November 14, 2013

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 51]

Cover page: “Wanting to laugh happily together forever, obviously that is what [I] wished.” Narration by Kaoru: “The person who got a lot of Crude Play’s grace[/advantage] is undoubtedly me.” Flashback: At the TV studio, members of a female pop idol group are thanking everyone for the collaboration[/performance] today and asked for everyone’s support. Emi, one of the female members gave Kaoru their new single. Taking the CD, Kaoru thanked her and mentioned that it even signed [autograph]. Emi happily said that way he won’t throw it away. Kaoru and Teppei said that they would listen to it. Somewhat slyly looking at him, Emi mentioned that he’ll absolutely listen to it, right? In their dressing room, Teppei mentioned that Suzuki Emi [guesswork from 鈴城笑] is really cute. Kaoru agrees and no wonder she is always the central figure of [the group] ‘drops’, also those huge breasts. Kaoru opened the CD and is surprised to see a note with Emi’s cellphone number and name. Kaoru and Teppei freaked out over this like ‘no way!!’. While Shinya is minding his own business, Teppei exclaimed that it is quite shocking for it turns out that Emi-chan isn’t a virgin. Shinya commented that she’s quite a professional. Holding the note, Kaoru said that he likes professional kids the most. Soon, Kaoru met up with disguised Emi. Narration: “During high school, I never imagined that one day, I would be in bed with a female idol even if I cannot compose [music] nor sing. Someone else plays the music. I only have to pretend that I’m playing that super amazing guitar music and with that, I get a huge amount of rewards. *having sex with Emi* So, honestly, I don’t have any right to cry. *Aki bowed and hoped that Kaoru plays the guitar* Honestly, I practically cannot understand the things that Aki is thinking[/considering]. [Aki] Showing such a sad expression that is saying that my guitar playing is okay. *Kaoru looked flustered* Weren’t you the one who rejected everything.” [<- rejected his playing since it is always wrong.] End flashback.
At Sound Studio Fleur, a woman is watching by the counter while a young janitor guy is standing by a room. The janitor goes to the cashier woman and comments that Crude Play’s Kaoru is super amazing, awesome! The cashier woman says of course, that is Crude Play, right. Janitor[?] says that he doesn’t think that it is because of their resounding reputation since he really feels that Kaoru’s technique is quite good. The woman says that Kaoru is a frequent customer so he comes by four days a week and he really practices obsessively. Janitor exclaims is that so. Then, Kaoru comes out to pay and the two tell him ‘good work’. The janitor exclaims that he’s playing is really good that it made him quite excited. It made Kaoru somewhat smile at him. As Kaoru pays the woman, the janitor exclaims that he is obviously Crude Play’s member yet he would unexpectedly come to such an ordinary sound studio. The cashier woman scolds him for being annoying. She apologizes to Kaoru and gives him the change. Kaoru somewhat smiles back and leave. The woman stares at the quiet janitor. After heading down the elevator and walking in the street, Kaoru thinks that he can no longer go back to that sound studio. Then, he notices a poster for Crude Play’s Insecticide Tour which is sold out at a store. This made Kaoru flustered and put on his earphones. Flashback: Scene 1: Kaoru saying that he generally couldn’t play it. Scene 2: Shinya telling Aki that this isn’t kindness, this is cruelty. End flashback. Narration: “Shinya has pretty much noticed the thing that Aki hasn’t paid attention to. *Flashback: Aki told Kaoru that he played wrong and sternly looked at him. This made Kaoru apologize and said, okay, he knows.* Sorry, Aki. Actually, in reality, I totally don’t know where the mistake that you’re referring to is. Playing [guitar] and at the same time, that expression of Aki’s would show up. *Flashback: Shinya told Kaoru to play once again that small segment he just played and Kaoru looked nervous* The wrong harmony that Aki and Shinya heard, I couldn’t hear it. *Flashback: Janitor saying that Kaoru played really well and it made him excited.* It is because I’m like that person.”
At the studio, Shinya is scowling as he looks at Aki who has taken off his shoes, lies on the floor, munching chocolates and happily composing. He says that not only is Aki a KY [Kuki Yomenai (空気よめない)”. It is used for person who is unable to read a situation. Source: Discover Japan! @blogspot]..not only he doesn’t see the mood while talking, he is acting as if no one is around. Shun, Shinya and Riko are speechless. Shinya looks at the clock and it is around 11:08pm. He sighs and pulls Riko’s hand. He tells Shun that he’ll be bringing Riko home so Shun should just think of a way to deal with that idiot. Shun calls out to Shinya that Shinya asks, what, he finished the most exciting moment of the music for him to enjoy so he shouldn’t complain anymore. “Perhaps, I’ll stay behind and you who bring this minor home before the clock turns” [<- before it becomes midnight?]. With hands together, Shun says that he’ll leave it up to him. Before leaving oblivious Aki, Shinya tells Shun that it is almost time for Aki to drink some water, he’s striving too hard and eats too much chocolate. At the parking lot, Riko mentions that she always feel that Shinya really likes Aki. Opening the door for her, Shinya asks isn’t that for certain or else, how is it possible that he’s accompany [/assist] Aki in making trouble [/Aki being stubborn and making a scene] for seven years. As stern Shinya sighs, Riko blushes and timid says, ah ya. Riko sits down and Shinya closes the door. He goes to his seat and starts the car. Elsewhere, Kaoru sneaks in the high school and is surprised that this window is still broken just like before.  Walking inside, he comments that that window hasn’t changed since it is still very easy to pinch with one’s fingers. Then, he finds the [light] music club room. He walks in and becomes startled. Yuu is lying on the floor with the guitar and his eyes are wide open. This made Kaoru scream in fright. In turn, Yuu sits up and exclaims, what it is!? Pointing at each other, they call each other’s name and simultaneously say that they [CP] are from this school. Kaoru asks how he knew that, since even if they know Aki, his alma mater wasn’t announced. Yuu says that it is a rumor because Riko mentioned before that the reason for coming to this high school is because of a rumor that this is Crude Play’s alma mater.
Meanwhile, freckle girl Reiko is looking at a yearbook that has Aki’s picture and compares it to the photo she has taken of Aki on her cellphone. Reiko smiles. Back at school, the two ask simultaneously as to ‘why he is still here at this time’. Pause. Yuu admits that he’s practicing because he feels that if he doesn’t quickly play skillfully, he would be expelled. This made Kaoru flustered that he asks how is it possible to become skilled with only just practice for it goes without saying that Mushroom’s talent is totally different. Back to freckle girl, she looks at the year book with the male basketball club and sees Aki with the other CP members. She looks at the picture in her cellphone again and says, that this is ‘Aki’ right.. Then, she gets an email from Souta, email that is forwarded from Riko, to Reiko asking where she is now. Reiko scrolls down to read Souta telling Riko that her father kept on asking him why she isn’t home yet. Riko replied her apology and right now, Shinya is driving her home. This surprises Reiko that she scrolls further down the message. Riko mentioned to Souta, “By the way, what am I going to do! Souta-chan, I’m going to be Crude Play’s concert guest, and will be performing at Budokan!!” [/Nippon Budokan is an indoor arena in central Tokyo, Japan. Source: wiki] Reiko is in disbelief. She trembles and starts crying, why..and this is too much, how mean. Reiko is furious that she must punish Riko, and she must stop her because everyone would be very disappointment when they see her and didn’t she know how everyone eagerly anticipated this concert!? Back at the high school, Kaoru admits to Yuu that he’s the same with him. “Obviously at that time, playing at this place, is quite fun.. *teary-eyed* always quite happy.” Back at the studio, Aki screams at Shun who is lighting up a cigarette. Shun says, ya, he’s finished right. Holding the music sheets, Aki asks if it is really amazing, would he cry, would he be infatuated with him? This made Shun and Aki laugh. Back to the school, Kaoru says that generally, he is already done with[/no good] and honestly, continuing to stay in Crude Play is quite difficult [to bear]. Flashback: In high school, Kaoru exclaiming to Aki that it’s really amazing, he super anticipates it, he has fallen in love with him. End flashback. As Kaoru bows his head into his arms, he mutters that it’s really difficult. Yuu couldn’t say anything. The silence is broken by Kaoru’s ringing cellphone. He answers it and it is Shinya asking if they can meet immediately right now.
Comment: From here on, I guess this is Kaoru’s arc – will he stay in Crude Play or not. Well, he was probably naïve like Yuu before since he thinks that it is okay to live a lie just because he is with his friends. That would be okay if their producer, Aki wasn’t a musical genius who would rather have him play something that Kaoru doesn’t even know how to play or rather, he doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong. With so many other staff there, it would be quite embarrassing to say, that he actually doesn’t know what part Aki or Shinya is referring to. If Aki wasn’t so picky, I guess Kaoru would be okay in pretending to play as a Crude Play member after all, there are benefits to it if Aki isn’t such a perfectionist/strict in music. It makes me wonder that if common people like the janitor didn’t notice what’s wrong, would fangirls notice it? Actually, during the practice, it seems that it is only Aki and Shinya who knows what is wrong or else, Shun and Teppei could have helped Kaoru out. Maybe if they are playing for critics or music experts, it would matter..and that isn’t exactly the audience Crude Play is playing for. Well, there are probably critics and reviewers, or musically-inclined fans in their concert so they might not be able to just use Kaoru’s playing or else, someone would notice that the difference. So, unless Crude Play can keep this up until they are really old, it would be best for Kaoru to save a lot of money so that he can somehow use it for his retirement. Or, as he mentioned in his side story, get a woman with a stable job, or, do what he is good at doing which is designing clothes. I guess, as a musician, there is a limit to what one can do with just practice alone. I guess he goes to really obscure sound studios so that they won’t be able to tell that his playing isn’t actually the same as the one when they are playing in CDs or LIVE. It is indeed quite infuriating and frustrating that he is the weakest link in Crude Play especially to have a clueless producer-friend who demands a lot from him when he cannot deliver. In a way, Yuu is also a weak link in Mush&Co because he is quite stiff when he dances and his playing is probably below average. At most, he is only a pretty face but then, as a band member, I’m not sure if Sou has some other advantage than him. ^^;  So, knowing what had happened with Kaoru, would Yuu also go down that path or listen to what his father advised him. Actually, I’m not sure if he has a choice because currently, most people only want Riko and not the other two members of Mush&Co. ^^; Since Shinya admitted to liking Aki, I guess I can sigh in relief that he won’t be plagiarizing Aki’s music for Riko. Even if he is jealous, frustrated and everything with clueless Aki, his like for him is greater than those things. I like the guy compared to Aki especially in terms of on how to treat a girl. Hehe, aside from he’s being brutally frank yet concern, and being considerate-know the mood of the situation. Aki has pretty much forgotten about Riko and went into his music lala land. ^^; Even if he looks impatient, Shinya can be quite patient given how long he has put up with Aki because he likes him..or his music =P He is even concern enough to give tips to Shun on how to take care of Aki – drink water, don’t eat too much chocolates, etc. ^^; So, I wonder why he called Kaoru. Is it to convince him to quit while he is ahead, agree to the synchronization or for Aki, help Kaoru out in playing the problematic part? Lastly, it seems that Shinya is right over the possible adverse reaction of a CP fangirl, self-proclaimed protector of CP, over Riko performing at their concert. Unfortunately, Sou still didn’t realize that all Riko’s emails for him are forwarded to Reiko. I wonder what she will do to stop Riko. It probably has something to do with Aki since Reiko knows that they are a couple. I don’t think she can do much to Riko in school in terms of bullying especially since she isn’t popular or have friends, so it might have something that Reiko can Twitter to spread some false gossip. Probably change her nickname, too since the last one regarding the lip-synch bombed big time. Whatever Reiko does, it would probably be just a temporary setback since she still doesn’t know about that possible drama with Shibaken and meeting a certain important person named Kyoko. I don’t think she can actually stop Riko from becoming very famous in the future. Scans by 红莲 & allwink汉化组

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