November 19, 2013

From Five to Nine [Chapters 37-38 : Sleeping Beauty]

Cover Page: “The wake up kiss has not yet fallen. As Prince Arthur touches Princess Momoe’s nose, she thinks, ‘He MUST be kidding me!’” With folded arms, Arthur tells Momoe that he wants to stay at her side. Arthur glances back at stunned Momoe. Slightly blushing, Arthur asks her if he heard her. Momoe snaps out of it and exclaims, ah, ha!

Arthur repeats if she heard what he said. “..then, say something. Please.” Momoe timidly says that she heard him but she doesn’t understand what that means. Holding out his hands, Arthur asks what? “Don’t understand. What don’t you understand? I obviously said.. it’s so blunt!” Momoe says no, it isn’t that.

“It is.. this is the same as before when you’re tricking me..right? Why would you unexpectedly say that. Furthermore, why [say it] to me..” Arthur sweatdrops and frowns. He hits the table with his hand and says that he’s straightforwardly asking her, so shouldn’t she answer him. Holding her face, Arthur asks if she is deliberately changing the topic.

“..this Saturday, there is a house party. I want to introduce you. Can you become my dance partner. *Momoe freezes* You only have to say Yes or No. Answer me, Miss Momoe.” Then, a couple of teachers come inside. The woman complains about what time it is and being hindered by some students.

The man laughs and mentions that no one is there. This made blushing Momoe snap out of it. She takes Arthur’s hands off her face and tells him that she has a class this Saturday. Arthur tries to tell her to wait, he’ll bring her.. [home] but Momoe stiffly tells him that she’ll go ahead. She heads to the door and says, ‘good job’ to the male teacher.

The male teacher says that she’s here, and take care on her way home. Momoe bids Arthur goodbye again and left speechless Arthur. Arthur curses shit for he had screwed up. Momoe arrives at the convenient store and is aghast for what she wanted to buy is completely sold out. She wishes that she was early by 10 minutes, no, perhaps if she left early by 5 minutes, perhaps, she could have bought it at the convenient store.

Outside, she is frustrated for there is something much worse than that. Blushing really red, Momoe realizes that party is definitely what Arthur mentioned before, there are many GAYs..and it is quite a waste not to go. “Ah now, that isn’t the important thing! *bends down and confused* but why..? Why would he say that!? That beautiful face so near in front of my eyes.. *Arthur saying that he’ll introduce her* No, wrong, wrong, wrong..It is absolutely a trap [/bait].”
In class again, Momoe is teaching and tells the students that this part is over, does anyone have questions, none, so see you next week- Nerdy student asks if Momoe is okay for she looks more awful than she normally does. The other person agrees that he doesn’t have the courage to dare ask. Momoe sighs. She really wants to go to that GAY party but— [<- Note: it was never mentioned that it was a GAY party]

“Wrong, but I don’t want to go to the office and bump into him.. For the time being, let me ponder over it.. And, I’m actually thinking about it the whole night.. A. If one of ten thousand, he is serious, then he would be the ‘first boyfriend’ in my life..” She imagines herself running in the beach and shouting for Arthur to catch her. She looks aghast and says, no, no, no..

She is surprised when someone knocks on the door and tells her that there will be a class in that room. Momoe apologizes and says that she’ll be going out. Momoe continues to think, “B. In the end, no matter how I think it is, it’s a trap. Imagination: Arthur asks, “What? You unexpectedly think it’s true? *surrounded by gorgeous women* It’s quite perplexing--

...I'm only making a London joke and it is because of this, VIRGIN is.. The woman says geez, is it true, she’s a virgin. She’s already 25 years old and still a virgin.. so old fashioned.. it seems as if from the start, she has no future prospects.. End imagination. In the end, it’s like that, right- *walking* That is plausible-  but, then why? For things to reach up to this point, why the heck he is suddenly doing this kind of thing?” Then, she bumps into someone.

She looks up to apologize for she wasn’t paying attention.. And it is Arthur. Momoe sweatdrops for this is against her expectation, and at this time and he’s surrounded by people [/probably female students]. While wondering if she should answer, how to answer, is it okay to answer, bowed head Momoe apologizes to him for yesterday when it is rare for him to invite..

Arthur smiles and tells her not to mind it, it is only workplace friends pestering him about wanting to go see that. Then, Momoe is surprised as Arthur turns around to leave and talk with the other women. With wide eyes, Momoe finds it strange and did he invite women to join the party.

While walking, Arthur thinks, “..good. Like this, I should be like the usual and just recklessly pretend. Normal. [like the] Usual! Last night, I got too anxious so I carelessly failed.. The other party is a SUPER amateur. If you’re frightened by her, Arthur, how can you pay attention to the strategy. AFTER ALL, I AM AN EXPERT!”
While having a personal lesson with Nogami, Momoe reads, “Yes. I’m only making fun of her and that’s all.” Momoe tells Nogami to pay attention to that for making fun actually is a display of DECEIT. “It’s truly nasty!! Geez~~~ *gloomy aura* Moving [make heart beat] me in vain.. Give back my night [yesterday]..” 

Nogami interrupts her by saying that it seems that he doesn’t have that text in his book so which page is she in. This snaps Momoe out of it. She nervously apologizes and says that she made a mistake, she isn’t reading Nogami-san’s text. He tells her that it is okay and he thought that he was wrong. He comments that she seems to be out of sorts today, what had happened.

Embarrassed Momoe apologizes for they are obviously in class session. She assures him that she’ll properly concentrate so turn to page 16. He tells her that it is alright and thanks her for being honest with him. He admits to her that he must immediately adapt to the new surroundings of his new post but he is having difficult in mastering English.

He tells her to tell him if he hits a problem since she is more experienced. Momoe quickly tells him no, she’s the one causing him inconvenience. Nogami says no, he’s too careless since he is asking her for an additional class this Saturday for his qualifying exam. He laughs and says this is what he’s having difficulty and what is he talking about... 

Momoe chuckles and says that no, it is alright. Masako passes by and thinks that it is quite rare to see Momoe unexpectedly laughing with a student. Then, Nogami says that if it is convenient, after class this Saturday, he and his daughter are eating out together at a nearby barbecue [place, probably a yakiniku restaurant] so does she want to join them.

Momoe perks up for she loves barbecue. Masako is surprised to see Momoe’s blushing-happy expression. As Masako leaves, Momoe thanks Nogami for his goodwill but then, how can she intrude at a family reunion. Momoe thinks that it is no good since she is shy with strangers. Nogami says no, and it would be better if she comes because when he’s alone with his daughter, he doesn’t know what he should say and as he mentioned to her a few days ago, his daughter, loves that otaku thing.

While Momoe freaks out, Nogami tells her that previously, his daughter is engrossed in some computer game that she is lazy with her exams. “It seems to be a game about the maritime self-defense force. It is called, ‘Tempest Under a Clear Sky’ which unexpectedly makes fun of the self-defense force and furthermore, I don’t know why the cast are all men..”
Really nervous, Momoe darkly says, no..did he also watch it. Smiling Nogami says no, he isn’t interested, and he only happened to carelessly see the familiar word of self-defense force in the title’s script. Giving him a thumbs up, Momoe says very good, his daughter is very good, her gaming level is quite high. 

Momoe really wants to talk with his daughter, she must! This makes Nogami ask if she also know this game. Momoe sheepishly says that she knows it a bit. In her mind, ‘Tempest Under a Clear Sky’ is her top BL game for this year so she not only knows it [she played it, etc]. “In the end, the conclusion is to choose this side, right. Since this is the topic that suits me more. This is reasonable since with things that I’m not used to, it is stressful and quite disadvantageous.”

Meanwhile, Masako reaches the reception table and sees Arthur waiting there. She apologizes and asks him what’s up. Arthur says that it is nothing, nothing urgent, and there’s no need for her to run [to him] for he only wants to confirm next week’s schedule. Masako says okay, just wait a moment. While looking for something, Masako tells him that she carelessly came back late because she saw a rare sight. Arthur asks her what it is.

To his shock, Masako tells him that Momoe is happily laughing with a student and even got a DATE invitation. While Arthur looks nervous, Junko goes to Masako and scolds her for talking too loud. She warns Masako to be careful of casually spreading a rumor. This irks Masako. She asks what does Junko mean by casually, and Junko is being rude when she has heard it clearly just now when she passed by and heard it from the classroom there.

“It’s that person, that ojisan [uncle/middle aged man]! Who turns out to be a self-defense force-something who gives people a gloomy feeling~~!” After looking surprised by that, Junko asks what ojisan. This made Masako apologize for being rude. Junko says no, but they didn’t say date, right. Masako says that they did say date. “Saying something about eating together after the lesson this Saturday. Is this okay? That- it feels like having a secret from the wife.” 

Junko says that Momoe refused, right, for how could Momoe. Clenching his fist, Arthur tells himself that impatience is taboo. “As an expert, how can I commit this kind of mistake!!” Putting on a sparkling smile, Arthur asks the two what they have planned for this Saturday. “My roommate’s friend seems to be going to hold an engagement party at my place so would you come? Of course, you can bring a dance partner or perhaps, OTHER FRIENDS!”
While the women perk up over this foreigner party, Arthur thinks, “If the two of them comes, Momoe would also choose this side! How could she choose that middle-aged man! Between men and women, one still has to use tactics!” Arthur tells them that it is a small party so it is fine to be casual and more women would make it lively. 

Masako happily says that she’ll go. “I want to go. Please introduce me. I’m- currently searching for a marriage partner.” This surprises Junko. She whispers to Masako what she is talking about, what about Satoshi. Masako tells her off by saying that it isn’t related to her and it is private matters. Arthur tells Junko that she must invite Takane.

Thinking that she has to tidy up her luggage with Takane, Junko apologizes to him for she has something to do this Saturday so if there is another opportunity, DEFINITELY.. “Ah, but, Momoe-sensei would come, right?” Arthur is startled when Momoe and Nogami give their greetings over ending the class. 

Momoe tensely looks at them and thinks that Arthur invited the others but for her, it brought about an enormous misunderstanding. Blushing really red, Momoe tells startled Arthur that she has class this Saturday and she still has something to do so she cannot go. After greeting goodbye to each other, Nogami says see you on Saturday.

Arthur somewhat coldly tells Momoe that she already has something to do, then have fun! This puzzled Momoe for what, what’s up with that and what the heck is he thinking? As she timidly thanks Arthur who is leaving, Momoe thinks no, wrong, she’s the one who recklessly misunderstood him, she blindly created a fuss so is this her mistake?

After looking thoughtful, Junko says that she feels that Arthur actually really wants to invite Momoe. This startles Momoe. She tells her that is enough, don’t say that again, for that guy only wants women around him, and it isn’t like she cannot but there’s no proof. Masako says that there is proof and it is ‘Nogami-san.’ Momoe exclaims that she, too. 

Masako tells her that when she mentioned that the Saturday class is Nogami, Arthur’s expression changed. “He is always very nice but at that time, his eyes aren’t smiling.” Momoe is in disbelief. Masako mutters that guys, compared to what they imagined, aren’t very good at hiding themselves [/their feelings]. Junko agrees and furthermore, he is still young.
Confused, Momoe says that for them to give that kind of opinion, what is she to do. Masako asks how should she know, choose for herself. While Junko agrees, Momoe asks choose for myself? Since these two women are very proactive[/active] towards other people’s love life, Masako says that either go have a date with the resident ojisan or go to the party, well, she [Masako] is going.

Winking Junko says that compared to Momoe, she is older than a year so she’s just giving her some pointers. Momoe is stunned-aghast.  Momoe thinks that it is her when they say ‘Merely becoming old but not becoming experienced’ and for her who has no experience, what is she to do. Coming out of the locker room, Momoe sighs and thinks that it is better to happily discuss things together with Nogami’s daughter.

Waiting for her outside the door, Arthur asks if it is really okay to be together like that with a student. “If it were found out by the higher ups, it won’t be like what happened before wherein you’ll just be transferred to Ikebukuro and the matter is settled. What am I going to do. Do you want me to spread it around?” Momoe is shock then asks if just now, is he joking around..

Arthur tells him that he’s being sarcastic. “Geez, you’re so obsessed with guys [<- literally ‘addicted to flowers’ which is a slang for losing one’s mind over  every handsome guy she sees = Arthur probably meant BL] yet you didn’t even notice it? I cannot dare believe it. *nervous glance at Momoe* So, I’m saying that a novice is truly.. *shock to see Momoe bowing to him* ..wha? No.. way..”

While bowing, Momoe says, “Even if as matters stand, possibly that it would be better to shut up but.. PLEASE TELL ME. *Arthur is taken aback and asks, ha* As you’ve mentioned! I’m a novice so I don’t’ know anything!! You, why would you invite me at one side and then being sarcastic to me at another side? I totally don’t understand!! Junko-sensei and others said that you some..something..

...*looks at flustered Arthur* Of course, I think that is impossible!! You--.. why are you bothering me like this. I’m really sorry but can you give me an answer? *somewhat teary-eyed* I’m not used to this kind of thing because I’m an adult who has grown old yet my experiences is quite low. Could it be that you want to resign?”

This made Arthur lean towards her and confesses, “I think..I think I love[/like] you. *Momoe is surprised* Now, what do you intend to do. *stands up again* It wasn’t easy to draw up strategies, all gone to waste..”
Cover page: “I’m always, always be waiting for you, huh? Arthur thinks, ‘It’s too long to wait.. (I’ve already been waiting impatiently)’” Blushing Momoe is walking ahead while Arthur is following behind her. She thinks that in her 28 years of life, this is the first time a guy brought her home. Recalling Arthur’s confession, Momoe glances at Arthur who is looking at his watch. She thinks that it is absolutely impossible for such a beautiful living creature [to have feelings] towards her.

“If it is some sort of practical joke, could it be a trap type of thing!? *nervously glances at Arthur* Or perhaps, it is a beautiful person’s ruse? Could it be that he wanted to deceive me to buy him something?” Noticing her looking at him, Arthur calls out to her. This startles Momoe that she stands up straight and exclaims, “Wha-what is it!!”

With folded arms, Arthur tells her that if she walks far away from him then there’s no meaning to him bringing her home. Momoe nervously says that it isn’t that and she did tell him that there’s no need to bring her home for she can..alone..but he still came along.. Arthur asks if she hated so much the feelings that he expressed to her.

Thinking that he’s so blunt, Momoe says that rather than hate..but rather.. Trying to use mental telepathy, Momoe holds out her hands towards Arthur and thinks, “What the heck is your true motive? Transmit my thoughts..” Arthur says that there is something that he wanted to ask before. “Don’t you like wearing a skirt?”

This surprised Momoe that she nervously asks why he is asking this all of a sudden. Arthur says that it is because he was thinking before, that he never saw her wear a skirt. “Do you hate.. wearing a skirt?” While walking on, Momoe says that it isn’t like she hates it but only, she doesn’t really suit wearing such light [floating] type of clothes. “I and the word cute also have no connection.. And since I don’t go along with wearing a skirt, I also don’t have one.”

Arthur asks if she doesn’t have a single one. Thinking, Momoe says that she seems to have a [office] suit skirt that she got for [job] interviews. Momoe is surprised when Arthur suddenly puts his hand on her shoulder and says, that’s it, wear that skirt for the weekend party. “I want to see you wearing a skirt. *leans very close to Momoe’s face* The party starts at 17 o’ clock. Because it is an overnight party, you can still make it in time even if you go after your class.”
Momoe closes her eyes. Arthur leans further and rings the door bell. The intercom answers who it is. Arthur greets a good evening to Mrs. Yamabuchi and he’s Arthur. “I’ve brought Miss Momoe home, and would want to greet you..” Momoe’s mother squeals in delight. Coming out of the house, Momoe’s mother welcomes Arthur and says that it has been a long time.

He greets her a good evening again and apologizes for not visiting after a long time. Momoe’s mother urges Arthur to quickly come in and eat dinner with them. “Oh right, Momoe is also thinking of that, right?” Blushing Momoe mentally berates herself for being stupid as to why did she closed her eyes. “I obviously planned to pay extra attention so that I won’t be deceived again. Why, when he almost took advantage [of kissing her?], my heart is beating quite fast. good!!”

She is startled when she overhears her mother’s disappointment that Arthur still had work to do. Arthur apologizes for he still has a class afterwards. Her mother says that it is too bad. Arthur agrees with her and says that he’ll definitely join them [for dinner] next time. Momoe thinks that he obviously still had work so why did he bring her home. “Can he go back within 40 minutes? Ah.. *notices Arthur proudly looking at her* This guy would even do such a considerate thing~~”

To her surprise, Arthur tells Momoe’s mother that they’ll see each other this Saturday. “I want to borrow your daughter and we have already agreed to it. *slight gentleman bow* Please forgive me since it is possible that it might be quite late but I will safely bring her home.” Momoe is aghast for he is saying those things in front of her mother.

With sparkles in her eyes, Momoe’s mother exclaims if it is a date, is it a date!? Waving goodbye, smiling Arthur tells Momoe that because he has no class on Saturday, can he trouble her in contacting him after class, goodbye! Momoe tries to tells him to wait but Arthur had slightly nod and left.

Wondering what’s going on, Momoe says that he got away, when she still hasn’t finished talking.. Momoe goes ‘ugh’ when her mother says what to do for it is a date, what does Momoe plan to wear, and this is quite worrisome. “We must buy a [western] dress right now!! Have to make prompt decisions!! Afterwards, give birth to a MIXED BLOOD grandchild as soon as possible..”
Telling her mother that having a grandchild is too.., Momoe curses that darn black angel scoundrel. “I obviously (truly) totally not suited to this side [party?] and what does he seriously want me to do. ..but if he is really serious..? *stops from shopping on the internet [for videos, I think] and looks at the side* At that time, what’s the best thing to do? *goes to her closet* Might as well.. *takes her dress suit and looks at it* What do I intend to do!?”

On Saturday, Momoe’s mother screams for Momoe to wait, what she is wearing. “Momoe, you’re obviously going on a date~~ How come you are wearing such a simple Western suit~~ If it’s like that, your charm is totally not shown at all~~~” Thinking that thing [being charming?] fundamentally doesn’t exist, Momoe wears her shoes and tells her mother that it is alright for the other party said that this is fine. Her mother says is that so.

Her mother thinks that Arthur likes that kind of style. Wondering how to talk about this so-called love, Momoe tells her mother that she’s going ahead. At ELA, Nogami apologizes to Momoe for regarding today’s dinner, his daughter wants to postpone it until next time. Nogami apologizes again for he was the one who invited Momoe.

He explains that his daughter got angry when he mentioned that he invited his teacher [Momoe]. Momoe says that in the end, one mustn’t intrude in family reunions. Nogami says that it isn’t that, for his daughter had a tantrum over Nogami telling an outsider about the game she plays. Nogami’s daughter screamed that his father is awful, really hateful, and stupid. 

Momoe sheepishly says is that so and that situation is possible (since it is BL). Nogami says that he thought that discussing things with people of the similar likes is quite delightful and girls are very hard to understand. “Because before the divorce, my daughter has been entrusted to the care of my wife so my interaction with the child always won’t go smoothly...

...*Momoe thinks so that’s how it is* And for an ojisan like me, to be alone together with sensei, it is quite impolite so if there’s an opportunity next time, I’ll invite you again.” Momoe smiles and says that it is alright. She tells him that she felt apologetic about it, then, let’s start the class.
While teaching Nogami, Momoe thinks that it means that, this is bad, for after class, she would immediately go and join the party. “No, for no matter how I look at it, it is like wanting to impatiently join the party.” Soon, Nogami is thanking Momoe for the lesson, and he should use English. While exchanging their goodbyes, Momoe thinks that it would be just like what Arthur said about her wearing a skirt [if she goes to the party].

She pulls down her skirt and thinks that it is so short, and all the more she felt that it’s embarrassing so in the end, it is no good, she should go home. Nogami notices this and tells her that no wonder he felt that the mood is a bit different, it turns out that she’s wearing a skirt. This surprises Momoe. She sheepishly laughs it off by saying that it is because it doesn’t quite suit her so she always doesn’t wear it.
Nogami says no, it really suits her because her body type is very slender that he thinks that a uniform like this really matches her. Momoe laughs and thanks him for even if it is only being polite, but hearing him say that, she.. Momoe’s smile disappears when she notices Arthur sitting nearby and watching them.

As smiling Arthur stands up, Momoe is startled for he obviously doesn’t have a class so why is he here. As Arthur exchange greetings with Nogami, blushing Momoe looks down and thinks that he has seen her [wearing a skirt]. Arthur suddenly goes between Momoe and Nogami. Arthur tells Nogami that class is over, so right now, Momoe is free to go.

While Nogami thinks that Arthur is such a beautiful man up close, he says yes, please go ahead, there is no other thing that he would trouble sensei. Smiling Arthur says, good, then goodbye. Putting his arm around Momoe, Arthur tells her that they should quickly go since Junko and Masako are already at the party. 

Momoe asks is that so. He says yes, so he came to fetch her. Nogami watches them and looks thoughtful. At the elevator, Momoe calls out to, sensei, is this okay, for like this now, isn’t quite good because if the manager sees them together now, he’ll--

Arthur tells Momoe that the manager is off today and quickly come already. Momoe thinks that Arthur is acting strange for just now, he was all smiles together with Nogami-san, and now, he’s already dark [/Black Arthur]. “Why? I totally don’t understand. In the end, it is because..! The skirt doesn’t suit me.. type of thing..”
Arthur glances at her and Momoe stiffens. Arthur looks away which made Momoe frown. With her head down, Momoe thinks, “Yes.. no comment, huh.. Ah, like this, could it be that he was just being carried away by impulse and in the end, compared to his expectation, it’s quite disappointing, right? It is that feeling, right? ..So, didn’t I say that I fundamentally don’t suit wearing a skirt?”

They arrive at Lloyd House where the party is being held. Looking around, Momoe says that Junko and Masako aren’t around, where could have they gone to. Arthur tells her who knows, for he still hasn’t seen them. Momoe goes into shock and protests that a while ago, he obviously said that they are already here. Arthur says that he tricked her and she’s still very easy to deceive. 

Momoe is aghast over that.A pony-tailed guy calls out to Arthur and asks who is that, is she the woman he talked about before. He tells Arthur to quickly bring her over and introduce them. Momoe wonders what is this handsome guy talking about ‘woman Arthur talked about before’. Arthur introduces Momoe to Lance, the boss of this bar and his roommate.

Lance welcomes Momoe and asks what she would like to drink. A dark skinned guy puts a plastic bag of groceries on the counter. Lance says that Eric has come back. Eric says that there are only two limes left so is it okay that he bought lemons as replacement. Lance says that it is okay and thanks. Lance and Eric kisses.

While Momoe is blushing in surprise, Arthur tells her that him also, his roommate, the other half of Lance. Momoe thinks real live, and she got to watch up close. Holding a bottle of beer, Arthur says that it’s really great to see her so happy but he totally couldn’t bring himself to be happy. This surprises Momoe.

This made Momoe glum for because of seeing that scene, she ought to be endlessly excited and fully happy but it feels that it isn’t quite good to be excited like that. Glancing at Arthur who is drinking his beer from the bottle, Momoe thinks that it seems that she is currently being made confused and disoriented by something.

“Ah, forget it. I’ll just go home. In the end, I’m only tease by him and that’s all. On the way home, I’ll conveniently go to Otome Road, and find some fun. That is the most important thing [than], losing myself in happiness like this that I did something that doesn’t suit me. *looks at the door and sees Junko coming in* Ah, appeared in the flesh, hell’s Buddha-♥”

Standing up, relieved Momoe tells Arthur to look, Junko has arrived so she’ll go and greet-- Momoe is surprised when Arthur suddenly grabs her sleeve and asks her if she is thinking of leaving him alone in this place. “You destroyed my wish and would even cast me away and leave. Miss Momoe, you’re truly cruel. Really.. *bows head in arms* So mean..” Momoe bends down to him and asks if he is drunk.
Just then, Junko has seen Momoe with Arthur. Jun ko is going to call out to her when a handsome guy holds out a drink to her. While she is thinking that he is hitting on her, the guy tells her to take it. “It seems that right now, they are quite busy, so why don’t you wait a bit, okay? It has been a long time, Miss Sakuraba.”

Junko looks surprised. Meanwhile, Arthur denies that he is drunk and it isn’t a big deal for he only drank three bottles of Corona [beer]. Momoe asks when did he drink that much and is his capacity for liquor bad. Arthur dismisses the topic by saying that compared to that, he obviously said that he wanted to see but why did she let that ojisan see her wearing a skirt first. Momoe is surprised that she mutters,

Holding her sleeve, Arthur says, “, sexy looking.” This made Momoe blush. She exclaims what crazy thing he is saying. Arthur says that not only did she let that guy saw her first [in skirt], yet she is quite happy when he complimented her. Wondering if he was always angry about that, Momoe explains that it is because she felt that it is an honor to be complimented.

“And about being sexy.. It should be more like Zexy [Masako] or perhaps, Junko-sensei who are like this *gestures a coca-cola body* Places that should be big are absolutely not small. It is also the so-called beautiful woman body! I..very regrettably, I’m quite.. this..specially this part *gesture to chest* the difference is quite.. what, for me to admit it myself feels quite sad.”

Arthur replies, “On the contrary, I like a slender woman more. Someone like you is fine. *Momoe looks surprised* Right..speaking of that, ‘tiny breasts’ or perhaps, ‘flat-chest’ type, for me, it’s more sexy. *looks surprised* What.. *holds shaking head* have I been saying, geez. *Momoe shakes her head* In short, I-- I'm so sleepy..”

While Arthur still clings on to her, Momoe thinks that obviously in the past, he would always calmly smile and appear to be very mature, and once he loses that kind of calmness, would he become like this. Lance says that Arthur’s capacity to drink is obviously bad yet he would even drink. He tells Momoe that once Arthur is drunk, he would immediately sleep and obviously before, he won’t drink in front of someone. “I’m going to bring him to the sofa and make him sleep for an hour.” 

Momoe offers to help him out. At the sofa, Arthur is sleeping on Momoe’s lap. While looking at him, blushing Momoe thinks, “Such, such a beautiful person. For someone like me, he would lose his cool-headedness. Is this for real? Not knowing what, it feels quite cute.” Narration: “Who’ll come. If there is no one to come again and put a stop to everything, I’m really going to seriously wake up. Who’ll come and save me.” Blurb: “Sleeping Beauty—finally going to be awaken!?”
Comment: And these two chapters are about how Arthur, a self-proclaimed expert in love, almost failing in his plan to get the Momoe to the party. ^^; Even if it seems to be a handicap at times, Momoe’s attitude and love for BL actually helped her in making Arthur desperate enough to lose his cool. ^^;;

Of course, it helps that Masako likes to gossip which caused some misunderstanding for Arthur =P Apparently, Momoe also doesn’t have a good self-image so she cannot help but think that there must be a catch for a handsome popular guy like Arthur to say that he likes her. Since he is young, she must be thinking that he plans on making her his sugar mommy-type of lover.

Obviously, even if Momoe continues to be in denial and have her guard up against him, she is slowly falling for him. It helps that he knows her secret and yet, he would still pursue her. Thankfully, she doesn’t get much advice from those two other women and just went ahead and ask Arthur bluntly what he is trying to do. That totally caught Arthur off guard and made him confess. =P

Ah, it really didn’t help Arthur that aside from a history of easily deceiving her, he is sending mixed signals to Momoe who is confused if he is serious or not. I think that stems from Arthur’s experience with Nina. From what he is doing, he seems to want to use tactics to get Momoe rather than confess outright.

I think he doesn’t want to get hurt again and make Momoe ‘naturally’ fall for him with the things he is doing. Unfortunately for him, Momoe forced him to confess and, she still doubts his intentions. ^^;; Regarding making her go to the party, it isn’t surprising that she doubts him like bringing her seems to have a pure intention until Arthur somewhat tries to suck up to her mother.

It is amusing that Arthur thought that he is competing with Nogami for a date when it is actually for barbecue and talking about a BL game with Nogami’s daughter. From what Nogami mentioned, it seems that he isn’t really interested in Momoe but finds her as some sort of confidant. Before they left, I think Nogami has realized something and perhaps, might also help Momoe with Arthur.

I guess Arthur is there on Saturday as follow-up to make sure Momoe goes to the party. His tantrum over the skirt caused him to get drunk and made him say things more than he should say =P Well, Arthur’s hard work would bear fruit soon. The title suits these two chapters. Literally, Arthur is the sleeping beauty.

The other meaning is of course, for Momoe to realize or started to ‘awaken and take Arthur seriously’. On the side note, I wonder if Junko is there because she is worried about Momoe or because it is a party with foreigners. Is it just a brief drop-by unless she cancelled that appointment with Takane.

And, apparently there is someone there who knows her from before. It makes me think that the story would move back to the main couple again. Since Masako is still looking for other marriage partners, I guess she didn’t take Renji’s proposal seriously. If you read all that, thanks~ It was a bit long ^^; Scans by 深雪

Quote of the day:
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