November 23, 2013

17-sai Kiss to Dilemma [Chapter 19]

Narration: “Riri, she is very nice that no matter what headstrong[/stubborn] thing I say, she would say, ‘It really cannot be help when it comes to you’. When I said, ‘Be my girlfriend’ is also like this. So, I’m very afraid. Does she really like me..” At the beach, Yuu hugged Ririka and said that he has finally found her.

After calling his name, Ririka closes her eyes and pushes him away. She shouts no, she doesn’t want to touch Yuu who had kiseed Minami. While Ririka is running towards the stairs, Yuu calls out to her. He is surprised that his legs are trembling because he has been walking for a long time. He still runs after her and tells her that it is a misunderstanding, he didn’t kiss her.

This made Ririka turn to look at him. Recalling what she has seen, she wants to believe him but.. She turns away and thinks that she is afraid of believing him. Ririka slips on the wet floor. She falls down and her snowflake necklace falls down the sea. She tries to grab it when Yuu shouts, be careful[/danger]!!

And, Ririka falls down into the water. Yuu looks down to see that Ririka floating facedown in the water. Yuu quickly strips his upper clothes and dives into the water. Flashback: Young Ririka promised teary-eyed Yuu with a pinkie promise that she won’t leave him all alone. “I’ll always be with you!” Yuu smiled. End flashback.

Narration: “This is the promise that I and Yuu made when we were young. Unknowingly when I think of always being together, I’ve become--..” Ririka opens her eyes. Yuu helps her up and asks if she’s awake. Ririka coughs a bit. Yuu exclaims if she is alright and did she drank the water.

Yuu is flustered when Ririka starts crying. Thinking for him not to be so kind to her, she pushes him away again and tells him not to touch her, she doesn’t know him. Yuu hugs her tightly. Ririka complains that it hurts so let go.
Then, she notices that Yuu is trembling. Yuu tells her that if it makes her misunderstand, then he won’t play chess ever again. Trying to look at him, Ririka asks what he said. She is surprised to see him blushing when he exclaims that she basically didn’t know how much he likes her. “You didn’t know how happy I am when you said that you like me...

...You don’t know how estatic I am the first time you allowed me to kiss you. You basically didn’t know.” This made her look flustered. She turns away and mutters, what that is..for he’s the one who doesn’t know. “I’m always very uneasy. You unexpected became quite cool, so popular.. I’m..always very worried and very afraid, whether nor not, a girl who suits you better..would appear..”

This made Yuu blush. He grabs her chin and kisses her. She pushes him away. He kisses her again. Blushing Ririka shouts for him not to be like that. Yuu says that it’s because she’s too cute. Freaking out, Ririka says what cute he is talking about, it shouldn’t be said right now, and at this time. Yuu hugs her and says, “, too. I’m always very uneasy... Because I’m always very afraid that it is because you’re so nice to me that you agreed to my ‘request’ to become my girlfriend.”

Ririka exclaims that it isn’t like that. Yuu smiles and says, “-Ya. I’m at ease now because our feelings are the same. *wipes her face* I’m sorry for hurting you. *puts head on her forehead* From today on, I won’t hide anything from you again.” Blushing Ririka looks at him and thinks that merely using words cannot express her feelings and it is such an unbearable situation so definitely--

She leans to him and mutters something. Yuu says, “Huh!?” He blushes really red for Ririka had said, “If you want a kiss, lower your head, okay?” Yuu lowers his head. As the moon looks down on them, Ririka kisses him. Narration: “It’s truly baffling that with only lips touching the other’s lips, one can explain the feelings that one cannot use words to convey-” They smile at each other.
Just as they are kissing[?] again, Ririka’s cellphone is ringing. While he leans his head on her shoulder, Yuu chuckles and says that ringtone is from her mother. “It is already late so let’s go home.” He is puzzled when Ririka tightly holds on to his jacket. Blushing Ririka tells him that she still doesn’t want to go home. “I want to be together with you.”

She hugs him tight. This somewhat surprised him. He tells her that his parents have gone travelling. “ you want to go to my house?” She nods. This made Yuu blush really red. In Yuu’s bedroom, Ririka seems to have just taken a bath. She is drying her hair with a towel. She walks back and forth, then blushes really red.

She sits down on the bed and thinks that she is so nervous when obviously she went to his house a lot of times and before, she even slept over. She becomes nervous again when the door opens. Yuu comes in with his hair somewhat wet. This made Ririka scolds him for not drying his hair. “Come over and sit here!!”

Yuu did as told. As she uses her towel to dry his hair, Ririka tells him to dry his hair.. Then, she notices that his ear is really red. This surprises her that she also blushes. This made Yuu calls out to her. He looks up just when Ririka is looking at him. Ririka blushes and says, that.. Yuu cannot hold it anymore and attacks Ririka.

He kisses her and licks her chin. Ririka tells him to wait. Yuu is shaken to see Ririka’s sexy look since her coat is partially exposing her chest. Yuu grabs it which made her say that it hurts. This made Yuu back away. He apologizes for failing to control himself. “You’re afraid, right?” This made her blush. She hugs him tight and says, “’s alright. If it’s you, I’m not a bit afraid..”

Then, her coat is on the floor. Blurb: “Giving everything to you..even if it is [my] body..!! Next, became an adult!? Last chapter!!”
Comment: Ah..for a while there, I almost thought Yuu would drown there since his legs are cramping from all that walking/running. Then, that would have ended in tragedy. ^^; Well, things went smoothly after they told each other’s insecurities and worries. They confirmed each other’s feelings with kisses in between ^^ Then, caps it with sex =P

Well, I think they did it..or maybe it will be continued in the next chapter. The chapter is romantic and somewhat hot. With no more problems that are quickly resolved, it is time to conclude the series. On a side note, I wonder if the necklace is found or Yuu would just replace it with something a ring, perhaps? Scans by 离境

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