitting his mistake and wants to re-do that. She laughs while thinking that he is always bothered by that small issue and even if today is the last date, she gets to see more of his sides that she didn’t know. She finds herself liking him even more. As he pinches her cheek for laughing, Himari thinks that she’ll hide this whole day into her heart, because these memories will become her last important treasure.
Comment: Hm..I wonder if the leaving the house will push through because that is currently sidetracked by this ‘last date’. I’m thinking that since the Chinese readers are already complaining that this is dragging on = why don’t Keita just move out already for the plot to progress, and betting that they won’t separate. In a way, if Keita does move out, won’t that give Ryou the edge since he can keep on walking her home and get invited to her house, courtesy of her mother? At school, everyone is rooting for Ryou. So, I’m thinking, does Keita stand to lose her if he does move out? And, if he does, would that make Himari able to move on from him? Or rather, both can move on from each other? Of course, it depends on how deep their feelings for each other, since there is that well known quote, ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’. I think move on from each other isn’t likely because this seems to be a ‘fixed couple’. Shigeru is such a very understanding father. I assume Keiko is, too. In a way, both are very nice that I think in the end, they’ll easily approve of their relationship and just make Keita get his mother’s surname/make her his guardian = end of story? Anyway, we might have some lovey-dovey in the next chapter though I’m amused with a Chinese reader suggestion that, why don’t Himari push Keita into the water so that they are now even? =P Scans by allwink

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  1. Thanks for the summary Kat! :)

  2. Thanks for the summary! <3 Tika

  3. Her ideal family has fallen apart, Keita is ready to move on and let her go and yet Himari is still being passive. She might be one of the most aggravating female mc's I've seen. I normally can't stand "jerk" characters, but Keita has become the only one of the bunch I like. That's quite a feat.

    1. So true! I'm so annoyed at Himari, that i wish a rival to appear(for the first time in a manga!!!).
      I wish Keita would really break it off with her, and be with another girl. ¬¬

    2. I guess a lot of us readers are getting it. Has it ever entered Himari's braincells that she has caused a family to break apart ? Huge irony here. And no, her declaration ( only to herself ) that she likes keita is the most aggravating part of this chapter. She's willing to forgo all for "family unity." She says to herself this might be her last date..... which implies she accepts that she and keita will not be a couple.... for family unity. I really don't know what to think of her character. Keita , meanwhile , is better off not getting together with Himari. She's wishy-washy .

    3. A normal person would think: "ok, despite my best intentions everything is falling apart... so I'll try to salvage something out of the situation and tell Keita I like him." Not Himari though, she's going to lose both without even a whimper. Her and Ryou (mister wishy-washy personified) deserve each other. With all Keita's been through in his life, he definitely needs someone far better.

    4. Yup ^^

      Hehe, is that so.

    5. Anonymous[2], well, there were female rivals before and they aren't any better. There was the clinging fangirl at the start of the series and there was the ex-girlfriend. Now, Himari.

      Lol, somewhat of a male version of Mairunovich? ^^;;

      Hm..now that I think of it, Himari is choosing 'something else' than him..how come his trauma due to his mother, isn't activating or anything? Healed already?

    6. True..megaworthit. I'm starting to think if Himari considers family as 'parents + her', and Keita is well, you know. ^^;

      Ya, no declaration..though I assumed that it is already obvious to Keita that she does love him but she cannot go steady with him because of 'family'. Does saying it make it better? Wait..maybe that wasn't done or else, 'it's over' = Keita really moving on. ^^;

    7. True..Anonymous[3]. Mangaka saving it for the ending?

      Hehe..I wonder if that would actually happen since this is a 'fixed pair' series. =P

    8. Kat, i know about the female rivals before, but they weren't a "real threat" to Himari. I was referring to a rival like Ryou is for Keita, someone that can make Himari really insecure. But i know, this won't happen... this mangaka adores a love triangle: two guys - one girl. It's just that Himari is wishy-washy, and this is really annoying.

      Ah, thanks for the summary. ^^

    9. Kat, there's really something in Himari's character that aggravates me...,. I just can't put my finger on it.

      By the way, Keita didn't have an ex. He questioned that girl who declared she was Keita's GF. He said " when did I ever ask you to be my GF ? " You're not my GF... or something like that. Keita just tolerated her company.

      Anonymous, the author loves rivals, usually a foursome rivalry, and more often than not, 2 girls over the main guy. There's one where the rival girl is the sister of the main girl. Sadly, the sistr I the one the main guy actually likes.

    10. Hehe..megaworthith..pushover/weak-willed, etc? =P

      Aside from that one, there is Reimi. So Himari pretended to be his 'girlfriend' to get clingy Reimi away = chapter 11 after she 'betrayed' him and wanted him back.

    11. Anonymous[2], ah, I see. Is that so.

      Somehow, I also don't see that happening. She decided 'family' over Keita. So, based on her personality, she would probably think, ah yes, I deserve this, Keita can now move on..it is good for him, blah, blah. Looks flustered when seeing him. And pretty much what she does over things that are seemingly 'out of her control'. =P

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    12. I forgot about that reimi girl.

      The ALWAYS looking flustered thing is the one that makes me really annoyed at Himari. That's the thing that irritates me.

    13. Is that so, megaworthit.