October 3, 2013

From Five to Nine [Chapter 35 - Natural Born Killers]

Flashback: A troubled woman is sitting on a dining table with food prepared but no one else is sitting there. She recalls the gossips that has been going on: “Do you people know? Mouri-san’s husband practically doesn’t come home.” “I heard that he has some other woman.” “So, in the end, it is like that- No matter how his wife tried to cover it up, it still got spread around.”

“There’s a rumor that their family is a forced marriage. Then, isn’t that like, she reaps what she sows--” Young Masako looks at her mother who said, “Masako, for women, it is no good if it isn’t a marriage that would make people envious of.” Masako replied, “I already know that, mama. You’ve told me a hundred times already.”

While covering her face, her mother continued to say that if she didn’t properly chose, and it is a marriage wherein people won’t keep on envying her, then, she has lost. “You’ll lose, okay?” Masako said ya, she knows, she will properly get her ideal guy and just like in the commercial, *scene of jealous Junko over Masako-Satoshi perfect wedding* she’ll have a perfect wedding to show to her so don’t mind her anymore!! End flashback. 

Masako wakes up when Renji asks her if she is okay for it seems like she is having a nightmare that he is wondering what’s going on. Masako nervously says that it is nothing. She sits up and asks if he is alright. Recalling what happened last night when she comforted him, Masako says that it seems like he woke up from a dream that if alone, he would become like that, as if he is in a panic and at a loss. She asks if it is because he had some trauma that he couldn’t sleep alone. 

Renji asks if she saw that side of him. To her surprise, Renji burst into laughter. He apologizes and says that sucks for he is also half-asleep that he doesn’t recall it. He comments that for her to just lie down like normal, he didn’t know that he did it again. “It is said that it is quite scary for I would smash things around like a drug addict.

And the girl who is staying overnight would immediately leave early in the morning. There would be even people who would call the ambulance or the police! Haha! I was careless because lately, it doesn’t seem to be happening. Don’t mind me. It is okay to just quickly run away. I’m sorry for that-”

While Masako wonders what’s up with that, Renji prepares to go out of the room. He tells her that compared to that, does she remember that it is Monday today. Getting ready to get out of the bed, Masako wonders what he is referring to that he could even say that with a smile. 

Renji reminds her that it is already 8:30 in the morning and shouldn’t she be going to work. Frantic Masako pushes him aside and shouts for him to tell her earlier about that and luckily, classes[/her work shift] are late today. Then, a glasses guy calls Renji ‘high schooler’ and that he has no right to tell that to someone else.
While Masako wonders who this guy is, the glasses guy tells Renji to quickly go to school and since he’s here, he’ll drive him there. Renji complains that he already said that he’ll be good and go there[school], and he is still wearing his uniform. Glasses guy says that he doesn’t care, for Renji is a school truant who cannot be trusted.

He turns to the side and says that they’ll continue the discussion in the car. Masako thinks this guy is a sissy and his eyebrow didn’t even move seeing her half naked [<- thin night clothes] so what kind of guy is he. Putting his jacket on Masako, Renji tells the guy okay, he knows already and there’s no need for him to specially come over this early.

Glasses guy says that it is because things happened unexpectedly that carelessly.. Renji says that he plans to send a text to ask and it should be okay. Glasses guy tells him that didn’t he told him not to casually directly contact the other party. He tells Renji to pass through him first before he doesn’t anything. “You stop while you’re ahead, okay. For you to be like this, the other party might really sue you.” 

Renji tells him that it doesn’t matter anyway his older brother is getting ready for him to turn 18 years old to sever ties with him so just leave it be since anyway, they would become strangers soon and it is enough to just send a text. Glasses guy asks if he thinks that it is that simple but for the other side, whether his money or everything, they don’t care about it.

After a pause, Renji says that he knows, but if it is money, it is better than nothing. Glasses guy tells him that others don’t want money, clearly, they are more serious. “ *sighs* But like this, you shouldn’t say that in front of your DAIRY CATTLE friend with benefits. *Masako is shocked* For you to keep on staring to death like that is quite rude...

...Isn’t it cold. I trouble you to quickly change your clothes and go home. *pulls Renji’s back collar* Okay, we’re leaving.” Renji tells him to wait, his clothes. Taking his jacket from Masako who is hiding behind the door, Renji tells her that he’s going first and he won’t lock it so she can go whenever she wants. “In any case, you’ll also come back tonight. *Masako looks surprised* It is quite regretful but I’m not quite good in dealing with that glasses guy, it is inevitable that when you come, use the password..”

Masako tells him that she won’t come back. Pointy nosed, Masako informs him that she’ll be helping Satoshi tidy up his luggage tonight so she’s going to his house. Masako thinks that she is actually waiting for him to call her. Renji says is that so, then he’ll find some other girl for today, see you at school.

Later on, while drinking some coffee at the living room, Masako angrily thinks over how Renji infuriates her and what’s with that IN ANY CASE, don’t mind her and just goodbye. She wonders what’s up with last night and it seems that what they were talking earlier about is quite serious. She recalls how he shivered and always hugging her tightly before falling asleep.
Then, the door opens. Masako thought that Renji came back but it turns out to be Yuki who asks why she is the only one here. Thinking that Yuki is a girl, Masako quickly exclaims that she isn’t so don’t get angry. “I am not Hachiya’s friend with benefits nor his girlfriend, and whatever, I’m not!! I’m just one of those innumerable women of that guy. You know it, right!?” 

Yuki asks what’s with strong statement filled with the gunpowder. Yuki reminds her that he already explained that he is really a guy, Renji’s friend. Masako asks if that is for real, yuck, really disgusting. Yuki comments that he hasn’t heard that reaction for a long time since the Sakuraba sisters pampers[/loves] him. 

Masako tells him that if he’s looking for Renji, he just left with that rude sissy guy and she heard that they’ll go by car. Yuki complains about being late for he also wanted hitchhike on that car. Masako asks who that guy is. Yuki says that he ought to be Onidzuka [鬼塚], Renji’s exclusive lawyer, perhaps guardian or caretaker-type.

Masako exclaims that unexpectedly it is an exclusive [lawyer] and how much money does that guy [Renji] have, what are his parents doing, aren’t they too busy at work that they are entrusting their child to that kind of person, and at his age, he would still cause kick up a fuss like a lost child in the middle of the night. Surprised Yuki asks if Renji did that again, when? 

Masako tells him it was yesterday night. She complains over how it startled her and that idiot even made her worried. She finds it scary that he is totally fine after getting up from bed. Thinking that she’s actually really worried, Masako says that he obviously told her words like don’t go, that she really wants others to immediately find that out about him for not only he is rich, he’s an idiot.

Sitting down, Yuki says that actually, Renji is very rich but on contrary, he doesn’t have the ordinary things that everyone has. Masako doesn’t believe him and asks what would that be? Yuki tells her, “That would be parents.” Flashback: A small jet crashed and has caught fire. In the middle of the night, while it is dark outside, Renji was awaken by his nanny to inform him that the private plane got into an accident.

His parents are on board back to the country from Los Angeles [California]. Renji tearfully cried that it is his fault for insisting that his mother to come to his graduation. After re-marrying, [his father?] immediately returned. He really liked that new mother who did her best to change the scheduled flight. A man and a woman comfort him and tell him not to cry, it is alright.

The man said that even if it is just the two of them, they’ll get through this. His older brother of 10 years didn’t mention a single condemnation against him. Together with his beautiful fiancée, they treated Renji well and he started to, really like them. Then, his brother’s fiancée offered to go with him to the opening ceremony of his junior high since the brother is busy at work. Renji said okay, he’ll wait for her in the morning.
And, she got into an accident. Renji told Yuki that morning of the opening ceremony, she enthusiastically left home early in the morning but a drunk driver knocked her over [while riding a motorbike] and killed her. “I’m awaken again from my dream to be informed of a loved one’s death.” And at the funeral, his brother blamed Renji for it and why, she is his most important person..why.. “Are you a shinigami[/death god]?”

Yuki asked if that is why he is called a shinigami. Renji said yes and because a lot of neighbors had overheard it, that started to spread around. End flashback. Yuki tells Masako that is how it is. “On the second day when Yuki first saw THAT SIDE of Hachiya, he laughed and told me about it. Hachiya himself also knew that he is very popular but he thinks that it is because he’s rich.

Even if he is very popular, he was not loved. He doesn’t know the feeling of being loved.” [<- I guess loved as in romantically] Masako is frowning. Then, at ELA, Junko and Momoe are busy in their respective classes. At the reception table, Masako wonders how come a guy is like that, can still properly talk and she ought to tidy up her thoughts when obviously the right one is simpler.

She is startled when Satoshi calls out to her and tells her ‘good work’ these past days. Masako asks what it is for he doesn’t have class today. Satoshi says that even if it is a bit sudden but he has time later so if she is getting off work, does she want to eat together. Masako says yes. She is surprised when Satoshi suggests that they go to his house afterwards and help him pack his luggage. 

Masako recalls how Satoshi watches Junko before and how she comforted Renji. She thinks that it is the same. “Men, why won’t they frankly say it out? Because they are always hurt so they hate being alone. No matter who is okay, just want to have someone stay at one’s side. Obviously, it is fine to just bluntly go and rely on [someone].” 

Satoshi is surprised when Masako asks, “..Mishima-san, do you like me?” Satoshi asks why she would suddenly ask that, and at this place. Masako tells him that she just wants to ask a bit. Satoshi says that aren’t they going to ‘get married’ because they are suitable for each other and his condition also suits her desire, that right now, he thinks that it is okay just with that. 

Masako hesitantly says that even so..actually it is like that... Masako thinks that she isn’t casual wherein anyone would do. Satoshi asks if it is okay for this to continue to progress like this. After a pause, Masako says, “..even if I also think it is okay *flustered slight smile* but in the end, forget about it. (even if I do not want to say it)”
Comment: Ah, Satoshi is the biggest loser in this series – rejected twice by two different women. Not only he didn’t get a chance with Junko thanks to Masako’s hindrances, Masako just cancelled the engagement after everything that has happened. I guess it sucks to be an ideal nice guy especially if the women around him are manipulative and ‘discard him like tissue after being used for their purposes’.

It really took Masako a long time to finally stop fooling herself into marrying someone who doesn’t love her just for her ‘ideal this and that’. Hehe, or that is just the mangaka’s way of changing pairings. I guess Masako’s way of thinking is a bit twisted in some way thanks to her mother and where she is going with Satoshi, it seems like she is bound to repeat the same mistake of her mother.

It seems that Masako is too focused on ‘ideal – make others envy’ and not ‘love’ in marriage. Even if I’m glad that happened I feel sorry for Satoshi but it seems that he is still ‘numb’ over Junko and no feelings for Masako that he seem to take it well. I hope the mangaka would at least create a female character for the guy who’ll love him and he’ll love back.

Of course, maybe he’ll just ‘disappear’ from the series since he is already leaving abroad..and be forever single. So, after all the trouble that Masako caused before, she gets ‘rewarded’ with a young rich guy who has a bit of trauma. For him to start having that ‘sleepwalking’ could it be because he has fallen in love with Masako?

Aside from ‘shinigami’, I think Renji has some really bad luck. Making an appointment with someone indirectly resulted into two deaths. I guess it is human nature to blame someone like that – if only you didn’t ask/agree to meet with. It wasn’t really shown if they sue the ones who caused the plane crash or at least, that drunk driver which are the actual real causes of the deaths.

Still, since his brother must have really loved his fiancée, he cannot forgive Renji for that and it permanently strained their relationship. Thankful, Renji got a good guardian who kind of cares for him. I write ‘kind of’ because he is being paid to do that yet seems responsible enough to Renji. I find Onidzuka’s description of Masako amusing.

It is rare for someone to say that straight in Masako’s face and it is pretty much what she is even if she denies it to the wrong person, Yuki. Since Onidzuka is unfazed over Masako’s appearance, I find him amusing and wonders what are the possibilities that he is one of Arthur’s gay friends =P

As for her thoughts on why men hide their true feelings, I think whether men or women, it is because of ego, they don’t want to be vulnerable and do that by acting strong and everything is okay. Also, it was nice of Yuki not to retort back at Masako over her negative comment regarding his cross-dressing. He was kind enough to even explain things to her regarding Renji. Scans by 深雪

Quote of the day:
We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. ~ Joseph Campbell


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