November 15, 2013

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 85]

Cover page: “Met you on the first year, feelings conveyed to you on the second year, and from today onwards, start towards the future on the third year.” It is spring. First year girls think that Shouta is handsome and too bad he has a girlfriend. First year guys talk about Sawako going steady with Shouta, what she looks like and they want a girlfriend. The second year girls ask Joe if Shouta really has a girlfriend. Joe says yes, it’s ‘Sadako’ and don’t use that to get closer to him for he doesn’t have a girlfr-- The girls already left. Joe asks Shouta that they eat together but Shouta declines since he’s eating with Sawako. Chizuru looks somewhat flustered at napping Ryu. It is April and they are now in the third year, the last year of high school. The main couple is happily eating lunch that Sawako made. Kent picks a flower and gives it to Ayane since it is cute. She thanks him and they kiss. Chizuru can only glance at Ryu playing baseball. At the ramen restaurant, Sawako and Ayane are talking about Chizuru not being able to talk alone with Ryu since he is sleeping in school and the rest of the time, training-playing baseball. They say that Chizuru is quite lonely so in order to cover it up, she is concentrating on her work. Ayane comments that [like a rabbit] Chizuru will die of loneliness. This made Sawako shout that she cannot die. Chizuru gives them their ramen and tells them to quit gossiping in front of her when she could hear everything. She isn’t going to die nor does she feel lonely. After Chizuru tells them that she’s get off work at 9, Ayane says that they will wait for her. They meet up at the bridge to talk. They talk about the night being cold and Ryu isn’t home since he is jogging to a far place. Ayane says that they weren’t able to talk after school so it must be lonely since, after all, they are quite close. Chizuru denies that she is lonely. Ayane says that she’s talking about Ryu. Chizuru says that Ryu ought to be fine because he is doing what he likes and so does she. Ayane suggests about running[/jogging] along with Ryu. Chizuru asks why her and she doesn’t want to, nor like to hold him back, and she isn’t lonely.. Sawako thinks that she’s lonely. Chizuru changes the topic by asking about Ayane and Kent. Ayane says that she is with him a while ago. Sawako asks how the cram school is. She says that it is intense and motivating for everyone is studying, and she hopes to be recommended [to college]. She tells them that Ume is also there. Ume is emitting a gloomy aura that she doesn’t know what[/which school] Ume is testing for. Chizuru casually asks Ayane what she plans to do after she graduates college. They are surprised when she says that she wants to go abroad. Chizuru asks if she plans to earn money and go to Hawaii where Kent would be quite enthusiastic = flowers.
Ayane tells her no, even if it is a bit mean but she wants to leave home, leave this place. Even if she hasn’t thought of what work she’s going to do but she wants to do all sorts of things alone, and even if the high school exams aren’t taken [<- don’t know if she passes or not], but she wants to see new things. Chizuru asks if she really likes being alone. Ayane says no, and it isn’t like she wants to leave everyone. This made Chizuru say that after graduating high school, Ayane would fundamentally leave since she’s going to college and who wants to stay in this province. Chizuru voices out her gripes over people saying that they want to see new things and doing all sorts of things alone and this place has nothing but don’t use that ‘it is inevitable’ expression and say going to a far place. Chizuru mutters that Ayane and Ryu are like that..leaving Kitahoro for baseball.. Then, Chizuru apologizes for venting her temper[/frustration] recklessly for she obviously knows that one cannot do what one likes here and she also sincerely wants to support Ryu. Ayane suggests that Chizuru also leave Kitahoro to be with Ryu and isn’t it because Ryu is here that she wants to stay here. To her friends’ surprise, Chizuru asks how come she’s the only one whose option involves Ryu when Ryu’s option doesn’t have her. No, she knows that is very normal, she also, she also doesn’t have.. Dropping the subject, Ayane comments that Pin mentioned that a year will quickly pass, it’s quite lonely, want to be forever be like this. Chizuru says that she says such lonely words. Ayane smiles and says that she also wants to be spoiled in this place but.. Recalling Pin asking if she’s reducing her choices, Ayane admits that right now, she doesn’t have courage and for her, Chizuru and Sawako are special that even if she doesn’t stay in the same place, they would be good friends throughout life. This is the first time she talked about herself and it is the first time she had friends like them with whom she can say what she truly thinks in front of them. Chizuru says that it is the same with her. Sawako comments that it is quite lonely. Ayane tells Sawako to make friends and she can do it even in college because she is the Sawako they like the most. Sawako says yes, she’ll do her best. Then, Ayane ends it with that issue is still for next time. Chizuru says that it will come soon. Ayane replies so that until the last moment, they should chat a lot. Sawako thinks that Ayane and Ryu who want to leave while Chizuru and Shouta want to stay– And she..wants to become a teacher and at the same time, strongly do not want to leave anyone and perhaps, she is truly spoiled here [like what Ayane mentioned] by her parents, friends and Shouta. Even if she wants to be always be together with everyone, there are all sorts of paths and futures, and this is obviously inevitable yet it still feels lonely as if there is a feeling of abandonment.
There is a scene of Sawako jogging, and praying at the shrine. Soon, it is Shouta’s 18th birthday. Her gift is a pencil pouch which has things inside: mechanical pencil, a couple of omamori[/charm] for graduation and family peace [<- get along with his father] and a love letter. Shy Sawako looks away while Shouta reads the letter silently. In the letter, she greets him a happy birthday, how his existence made her happy and May 15 has that meaning for her, wanting to stay at his side, hope he finds what he wants to do, have a great year being 18 years old, hope he’ll always go steady with her, like you the most, Sawako. Shouta says that he has finished reading and asks her to turn towards him. He thanks her and both simultaneously say, ‘I’ll be under your care’[/yoroshiku]. Sawako bring out a small cake. Shouta makes a wish and blows the cake’s unlit candles. [<- It seems that Sawako doesn’t have matches/lighter] Sawako hopes his wish comes true. After school, Ayane goes home with Kent and asks Chizuru where Sawako is. She says that Sawako is having an interview. In the aspiration interview room, Pin says that Sawako wants to become a teacher but how come she didn’t choose a college that specializes in teaching, is it because she doesn’t want to leave this place. Sawako thinks of Shouta. Pin asks if there is a reason for choosing this college, is it a family situation. Sawako says no. Pin asks again if she wants to become a teacher. Sawako says yes. Pin says of course, her first choice is to become a teacher and how can she back out when she has already chosen that. According to her grades, there is a huge gap with the college she wants to go and even if there is a huge gap, he wants to recommend Sapporo’s National College, D Normal [training for teachers] University. Sawako recalls seeing that school but she bypass it since it is in Sapporo. At the corridor, Sawako is startled when Shouta calls out to her. Sawako says that she’s going to the library to study. Looking back at Shouta, Sawako recalls Pin telling her to consider that school if she is serious about becoming a teacher. In the interview room, Pin comments to Shouta that it is the same school as Sawako, and Sawako’s grades are quite good, that she can choose a lot of schools. Shouta says that they already finished talking about this. In the library, Sawako reads about D Normal University when Ume arrives. They look surprised to see each other. Ume sits in front of her. Recalling that Ume is going to cram school, Sawako blurts out if she has decided what school to go. Ume says yes. Sawako asks where but Ume reminds her that they are in the library so be quiet. This embarrasses Sawako and she apologizes. She thinks that she shouldn’t ask casually about other people’s important decision. Then, Ume casually says, “[I’m going to] D Normal University. I want to become a teacher.” Sawako looks surprised.
Comment: Hehe, so is it possible, Ume x Pin based on the profession? =P It is a surprise that she wants to become a teacher because she doesn’t seem to be the type who wants to be one. ^^; Okay, even Pin doesn’t seem like a teacher. Apparently, just when we think things are going smoothly for the main couple, they might end up temporarily separating, too. The theme here seems to be leave and you can do what you want to do/being selfish in a way or stay with loved ones/being selfless in a way. And, the other thing is, would one just follow the other where one goes regardless of one’s dreams/want to do? I wonder which one Sawako would choose and how Shouta would take the decision if she would want to go to Sapporo. Hm..among the couples, it seems that Kent is the one who is likely to go wherever Ayane goes. ^^; Currently, it is unknown what he wants to do in the future which isn’t related to Ayane. Since they are still together after the marriage proposal, I guess Ayane was okay with that. I’m not exactly sure with her plan about doing things alone since that doesn’t seem like she wants to settle down soon..unless, that is during college or, it is okay if it is with Kent..and in a way, she still has a degree of independence. I guess that would be clarified later on.  The birthday celebration is nice and things seem to be speeding up a bit – two months-time crammed in one chapter. So far, things aren’t quite optimistic with Chizuru and Ryu especially since Ryu is super busy. Chizuru seems a bit stubborn and perhaps it is a bit of pride that since Ryu didn’t consider her in his plans, why would she. From their talk, Chizuru seems to be a bit confused on what to feel and think – support or not support Ryu. It makes me wonder if there will be a couple who’ll stay together, another couple leaves together, and the other couple separates temporarily during college. Ah, third year does brings uneasiness about the future and loneliness of leaving what they have been used to for the past few years especially the people special to them. It is nice though that Ayane somewhat assures them that wherever they are, they are friends for life. With technology, it would be easier to keep in touch ^^ Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thank you for the summary! Uhmm... I can´t believe that Ume-baka wants to become a teacher like Sawako chan. Is she still trying to go after Shouta? =_= after all the mess she caused I really can't trust her at all, but the again I remember that if it weren't for her, Sawako would probably never make a move on Shouta (LOL)

    I really like this manga, but sometimes I can't help but think that the author is dragging the plot on and on and on. She gives us a sweet moment and then BAM! there's a possibility that the main couple separates for some reason or another. I wish there was a time machine that I could use and see the end of this manga already! >_<

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^ is Ume wanting to be a teacher related to going after Shouta? It has been around 1-2 years since then, I think, so I've assumed that she has already given up and just taunts Sawako whenever she kind of push Sawako regarding her relationship with Shouta. Well, that's the impression I have. is a bit the same with Ayane x seems like they are going to the same college, then suddenly not..from Tokyo..suddenly overseas.. ^^;; So, I'm assuming that these are just their 'plans' and nothing is 'fixed' yet. Well, for sure, Sawako x Shouta is the 'fixed' couple. ^^

    2. I can see why youd think it's being dragged out, but for me it's really relatable to the drama of life, so by taking it slow everything is portrayed properly and does justice to real life experiences. I know it's annoying though when you really want to know what will happen. I agreed with Kat, , for me it's now just her being strained friends with Sawako lol. She realised before that she was not the type of person Shouta could fall in love with so i do think she's left that.

  2. Gracias por tener tu pagina tan actualizada