September 4, 2013

Sleeping Beauty [Chapter 1]

[Free Talk: This is Domoto Nao/Enomoto Tsubaki’s new series in ARIA. I haven’t read her series before. Currently, there are already four chapters are out and it seems good. Hehe, that is I just browsed it and hasn’t thoroughly read it yet with the help of a dictionary. ^^; The story is somewhat mystery-type with an amnesia girl as lead. This is josei-type and there might be some themes not appropriate for young readers. The mangaka also writes BL so there’s kind of ‘bromance’ here. Thankfully, guesswork names are minimized because the mangaka wrote their ‘English’ names in chapter 4. ^^ Whether I’ll continue to summarize this will depend on circumstances.]
There is a scene of a man who apparently committed suicide by slashing his wrist and soaking it in a bathtub. Another man holds on to a young woman and says, “Don’t look, Yuki-chan.” Narration: “When I was 17 years old, I got into a traffic accident that made me lose all of my memories. And afterwards..some other incident became the turning point for me to finally remember the forgotten me.” Blurb: “Who is the enemy, who is the ally..can you differentiate clearly these people? With memories sealed far away, who is the prince who’ll save me?” Yuki poses at a photo shoot. Narration: “It seems that before the accident, I’ve already done this modeling job.” After the shoot is finished, the others praise her for being beautiful and cute. Yuki thanks them and thinks that it is due to make-up. The staff tells her to be careful on her way home since it is already dark. After thanking for her concern, Yuki goes out the building. Narration: “Two years ago, I got into an accident. Not only the painful and sad things, the happy and joyful things, but as well as leftover memories of my deceased parents, everything has disappeared from my brain. Continuing my work before..could possibly be an opportunity for me to regain my memories. So, I’ve picked up this modeling job again. During the time when I had not lost my memories, it seems that I’m a very sociable person who has many friends. After the accident, I’ve become easily distracted and lost in thought, quite dispirited and weak. I would tend to lose interest in things that I don’t ask nor hear anything. It is also the same with the people around me. What kind of dream I had before, do I have someone I like.. *looks up the sky* I have this kind of feeling that if I regain my memories, I will change.” In the university, a girl calls out to [Mizuhara] Yuki to join a formal dinner with friends tonight. Yuki tries to decline [Haruna] Maiko’s invitation because she is still not used to college. Maiko says that she also knows that Yuki would thoroughly refuse but don’t say that, she is her first friend in college. Yuki got retain for a year because of the accident and she’s stupid that she repeats a year so compared to the others, the two of them can properly get along. Maiko tells her that there is also a prince-like guy there. She also wants to know more about Yuki for she wants them to be good friends. Yuki thanks her and starts to think of it. Maiko quickly says that it is decided and tells Yuki to call each other by their given names. Yuki blushes and agrees. Yuki calls her older brother that tonight she is going to eat out with friends so she’ll be late in coming home. She mentions that there seems to be guys though she doesn’t know if they are from the same school. Yuki assures her brother not to worry for there are also girls and doesn’t he have a night shift so do his best in saving the patients. At the restaurant, a cheerful guy introduces himself as Kondou Keita, the host for today. The plan for this is to make new friends with Maiko’s friends and even if one of the guys is late, they should first have a toast. Everyone had a toast. Maiko says that since there are a lot of people, they should first do a self-introduction by telling one’s name and favorite food.
A brownish hair guy with necktie says that he’s Ono Yoshiharu and he likes gyudon [beef bowl] and saving money. Black haired guy in black jacket introduces himself as Azumi Kousuke, and he likes oval [rice] crackers. The others laugh and tease him for trying to act moe/cute. Yuki thinks that it is amazing how everyone would open up and chat, and she wonders if she can blend in because there are more people there than she thought. A light haired good looking guy says that he’s a bit nervous, he is Tachibana Yuuya and he likes to rice and miso soup. Maiko whispers to Yuki that Yuuya is like a prince for it seems that some star search tried to scout him but he said that he isn’t interested. He is studying law at O University and he might possibly be a prosecutor or lawyer. Yuki says that’s amazing. Glancing at Yuuya, Yuki thinks that he isn’t the same with the others and even in looks, he won’t lose to a model. A glasses guy apologizes for being the next after the sparkling prince, but he’s the tacky prince, Kamiya Souichirou and he can eat anything. Yuki notices that things start to become lively but the one in the middle of it is Yuuya for all the girls are attracted to him. Yuki notices that Yuuya is looking at her. This made Yuki look away and think that in the end, she isn’t good at this. In the washroom, Maiko asks Yuki whom she thinks is the most amazing, and in the end, is it Yuuya. Yuki says that she didn’t particularly feel anyone being special. Maiko tells her that there she goes again, hiding her true words. She says that she heard that Yuuya’s father is a big shot in the police department so not only in name but also an elite in reality. She thinks that he is a match in social and economy status with Yuki for he isn’t only a high quality guy, he’s also nice. Going out the washroom, Yuki asks what this is, a goukon[/group date], and it doesn’t matter what she thinks but what about her. Maiko happily says that she has already decided on it from the start. Yuki excitedly asks who it is. Maiko says that it is Keita and he’s so moe. Yuki hopes that it will go smoothly with her. Putting her arm around Yuki, Maiko tells her not to make a move on him and she’ll give Yuuya to her. Yuki tells her that she said that it doesn’t matter to her. Soon, the food –hotpot and sushi- is served. Kousuke asks about Yuki’s modeling job and if she went overseas. Yuki says that she’s not at that level to go overseas. Yoshiharu suggests that they go on a trip overseas and he’ll get some cheap airplane tickets. Soon, they are talking about going around within the country on Golden Week and probably at some Okinawa-type of place though they can swim only on May at Okinawa. Yuki starts to wonder why she always felt uncomfortable upon arriving at this place. Yuuya seems to notice this. Holding her face, Yuki wonders what’s going on with her for she was fine when she arrived here. Since she couldn’t take it anymore, she excuses herself by saying that she’s going to the washroom. She goes out of the restaurant for the hallway inside has a heavy cigarette smell. She felt cold outside. While holding on the railing, she felt nauseous but then, she didn’t eat anything so she cannot vomit even if she wanted to. She is really puzzled over what’s going on for she is rarely weak like this.
Yuuya comes out and asks Yuki if she’s feeling unwell and is she alright. Taking off his jacket, Yuuya puts it on her and tells her to return inside because it is cold.  She admits that she isn’t feeling well but the cigarette smell inside is quite strong. Yuuya suggests that they go to some other store. This puzzles Yuki. He takes her hand and walks away with her. Yuki thinks that it seems something is strange. Soon, Yuuya gives her a bottle of water. He puts the plastic bag on the stairs and tells her to seat there. Yuki smiles and thanks him for this ‘store’ is not bad. They are sitting at the outdoor stairs of some office building. Holding some desserts, Yuuya says that he didn’t see her eating while talking with Yoshiharu and Kousuke so maybe she feels unwell because her stomach is empty. Since she said that she likes sweets during the self-introduction, he bought some pudding and fruit. Yuki thanks him. While they eat, Yuuya says that it is delicious and he loves this pudding. Yuki comments that the sweets at the convenient store are quite amazing. Yuki thinks that Yuuya is handsome, has great grades, nice and honest that he would always think of others, that it is like a perfect person exists in this world. Yuuya admits that he also likes sweets but as a guy, it is embarrassing to go in a sweets store. Yuki suggests that he invites someone to go with him. Yuuya says that he won’t invite Yoshiharu and Kousuke for those guys would gorge on the sweets and wipe them out. Yuki laughs that she wanted to see that so he should try doing it once. Yuuya whines over that. Yuki suggests that he go with his female friend or girlfriend for she [that girl] ought to be happy about it. Yuuya tells her that he doesn’t have female friends nor girlfriend. During high school exams, he had quit club and became fat. After entering college, he started to work out but he suddenly lost 5% of his fats that girls said that it is disgusting so he was avoided. Yuki finds it hard to believe that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Yuuya says that he looks like a playboy but actually he isn’t that kind of person. This surprises Yuki that she apologizes for she could have said something wrong. Yuuya tells her that there’s no need to apologize. He glances at her and says that she is quite eye-catching. She’s very beautiful and able, totally different from other girls. Although she isn’t used to this kind of social interaction that she was so busy listening to Yoshiharu and Kousuke’s questions and forgot to eat. But she is quite considerate that he thinks that she’s a delicate nice person. Yuki blushes over this and thanks him for praising her for this is the first time someone told her that. Soon, Yoshiharu and Kousuke are already looking for Yuuya and telling him to come back via instant messaging on the net [like LINE, Viber, etc using smart phones] Standing up, Yuuya says that that they should go back. Yuki tells him to go first and she’ll follow because she doesn’t want the others to misunderstand things. Yuuya agrees. After he left, Yuki has forgotten to ask him how much the water and dessert cost. She decides to ask when she goes back. She thinks over how good Yuuya is in conversing, being considerate and understanding, being observant of others that he is really an elite. It is really hard to believe that he doesn’t have a girlfriend when he’s a totally charming person that perhaps he is truly like a prince. Yuki feels a bit better so she starts walking back.
Then, at the streets, she is surprised when a woman angrily slaps a guy who is facing away from her. She shouted at Eiji for being awful that he deceived her from start to end. Yuki thinks that it is a street quarrel and the restaurant is near there so she would have to take a long detour. Eiji tells the woman that he didn’t deceive her or rather, he didn’t give her any promise. The woman shouts that he already went to bed with her and of course, that meant he treated her like a girlfriend. As the quarrel starts to attract other people’s attention, Eiji says that he already told her that he has some other girl whom he likes and she told him that it doesn’t matter so how can he possibly treat her as a girlfriend. The woman shouts that he’s too much. Yuki agrees with that. Turning to the side, Eiji tells her not to get involve with him again for he doesn’t want to see her again. Yuki is surprised for Eiji is super handsome but his personality is super awful. Someone screams when the woman takes out a small knife and tearfully shouts that he won’t answer her phone calls and she absolutely won’t let him leave her like this. The woman kept on shouting ‘No!’ Yuki has a headache and has imagines of blood splattering around. A hand grips some leaves/grass and shouting, ‘No~~!’ Then, a woman with hand reaching down shouts, “~~save me! Save me-!!” End flashback. Yuki thinks that she must save her. Yuki shakes her head and goes in between the quarreling couple. Yuki tells the woman to put down the knife for even if she injures him, her heart won’t be healed and on contrary, she’ll hurt herself even deeper. While Eiji looks surprised, Yuki snaps out of it and is surprised that she unexpectedly got involved with someone holding a knife. Yuki wonders if she is that kind of person. The woman asks who she is and what her basis is for that. Yuki tells her that she is only passing by and heard them talking. The other bystanders are surprised for that girl[Yuki] suddenly got in between the quarrel and would she be alright. By the corner of the building, a [suspicious] guy is watching then suddenly calls someone on the phone. Eiji tells Yuki that this has nothing to do with her so go to that side for if she [the woman] wants to cut him then let her be because after that, it is okay since she won’t bother him again. Yuki asks if he is an idiot for in this age, women can do self-defense that they know how to use a ballpen to cause injury to the other person. Her brother is a surgeon and has taught her on how deal with special times[/situations]. That small knife can also kill him. She doesn’t know how deep their feelings for each other but it has already reached that point so he should more or less have a bit of responsibility. For her [the woman] to unexpectedly want to harm the person she likes with her own hands, one would think that she has already been forced into this situation so at least, please sincerely face these feelings. Eiji thinks for a while and says that’s right. Eiji tells Reika [guesswork from 麗香] that he doesn’t have that kind of feelings and he’s sorry that he has no way of returning her feelings. Before, he knew that she had those feelings for him but he deliberately ignored them. And because he knows that his feelings won’t change, he hopes that she forget about him early on. “..I’m sorry, Reika-san. It is good if I only sincerely told you early on.”
Reika tearfully cries as Yuki is glad over the outcome. Then, a couple of policemen arrive and apologize that someone reported of a quarrel. Hugging Reika, Yuki apologizes for the trouble that they have to come but everything is already alright. Thinking that she’s cute, the policemen say that they still have to at least do a routine inquiry. Running off with Reika, Yuki shouts to ask Eiji for he’s the one who came to hit on them and they only refused so they’ll be leaving first. Riding on a taxi, Reika thanks Yuki for today and they obviously don’t know each other. Yuki tells her to forget about the guy and have a happy romance. After the taxi left, Yuki reflects on her impulsiveness in meddling that she is truly quite courageous and she even lied to the police. She wonders if she is fundamentally this kind of person and perhaps she has this personality before she lost her memories. She had also repeatedly looked at the pictures of friends before she lost her memories but in a second, that girl’s image floated into her mind. Has she seen that person before and who is she.. She has a feeling that girl is calling her name and with her hand stretched out, in the end, she[Yuki] wasn’t able to hold her tightly. Then, Yuki glances at the side and asks if he got rid of the police. Eiji says that they showered down a lot of lectures on him before letting him off. Yuki asks if he’s angry at her over that. Eiji says no, he is thanking her for escaping with Reika because she doesn’t want Reika to be seen with the knife by the police. Yuki thinks that he has noticed. Holding Yuki’s bloodied hand, Eiji says, also..she used her bare hand to conceal the knife so how about going to the hospital. Yuki tells him that the bleeding has already stopped. Yuki notices that looking at him in detail, Eiji is still quite young and almost the same age as her. Even if he is like Yuuya who is a nice considerate prince towards girls but there are awful jerks like him. Eiji tells her to at least go to a drug store for some disinfectant. Pulling her hand away from him, Yuki tells her that she’s truly okay and she doesn’t want to get involved with him. “Even if I don’t concretely know what’s up between the two of you but what kind of attitude is that, for you to make a move on some girl when you already have a girl you like? I don’t want to get involved with a person like you. You’re the type of person I’m most disgusted with.” Yuuya starts running towards them and says that he starts looking for her when it took her a long time to come back. Yuki apologizes. Yuuya comments that Eiji is also here. This surprises Yuki that she asks if he knows this person. Yuuya says yes, he is the last guy, the one who is late at their party today. Yuua also says that it is rare for Eiji to join these gatherings that he has to drag him to them. Holding Eiji, Yuki tells Yuki that he is always with him since high school and his name is Kase Eiji. Yuki asks if he’s Yuuya’s friend. Yuuya says that one can say a friend, but it is close friend. Yuki is surprised for unexpectedly Yuuya is some type of close friend with this awful guy.
Comment: I like Yuki’s ‘strong’ side when she got in between the quarrel. It does seem that Yuki doesn’t like her current self that she is trying to discover her true/past self. Yuuya does seem to be too perfect and it is a wonder why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. In a way, I think in contrast with Yuuya, Yuki is the center of attention among the girls. The other guy who got Yuki’s attention that night is Eiji..the one who left her with a bad impression. It is indeed despicable that he’s two-timing and he’s lucky that Yuki is there for damage control. Yuki is indeed nice to just help out that girl she doesn’t know. It is most probably because of that girl in her flashback which trigged it. There is also someone who is suspiciously watching. Scans by Scans by 深雪

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