June 11, 2014

From Five to Nine [Chapter 43 - UNTAMED HEART Unforgettable Person [Side A Nene]]

At the Sakuraba residence, Junko’s grandmother informs her about receiving a personally written letter from Takane to apologize and explain about the thing regarding his younger brother. She says that in the letter, he wanted to start all over again with Junko. She tells Junko that her answer should be ‘for you not to give up, I exceptionally and readily accept.’

Surprised Junko asks what she is saying, and when did that letter came. She asks for her grandmother to show her that letter. While Nene is eavesdropping outside the room with a cup of coffee on a tray, Izumi [guesswork from 泉美; grandmother] says no, compared to that, her answer. Junko stutters that she wants to accept.

This surprises Izumi that she exclaims that it is quite unexpected for Junko would bluntly answer. This made Junko ask what it is, for things turned out as she wished. “Aren’t you really happy? You should thank me.” Izuma asks what she is talking about, the other party is such an outstanding man so from the start, she doesn’t know why she [Junko] is hesitating.

She suggests to Junko that this time around, buck up and pay a visit to the other party’s house. Junko protests for her to wait, because right now, there’s no need to visit so early since his grandmother is a bit.. Izumi says if it is about Hoshikawa Hibari..from the start, she doesn’t approve of this marriage thing. Junko asks if she knows her. 

Izumi says that she saw her many times for she is also a Buddhist worshipper [in that temple]. Nene looks downcast for the discussion about her sister’s marriage is becoming more and more formal. She thinks that Yuki would definitely be sad if he learns of this. She wonders if he is okay and what he’ll do. “I really want to see him..” 

Nene thinks that because Yuki is a beautiful person, and is quite an eyecandy. She is startled when the door opens and Junko says that she’s at home, and it has been a long time. Nene apologizes and says that she is about to bring in the coffee. She apologizes again that she’ll make a new one since this one is cold. Junko laughs and tells her to give that to her.

Sparkling with flowers, Junko tells her that she’ll go to the school in a while but she’ll sit down for a while before leaving. She tells heart-struck Nene that they go sit at the living room and chat for a while. Thinking that her sister is so nice, Nene says okay. She thinks that from the start, for her, her sister is the world’s most sought after [/ideal] female.

There is a scene of crying Nene at 7, Junko at 17 and a brother at 12 years old. After her sister started working, she had moved out of the house and they only rarely see each other. Junko had worked at a large foreign investment security company but she resigned after three years. Nene wants to at least worn the same uniform as her sister. She is thinking that while studying with her all-out effort. But, she failed to get high grades.
While lovingly looking at Junko drinking her coffee, Nene thinks that actually from the bottom of her heart, she doesn’t want her sister to marry for she wants it to be like this, for her to always accompany her in her room. Nene timidly asks Junko about Yuki from her school, if he is doing well. This surprises Junko that she exclaims when they knew each other.

She says that she has always been curious at that time when Takane came by, it seems that they [Yuki and Nene] went out together. Junko recalls that Nene is also there at Satoshi’s place. Nene tells her that Renji is their school’s idol whom she always brushed past with at the station, and then, she incidentally got acquainted with him. And, because of this, she also got to know Yuki.

Thinking that she would want to make her sister know of Yuki’s strong points, Nene starts to tell Junko that Yuki is such an amazing person and even if he is wearing women’s clothes, he’s quite manly. Nene also tells Junko that she got pestered by a scary guy at a party who won’t let her off but Yuki bravely stepped forward and rescued her. 

Nene says that Yuki’s nature is very straightforward, carelessly considerate of others, and moreover, he isn’t too intense. She only has to stay together with him and she’ll feel very happy.. Junko interrupts and asks if Nene likes Yuki. Nene blushes a bit and says yes, she thinks that he is her ideal personification and she also wants to become like that.. 

Junko says that she isn’t saying that, but rather, Nene gives her the feeling that she likes Yuki as a guy. Blushing red, Nene is surprised that she asks how can that be, he is such an outstanding guy and she doesn’t have the right to like him, and besides, he is deeply attached to Junko. Nene insists that compared to any other guy, Yuki is cool, kind and manly.

Also, he is quite beautiful that it is impossible for a girl like her. While Nene is starting to become confused, Junko tells Nene that it is useless to deny it from what she’s saying. Nene apologizes for she feels something is a bit wrong. Junko tells her that it is okay, no need to apologize. Junko tells Nene that if something happened between her and Yuki, that would be a crime. [<- sex with minor?]

And also, she had already clearly conveyed to Yuki her feelings even if she also felt quite regrettable[/sorry] about it. “So, I think Nene’s ‘feelings about this’, is the problem between her and Yuki from today on.” Nene is shock about this. At the train station, Nene’s friends ask if she is talking about this now when they always knew. Nene couldn’t believe it.

They say that even if there are rumors that she is close with the Shibuya prince [Renji], no one went after her to get to the bottom of it because it is earlier exposed that Nene has a favorable impression of that cross-dressing guy. Stiffening Nene thinks that they are wrong for it is quite hasty to say that someone like her would like such an outstanding guy like that and everyone misunderstood her.
Nene realizes that from what they are saying that without a doubt she was found out early on, Yuki himself ought to have already been aware of it. She doesn’t want Yuki to also misunderstand her so how she is going to apologize, and change his way of thinking. She imagines Yuki thinking that she’s annoying since he already has Junko. Nene felt like disappearing over that.

Her friends ask her what the matter is. Nene mutters that she wants to explain to Yuki the situation. While thinking of calling on phone to apologize or direct tell him but she couldn’t cover it up, Nene quickly turns around and says that she’ll leave first. She bumps into a guy. After Nene apologizes, the guy says no, but rather, he wants to apologize.

While wondering what she did to him, the guy admits that he is always looking for an opportunity to talk with her. He introduces himself as Kunitachi and he has always been looking at her at this station. While Nene thinks that he’s quite tall, her friends excitedly think that could it be.. Holding a small envelope, Kunitachi says that it contains his self-introduction and contact information.

While Nene is in disbelief over why he is giving it to her, she asks if this is some penalty game. Kunitachi exclaims of course not, how it that possible. Nene apologizes and says that it is because at that side, she can see two of his friends laughing while looking at them. Kunitachi explains that those two are his childhood friends and because they are worried about him, they want to come over and check the situation.

He assures her that he absolutely won’t casually divulge his personal information over some malicious game. He bows and says, “From here on, I’m under your care [/yoroshiku].” And, from behind Kunitachi, appears Yuki. Meanwhile at the school, Junko exchanges greetings with Momoe. Junko happily tells Momoe that she saw her at the weekend party but it isn’t quite convenient to go and interrupt them. 

Momoe tries to casually say that the whole place has this happy mood around it. Junko asks if things had progressed smoothly between her and Arthur. This made Momoe surprise and blush really red. After composing herself, Momoe says that it is nothing..things are quite ordinary between them whereas for Junko and Takane, it is definitely up to that Sugar Max degree when they’ve spent the weekend together. 

Momoe thinks that for them, it would be like riding a Yamanashi roller coaster or some thunderbolt dolphin suddenly going down. Junko asks what this sugar level is, is that lovey-dovey but because until now, that guy [Takane] hates cellphone so he definitely won’t carry it. Momoe thinks that guy is such a miraculous[/rare] existence. Junko says that it is okay since he will come to the school and this is not some peaceful time counterattack. Junko continues to say Takane would always want to just talk straightforward and just go there, that’s all.
The manager calls out to Junko and says that there’s something unexpected that came up, can she bring a certain materials to the head office because she was the one who was asked to deliver it. Junko says that her teaching schedule is packed for today so she doesn’t have time. Junko thinks that it is Makoto who is asking for her from the headquarters and what is she to do for she hasn’t decided yet on how to answer him since Takane’s mood on that day seemed unsuitable to talk about work.

The manager says regarding that, she’s free at 8. Angry yet smiling, Junko says no, she has a class with Takane at that time. The manager tells her that he planned to inform her about this, too, that Takane suddenly took a leave of absence and it seems to be a long time, around half a year, so could she help Takane out with the procedure. 

Junko is surprised by this. She wonders what’s going on for she didn’t hear him mention this. Back at the station, Nene is glad that Yuki is going back to school and it seems that his mood is better now. After Kunitachi bids her goodbye, Nene says okay but her eyes are still on Yuki who is now looking at her.

After Kunitachi left, Nene thinks that Yuki is so cute and she must resolve that vicious misunderstanding. Nene approaches Yuki and greets him. She asks if he has time now since there is something that she wants to talk with him. Her friends decide that they should be going and leave those two. 

Nene is puzzled when Yuki says that at this year, there are still people who confess that way. Yuki tells her that for them to stand together like that, they are quite well-matched and from his uniform, he should be from a private school. Yuki offers to help her check out that guy since he has a friend studying there. 

Nene tries to protest but Yuki cuts her by asking what else she wants to say, it is okay for him to listen to it before the change of train. Nene finds it strange for her brain suddenly went blank when she wanted to revise his way of thinking. Yuki asks her if she wanted to ask him about how to answer that guy a while ago. Yuki says no..impossible, for one should properly think over one’s own love life issues.

While Nene is thinking that she wants to tell him that he misunderstood about her liking him, Nene Yuki asks instead why he is helping a girl whom he doesn’t like in resolving her love issues. [<- I’m not too sure if Nene mentioned this or Yuki since the speech bubble is pointing at Yuki but then, if it is Yuki, it seems like he is doing some sort of monologue throughout here. ^^;]

Raising his eyebrow, Yuki tells her not to misunderstand but he isn’t at all such a ‘nice guy’ as she imagined. He advises her that if she wants something, she only has to think of the way by herself, to be able to get it. He bids her goodbye and walks on. Nene just timidly says okay, sorry.

As Yuki disappears in the crowd, Nene thinks that it would be good if the one who confessed just now was Yuki. Then, she realizes that she has that kind of feeling and no wonder her sister is amazing for in the end, what her sister said is true.
Comment: Nene is pretty much the typical shoujo girl – timid, nice and low self-esteem. As I’ve mentioned before, she is the complete opposite of Junko and obviously, not Yuki’s type. She also won’t be ‘her’ if she tried to change and become like Junko but then, it seems that she did try. ^^; I guess this is a common dilemma = falling in love with the guy who loves someone else and not with the guy who loves you for you.

Honestly, I don’t quite like Nene because she reminds me too much of the lead character of Honey Hunt, this mangaka’s previous series because she kept on saying ‘I’m sorry’ non-stop, all throughout, that it is kind of annoying. ^^; Yuki seems to have also slightly reprimanded her to be proactive rather than being complacent. I’m not sure if he is telling her to go after him or for her to change that kind of attitude. ^^;

Actually, even if Yuki claims not to be a ‘good guy’, he is though he is probably acting that way so that Nene won’t fall deeper for him or something. Anyway, I’m amused that the sisters have a brother. I’m curious what he is like. It seems that the mangaka is expanding the cast of this series. I think Hibari has finally made her move so it would be up to Junko and Izumi to counterattack.

Since he would be gone for half a year, I wonder where Takane got ‘shipped’ off..or ah..’locked up’? ^^; Apparently, like Hibari, Izumi doesn’t care about love whatever because she is only concerned that Takane is an outstanding guy so he is a good husband material. Scans by 深雪

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