November 9, 2013

Mairunovich [Chapter 63-64]

Behind some bushes in front of the aquarium, Fuyu chuckles and says, “Hey, Maimai-chan! It’s the aquarium! It turns out that they plan to go on an aquarium date!” Mairu looks aghast. Fuyu asks her what’s up with that look. Mairu is looking at him with ‘Can∙not∙trust∙you!!’ Mairu nervously tells him that he would unexpectedly be interested in observing other people’s love life.

“I’m distressed whether or not I should be following you!! And, by the way, it is basically bad to stalk others!!” Making a =P face with thumbs up, Fuyu tells her to please call him Fumin Mairu exclaims that he also doesn’t listen to what people say. Holding up her note, Mairu tells him to look at this, this is the result of her yesterday’s analysis regarding her feelings for Tenyuu and its corresponding decision. 

Fuyu looks at the note = become awkward and gradually drift apart -> decide not to LIKE Tenyuu WITHOUT ANY INHIBITIONS!! Mairu is shock when Fuyu lets out a laugh. Then, he puts the paper aside. Aghast Mairu shouts for him not to casually throw it like trash. [Then, there’s a mistake for] the note is on the floor with Mairu. 

Fuyu tells her, “Maimai-chan, it turns out that you’re an idiot-. It is not good since not only you are very negative, you do not know anything with that small short-legged brain of yours that is quite like a mushroom. *Mairu is depressed* How can you analyze this thing called love using your head. *points his head*You should *points to heart* use this instead.” 

Mairu is speechless. Fuyu grabs her hand and tells her to be quick for the ones they are observing had already gone inside the aquarium. “We must also hurry!!” Mairu thinks that she totally wasn’t able to refute him. Inside, Mairu is quite delighted over the fishes. She thinks no, no, this isn’t the time to be excited and look at them for she has to look for Tenyuu.

Then, she spots a Chinese giant salamander. She says that it is so cute while staying on the crevice. “Hello-? Hey, Mochitsuki! There’s a clown fish there- It’s Nemo. [<- from the Walt Disney movie ‘Finding Nemo]” She turns to see Fuyu has his hood up and he’s facing the wall. She goes to him and asks what’s up with him, to suddenly..

Trembling Fuyu says that he really hates fishes.. Mairu goes huh. Then, she asks why he ran into the aquarium with such an upbeat mood. Fuyu says that he basically thought that there won’t be this many fishes inside!! A little girl tells her mother that guy is crying.
Sweatdropping, Mairu says that he’s scared of fish..what’s so scary about fishes. Fuyu exclaims that they are super gross for their whole body is smooth, slippery and sticky!! “I also really hates their shape and those eyes, makes me feel ill!! Ever since I’m young, it is only fish that I hate the most!!” Mairu asks if he can eat them.

Crying Fuyu shouts that he would rather die. Pointing to some dolphins, Mairu tells him to quickly look at the dolphins, they ought to be alright and they would even make a clicking sound which are cute. Crying Fuyu exclaims that aren’t those just big fishes and he hates them even more!! “I won’t be deceived by you!!” Mairu exclaims that’s a mammal. 

Fuyu starts muttering that he never imagined that he’ll be surrounded by fishes. “I already cannot take it anymore. I’m already at my life’s limit.. Papa, and also mama, farewell..” Mairu sighs and realizes something. Holding his hand, Mairu says that she thought of a good idea. “Close your eyes first. I’ll pull you with my hand and bring you to a safe place!”

Closing his eyes, Fuyu whines that he doesn’t want to, he cannot trust her~~ Mairu continues to pull him and tell him to walk slowly. “We’re here! You can open your eyes!” Fuyu opens his eye and sees jellyfishes. He mutters that it is jellyfish. Mairu laughs and says that this is the jellyfish area and there’s no need for him to be afraid here.

Looking at the jellyfishes, Fuyu says, yes and this place is good, he really likes it, and he praises her for it. Fuyu bends down and says that jellyfish is like her. “Just like a mushroom, it is all by itself at the corner. As if, it doesn’t want to interact with the others. *Mairu nervously laughs* So cute.. I really want to bring it home.” This surprises Mairu and made her think that he is just blabbing.

Then, Fuyu exclaims that he found the target and he forgot the original goal. Fuyu twists Mairu’s head out the jellyfish area. And, they see Tenyuu with Momo. [previously Sasa; my mistake regarding her name] Mairu is surprised for Momo turns out to be wearing a sleeveless dress inside her coat.

She finds that quite amazing for they are currently in the winter season yet she would wear sleeveless, that would make anyone feel excited. Her arms and legs are quite slender, face long yet super small that it really matches and was she originally a Paris fashion model. Even if she looks mature, but she isn’t sexy that she gives off a comfortable feeling. Super good quality but look at her [Mairu], she’s a girl with a shaggy overcoat.
Even if all of her clothes are bought from Noimy and each piece are quite cute, but when she matches them up, she totally looks like a kid. Wearing a white overcoat and white scarf, even if these are cute, she looks like a snowman. While she starts muttering over wearing her other overcoat to make herself look mature, Fuyu tells her to try to remove her scarf and overcoat.

She goes huh. Fuyu tells her to do it within 5 seconds for he won’t wait. 5-4-3..and Mairu quickly removes her overcoat and scarf. Looking at her, Fuyu says that looking at her, it is actually not that awful since her clothes, boots and bag matches. And a girl like her who longs to wear clothes like Momo is totally incompatible in wearing clothes that have an elegant sweet domineering mix style because after all, she is a high schooler so she should go towards the cute path.

And since she is forcing herself to look like that, it gives people the feeling that it doesn’t suit her. While sparkled-eyed Mairu writes notes, Fuyu tells her that it is okay to dress up in a style that suits her. Mairu tells him that Tenyuu told her the same thing before when she wore mature clothes to compare with someone older and then Tenyuu would promptly reject..

Covering his ears, Fuyu loudly says okay, enough, enough, enough, that thing about Tenyuu is finished, over, over, over. Then, Fuyu says that it seems that they are in the main topic. The two watches Momo saying something serious to Tenyuu. She seems to insist on something but Tenyuu gestures for her to stop. Then, Tenyuu walks away. 

Fuyu asks Mairu if she knows the reason why Momo is a good woman. Mairu asks if it is because she’s very beautiful, and capable. Fuyu says ya, but other than those, the most important thing is-- As the two watches on, Momo turns around to Tenyuu. She bows and shouts, “I’m truly very sorry!! Doing such a mean thing to you, I’m really so sorry!! *the other people are looking at her* I’ve hurt you, Tenyuu, I’m truly very sorry!!

...*cries* It’s because I’m very scared, that at one side, everything will totally change so I ran away!! Since that day, I’ve regretted it everyday..!! I’m truly very sorry!! I beg of you to forgive me!! Please forgive me!! I, still.. *wipes tears* like you, Tenyuu..” And, Mairu is stunned when Tenyuu turns around. He goes to Momo and holds her face. Fuyu tells Mairu that Momo would always use such purity[/sincerity]. When in love, she doesn’t have any schemes so she is a good woman. And, Tenyuu walks to the side with Momo.
As they sit down, Tenyuu comforts crying Momo. Mairu thinks that she didn’t know what they talked about afterwards but she knows that they are in a world where there are only the two of them. As Mairu continues to stare at them, Fuyu says, “Close your eyes. As thanks for the jellyfish, this time, let me. *holds out his hand to her* I’ll help you escape from this place.” Mairu closes her eyes and Fuyu takes her hand to lead her out.

Outside, sitting by the stairs, Fuyu comments that he didn’t imagine that the other party would unexpectedly attack and like this, it is possible that those two had reconciled. This made Mairu depressed. Thinking that Momo is obviously an adult, Mairu starts saying that obviously there are a lot of people there yet Momo would unexpectedly shout out loud, and she [Mairu] really thinks that it is outrageous[/something like shameless]. 

Fuyu says, look at her, she’s arguing unnecessarily against Momo for even if what she did was outrageous, it is obvious that Momo is sincere. “By the way, Maimai-chan, weren’t you going to not ‘LIKE Tenyuu WITHOUT ANY INHIBITIONS’ so what’s that thing about you being hurt? I think that is what’s quite outrageous[/shameless].. Also, compared to Maimai-chan and [Momo] being like that, in order not to destroy their [Mairu and Tenyuu] relationship and to fortify[/protect] your heart, you’re running away from reality.

Someone like Momo-san who gave it her all out and dash on without thinking of anything else, I think being sincere is quite cool, isn’t it so?” Mairu is shock and had a cold sweat. She totally couldn’t find any words to refute what he said. She obviously wanted to maintain this current relationship with Tenyuu but because the mood between Tenyuu and Momo has changed, she really hated she thoughtlessly said bad things about Momo, she’s very unruly.

Fuyu notices that Mairu is crying. Mairu is surprised when he suddenly stands up and runs off. She gesture for him to wait but she thinks that he already went home. All alone, she thinks that it is inevitable for not only did she say bad things about someone, he pointed out her shortcomings and she would be crying [about it].

“He definitely doesn’t want to stay together with me! *hits head with her fists* I really put people in a bad mood!! That is inevitable!! *puts hand on floor-depressed* What am I doing.. *teary-eyed* What the heck am I doing..” Then, she notices a hot drink placed in front of her. She looks up to see Fuyu drinking from his cup. Mairu exclaims that he suddenly came back. Fuyu asks what, he only went to buy a drink.
He sits beside her and tells her to quickly drink a bit of cocoa to warm herself up. Mairu takes the drink. She apologizes for the trouble and itadakimasu [/thanks for the drink]. She thinks that it is so sweet and delicious. After a pause, Fuyu tells her that he is a person who has a very sharp tongue and even if what he said ‘hits the nail on its head’ but he isn’t some sort of super frank alien.

Puzzled over the mention of alien, Mairu just says, ya. Fuyu tells her that he always thought that he should change a bit the way he talks.. He puts his head on his folded arms and says, “I’ve already made Maimai-chan cry twice..” This surprises Mairu and recalls that this and the other time before when he denies that he brought her there to make it up to her for making her cry, yet he would say such stupid words.. is this for real. 

Fuyu is keeping quiet that to her aghast, Mairu thinks that he is really hurt and it is the same how she was a while ago. Mairu nervously tells him that she is totally okay. “I only have dry eyes [that can make them watery] and that’s all!! And also, this is fundamentally my fault!! And for you to harshly say a mouthful, I’m really grateful to you!!”

There is still no reaction from Fuyu that Mairu wonders what she should do for he is still hurt. Then, she takes out something from her bag. Fuyu looks up and sees a drawing of a mushroom-jellyfish on his left hand with words, ‘I’m so sorry’. Holding a pen, Mairu tells him to quickly look, it is his favorite jellyfish. Fuyu exclaims that it is gross. This made Mairu apologize to him for drawing it on her own. Fuyu laughs and says, what, isn’t this a mushroom-jellyfish.

Mairu is relieved that he finally smiled. This makes her think that in the end, Fuyu is clumsier than what she thought, and is a good person. Fuyu asks if her drawings are mostly mushrooms. Mairu laughs and says that it is because she can draw them. Fuyu says that he isn’t praising her and Mairu says that he really have a sharp tongue.

Inside the train station, Mairu tells Fuyu that she’s going this direction. Fuyu says okay. Before they separate, Mairu calls out to him and thanks him for calling her out today even if that was the outcome. She says that she had personally seen with her own eyes and thinks that how things progressed is not bad at all. “If those two can go steady like that, I think I can properly support Tenyuu and also to know a lot of my own shortcomings.. so, about that.. *blushes* I’m really thankful to you *blushes* Fumin-chan!”
Fuyu looks at her then burst into laughter. He exclaims how come she’s saying that now. Flustered Mairu says that isn’t it because he told her, ‘please call me Fumin’ and his email also..she just want to thank him. Still laughing, Fuyu says that actually, he’s just joking and she isn’t good at making friends that she couldn’t grasp the distance between friends. Mairu groans.

Smiling Fuyu tells her to just call him Fuyu like how everyone calls him. After a pause, Mairu calls him, ‘Fuyu-kun’. Fuyu asks her where her courage went when she called him Fumin-chan. Fuyu waves and bids Mairu goodbye. They separate ways and go the opposite directions. Fuyu looks at the mushroom-jellyfish drawing on his hand.

He looks back at Mairu and thinks, “Even once is also okay, quickly turn around, mushroom girl.. *Mairu didn’t turn around so he turns away* Anyway, it doesn’t matter.” He glances back again and to his surprise, Mairu did look back at him. She slightly nods at him that she bumps into someone and apologizes. This made Fuyu smile brightly.

In a school, some guys are playing basketball. A guy calls out to Fuyu who is in the classroom. While Fuyu is writing, the guys complains that it is hot and how about Fuyu also playing with them. Fuyu says no for he isn’t finished with his homework. The guy says that Fuyu’s number of attendance isn’t enough since upon knowing that he has work, he always skip school.

The guy wishes him gambatte[/good luck] and play with them after he finishes. A cap guy asks Fuyu [whom he called Fumin] if his left hand is injured. Fuyu says no, and why he asked. As the other guy leaves to play again, cap guy says that it is good that it isn’t injured because today, whenever Fuyu uses his left hand, he seems to be protecting it so maybe he was just mistaken. 

Fuyu looks at him as he was called out to play by the others. Fuyu looks at his left hand and Mairu’s drawing is almost gone. Then, he notices a paper in his coat. It turns out to be Mairu’s note on what to do about her feelings for Tenyuu. Holding it, he wonders if he ought to give it back to Mairu but forget it, it would be better to throw it away.

Anyway, no matter how many times he looks at it, he feels that its contents are quite silly. Then, while the others are still playing basketball, Fuyu starts writing on the note. Below the ‘I would not LIKE Tenyuu WITHOUT ANY INHIBITIONS’ decision, Fuyu wrote, “-> falls in love with Fuyu and goes steady with Fuyu.” Outside, his friends rejoice over scoring a point in the basketball.
Comment: And, after what had happened, with a sincere apology and confession, Tenyuu still loves Momo and gone back to her. From the looks of things, they do seem to have reconciled. And, with Fuyu there with her, somehow, I guess it slightly soften the heartache for Mairu. It is in these two chapters that I came to like Fuyu. ^^

I love the scene when he hopes that Mairu looks back and she did. I also like those scenes of the jellyfishes, taking each other away from what they don’t like to see, and drawing of the mushroom-jellyfish ^^ I think it also counts that he is scared of fishes yet he suck it up and led Mairu out of there..unless, they are already near the exit =P I think he is a slightly complex character for he can be blunt and harsh yet he has a soft side, mischievous side and cute side. ^^

In a way, even if I haven’t read the previous chapters = cannot really say if it was already done with the other male characters linked to Mairu, I think he can help Mairu improve herself with his frank suggestions, regarding her attitude and fashion. She also seems to take them to heart. In some way, I think there is chemistry between the two. ^^ So, I’m kind of rooting for Fuyu =P

I somewhat interested in the concept of: the one whom the girl ends up with isn’t the one whom she first falls in love with, the first guy who was kind to her, someone not from her school or the people she tends to be with..but someone whom she just happened to meet while she’s in her parttime job. Well, something like that ^^ Anyway, let’s see where this leads to.. Scans by 工作室 

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