November 22, 2013

Mairunovich [Chapter 65]

Fuyu looks at what he has written ‘-> falls in love with Fuyu and goes steady with Fuyu’. His classmate is shouting if they saw his three-point shot. Cap guy calls out, “Fumin-chan, did you see that just now-!?” This made Fuyu quickly tears up the paper and throws it into the waste basket. While his friend is puzzled, Fuyu thinks, “Ha? What kind of gross thing did I just write? Isn’t it like that I’m in love with a mushroom-type of girl? *pause* That’s such an impossible thing!! Fundamentally, impossible!!”

While washing the dishes, Mairu shivers as if someone is saying bad things about her. Her cellphone rings and it is Tenyuu. After answering the phone, Tenyuu asks if she’s free now, there are some things that he wanted to tell her so can she come out for a while. Putting a coat on, Mairu says yes. Tenyuu tells her that he’s heading towards her place from the station. 

Mairu agrees to go there and meet him midway. While on the phone, she meets up with Tenyuu at the street. After they hang up the phone, Mairu wonders what he wanted to tell her. To her surprise, Tenyuu tells her that he saw her at the aquarium yesterday. Tenyuu sighs and says that he saw her from the corner of his eye and geez, why is Fuyu also there.

Since they are found out, Mairu apologizes to him. Tenyuu says that since they followed them, that means Fuyu had, more more or less, told her about it. Mairu apologizes to him again. Tenyuu tells her that it is totally alright, because he also wanted to report to her those things when the time comes. Mairu thinks that she feels that his tone is quite serious. 

Mairu is surprised when Tenyuu tells her that Momo had told him yesterday that she hopes to reconcile with him. “Momo will give me a week to properly think about it. If the answer is YES, she said that after a week, I’ll go to her photography room.” Mairu nervously asks if he still likes Momo right now. 

Tenyuu admits that right now, he also doesn’t quite know. “But, if she divorced because of me, I must bear the responsibility for it. So..I want to go steady with Momo-san once again. *Mairu is stunned* And, that’s what’s going on. Sorry for specially making you come out here. I’m sorry for explaining things when it reached up to this stage. *smiles* It’s quite cold outside, quickly go home. Bye-bye.”

And he left Mairu who is stunned and confused about this taking responsibility thing, etc. Countdown: There are still 6 days before Tenyuu and Momo start going steady again. At school, Mairu is still stunned. While the dismissal bell rings, Mairu heads to the shoe lockers.

Since yesterday, her brain kept on repeatedly thinking about it over and over and over again but she still doesn’t know what she should do. Divorce is a heavy issue so she understands what Tenyuu is telling her and even if she knows, it always feels quite uncomfortable in her heart. She sighs for it means that she’s still quite helpless.
Her thoughts are interrupted by girls asking who that handsome guy is. That uniform should be from some ‘intergrated junior high to high school[?]’ elite school so not only he is handsome, he’s intelligent, too. One of the girls wants to marry that kind of person. The other girl says that he definitely came to meet with his girlfriend. 

Mairu looks out and is surprised that it is Fuyu. At the gate, Mairu goes to him and asks why he came. Is he waiting for someone, and would he want her to help him call that person? She is puzzled when Fuyu says that he is waiting for her. Fuyu says that he came to confirm her condition so let him see her face.

While Mairu is puzzled, Fuyu imagines Mairu as a mushroom head. Sparkling Fuyu lets her go and says, the end, she’s only a mushroom.. He stretches and says okay, it’s alright, yes, totally wrong though actually he knew it early on. He says that he is okay now, he’s going home, bye-bye. Mairu seems to want to call out to him when Fuyu suddenly turns to look at her.

He tells her, “Your eyes below had super amazing black circles, Maimai-chan. Is it about Tenyuu again? I’ll only listen to you for a while, okay?” Mairu is moved into tears. She exclaims that she’ll leave it up to him. Fuyu complains that if he knew early on, he wouldn’t have come. At a café, Mairu is made to treat Fuyu to a sundae, pie and cake.

While Mairu thinks that it is all desserts, Fuyu tells her that it conforms to Tenyuu’s way of handling things, very honest and serious like a good kid. “Speaking of that, since Tenyuu already decided that, then isn’t it good to just let them deal with it themselves? After all, it is the conclusion that he came up with after thinking about it.” 

Mairu thinks that is right, since Tenyuu wants to do that, there’s no need for her to be this distressed but in the end, she feels uneasy, but no, after all, there’s no problem with the person himself, no, but.. Seeing her dark mood, Fuyu says that she is still at a loss. “Maimai-chan, what do you think of Tenyuu’s decision?”

After looking surprised, Mairu recalls him telling her that he’ll take responsibility. Mairu sadly says that she doesn’t want to see Tenyuu get hurt. After a pause, Fuyu quickly devours all the food. Wiping his mouth, Fuyu says he knows already, and he’ll go think of something. As Fuyu leaves to say that he’s full, Mairu is shock that he has finished eating all that. She turns to look but Fuyu has already left.

While walking, Fuyu grumbles over Mairu only knowing about Tenyuu, Tenyuu, Tenyuu, Tenyuu. Flustered and frowing, Fuyu thinks what, and it is rare for him to go see her, stupid mushroom. While paying, Mairu is surprised that the bill is 4700 yen. She wonders what method would Fuyu think of and how to do it. 5 days before Tenyuu and Momo start going steady again.
Comment: This chapter makes me think of people who are so fixated with the person whom they lopsidedly like that they did not notice a potential partner right in front of them. =P And, apparently, Fuyu seems to be in some sort of denial that he has fallen for Mairu.

It seems that it is because she is a ‘mushroom’, or perhaps, unconsciously, it is because she only thinks of Tenyuu. Nevertheless, Fuyu decides to reluctantly give her hand. Of course, I think he already got his payment when Mairu treat him with those desserts =P As for Tenyuu, I guess he isn’t that sure how to feel about Momo’s proposal but for divorcing because of him, I guess that is enough for him to give Momo a second chance.

As a friend or someone in love with Tenyuu, it is understandable that Mairu feels uneasy about it. Maybe aside from her love for him being nipped from the bud, Tenyuu might get hurt badly if Momo leaves him up in the air again like before. So, Fuyu would probably help her in easing those worries. that I think of it, maybe aside from ‘looking good’/points to win Mairu for what he’s doing for her, it also helps that Fuyu is somewhat hastening the Tenyuu issue with Mairu so that she can move on. It is for his advantage yet, risky if Mairu ends up with Tenyuu because of whatever help he’ll do. Scans by 工作室 

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  1. I feel that Momo-san is a terrible adult. She is playing heart games with a teenage boy. To tell someone that you divorced because of/for that person is horrible emotion manipulation. I don't like Momo-san at all.

    1. I totally agree with you!! It pisses me off how unrealistically immature and horrible Momo-san is. Plus, not to mention she's an adult, so she should have the mindset of one. Well, at least now I know who I'll be cheering for from now on~ Go Fuyu-kun!! I'm all eyes for you! ♥ :')

    2. @Anonymous

      Is that so. didn't occur to me that it was heart games. ^^;; Indeed, it can be viewed that way.

    3. @stari

      Ya..though from the flashbacks, I get the impression that she is 'childish' so I don't expect her to act like an adult.

      Hehe, well, I hope it works out with Fuyu..I'm summarizing this series because of him =P

  2. Thank you for the summary!!!!

  3. Thank you! thank you!!

  4. Thank you, really nice summary ^^

  5. so do you think mairu will end up with tenyuu or Fuyu?

    1. Hehe, well, I HOPE it is Fuyu =P

      Since I've skipped a lot of chapters, I cannot say how deep is her relationship with Tenyuu is but according to Tenyuu, he thinks of her as a 'daughter' = to be taken care of.