June 8, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 56]

Cover page: “Even if no one anticipates my going onstage, since I’m standing on this stage, then, I’m going to sing myself hoarse. This is my chosen path..!” Everyone looks surprised at Shinya. They were interrupted by a video phone call from Miwako who told Soichiro that she found the leaker is, and it seems to be their classmate. She informs them that it seems to be Sou’s girlfriend, or rather a female with whom he has good relations with. “But, it seems that he also hasn’t been mentioning to her about the activities of Mush & Co.” Soichiro asks Sou if he really didn’t tell her. After Miwako hands her phone to Sou, Sou says that he absolutely didn’t tell her. Soichiro says that maybe, while he was sleeping, she had secretly looked at his cellphone-that type of thing. This made Sou blush in shock. He frantically exclaims no, how could he get on bed.. “Absolutely impossible!! And moreoever, I have not yet lost my viriginity. Wah.” CP guys sweatdrop since they overheard him through Soichiro’s speaker phone. Shun pities Sou. Soichiro says that thinking about it carefully, it can only be leaked through the cellphone and there is a huge possibility that his cellphone was taken when he didn’t know it. Sou says that it is possible since there are times he left it on his classroom’s seat. He explains that when he started to feel suspicious about it, he had put a password on it and yet, afterwards, it is still leaked out. Soichiro says that there is another way, she had set-up the automatic text forwarding function. Sou and the others are surprised by that. Soichiro says that it might have been set-up before and forwarded to a contact person. Sou exclaims how come he clearly knows about this function. Soichiro says that before he likes that kind of very hard-to-get girl and there are many times that this kind of thing had happened. Soichiro urges Sou to check first the settings of his cellphone. His friends wait as Sou gets his cellphone and checks the settings. Meanwhile, with a huge creepy smile on her face, Reiko is happily twitting to get Mush out from CP’s sight and also from their sight. “We don’t need Mush. Go back to the vegetable store (`m’).” Back at meeting room, Sou says that it is indeed Reiko’s email. Riko is flustered and Yuu is furious. Yuu exclaims to Sou to see didn’t he tell him early on that there is something wrong with that girl. “It’s proven right! Because she unexpectedly confessed to you, right!? Unexpectedly confessed to fat Souta!!!” This comment irks Sou.
Riko looks disturbed as she clenches her trembling fist. Soichiro says that anyway, there is a high probability that the password is definitely the birthday. Sou didn’t refute him and just says that he’ll immediately close the forwarding function now. To Sou’s surprise, Soichiro tells him not to cancel it because it is better not to close it now. Sou exclaims why. Soichiro explains that if he immediately cancels the forwarding, it is possible that the other party would notice it and, at that time, it is possible that she’ll be agitated. He says that since she isn’t quite rational so he is unable to say what will provoke her. Soichiro tells them that from today on, everyone will be using new cellphones. “With new emails and phone numbers, those would be used for contact regarding work. And then, you can still continue on using your current cellphones.” Sou says, understood. He looks at Riko. Riko notices this and she smiles. While Sou hasn’t hanged up his phone on speaker, Shinya says, “Mushroom, do not worry. It has nothing to do with you. It isn’t your fault.” Tears start to fall from Riko’s eye. Meanwhile, in the car, Shibaken exclaims over how ferociously Riko is being bashed[/cursed]. Looking at the messages on his cellphone, Shibaken says that before she can act together with him in the drama, she is already attacked from all sides. His manager reminds him that no, they were bluntly rejected. His band mate reminds him that Riko is going to participate in CP’s LIVE. Shibaken continues to say, but no one paid attention to the topic of acting in the drama. The manager reminds him again that they were firmly refused. Another band mate says that he wants to see a drama of Shibaken and Mush, and it should be very interesting. Shibaken claims that he doesn’t want to act together with Mushroom Head, and furthermore, few female actresses who acted with him will scolded [him], ‘for you to say that, make one feel that Mushroom Head is quite cute(?), is she a very important(?) existence, I think so.’ He adds, but then, it is just his proposal to use Mushroom Head. The band member says that he’s so nice. [<- not wanting to add more women/actresses who’ll hate Riko?] Shibaken says is that so. All four band members think that Shibaken really wants to act with her.
Back at the meeting room, Riko bends down and wipes her tears. She apologizes for she unconsciously cried. Continuing to wipe her tears, she tells them that she’ll be fine soon. This made Yuu flustered that says that he’ll go and viciously scold Reiko until he has had his fill. “Just let her off like that, I absolutely won’t allow it--” Riko is surprised by his reaction. Shinya says that he thinks that it would be more effective if he does it. “Because, isn’t the leaker my fan? Then, what if I go and give her a direct head-on blow, she would feel very hurt, right?” Clapping to lighten the mood, Shun happily tells everyone to stop, for that can kill someone since it will be such a huge pain that she’ll take things too hard [/be very depressed]. Shinya coldly glances at Shun and asks, “What about it? Even if she commits suicide, it doesn’t adversely affect us, right?” Riko and the others are absolutely horrified about this since Shinya-sama is furious. Aki says that it has an effect for what if she leaves a suicide note, it will damage Shinya’s reputation. Shinya looks surprised. Aki says, “Besides, I think winning through tooth for a tooth isn’t quite a glorious win because we are musicians. Since it is a fight, we don’t use fist, but rather, we use music to determine the winner. *smiles* Ah, I thought of an extremely fiendish revenge music plan.” While walking in the streets, the three friends feel drained. Riko starts saying that it feels like.. Yuu says that CP’s Aki is very scary even if they didn’t get to properly talk. Sou says that he really has a strategy[/means]. Riko says speaking of that, that guy always use music to baffle people. Meanwhile, Miwako has returned to her office. Just when she is going to sit down on her desk, her cellphone rings. It is an email from Shinya asking if he can see her tonight. She blushes. At Bar A Noir, Miwako is waiting while holding her drink. She tenses up when the waiter welcomes a customer. She turns to see that it is just a couple of lovers. The bartender asks Miwako if she wants another one. Just before Miwako can answer, Shinya asks if she is already on her second glass. Sitting down beside her, he tells her that her pacing[/speed in drinking] is quite fast.
Flustered Miwako says that it is because she came a bit early. Shinya tells her not to drink too much since she cannot take alcohol that well. Miwako protests that was an exception. Shinya says that it is good if it is like that. He orders a whiskey soda. After he takes a sip, Miwako tries to say something but Shinya cuts her off by asking about today, why did she let Riko see the leaker’s Twitter page. This puzzles Miwako. He asks why did she let a [performing] artist see that. “Do you want to hurt Mush?” This stuns Miwako and exclaims how could she possibly.. Putting his drink down, Shinya says that if it isn’t that, then, she truly is a woman with a heart of stone. This surprises Miwako. Before leaving, Shinya tells her that he despises that kind of woman. Meanwhile, it is around 10:50am, Aki is busy composing and eating chocolates on the sofa. Sitting by the table, Shun asks what’s the best thing to do.. He continues to ask if, as CP’s Shun, [he/it?] doesn’t matter or rather, totally doesn’t matter. Not replying to him, Aki keeps on composing. This made Shun angrily kick him on the butt. Aki looks at Shun and asks what.. Shun says that he’s already finished since it is already totally outlined in his brain. Aki protests that he has to write it down for him to properly tidy it up clearly. Shun answers back that it is totally finished, right? Aki pouts. Shun tells him that he thinks that in the end, it won’t change whether he do that two hours later. “If you don’t immediately go to Riko right now, you’re going to be dumped, okay?” Aki looks at him in surprised and asks why. Holding his music sheets, Aki says that he is obviously doing his best in composing their revenge song and they still have to strictly practice according to the performance plan. Shun is in disbelief. He wipes his tears and says that Aki is truly a pitiful guy. Aki exclaims, so, he’s saying, why. Somewhat flustered, Aki says that it is the biggest help that he can do for Riko. “I cannot make a song that is ill-prepared[/half-assed] and lose to that person. Absolutely will get victory..!” Meanwhile, at the vegetable store, surprised Riko asks how come he came. Shinya replies, “I’ll definitely come because I’m worried about you.” Blurb: “The guy that came, the guy that didn’t come..”
Comment: Ah, lots of stuff can be talked about in this chapter. ^^ Again, there is that comparison between IQ type of guy vs EQ type of guy. Excluding feelings of love, it makes me think that if Riko wants great music and such, choose Aki. If she wants someone who’ll support her and be there for her especially in this kind of times, choose Shinya whether as a producer or as lover. I must be somewhat callous though for not thinking of doing the things that Shinya did for Riko here. ^^; Sou is also worried about Riko that he glanced at her after they knew who the leaker was and knew what to do about it. It was Shinya who told her not to worry about it and reassured her that it isn’t her fault that this happened. For Riko to cry there, I think he hit a bull’s eye that it made her release whatever pent-up emotions she had while reading all those nasty tweets about her. And, he wasn’t even with Riko at that time. I guess in a way, he can relate to her regarding what happened to him before though I’m not sure if it was up to this extent since I don’t think they have Twitter, Facebook, etc during his time. I’m also not so sure if it is cyberbullying, but is that what Reiko and other CP like-mind fans are doing to Riko? For Shibaken to comment that she is viciously attack from all sides, it must be that bad and that there are a lot of girls bashing her. It would have been different if it is only just a few or only Reiko typing up all those stuff. That might be what made Shinya to bluntly give Miwako a dressing down for letting Riko see that, and he just stole a kiss from her a while ago. I don’t know if I should feel sorry for Miwako or what..fall in love/infatuation and out in just a day. ^^; I’m thinking that Miwako should have shown that for them to know who the leaker is. Though, is it possible to just show the username-photo instead of all the bashing Riko tweets? Or at least, not make Riko keep on reading what they are writing? Or, maybe give some sort of assurance/comfort to Riko like what he did rather than be oblivious over how the kid is feeling over those posts? I’m not sure how it goes with producers/managers of celebrities. Should they keep their talent in the dark or at least, know but not read all of that? Maybe aside from having feelings for Riko, Shinya wants to protect Riko since she is still a minor and she is just starting her career. It must hurt more since Riko didn’t do anything bad to Reiko yet being treated that badly. Hm..can we say that it is because of Shinya’s attitude towards Riko that is why Reiko attacks Riko? That is one factor but for the other girls, I don’t think that they are all Shinya’s fans. Shinya must have been really angry about this that he can bluntly say that he doesn’t care if Reiko commits suicide as payback for Riko. Shinya is a very straightforward person because when he cares, he really cares but when he doesn’t like something, he voices it out and not really care what the other feels about his brutally painful comment but still open-minded with other’s opinion like Aki’s plan for the revenge. And well, since Shun is good with girls and Shinya went to check on Riko, it does seem that Aki made the wrong decision on not going. I’m not too sure if Aki will be dumped over that or, maybe, he’ll change his mind and go there, or call her? Anyway, this revenge using music somewhat reminds me of what singer Taylor Swift did. Anyway, I’m sure with Aki and the other’s help, Riko can ‘counterattack’ Reiko and make her ‘go away’ like what happened with Mari. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组

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  1. Thanks for the summary. i love this manga

    1. Thanks for reading, karina ^-^

  2. Wow ! It's been Shinya all over for Mush. I really think it will be Mush and Shinya at the end of the story. Aki is not actively participating in protecting Mush's career. You would think that he would have already gone berserk when he found out what had been done to his girlfriend. No, Aki's not the one. He's better off going to that old hag has - been, Marie.

    Oh, now I know.... Mush is cute enough to be considered to play in a drama ! ! I'm so happy, now I know Mush has the potential of really making it big... she has the talent and the looks ! !

    1. I wouldn't say that he isn't helping to protect her career. The reason he isn't going to see her is because he is working on a song and idea to overcome the objections and make the joint performance go over well. He is making a huge mistake by not going to comfort her, but it would be typical Aki to put the music before anything else.

    2. Ya, megaworthit....right now, there is a high probability for that.

      Well, as Anonymous mentioned, Aki is protecting her in his own way..music..or rather..not protecting but help her out. But, ya, it seems like Shinya is more furious than Aki over this.

      Ya..it was considered but Soichiro turned the offer down. I forgot the reason if there was one. ^^;

    3. The big deal for me is the fact that Mush was even considered to act in a drama.... and you know, in Asian countries, one needs to have the looks to appear on TV or films. All this time, I thought marie was waaaay above Mush as far as physical appearance is concerned.

      Aki's passion for a person died when he and marie parted ways. He doesn't have anything left for Mush. I'm not considering him anymore ..... I'm now watching out for someone else for Mush. In fact, I don't even now why Aki is still involved with anybody else than marie. Wasn't he delegated to guide marie in her flagging career by her manager /lover at Chapter 47 ? That chapter was the game changer, the author wrote.

    4. Ah, is that so, megaworthit. But true, looks is a big thing to be considered in a drama especially from male/female idols since their acting ability tend to be lacking.

      I see. What do you mean by 'I don't even know why Aki is still involved with anyone'? At first, it seems to be just on the rebound with Mush. Then, start to fall for her..well, after hearing her voice. He seems to really like her now..'in his own way'.

      It does seem that Mari is already 'out of the way'..for now. I'm not sure if she can still pick herself up or resort to worst things if she knew that Mush would be with CP in their concert.

    5. What I mean by that is, isn't he supposed to be guiding Mari's career ? In fact, after that concert with Mari and Mush in it, Aki saw fit to be with Mari rather than with Mush when they celebrated Mush's seeming success at that concert. Moreover, he didn't leave Mari, deciding to stay over , ALONE, at her place, to keep her company. Also, that manager/lover of mari what's his name told Aki that from now on, that would be his role. That's why I'm wondering why he isn't with Mari , instead of spending so much of his time with Shinya/Mush and the CP group.

      Kat, there are a lot of foreshadowings that Aki will betray Mush soon. I understand that Aki is a 25 year old adult with "needs". The first that I recall was when Mari contacted him..... and Aki actually thought of sleeping with mari..... but he didn't , because " he respects Mush." No, just NO. " Aki, the ONE reason why you shouldn't sleep with Mari is because you have a girlfriend, you are in a committed relationship, not because you respect your girlfriend. " To make another point...... let's say, he and Mush are married..... and he thinks the same way ( I want to sleep with mari since she has been wanting to get into my pants, anyway , but no, I won't, because I respect Mush.") NO, just NO. One reason why you shouldn't sleep with her is because you have a WIFE ! !

      And worse, on that night he was alone with mari, and he knew that just one move from him would lead to renewed intimacy with her.... what exactly were his thoughts ? He did want to sleep with her that night just TO SEE HOW MUSH WOULD REACT IF SHE FOUND OUT HE SLEPT WITH MARI . In other words, he would betray and cheat on Mush for that stupid reason ?

      My point is, Aki is definitely not concerned with commitment. The fact is that, he even contemplates doing it with another girl , and does not do it only for stupid and lame reasons. There will come a time when there won't be any reason anymore for him not to cheat IF BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MUSH IS NOT A REASON ENOUGH. .

    6. True, megaworthit but then, Aki is also the producer/composer of CP. CP is going on a major concert and he has to oversee the music, etc. From what he told Mari earlier, he pretty much told Mari to sort out her self-confidence-whatever. Hmm..maybe lay low for a while after that disastrous performance? He seemed kind of fed up with her when they last met. Of course, right now, Aki is really 'into' music with that revenge thing, music with Mush, etc..so in his brain, it might be..Mari who? =P This is a big gig so I think Soichiro is also okay with Aki concentrating on this one.

      Is that so..well, I somewhat forgot this part but was he already 'really in love' with Mush then? If it is more on 'respect girlfriend/wife', it does seem that he doesn't really love but more on 'keeping peace/doing the right thing' because of his current relationship.

      Hm..well, it did crossed his mind. I'm not so sure how serious he is about it though. It seems like a pattern based on previous scenes, Aki tend to hurt Mush if he doesn't get what he wants. When Mush doesn't want to perform his music, he says things that made her cry. The same with the fear that she might dump him at the cafe, he says things that became hurtful to her. So, it seems kind of like 'getting back' like you didn't hold me back, what if I do this. That was the impression to me. Of course, it doesn't look good on the part of Aki.

  3. I really like this translation. This is my first time commenting. Everytime I read this I keep wanting to know the next chapter...

    Aki is so slow, he might get dump if he will not call or go see Riko. He should make a move if he really cares about Riko

    1. Thank you for the comment, avismonte80 ^-^

      Ya..and Shun is already advising him to do so.

  4. It is a really good summary for a "hefty" chapter. This has become one of my favorite mangas along with "Skip Beat". I keep following the updates in sympathy with Mush because she is such a sweet character. However, don't you think that Mush and Aki will eventually break up? I mean this guy runs to save his ex- whenever she is in need for help while he didn't show up to comfort Mush, whatever his reasons are. I think this is confusing for someone as young as Mush, plus we're not sure that he really loves her. I think that he is grabbing onto her because he is unable to face his feelings for Mary. He is just putting himself in a situation where he gets distracted from thinking about her and facing the dilemma of loving her and accepting her infidelity at the same time?
    Finally, thanks a lot for your work and effort (and I meant to ask you, there is someone by the name of "Kat's scanlations" on mangahere, is this person you or someone else?) Love <3 <3 <3

    1. I think you're onto something here. You're statement" he is grabbing onto her because he is unable to face his feelings for mari. " is really a food for thought. I may add, Aki is grabbing onto Mush to PREVENT HIMSELF from going to mari , despite Mari's infidelity. " . Plus Aki has been thinking out so many rationales why he can't sleep with Mari, even though he wants too. Why doesn't he think that he can't sleep with mari because he is with Mush ? I think that's the only reason, the one and only reason why he can't sleep with Mari, though he wants to.

    2. Actually, most of the characters of this manga's series are complex or at least they may seem to us to be such because there are a lot of things which we don't know about them. If we go back to the beginning of the series, when Aki first met Mush, he confessed later on (chapter 37, I think) that he was looking for anyone and that at first he didn't like her at all. We all know that, right? But to me the reason he wanted to be with anyone is because he wasn't able to face his feelings for Mary and maybe the guilt of wanting deep down inside to be with her even though she had another bed partner (perhaps if Mary broke up with the other guy, things would have been easier for Aki).

      **And in spite of the fact that Aki didn't like Mush at first, he admitted that he cares about her (which is not the same thing as loving her). I think too that he realizes the changes which were brought by her into his life. Let's remember that at the beginning of the series he wasn't motivated for work. However, after he met Mush and after she refused to listen to the music he made for her (and refusing that he becomes her producer), he took this as a challenge which stimulated him. Even when he made a song for Mari, I am pretty sure that he said something along the lines of "I want to create something which cannot be ignored". Why did he say that? He said it because he wanted her to acknowledge him as a musician because he doesn't understand the reasoning behind her actions, i.e. she wants to protect him because he said that he hates girls who sing (let's remember that in one of the scenes, he was talking to himself and said something along the lines of "how could you think (i.e. Mush) that it is ok that you don't want to listen to the music I made for you". There are other incidents which in my opinion reveal the nature of Aki-Mush relationship (for instance he said that he is "possessive" and something along the lines of "I always end up losing the things I have"). Hence, Mush isn't the only one who is feeling insecure.

      ** I already wrote too much but personally I think that when he went to comfort Mary and was wondering why Mush didn't say anything and if it would be ok if he slept with Mari ... I think that this part is not about him and Mary but about the fact that he is insecure and frustrated because his tendency to be possessive with her isn't reciprocated with an equal perceivable tendency by his girlfriend). This doesn't mean that he has overcome the thing he had for Mari (for instance if the mangaka decides to create a situation where Mari cuts ties with Soichiro, I don't know how Aki's character will react), but still Mari introduced him to the physical aspect of a relationship but Mush gave him something different. In my opinion, he intentionally clung to her at the beginning because he was running away from the problematic relationship he had with Mari but then his relationship with Mush became a stimulant which ignited his pride as a lyricist and musician. Is he in love with her? It is very difficult to say so at this point but he definitely wants to be possessive with her (and I mean with and not of her), he said it himself in the infamous confrontation in the restaurant, and that is why I said his character is complex (it is not just about wanting to reignite the thing he had with Mary or sleeping with her, there is much more than that going on with him).

      ** Perhaps, we should have more faith in Aki, at this point it is not yet about being committed to someone but what the mangaka might be showing us is someone struggling to find balance and stability in his life through the indirect influence of a teenage girl who wants to love (and be loved) and fulfill her dreams. Perhaps, some readers don't like this setup and are already upset with Aki for what we might call an ominous infidelity but again things are not always what they appear to be. Cheers.

    3. Whoah, thanks, Anonymous for a great response. That's another angle that I can mull over for days to come.

      Here's the thing though, I know all the characters are complex and because of this, their actions and behavior aren't always what they appear to be...... and as long as he doesn't act on " what he has been thinking doing, like sleeping with Mari, I will try to give him the benefit of the doubt. My problem though is that he actually contemplates in doing just that despite the fact that he is in a relationship with Mush. Also, maybe I'm overthinking or just suspicious, but when he went to Mari's apartment, stayed over, just the two of them alone, he was actually going to sleep with Mari, because he knew that to be in that situation, it was inevitable. I give him a small credit for not going through it.

      I also feel that Mush has just become a challenge to him. It 's like, how dare Mush refuse to sing his song ? While everyone is worried sick about what's going on with those tweets, and frantically trying to find out who the culprit is, and Shinya visibly shaken, Aki is passively composing a song, and does not even attempt to be with Mush. That image vivdly reminds me of Caligula calmly playing the flute while Rome burned.

      Mush does not readily show her emotions. But Shinya knows. That's why when Mush begged Shinya not to leave her, Shinya knew she was devastated by Aki's insensitiveness. Shinya told her then he wouldn't leave her.

      The most I can give Aki is the benefit of the doubt that in the end, he will always do the right thing. The right thing is not to hurt an innocent girl . If it comes to a point when he cannot anymore stop his feelings for Mari, the least he can do is to break it off with Mush before he betrays her.

    4. Thanks for the comment ^-^

      It seems that they will since I recall that it was slightly hinted but then, in the end, it depends on the mangaka.

      Hm..good point there. He does tend to rush to Mari but for Riko, there is a bit of hesitation or well, not really 'a rush' to comfort her or whatever. Actually, Aki tend to say a lot of hurtful words to Riko, too..whether intentionally or not. True..Riko might have some doubts but well, it seems whatever problems they have are resolved with kisses or music?

      Possible..well, it seemed that way at first. I thought he now kind of loves her but of course, what exactly he loves about her is debatable since there is somewhat of a contrast to how he treats Mari and Riko. Well, at least, from the glimpses when he was with Mari, he seems quite more intimate and in love but of course, Riko is a minor so I don't think he should pull anything that might get him sued. =P

      Thanks again for the comment ^-^

      Ah no, that is someone else.

    5. The first time we got to know Aki's thoughts regarding his relationship with Mush.......... I don't know if that is supposed to be the ending, because it is clear that the chapters we have been reading since that time are actually the events that led to the break -up with Mush. Now, I don't know if that is just part of the story, and in time, there will be a 360 degree and we go back to the first chapter, BUT, there will be more chapters where Aki will correct his mistakes, and he and Mush will get back together. I don't know if that is the mangaka's plotline. But I highly doubt that. It's been 56 chapters and we have not reached that part where there will be a final break-up..... .. which will then take the readers to the first chapter.

      Now who that person is who will take Mush away from Aki is still a question mark. But I bet everyone's guess will be that one person, and that is Shinya. However, I'm having a bit of a doubt about Shinya as the ending guy for Mush, because it seems the mangaka is setting up a potential relationship between Miwako and Shinya.

      I'm also thinking of 2 possible reasons why Aki and Mush will inevitably break up.
      1. Aki's seeming unconcern for Mush and his insensitiveness.
      2. Aki is going to cheat on Mush with Mari. It has been foreshadowed , even directly by the characters themselves, Shinya and Soichiro, on Chapter 47, where these two men have discussed Mari's and Aki's relationship, and how sure they are Aki will yet, again, gravitate towards Mari once they are thrown together, and Soichiro will see to it that this will happen. Worse, given Aki's mindset about commitment, this is inevitable.

      To be honest, I cannot wrap my head around Aki's wishy-washy attitude towards his relationship with Mush. It is a twisted mind that would think of having sex with another girl ( worse, with his ex ) JUST TO GET A REACTION OUT OF HIS GIRLFRIEND.

      And I'm as sure as the sun is up there that when Aki went with mari to her apartment, it was to sleep with her.

    6. True, megaworthit. Or maybe..she ends up with no one? I agree that it seems that the mangaka is setting things up with Miwako and Shinya because of those scenes..it is inconclusive if it will lead to anything.

      Possible..or even both. ^^

      True..well, this is a guy who would flaunt to her about 'being a ladies man and what is his real type of girl' to make him look more appealing to her = don't dump me.

      Hehe, is that so.

    7. I don't mind if she ends up with no one, as long as she becomes incredibly successful as a singer and an actress. I don't know why Soichiro turned down that drama offer. Shibaken was kind of disappointed. Maybe Shibaken? Nah, I think it would be Shinya. Since Shinya took a major role in the story, his actions have been tied up with Mush.

      yes, the reason could be both.

      Aki's thinking is both immature and twisted. And to think he's a 25 year old adult who has been living independently and has a livelihood. Aaargh. And kat, don't get me started on the hurtful words he has been throwing at Mush. I've been ignoring that side of Aki's personality. So, he's a ladies' man, huh. Just he wait when Mush becomes successful, and have men grovelling at her feet. She's only 16, cute, I can imagine when she starts to bloom. ( and I do hope she loses the mushroom hair, LOL. I can't get past that hairstyle, i swear. )

      kat, about my statement that I'm sure Aki was going to sleep with mari when he went to her apartment, just the two of them alone...... Well, you can take that to the bank, lol.

      Thanks for the great discussion, kat ! ( @ anonymous, too )

      * whisper * I'm still scared to read the next chapters...... I always read your comments first, so , please be kind with your commentary at the end of the summary. lol

    8. True..megaworthit, and Shibaken is quite more of a sudden introduction. I wonder if his role is only for Riko's possible drama outing. Hm..ya, the last thing I recall over that is Soichiro doesn't want to focus too much on 'Riko' but rather, still want to keep 'Mush & Co.' Though, that would seem like even if he is like that, he cares for the other two guys of the band.

      Lol, is that so. A lot of people seem to not like the mushroom hair. Maybe, she will if she is no longer in 'Mush & Co.' band. True..and well, it is already established that Aki is really low in EQ..being a genius and everything..he is lacking in the interpersonal relationship side. Well, they do say that about 'intelligent/genius' people who tend to be poor in social interactions.

      It makes me think that does Aki need a very understanding person or a manipulative person? It seems that things are working out fine with Mari except for that 'two-timing' thing. And, based on what you were saying, it does seem that there is a different basis/standard = girls cannot do that, but he as a guy, can..though he just so happen to 'respect Riko'.

      Hehe..I see.

      You're welcome and thanks, too ^^

      Hehe..will see, it depends on what happened in the chapter. ^^

    9. In shoujo world, the guy who comes in late will not be the ending guy. But this manga is not typical, though. So, who knows.

      I don't know if you've noticed it..... the girl rivals usually have better hairstyle, which always makes them prettier and more sophisticated. The bully b*tches too, ha ha. Well, I just think hair is a girl's crowning glory,

      No, Aki needs someone whose mindset is like his.... that is, commitment isn't worth sh*t, pardon my language.
      And Kat, I think you've understood what I mean about Aki not sleeping with Mari , because " he respects Mush". Respecting Mush ( or for that matter, loving Mush ) is not worth a dime , either, if at that time when he's alone with Mari whom he knows has been trying to get into his pants again, he'll be in the mood to accept what's being offered. What's ironic is the fact that Mari two - timed him, the act that prompted him to part from her. By the way , kat, have you forgotten that Aki and Mari were in a relationship for 3 freakin' years? And mari was his first time ? It devastated him. So, anyone would think Aki would be the last man on earth to do that to his girlfriend. Has Mari's cheating and casual treatment of sex prompts Aki to treat sex with another girl as a casual random act , too , just like Mari ?

    10. Yup, megaworthit.

      True..they are usually prettier. And interestingly, I noticed that they tend to have the 'strong personality' that readers want to see in the lead girls.

      Oh..it was three years. Hm..not sure if it is his first time based on his talk with Riko. Maybe first love? Actually, since they are in the showbiz world and how they are reacting to Miwako or Sou being virgin, I think guys here are doing it around without any commitment. ^^;

    11. I know, right. For once, I want to read something like, " Oh, no, you don't, b*tch. He's mine. "lol

      Soichiro ans Shinya discussed about them on Chapter 46 0r 47. Shinya definitely said She was Aki's first time. Aki was just "bragging " to Riko he has had quite a few, when in fact, there was only Mari and she was his first time. Does Shinya have a girlfriend before ?

      One reason why I don't really like stories with showbiz as backdrop is because of the fickleness of the environment, where attractive people are all over the place, and , seriously, we don't know if the main character will never get attracted with a fellow showbiz person. Good thing Riko is the one who is sure to bloom and become the idol and not the other way around.

    12. Ya, megaworthit. Well, I guess there won't be much too conflict for that = to prolong story?

      I see, thanks for the reminder ^^ Maybe he did.


  5. *** Fo r"megaworthit" *** it was interesting dwelling upon this with you, and you have made some good points.

    ** Also it is not necessary that the couple Aki-Mush will broke up because of Aki's ominous betrayal. Let's remember that there were clues showing us where things were heading. In the first chapter, a remorseful Aki was narrating his story from an unknown point in the future. On the cover there was this sentence: «can I apologize? I didn't love you at all, at first». For me this sentence means that he realized that he loved Mush but after it was too late. In the third chapter, we could see him regretting the past and the fact that he told Mush that he hated songs because it was a lie which hurt her a lot. He then added something along the lines of «it is natural that he took you away» (whom is he referring too? We don't know, it could be Shinya or maybe the guy who wanted her to act with him. There was another hint in chapter three etc.

    ** Conclusion: we can say with some degree of certainty that at some point in the future Aki will loose Mush but not because of Mari. The story will probably develop until it reaches the point (in the future) from where Aki was recalling his past, but will there be a “second end” after this presumed “end”, a more favorable one? I have no idea but we should not exclude this possibility because from my experience with reading some of the mangaka's other works, she really does heighten the reader's anticipation on the lines of «tension – ease – heightened tension – ease». Some readers may already hate the whole setup, it is a matter of taste and preferences at the end.
    **** thanks kat for your feedback. Sorry for leaving lengthy comments on your post, I appreciate your kindness though. Good work as usual. Take care ^^

    1. I appreciate that Kat has not kicked us out by having this conversation. LOL

      @Anonymous, I did write about a second ending, but it's already the 56th chapter and we haven't reached that part yet. And if that's the case, and there will indeed be a second " good " ending, how many chapters will it take for Aki to correct his mistakes, and redeem himself. ? By the way, I'm thinking that the phrase " It's natural that he took you away" doesn't necessarily mean Mush is in a relationship with another guy. I don't know how I can word that without getting into convoluted explanations, lol. That they aren't together anymore is a sure thing though.

      We can't be too sure that Mari won't be the cause of break - up. As I said, the foreshadowings are just too numerous , to the point that it has actually been discussed starightforwardly by the major characters themselves.
      I'm also thinking that the cause may not actually be because of renewed physical intimacy between Aki and mari.... it could be a renewed attraction between them, which , may or may not be true, but would look like that to everyone else who sees them. It's very important to be reminded that Aki and Mari will be in close contact with each other soon..... most probably right after this CP concert, in which Soichoro is deeply involved. After this, what are Soichiro's plans for Mari ? I have a feeling this will be the force that will drive the story to its conclusion. BETRAYAL of one's love is a very powerful force. Betrayal and loss of trust go hand in hand. Without trust, love will not survive. It's not lack of concern , loving nature, obliviousness... Mush can take all three from Aki, but I don't think she can take betrayal. We do know what happened when Aki chose to be with mari that game changing night, right? Mush did not show anger or dismay or anything of the sort when Aki excused himself to go to mari. But what happened after that ? Mush was so in despair and hurt that she begged Shinya not to leave her. I'm sure betrayal is the thing that will push her over the edge.

    2. No problem, you two ^^ Just carry on here. I don't mind. ^^

    3. Oops, it was my mistake, I hit the wrong reply button lol which started a new conversation (anyways, thanks kat for your hospitality), as for my conversation with megaworthit, I read both of your replies and I don't think that you are wrong. All those points were already in my mind except for the fact that I am still giving Aki the benefit of the doubt about whether he wanted to be intimate with Mary or not when he left with her that night and except for the fact that I don't remember Mush saying to Shinya not to leave her (I must have unawarely skipped that part :D). However, I opted to interpret this manga's events from what seemed to me the angle which better explains the relationship between Mush and Aki.

      And just so that you may know, it is not completely impossible to give a second end in just one chapter because the mangaka did it before in one of her works. She summarized 10 years of separation between the two leads in one chapter and then gave them a happy reunion.

      As per Shoichiro intentions, it is true and obvious that he wants both Aki and Mari to get back together especially that he is feeling guilty as he cares for both of them in his own war and he triggered the separation between of them (he knew about the two of them and still he used to leave a kiss mark on the same spot on Mari's body for Aki to see!); so will Aki be obedient and fall into his plan?

      Finally, I think that if the mangaka opted for a cheating paradigm, she would be burning Aki's character (what fan would forgive him especially that the one being cheating is someone as young, loving and inexperienced (but not naive) as Mush)?

      Best regards

    4. Rectification: "he cares for both of them in his own way and he triggered the separation between the two of them"