May 28, 2014

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 31]

Page 31 – LOVE SEARCHLIGHT. Nino was told by Kira’s father that Kira’s heart had stopped. Yabe and Rei were ushered by Nino’s mother to her room and they found Nino downcast while sitting on the floor. Yabe exclaims what it is, Kira isn’t dead, right? Nino tearfully says yes, after his heart stopped beating, they immediately performed heart resuscitation, and started the emergency surgery.

“Right now, they are still performing the surgery and he said that he’ll wait until it is over before he’ll contact me again.” Yabe looks flustered. Rei holds Nino’s hand and tells her that she’ll always stay here with her until the surgery is over. “Anyway, there’s no school tomorrow. I’ll call home and ask if I can always stay here.”

While Sensei looks glum, Yabe also offers to stay with them. The moon shines up the sky. The three sit on Nino’s bed and wait together. It is then, 1:20am. Tick tock. Then, it is 2:50am. Tick tock. Soon, it is sunrise. Sensei looks out the window and thinks that 10 hours had already passed. “Natural Perm.. you’re going to keep the ‘promise’ between you and me, right..”

Then, Nino’s cellphone starts ringing. Nino answers it. Her friends look worried over Nino’s expression as she says, “..yes. Is that so. Okay. Thank you.” After hanging up, Rei asks how it was. Nino says that it seems that the surgery is already over. Yabe exclaims is that true. 

Nino says, “But, he still hasn’t wake up because his sick and weak body has undergone through a surgery. Right now, he is in an extremely dangerous situation...” There is a scene of sleeping Kira hooked up onto machines. The others can only glance at Nino who felt like tearing up.
Later on, Yabe and Rei are quietly walking together. Rei wonders if Nino would be okay because next week, she’ll go to a different school so she won’t be able to be at her side. Yabe tells her that in this kind of thing, other people cannot do anything and Nino can only depend on herself. Rei looks surprised and tells Yabe that compared to what she thought, he is quite calm..

Then, her eyes widen upon seeing his expression. Yabe holds Rei’s hand and says, “Right now. *tears falling down his eyes* Right now, the only think I can do is just firmly believe and continue to draw manga.” Rei pats his head. In school, the teacher tells the students in class about an important point that they have to take note on. While everyone is busy writing, Nino only sits on her desk.

Narration: “July 9th. Is it okay for me to stay at this place?” After school dismissal, she gets a message from Kira’s father that there is no change with Kira. Nino wants to go see Kira right now. She looks at the school gate to see a guy waiting for her. Recalling him as one of the bullies before that he passed by yesterday, Nino quickly uses her bag to cover her face.

She tensely wonders why this person is here. She wonders if it is because they missed each other at that time. She starts trembling. She thinks that she’s wrong, it definitely has nothing to do with her. The guy sees her going to the opposite direction that he quickly grabs her wrist. He calls out, “Okamura Nino, right?”

She suddenly recalls how the bullies were getting ready to attack her before. She quickly pulls away and says, no. Nino runs off and the guy can only click his tongue. Flashback: Some kids are holding water guns and pails of water. Young Nino went in front of a bullied wet kid to stop them. *Still running, current Nino thinks that she obviously has already forgotten*
In a different occasion [<- since the kids and Nino are all wearing different clothes], the other kids pushed young Nino on the ground. The kid with a baseball bat stepped on Nino and said that she doesn’t have any reaction yet she would still let things go over her head[/be cocky]. The others said that she’s infuriating and right now, they would make her cry. 

Nino told him to listen to her, if he continues to do this kind of thing, in the end, he will become alone. After looking surprise, the boy smiled and said that a person who would say that kind of things existed. “I’ll let you fit in a bit, okay. *removed foot from Nino* How about it?” Everyone is sneering and laughing.

Another boy, also holding a bat, smiled and said, “It’s true. It would be good if you didn’t come and help me.” Nino is shocked to see the boy putting his hand on the shoulder of the other boy she protected before. The boy looked down on Nino and said, “The one who’ll be alone throughout life is you, stupid.” As the boy looked on with a smile, the other boy tensely held up his bat. He swung the bat and hit Nino on the head. End flashback. 

Nino stands in front of the bathroom’s mirror. She pushes up her hair fringes and looks at the scar. She thinks that looking at this right now, would still give her dark feelings. She bends down and wonders why he would appear at this time. The next day, her mother wakes Nino up and tells her that it is time to go to school and live a normal life. Nino looks indifferent.

At the bathroom, she looks at a tube of biore [facial wash] but she puts it back on the cabinet. With her hair all messy, Nino prepares to go out but her mother calls out to her about eating breakfast and she didn’t properly tidy up herself. She tells Nino that she even made bento today so wait a moment.. Nino says that there’s no need.

Her mother couldn’t say anything as Nino leaves. Sensei flies down and thinks that Nino looked ashen yesterday that maybe something else besides Kira had happened. He quickly perched by the stairs railing and thinks, “But, I have to endure..”
In class, a girl is asking Nino since when she doesn’t bring that bird along to school. She says that before, she thinks that this is better [without the bird] and actually, that made her not want to dare talk to Nino. Nino didn’t reply and just nods. The girl leaves and thinks that in the end, Nino makes her feel uncomfortable. The girl’s friend asks her what’s up.

They start gossiping that they thought Nino is more decent, her hair is all messy, her eyes still has eye crust[/rheum] on them and so dirty to death. Nino didn’t react. After school dismissal, she sees that guy again. She quickly runs off again. While catching her breath at the train station, she wonders, up to when will this continue?

“Without Kira-kun, I cannot do anything. Ever since the time we met, I’ve always acted for Kira-kun that the other things do not matter at all. “Actually.. why am I still alive?” Nino arrives home and sees a package in the mailbox. She takes it inside and wonders who it is for. By the door, her eyes widen for it is for her and it is from Kira. She quickly puts down her bag and couldn’t believe that Kira would send this before he has fallen ill.

She opens it and it is an album with a note, “Right now, I have a bit of free time so I’m going to try to write a love letter. The title is ‘Nino whom I like’.”  Flustered Nino flips through the album. One: ‘Nino together with the parrot’ and there is a picture of smiling Nino holding Sensei. Nino thinks that it is a photograph and if this is the reason why he was holding a pair of scissors before.

She flips the next page. Two: ‘Nino biting her hair while sleeping’. Three: ‘Nino trying out clothes’. Four: ‘Nino together with friend’ [Rei]. Teary-eyed Nino wonders when did Kira take so many pictures of her. There is a note, “From here on is number 5, and it is the Nino I like most.”
Puzzled Nino turns the page and looks surprised. It is pictures of her taken from behind: Nino is holding her hair while looking at the beach, Nino is getting ready to cook, Nino in sports clothes while tying her shoes, Nino is stretching in class and Nino heading upstairs in school.

Note: “Nino, did you know? Your back figure is quite beautiful and full of energy. Even if it is possible that you do not acknowledge it but in the end, Nino’s inside is really quite strong. You should feel proud of yourself being like that. Even if, later on, you’ll encounter some difficult thing, when I come back, I’ll definitely stroke your head and give you a hug. So, onward! Nino.” 

Nino’s mother notices that Nino is home. She’s puzzled over why Nino is crying. To her mother’s surprise, Nino starts to bawls out loud. Nino wonders how she could be so stupid, Kira believes in her totally without any doubts. Nino’s mother asks if it is because she’s hungry. Nino exclaims that she is hungry. Her mother says she’ll make food right now.

In her new school, Rei gets a message on her cellphone from Nino who wrote, “Rei-chan, I’m already alright. In short, I’m going to fight.” Rei is puzzled over what she meant by fight. It is another school dismissal. This time, the guy is surprised when Nino confronts him. Narration: “I will choose a way of life that will not shame the person I’ve encountered.”

And, an airplane is flying high up in the sky. At the hospital, Tiara is reading a book when someone comes in. He is surprised and says that she really came. The short haired girl says ya, because it is summer vacation so her parents agreed.

Tira thanks her and ask her to help him in watching over Kira. The girl looks down on sleeping Kira. The girl turns out to be short haired Nino. She smiles and says, “Kira-kun, I have so many things that I want to tell you.” Blurb: “Because of Kira’s words, Nino moves forward. Firmly believing and waiting for Kira to regain consciousness.”
Comment: What a timely encouragement from Kira just when Nino is pretty much regressing back to her old self. ^^ The love letter is really nice with all those pictures and telling her to move forward with a promise that he’ll come back. Even if it might be his last message, it is still full of hope and that message is just exactly what Nino needed. ^^

In a way, Yabe is also right that it is really up to Nino to cope with it and well, they cannot really say much to Nino and it does seem that it is only Kira who can say the right things to her since he is pretty much her raison d'être. Ultimately, it is indeed all up to her to face her fear/past. We finally know what happened that made her into a reclusive/anti-social person.

It is indeed traumatic for a child to help a bullied kid and in return, that kid betrayed/hurt her just for him to blend in with the others. So, who is that guy who wanted to meet her? The original bully or the bullied kid who betrayed her? My guess that it is the latter one, so he’ll probably apologize for what he did. It is also possible that it is the original bully because of what she said that he’ll be alone.

Well, we’ll probably know in the next chapter when Nino tells Kira about it. In a way, it seems that Nino is indeed finally moving on from that trauma since her hair is now originally how it was since that time. It seems like her transformation is complete. I’m not sure though what is the promise between Kira and Sensei but it does involve Kira ‘living on’.

Since Sensei is enduring from helping Nino out, I guess they want Nino to be ‘independent’ from both of them and become strong by herself. Well, that already happened with a little help from Kira, so now, it is time to wait and believe that Kira will wake up especially since Nino is now by his side. ^^ Scans by 离境

Word of the day:
One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is your faith in them. Everyone needs someone to believe in them. ‘Say to those who are fearful-hearted, “Be strong, do not fear!” Isaiah 35:4 ~ 101 mottos for success by J. Richards and M.S. Fontaine.


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  4. First of all thank you Kat for doing the summaries of this manga!I really love it and always wait for another chapter!) The chapter was really great,heartwarming and touching!The thing i loved the most was Kira's album... knowing that he is in coma,in the very bad condition and reading letter written by him made me cry. Pictures taken by him were really awesome! I admire the mangaka!He draws really well! It was very interesting flashback about Nino's past! I feel sorry for Yabe for Tiara of course for Nino.. The last page was perfect! Nino is soooo beautiful with the short hair and Kira-kun is handsome even in coma! I loved how she said that she had a lot of things to tell him and her smile was really cute and touching! I enjoyed this chapter so much especially after days of waiting! I hope to see Nino looking after Kira-kun in the next chapter also i want him to wake up and i just want more.. I hope this manga won't end soon.. do you know something about it's ending? Again thanks for your hard work i can understand the chapters because of you and i really appreciate it! :*

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    1. Hehe, is that so. Well, the scar wasn't always drawn and wasn't her fringes always at that length?

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