May 29, 2014

Free Talk: Review on Various Series

This is just a short review of the other series that I’m reading/browsing. Maybe, it might perk your interest as a potential ‘read in the future’ or ‘bug your favorite English scanlator/translator to translate it for you’. =P Well, it is somewhat of a guide on what a certain series is about and what I think of it.

Since there are some potential spoilers, this will be under the cut and tread carefully...the titles would be in bold so don’t read on if you see the title and don’t want to be spoiled.

PS. Tagboard is down so to the two whom I didn't get to finish replying..tomorrow, if it already works by then.  After this, it is back to regular programming/summarizing.

EDIT [5/31/2014]:  Ah, this is just suppose to be a preview for various series. I don't intend to make readers choose the series they want to be summarize ^^; The 'read in the future' meant for your future reading but NOT in this blog. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Currently, my list is full that I still have pending ones. If ever, I think I can accommodate Koi Toka, Kiss Toka, Karada Toka since that one is very easy to do, not yet in mangalator and I think it would be a short one. Well, I hope it will be a short one. =P EDIT 2 [6/5/2014]: From how things are going, I don't think I can accommodate it. ^^; Sorry, to those who were expecting..m(_ _)m

Anata wa Ai o Shinjimasu ka? by Arai Kiyoko. This one got me by the title, ‘Do you believe in love?’. The story is about this girl and a boy who is pretty much high school lovers and really want to marry each other..that is one day, on the day they were supposed to meet, the guy stood her up. Hence, she is broken heart. Fast forward, she is now working at her mother’s matchmaking agency, still single, and the guy re-appears in her life. Did he really stood her up or someone intervened? Will fate bring them together again? This is a josei manga and even if the premise is good..there is something lacking..probably depth? As usual from this mangaka, there are some amusing comedic stuff here.

Ani ga Imouto de Imouto ga Ani de by Kurumatani Haruko. This one is your usual ‘switch bodies’ series but this time, it is the older brother and younger sister. The thing is, the younger sister fits the older brother’s body more as she is on her quest to make her older brother fall in love with her. The premise is interesting at first. There is some comedy and there is some mature stuff = leaning on provocative, but as it progress, things seem to be dragging with not much progress. After reading the latest in Chinese, I’m hoping that this series ends already. ^^;

Ato nimo Saki nimo Kimi dake by Kawakami Chihiro. This is one of those series wherein the girl is really a pushover, weak, etc but she really loves the guy is a total jerk who has two timed her..something. Actually, I didn’t read the earlier chapters and only started to really read it after they graduate from high school and are now in college wherein the guy starts to appreciate the overly loyal girlfriend. He starts to change around this time. And, I was interested at the girl’s friend who got pregnant for fooling around. I think that was rare in shoujo since she was forced to give up on college. This series has already ended in Japan and based on the recent Chinese scanlations, this is heading towards a happy ending for everyone. Well, this is a series that I’m surprised that it went on for such a long time and even touched on their college life.

Bread & Butter by Ashihara Hinako. This is a josei series and a very nice one. The girl has been working as a teacher but seems to be bored had some serious trouble with it that she is wondering if this is for her. She decides to get married but her miai-s failed due to not knowing what she wants. She stumbled upon this guy who has a bread bakery. And, out of the blue, she thought that she wants to be with this guy – eating with him together, that she blurts out if he wants to marry her. To her surprise, the guy agrees to it. So, the story seems to be about making things work between them. Aside from her seemingly naiveté, he seems to have some issues with his ex who left him since he was too busy at work before. This seems to be a bit of slice-of-life series.

Chocolate Junkie by Tsutsui Asahi. This is another josei wherein ugly girl is bullied by a classmate that she ran away from him. He tracked her down and made her life a part of his again. =P Is it just bullying as she thought, or it is something else? Well, this is more on comedy. It is a good read even if the guy is a super S and the girl is kind of weak-clueless type. This has already ended in Japan.

Doutei Kyoushi no Fumajime na Nichijou by Watanabe Shiho. This is somewhat ero and I think of it as Faster Than A Kiss: more matured version. The teacher is a virgin and the girl is quite horny =P So instead of kiss, this is more on the girl wanting to get him on bed but it kept on being postponed and he wants to do it after she graduates. Even if the plot is like that and the girl is your typical stupid girl, this girl has a ‘heart’ and ‘personality’ that makes everyone love and approve of her. ^^ There is some comedy and also a slight depth to the series like the guy getting ready of the possibility that she’ll leave him later on since it might just be just some ‘crush’. This series is episodic [no cliffhangers] though continuous. I think it is a good read though this rate somewhat low for Chinese readers.

Hanamichi Oni by Sakurada Hina. This is set in Edo time at Yoshiwara. The guy is somewhat of a fortune teller who can show you what will happen if you ‘get your wish’ but of course, ‘what you wish for might not exactly what you’ll get’. The first two chapters are pretty good with that premise which is similar with her oneshot, the Mermaid Witch. I like that story. The chapters after that, are focusing on the young prostitute and her somewhat weird suitor. Not that enjoyable though. Even if it is somewhat weird and it tries to be funny, it shows the dark side of life at Yoshiwara.

Hanamusubi by Minamitani Iku. This is about a guy who is into ikebana/flower arranging but quit due to various reasons. Now, he is send off to help at a traditional inn and is somewhat forced to re-discover/admit his love for ikebana when he fell in love with one of the helpers at the inn. It is okay at first though it seems to lose something as it progresses that I’m not too interested anymore. ^^; I think this has already ended in Japan.

Hatsu Haru by Fujisawa Shizuki. To his shock, playboy guy, who is easily beaten up by a female childhood friend whom he cannot win against, realize that he has fallen for her just when he realized that she has an unrequited love for the teacher. Actually, he knows that it isn’t exactly unrequited love at all. So, this is more like the ‘other guy’ in those teacher-student romances. Will he just give up or will he fight on? The story is okay and is interesting since this is more on the ‘other guy’. Somewhat like Pin to Kona. And, will he get the girl.  

Henyoku no Labyrinth by Kumagai Kyoko. This is one mangaka who can make chibi guys look good/cool. ^^ The story is about girl who is depressed about the one she likes, because he is lovers with her older sister so she passed through time with the help of a key and gets to re-do the past..though it seems like she isn’t too happy with the guy she likes..and someone else seems to be better. Somehow, I feel that this series is going to be a short one since there aren’t many places to be explored here and it is a bit predictable. I’m interested though in the chibi guy and the girl’s best friend since they seem to be the smart ones here and I wonder if they are going to pit against each other regarding what’s good for the lead girl. Well, I assume that is where the mangaka is going. The Chinese scans are delayed for this one so I’m reading this at mangalator.

Ichirei Shite, Kiss by Kaga Yakko. This is about kyudo/archery wherein male kouhai falls in love with female senpai. What he sees in her..ah, it must be love because she is one of those weak-always crying typical female heroine. =P The longer I read this, the more I wonder why I’m reading this. So, coinciding with no new Chinese scans, I’m no longer reading this. ^^;

Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi by Tanemura Arina. With this series, the mangaka changed the way she draws her eyes and I’m not quite used to it. The ‘cuteness’ is gone. Anyway, this is a series about elementary kid cousin who managed to ‘steal away’ his cousin from her senpai and succeed. And, this is one of those unbelievable cases for the elementary kid acts pretty mature and he really an elementary kid? I’m not too fond of this series at first because of the age gap though, actually, it is around 4-5 years old I think since the kid is in grade 5 and the girl is in first year, I think. As I read, I think it is okay. Right now, it is currently at old crush came back and wants to break up the two.

Kasane by Matsuura Daruma. The story is about ugly girl..probably inspired by the horror youkai, split mouth baba, who is always bullied especially since her mother is a famous beautiful actress. She finds out/remembers the secret of her mother and is using it to be on the spotlight. The first part is ‘bully gets what she deserves’. The second part is kind of sad that she kept on with her ‘old thinking’ when someone tried to be genuinely nice to her. The English scanlation stopped there. If I have time, I might read this in Chinese even if I would prefer to read this in English. So far, the story is gripping that I’m curious how things will turn out for her.

Kitsune no Yomeiri by Chiyori. The story is a forbidden love between a high school girl and a human-shifting fox. The chapters are short but nice.

Koisuru Harinezumi by Hinachi Nao. This one is about hedgehog-personality type of guy whom girl tries to help out and somewhat falls in love with. This doesn’t have much impact since my recollection of this series is a bit hazy. ^^; So, still checking out if things get better or well, one of those forgettable shoujos.

Koi Toka, Kiss Toka, Karada Toka by Chiba Kozue. This is already in its second season. The story is girl falls for player-jerk guy who is like that because of mother issues. This is somewhat like a poor man’s version of Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu. I think the second season is just for them to have sex because of the title. ^^; is an okay read.
Kuro Hakushaku wa Hoshi o Mederu by Oto Hisamu. The mangaka is back to her ‘European past’ setting and this time, it is about a half-vampire girl who is going to marry a vampire hunter. They are doing it for their own reasons. He is going to help her find her brother who went missing after going with the nobles, iirc. And, she is going to help him find out which humans are actually vampires so that he can hunt them. The premise is interesting though most likely, it would be about how the two fall in love with each other.

Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai by Makino. Girl has a makeover and falls in love with ‘White Prince’-type of guy who is always with a ‘Black Prince’-type of guy. She always gets in trouble with black prince. Even if they don’t get along, it seems that they are falling in love with each other..well, he is and I think she is still somewhat clueless about it since her eyes are still on White Prince.

Nanoka no Kare by Tekkotsu Saro and Toumori Miyoshi. Girl has a somewhat traumatic junior high love. She finds a junior high student doing the opposite of what her ex did before. So, she confesses and falls in love with him. So, the story seems to be about moving on from the past or at least, putting a proper end to that, and then falling in love again. Some scenes are nice though the girl is typically weak and always crying type but with her stronger friend, I’m hoping for some character development.

P to JK by Miyoshi Maki. Girl pretends to be an adult in a goukon and ends up falling in love with a policeman. Policeman realizes that she is a minor..and so far, tries to stop her advances though..he is still concerned about her..falling in love with her? Hm..this is a variation of the usual teacher-student shoujo series.

QQ Sweeper by Motomi Kyousuke. Guy likes to clean. Girl wants to marry someone rich. He is in charge of cleaning the ‘hearts’ of people by going through some dimensional door to clean things up along with some insects. She seems to have the power to help him with his job. And, I guess they will be working together and falling in love with each other later on.

ReRe Hello by Minami Touko. This is a nice series wherein the girl is helping out some rich guy, who has moved out of his house, in preparing his meals. Of course, just with that, they slowly fall in love. This is different from the usual since they are not in the same school. Things aren’t that dragging with the ‘problems’ usually with some jealous girls around = it doesn’t take too long to resolve things and move along as their relationship progresses.

Rokka Melt - Fiance wa Yukiotoko by Toma Rei. Girl is engaged with one of the snow guys..choose one of the two brothers. She seems to click more with the younger brother, black haired guy whose ice powers are strong but he is unable to control it. This is more light compared to her previous series, Reimei no Arcana. First few is about getting used to each other with snow guys in city then, it is vice-versa of her going to their village. So far, it is okay.

Seifuku de Vanilla Kiss by Yamagmi Rina. Cutey always crying and weak lead girl falls in love with cold guy who seems to be interested in her but he also seems to have a ‘special relationship’ with his stepmother. Due to the stepmother’s ailment, they might be going for a ‘fake boyfriend-girlfriend’ thing so things might progress along that premise.

Stella to Mille Feuille by Watanabe Kana. Rich kid lives in a small poor apartment because of some disagreement with his father. He starts to fall in love with an older woman neighbor though somewhat clueless about it. The art here is somewhat hard to look at since it seems messy-incomplete. The story is okay though I’m not too sure if he’ll get the girl but I’m hoping that his character would have development.

Sumika Sumire by Takanashi Mitsuba. Girl followed what her parents wanted – she quit high school to take care of/help out her parents and everything. Then, after her mother died, she is 60 years old, alone and full of regrets. She somehow managed to summon some ‘black cat creature’ from a folded wall divider and wished to turn back time. The creature became a guy and made her young again. Their deal is for her to fall in love with someone so that he can free someone or be totally free of the curse. Anyway, the woman has a crush on a young nice guy in a high school that she gets to finally have a high school life. The creature guy helps her with her love life and there are those instances wherein she is ‘acting older = not used to technology’ which are kind of amusing. So far, a good read if you don’t mind the huge age gap.

Tsubasa to Hotaru by Haruta Nana. Originally, I’m not too interested with the plot – basketball, become manager to be with the guy who was nice to her. Things are getting a bit interesting since she is now going to confess. Actually, I find the guy’s friend interesting because of how good he is at reading that other girl’s true motive. So far, the mangaka is avoiding the dragging ‘love triangle’ thing. =P


  1. Anata wa Ai o Shinjimasu ka? by Arai Kiyoko.
    Hatsu Haru by Fujisawa Shizuki
    Bread & Butter by Ashihara Hinako
    i would like this!!!

  2. Anata wa Ai o Shinjimasu ka?
    Bread & Butter
    Chocolate Junkie
    Doutei Kyoushi no Fumajime na Nichijou
    Nanoka no Kare
    P to JK
    QQ Sweeper

    The mangas I list caught my attention. Thanks for post different title and tell us what each manga's plot. Have a lovely day! <3 Tika

    1. By the way, you should read Shitsuren Chocolatier by Mizushiro Setona. Souta, who's attending a confectionary school, is in a relationship with Saeko, a girl one year older than him. He fell in love at first sight with her four years ago, and right before Christmas last year, they finally had their first kiss. Because his girlfriend really loves chocolate, every day, Souta tries to polish his chocolate-making skills. Even when his girlfriend smells like cigarettes although she doesn't smoke, even when she turns down his invitation to a date on Valentine's day, he's still not broken-hearted at all, and he still continues to love her after he made an valentine gift for his girlfriend, and give it to her, but she told him that she is seeing her ex boyfriend. After that, he decide to go Paris to learn how to be a best chocolatier in order to win his now-ex girlfriend's love. Also there is like love quadrangle in this manga. This manga was nominated for the 4th Manga 2011 Taisho Awards. There is a tv show drama about this manga, and its called heartbroken Chocolatier. <3 Tika

    2. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, too, Tika ^-^

      I know of Shitsuren Chocolatier. I've read a few chapters then check out the more recent chapters in Chinese..he is still fixated with that girl and even temporarily lived with him when she seems to be having problems with her husband. There is also too much dialogue that I don't read it anymore. Anyway, I think he'll still end up with that girl in the end. =P

    3. Yeah I had a feeling that he will still end up with that girl, but I hope he will be with Elena. You have no idea how much Souta pissed me off! I heard that Vol 8 will be last for this manga. So, if its true then I cannot wait for this manga to end. This manga cause me too much angst feelings!!! <3 Tika

    4. Is that so..Tika. I didn't get to the part of knowing who Elena is. ^^; *checks on net* Okay, seems to be a model who also likes Souta. some way, I think Souta deserves that girl. ^^;;

  3. hatsu haru
    nanoka no kare

  4. Wow, Kat. =) This is incredible I guess I am considered a junkie because I'd read all of your recommendations - at least try. The josei one's were most interesting.
    Thank you for all your summaries and comments.

  5. I saw the raws of ReRe hello but I don't know what are they saying so I hope you
    Could you translate it.

    Anyway, thanks for all the summaries that you make

    Have a nice day,

    Isabel \(^o^)/

    1. Hm..for now, no, Isabel.

      Rere hello..I did wanted to do that before but the English scanlation is quite updated with it before. Now, I don't think I can accommodate it.

    2. Awwww. Really ?

      It's not updated, Kat .

    3. Well...way before when it is still somewhat new...megaworthit...but now..not anymore. ^^;

  6. I really love Kasano!!
    I really do, the English scanlations stopped so you lit the stars in my eyes when you mentioned that series! I really hope to see more!
    I even like the summaries for other series, always a fun read.

    As always, thanks Kat!

    ~ from fruityLOVE

    1. Kasane*
      Heh oops!
      Love the cover art too. :)

    2. Is that so, fruityLove ^^

      Well, it is a genre that most people are not fond of.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup, the cover is what got my attention =P

  7. Nanoka no Kare★
    Koi Toka, Kiss Toka, Karada Toka ★
    these 2 are really amazing story *

  8. Nanoka no kare
    Henyoku no Labyrinth
    ReRe Hello

    Thank you!!!

  9. P to JK
    ReRe Hello
    Nanoka no Kare

  10. Kat, except for 2 or 3, your list is good.

    I guess I have to list down my preferences, just for your perusal. But before I do that, there's one in the list that made me scream and run away after reading it. Well, it's Ato nimo Saki nimo Kimi dake. There are so many more worthy to spend your precious time on, so I beg you. * sweat * The main guy here is one of the worst MC in the whole shojo world. Since you've actually gone a bit far in your reading, ( college ) this guy has already cheated at Chapter 2. By Chapter 12, he has cheated 6 times, all by his own initiative ( goes to the other girl's room to have sex with her, even though he already has a GF ) . Almost all the readers of one site have dropped this manga.

    Anyway, my preferences are the ff:

    1. RERE HELLO * hearts *
    3. TSUBASA to HOTARU * hearts *
    4. KOI TAKA, KISS TAKA, KARADA TAKA I like this because of the main girl, or the story itself, so far. I don't know if I like the main guy. He's such a playboy, not the playboy kind that 's just friendly and flirty with girls....... he actually makes out heavily with his current " sex friend" at the rooftop. He makes the main girl his GF, but looks like he has not stopped seeing that girl. But I'm still interested.
    5. P to JK Looks interesting
    6. Seifuku de Vanilla Interesting too. Wait, that " other " girl is his stepmother? Ohhhh-kay. Bring it , kat ! ^ ^
    7. Chocolate Junkie Interesting...... except I really don't like it if the main girl is described as " ugly".
    8. Bread and Butter Interesting Josei.
    9. Anata wa Ai o Shinjimasu ka? Interesting, although from your summary, what the guy did was unforgivable. Not only did the girl got dumped, she was abandoned, and disappeared for years, neeha neeho..... and met accidentally after so many years. Wait ! is he looking for a bride at the main girl's matchmaking business ?
    10. KOUSURU HARINZUMI * hearts * But looks like there's going to be some major heartbreak
    11. Doutei Kyoushi xxxxx..... ....... sounds interesting. Your summary reminds me of Otona no Jikan, also a student-teacher relationship, but this time, it's the teacher who's a bit horny. ^ ^

    1. Lol, megaworthit. I know that series is awful and I didn't even read the part what you've read. =P I have seen the Chinese comments that I totally skipped all those chapters. It is only recently, out of curiosity, I've checked it out because I wonder how come it is so awful and everything, it is still running in Japan...though it has already ended now. So, I stumbled on the part when they graduated high school and best friend is pregnant. I got curious about the pregnant best friend. It is ending in around 2-3 chapters in Chinese so I would probably finish it.

      Thanks for your comment ^^

      About Anata wa, well, ya...and he also thinks the same. =P I think this might be a short series..possible for it to end in 3 chapters.

      By the way, I recognize the artwork of Otona no Jikan. Does she used to write ero? These days, her last and current manga are quite 'wholesome' in Petit magazine.

    2. I have no idea. But since I've become a bit obssessed on Otona no Jikan, I've become quite familiar with the style. So, okay, Otona 's not really very shy on a few stuff, but it's tasteful, and the "scenes" are needed.... and romantic, too.

    3. I see, megaworthit. ^-^

    4. Oh, by the way, I understand you don't do mahnwas... ha ha.... i think it would be too much to expect you to know Korean, too, he he he

      If only I could find mangas in Spanish. I can translate it... not that I'm good at Spanish, but I can understand, and speak it a little. I guess they don't scanlate mangas in Spanish. ha ha

    5. is too much..megaworthit =P Nope, I cannot read a single Korean word.

      Hm..I think that are Spanish scanlators. Have you tried google? Unless you mean Korean ones. ^^;

    6. I found "raws" of LDK in Spanish. I was so happy because the group translating have suddenly stopped , and although they have resumed, it's very sporadic . No matter, I've actually lost the interest. I really think the author should start to wind it down already. I still read when it's there, but I'm like, " oh, there's a new one, * reads*, okay done. I actually like the other guy, but , I suppose it's never ever gonna happen anymore when the main guy's sister and the other guy that I like have become intimate already. So, he's totally out of the picture.

    7. I see, megaworthit.

      Hm..lost interest more on the plot isn't moving or because the other guy whom you like is already committed to someone else?

    8. No. I have lost interest not because the other guy who deserves to be with Aoi more is totally out of the picture now, but because the author has been adding so many side stories, like that girl he knew from middle school. I don't know what the drama was all about . All Aoi had to do was tell her Shuusei is already taken, and they are living together, so, go away. The author had to write in such convoluted plotline just to aggravate the readers.

      Wait, am I spoiling you ? " checks out LDK " here

    9. I see.

      No problem, I don't mind being spoiled about that series.

  11. I really love the story of sensei kunshu. I wish you could translate the story of sensei kunshu.

    1. Sorry, I don't read that series..I think I only browsed the first chapter but didn't get into it.

  12. I really love Nanoka no Kare. Japanese scans is already at chapter 11 and looking forward to the next. I also find Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi to be very interesting. And I feel I already read Hatsu Haru's chapter 1 but can't remember the story. I too like Ani ga Imouto de Imouto ga Ani de but it's only somehow. Well, I like ReRe Hello and Tsubasa to Hotaru even if it's like the typical shoujo stories. Hahaha. Also have you read the new manga of Fujiwara Hiro (mangaka of KWMS)? I think it's very interesting. Yuki wa Jigoku ni Ochiru no Ka is the title.

    And with all the blabs I just said, which of those mangas will you going to summarize? :)

    1. True..there is a translation in mangalator for Nanoka no Kare though there are some discrepancies there so I'm waiting for the Chinese scans instead.

      I have browsed that new series..ah, too much dialogue and I don't care for the characters. It is amusing though when the lead girl awakened. ^^

      Hm..sorry, none. I do want to summarize some of those but for now, I cannot accommodate more new ones.

    2. Oh is that so? Well, you do really have a lot of mangas to summarize. And I (as well as others, maybe, of course) am grateful for it.

      Truthfully, I was the one translated Nanoka no Kare in mangalator. Hahaha. I know I have some mistakes. (Sorry about that!) It's not like I wanted to be praised or anything but it's just I became too excited and translated it myself even with fact that I took only 2 Japanese language classes (and both are basic). Hahaha.

      Well, about Nanoka no Kare, who are you rooting for? Hahaha. (I'm asking even though I have kinda hunch who it is. HAHAHA)

      About Jigoku ni Ochiru, I'm grateful to the owner of both raffmanga and mangalator. (It's the same maker, right?) I'm really excited to the next chapter of it. But it seems that the owner still haven't got hold of the LaLa magazine.

    3. Indeed...and well, I would want to do more but then, this much is somewhat hard to juggle around. you're the translator. Wow..only two classes. Nevertheless, it is good work. As mentioned, it is only some discrepancies based on the Chinese scanlation. Gambatte ^^

      Hm..currently, the new guy since I think the girl has a bit of problem dealing with a guy who doesn't say what's he really thinks/feels. She is already timid and naive so I don't think she can handle a guy wherein she has to read between the lines to figure him out. Well, that was the impression I got from her ex-boyfriend from chapter 9. =P

      I think it's the same or it is a sister site. Is that so. Well, if you are curious what I meant about the awakening, you can browse through the Chinese scans here: It is at the near end.

    4. I also like Hayata. Though I believe that Nanoka's relationship back then didn't became good is because both of them are at fault.

      Thanks with the link.

    5. Is that so. ^^

      I agree. And from the looks of things, she is starting to move on and he hasn't yet.

      No problem ^^

  13. ReRe Hello by Minami Touko
    Rokka Melt Fiance wa Yukiotoko by Toma Rei

  14. Thank you for all but Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru story- Do you have some news ?

    1. You're welcome. This coming week, I might be able to summarize another chapter.

    2. thank you- my list

      -KOI TOKA...
      -P TO JK
      do what you want translate - thank you for consulting

    3. You're welcome. ^^

      Currently, I cannot handle any more summaries..actually, I want to trim it down a bit. ^^;

  15. ReRe Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Woohoooi, pleaseee...that one is interesting! Funny and Simple...and kinda fresh

  16. Would you ever consider summarizing Haru Meguru? I think the summary of what the story is about on English websites is misleading though. The summary talks about a girl who attempts to commit suicide due to bullying but that's not what the whole story is about. It actually focuses on multiple characters. I hope you get to read a couple chapters of the story before making your decision.

    1. I have read the first seems to be about 'sick people' and I already got Kyou no Kira-kun so I passed on it.

  17. koi toka kiss toka please

  18. omg my heart literally dropped when I saw koi toka kiss toka karada toka. I hope you summarize it I love the first two chapters

  19. Rere hello
    koi toka , kiss toka, karada toka

    Those were the only two that caught my attention :) Hopefully you would summarize both :) Thanks Kat for summarizing and everything you do :)

    1. Hehe, is that so, Lily.

      Hm..probably only the latter one. Thanks for reading ^-^

  20. Yay! I am so glad you are considering to summarize Koi toka, Kiss Toka, Karada Toka. I emailed you about it awhile ago and I hope you do consider it. I love it and I am sure other people will as well.

    1. Hehe..even if you misunderstood the reason for this review..well, ya, it is currently being considered, Stephanie.

  21. Rere hello
    QQ sweeper
    Tsubasa to hotaru please!!

  22. waaah, thanks Kat! I think I will try read all manga after my test is finish hehehe
    I have one recommendation for you, soredemo sekai wa utsukushii, I don't know why I fell in love with the series so much.
    it's really interesting because the publisher hana yume afterall.

    I just don't want read josei for now, it's not I don't like it but... I don't like if the protagonist hurt too much. if you read ane no kekkon you will know it! by the way, thanks kat!


    1. Good luck with your test, Ai ^-^

      I have read the first chapter. Not too interested...plan to watch the anime but with everything, I still haven't managed to do that ;_;

      I have seen that title around but didn't get into reading it..I recall I browsed a few chapters in Chinese before and I totally forgot what it is about except based on the title, 'sister's marriage'. ^^;;

      You're welcome ^-^

  23. Kat, may I ask - are all these recommendations in Chinese scanlations only or some of them are available in English? I dont mind reading chinese but I m not sure how to find them.

    1. Some are available in English or try mangalator where some are also translated on raws.

      fangorn, check the Chinese scanlations' links here:

    2. oooh thanks...I will take a look :)

  24. Kat im begging you pretty please. Bread and butter is the best lol love you ������

    1. Ya, that one is really nice so far but unfortunately, Faduma..I currently cannot pick up any new ones.

  25. Kat, please do summaries on Tsubasa to Hotaru. Pleaseee.

    1. Sorry, Theressa, I don't like it that much to summarize it.

  26. I really like Ichirei Shite, Kiss though. T^T