September 5, 2013

Akai Ito [Chapter 13]

Cover page: “Thank you for everyone’s support! One year of serialization♥ On the way home together with Hinase.. It will be good if the sunset’s orange-red can cover up this shy-dyed cheeks [of mine]..” At school, Chihiro is drinking some juice when Rino asks her up to where is her progress with Sho. Chihiro casually says that she’s asking where..actually they didn’t go anywhere.. Rino says no, no. “I’m asking regarding kissing and H[/sex]-type of stuff.” Chihiro promptly chokes on her juice. She asks why all of a sudden. Rino says that it is because Chihiro appears not to be interested in that area so she’s wondering how it is, she’s curious.. Blushing Chihiro says that it is nothing, it’s very ordinary and nothing special. Rino couldn’t believe it for this is Sho, he didn’t do anything, that’s quite unexpected. Chihiro insists that there’s nothing at all. Then, she mutters that after going steady, it is only four days since then. Chihiro glumly thinks that she also couldn’t deny that Sho gives an impression of being frivolous[/playboy]. Rino apologizes for suddenly mentioning it. Chihiro bluntly tells Rino that she’s only discussing things on its own merits [/judging on facevalue?] Rino didn’t refute it. Just when Chihiro is thinking of something, Sho hugs her from behind and asks what they are talking about regarding him. Blushing Chihiro thinks that he came. Sho pinches her cheeks together and urges her to quickly tell him. Rino laughs and says that it is really conjugal love. Ren arrives and tells Sho that he bought the W cream bread for him. Rino sees Ren then quickly runs off saying that she’ll also buy W cream bread. Ren quietly watches Rino leave as Chihiro shouts for her to wait, don’t go. Sho asks again what they are talking about regarding him. She says that it is nothing. Sho asks is that so, and octopus mouth is quite cute. Chihiro thinks that he’s quite cunning for he absolutely knows that she cannot resist when he does that and what if this is seen by a kendo club member.. Chihiro is surprised upon seeing the other girls glaring at her that it hurts. She manages to take Sho’s arms off her and shouts that she said that it’s hot that it is unbearable. While she tells him to stop and don’t keep on sticking to her, Sho calls out the teacher and tells him that Chihiro is being violent with him. The male teacher casually says that it is conjugal love. Holding her arms, Chihiro thinks that Sho unexpectedly loves to touch her. It startles her at first when they’re going steady and even until now, she is still not quite used to it. “But actually, I’m very happy..” Soon, Rino together with Ren, bids goodbye to Chihiro and Sho. Sho says to go to sleep after brushing the teeth. Rino[?] laughs and asks if he’s a father. Then, Sho puts his arm around Chihiro’s shoulder. Sho says that it is okay if those helpers at school aren’t around, right?
Blushing Chihiro says yes. Chihiro is frustrated for Sho can always see through everything and he teases her as he wishes, she also wants to do that occasionally but she couldn’t think of anything.. She is surprised when Sho removes his arm. She realizes that they have arrived at her house. She isn’t moving that Sho tells her that they’ve arrive. Chihiro says ya, and asks if he wants to come in. This surprises Sho. Nervous Chihiro says that it is nothing, for if he comes in, her mother and Souta would be very happy. She starts to say that it is sudden and just treat it like she didn’t say anything and next time.. She sweatdrops when Sho says that he’s free so okay, he’s coming in, he’ll be intruding. [<- being polite]. Chihiro is surprised that it’s okay with him. Then, she pauses for what’s up with that smile on his face, as if there’s some deep meaning to it. In the house, Chihiro is speechless over a letter from her mother saying that grandmother in Yokohama has hurt her waist[/lower back] that she couldn’t move so she and Souta are going there to help. Yuuto has dojo practice so he might come home late. After work, father would pass by at their side [Yokohama] before going home so she can eat whatever she wants for dinner, and she’s leaving her with a 1000 yen. End letter. Chihiro thinks that there’s no one at home and her mother should have just simply texted her so that she’ll know about it earlier and things wouldn’t end up like this. Standing behind her, Sho asks if everyone isn’t around. Thinking that the two of them are alone, Chihiro blushes and says that it seems so. Pouring a drink and saying that they drink something first, Chihiro is nervous for it is already late and what she is going to do for there are only cats at home. She spills the glass on the table. She apologizes and says that she’ll get a new one. Sho tells her there’s no need and sit down first, even if it isn’t his house. He pulls Chihiro to sit down on him, and he hugs her tightly that she couldn’t escape. She is startled when Sho bends down and puts his chin on her shoulder. Sho asks if it’s quite hot. Chihiro nervously asks if he’s still troubled about that afternoon incident. Sho says no. Then, he notices that Chihiro is blushing really red. He sighs and suddenly stands up. He apologizes and says that he’ll go home first and there’s somewhere he has to go. Chihiro thinks that he’s going but it seems like she has this feeling of being saved. Chihiro timidly says that she’ll walk him to the front gate. Sho looks glum. He suddenly holds her face and kisses her. Then, it becomes a French kiss. After breaking it off, Sho tells her not to mind too much and remember to lock the door, see you. Chihiro bends down on the floor and wonders what is that kiss just now. She realizes something and thinks, “..could it be that it is only a matter of time before I’m that what it is?”
Outside, Sho reads an email from Souta tells him that today he’s with his mother at Yokinawa and it is a chance for him to be alone with his sister♡♡. Sho tsks and mentally tells Souta that he failed. At the cooking room in school, Chihiro reads a little notebook and mutters what to do. She thinks that today is already day 5. Holding a balloon whisk, Rino asks what to do about what and what she is seriously looking at. Embarrassed Chihiro says that it is checking the recipe if she didn’t do anything wrong. Chihiro looks at the notebook again where she wrote: Ordinary kiss 7 times; French kiss 1 time. Chihiro thinks that it is already 5 days since they’ve gone steady and she got four kisses, and add to the time before they’ve gone steady, it would be eight, though that ONE last night is a first, and continuing on, how would it end.. “No, but? What can I say, it’s quite fast, right? Because it is only the fifth day, right? 5 days! But, isn’t this very common..I don’t know how it is with other people. If Hinase didn’t go home yesterday, what would the situation become..” She is surprised when Sho calls out to the older female teacher to taste this. While Sho holds a biscuit, the teacher scolds him for teasing and not to joke around. Chihiro angrily wonders if he is an older woman [lady] killer. At the changing room, Chihiro removes her blouse when Rino comments that her bra is quite cute, is it newly bought. This surprises Chihiro that she starts exclaiming that this isn’t some duel underwear kind of thing and she only wants to challenge so there’s no special meaning to it. Rino sweatdrops and says that no one is asking about that. This embarrasses Chihiro. She thinks that she’s afraid, afraid that it is possible that it would end up like that..and just in case, she bought this kind of underwear. “Do I want to do it? Don’t I want to do it? Which is it!?” Rino interrupts her thoughts by telling Chihiro to quickly change for the club activity is starting. Looking at the girls watching inside the dojo through the window, Rino comments that the viewers had increased lately. Hanging the kendo uniforms to dry, Chihiro says that the captain would definitely be roaring these days. Rino laughs and says that is right and this could be an effect from Sho because ever since he entered the club, there are more of them and in the end, he’s quite popular. Chihiro mentally agrees with Rino that Sho is very popular. “I think that I’m definitely not his first girlfriend. It seems that he is also quite skillful with that kiss.. Generally, this first night thing, he already.. *blushes* Ah, I’m recklessly thinking about that. This is no good.” The captain arrives and tells the managers that he got something for them. Giving a piece of paper to Chihiro, the captain asks if she knows how to write the sequence of the competition and these are the members. Chihiro says that she knows, and no problem.
He tells her that in the Sho’s name is in the reserve list but he refuses to participate so leave that space blank, and he’ll tell her the replacement later on. Chihiro wonders why Sho refuses to join for it is already amazing that he is chosen as reserve when he’s a first year. While walking together, Sho says that even if today is Saturday but the practice ended earlier so where does she want to go for a while. Chihiro looks glum and lost in thought so Sho calls out to her again and asks her what happened for she is always absent-minded. Chihiro timidly tells him that it is about the competition. Sho also looks glum. Chihiro wonders if she shouldn’t have asked for she seems to be meddlesome. She starts apologizing for it but he says that it is okay. Looking thoughtful, Sho tells her that he wants to go some place and would she accompany him. Soon, at First North Junior High, Sho says that it hasn’t changed a bit but then, it is inevitable because it has only been three months ago. Then, Sho says that it is amazing for it is still here. Chihiro asks what that is. Touching a badly cracked pillar, Sho says that it is the mark of when he hit it while fighting with someone from a different section. Then, Sho happily tells her that one is when he got involved with a senpai and threw a chair. Chihiro sweatdrops and wonders if this guy is actually a Butoha [<-people who use violence to get what they want?]. Looking up the buildings, she thinks that Sho stayed here for three years but why would he bring her here. Then, she hears the sound of the shinai. She is surprised when Sho suddenly holds her hands and squeeze it tightly. Then, they enter the dojo. Furuta [formerly Kota] notices Sho. The others start going to them and greet Sho. Sho says that they are still quite lively. Chihiro is a bit surprised by how fond they are of Sho. They ask who Chihiro is. Gesturing towards Chihiro, Sho happily says that she’s his girlfriend. Chihiro politely greets them and they politely greet her back. Chihiro thinks that they are quite respectful. Furuta happily says that he knew that things will end up like this. [<- the two of them] This made Chihiro blush. Furuta asks why Sho why he came here today, is it to see the teacher for it seems like this is the first time he came after graduating. Sho says that’s right. They are surprised when Sho bows and apologizes for he got them involved with last summer’s dispute. “An important tournament is approaching but because club activities are suspended, I’m very ashamed that I’ve made you guys waste previous time. Even if how many times I apologize, it[/time] cannot be redeemed back but I still want to seriously say this one. I know that I’m very willful but I want to continue on doing kendo.. ..Can I continue again? *embarrassed laugh* Even if I say this but actually, I’ve already joined the kendo club.”
After looking surprised, his kouhai starts to casually say what he is talking about, they aren’t spoiled-weak for even if they-senpai aren’t around, they can also win in other competitions and fundamentally, there’s no need for him to worry about them. They tell him not to belittle the First North’s kendo club. As they smile, Sho smiles back and says that’s right. Pointing at himself, Sho laughs and tells them not to look at him like that for he’s quite slim since he couldn’t sleep every day because of them. The others laugh and say that he would even dare say that. Chihiro smiles over this. Then, she notices that he holds her hand again. She thinks that it isn’t the same with a while ago, this is quite gentle. Sho smiles at her. Chihiro wonders if she can be proud for he brought her along with him for this forward step. “Even if I cannot do anything other than stay at his side, but it’s fine even if it is only this little thing if it can lighten Hinase’s burden. If it is truly like that, I’m very happy..” While walking out, Sho apologizes for making her accompany him. Chihiro says that she should be the one apologizing. Sho asks why she has to apologize. Blushing, she says no, it’s only.. She thinks that it is for saying that he’s frivolous, lewd, older woman killer and other stuff like that..and also she even thought about underwear and H-stuff, I’m really sorry! Thinking that she wants to know him more, Chihiro says that she feels that she still doesn’t know much about him. Sho says that is inevitable because it hasn’t been long since they’ve started going steady so it’s fine to slowly know [about him]. Chihiro says ya. Sho tells her that he doesn’t regret not joining this competition since there isn’t only one competition, and if this won’t do, he’ll only aim for the next one. Chihiro thinks that she doesn’t know much but right now, a little bit, only a teeny-tiny bit, she feels that she can understand Hinase even if there is no way of using words to properly express it. He bends down to a wall and uses a stick to crudely scratch an Ai Ai Gasa [/love love umbrella] and write their names. After Chihiro got over the initial shock over his vandalism, Sho tells her that this is the remembrance for coming today and is it corny. This made Chihiro blush and tells glum Sho that it is very corny. “But, I’m quite happy..” They walk while holding hands. Walking in the streets, Sho says that he’s hungry so how about going to eat something though there’s nothing much nearby so they would have to go to the [train] station. Looking up, Chihiro says that it seems like it is going to rain soon. Looking up, Sho agrees. Then, it starts to rain hard. Chihiro panics for if she’s soaked wet, her underwear can be seen through. Sho tells her to run. This puzzles Chihiro.  To her shock, Sho tells her that his house is nearby and they should go there first. Blurb: “Could, could it be, going according to that progress-!?”
Comment: Fufu..this is a nice chapter though I wonder if that blurb is just teasing. =P I have not seen this mangaka done anything H-related before and going to that point can be dragged quite a long time like in her previous series. Of course, there’s always a first time and it is already noted that Sho is experienced. It is still inconclusive whether Chihiro is ready for it or not. It is quite amusing that the one who made Chihiro aware of that stuff is actually Rino. It is amusing that Rino isn’t quite innocent as she looks. ^^; But then, she is a girl who is more worried about her scar being seen while having H so.. But then, I do wonder if something is going on between Rino and Ren behind the scenes that she ran away upon seeing him earlier and she was asking Chihiro how far she’s gone with Sho..or it is just a coincidence and Rino is still being shy with Ren. And, even if she doesn’t look like it, Chihiro does have that ‘naïve-innocent’ side about being overly conscious about it and even remembering/recording how many kisses they’ve already had. It’s quite cute, actually. Just like what Chihiro thought, it does seem to be just a matter of time. Well, with Chihiro beside him, Sho musters up the courage to face the others and move on from that incident. Apparently, he does seem to be or rather, is a delinquent type with a soft side. =P It isn’t often we see someone actually etching a ‘symbol’ of their love on something. Is it just me or Sho feels like his junior high is his ‘territory’ that he kept on making ‘marks’ on it. ^^;; Things are getting fun and I hope the mangaka keeps it up. ^^ If nothing happens between them, I would want to see Chihiro meeting his family. Scans by 深雪

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