September 14, 2013

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 83]

Shouta emails his father that he won’t be removing the snow. His father replies what kind of joke is that. Shouta answers that he has something to do. His father lengthily responds by asking if he is planning to have some leisurely fun with Sawako [he wrote 佐和子 when it should be 爽子 but both can be read as ‘Sawako’] during Vday, and this is the reason he opposes their relationship. Shouta cannot even do his own thing [responsibility] yet he would still chat with friends, don’t make him laugh his head off. His father threatens him to immediately come home to remove the snow or else, he’ll be going to Sawako’s house and make her break up with him, and he won’t treat him as a man again. End message. Shouta is furious for his father wrote the wrong name and he’ll definitely shovel the snow until it is neat and clean. Shouta apologizes to Sawako and says that he has to hurry home. While saying okay, Sawako thinks that she couldn’t give him the chocolates since they are in her bag. Shouta seriously says that he definitely make him [father] approve of him. Shouta starts running out then he stops. Wondering if she has a ‘please stay’ expression, Sawako shouts for him that it is okay, quickly go. Shouta runs off and curses his father. And, Sawako is shock for she wasn’t able to give the choco to him. Later on, Chizuru apologizes for she cannot stay to help Sawako because she has work. Sawako says that it is okay so Chizuru leaves. Ayane offers to help when Kent arrives. Sawako tells her that it is alright for it is Vday and go cherish their time together. Sawako says that Kent is waiting and she is used to tidying up data materials so she can quickly finish it up. Ayane asks her if she properly gave the homemade choco. Sawako assures her that it is alright. So, Ayane leaves with Kent. While arranging the data materials, Sawako thinks that she didn’t give the choco this year again. She counts how many did Shouta got while she was lost in thought. Then, she thinks that it doesn’t matter for they are already going steady. She hates herself for being jealous. She starts thinking over why she isn’t the first to give the choco this morning when she knew that he has to shovel the snow if it snows. She also knew that there are other girls who like him and they’ll definitely give him chocos. She had been too worried when to give it to him when it isn’t important. After a lot of thinking, Sawako decides to go to his house but then, she left her cellphone and it might cause trouble for him if she suddenly visits. After handling back the materials to Pin, Sawako berates herself over what she’s doing when she’s obviously the girlfriend yet she would only be jealous of others, and she shouldn’t be like this. She runs at the hallway when Ume calls out to her not to run at the hallway. Ume asks if this is some sort of fate to see her on Vday. She asks if Sawako gave the choco to Shouta this year. To Ume’s shock, Sawako timidly says no. Ume exclaims that they are obviously going steady already, and it seems that Shouta received some honmei[love] chocos this year.
Sawako darkly says that Ume might think that what she’s saying is disappointing but right now, her heart is pitch-black for she’s burning in jealousy. Ume laughs and says who told her as the girlfriend, to lower her guard that the others got ahead of her. Sawako is shock for she’s right on mark. Ume laughs that she has an awful personality and that is why she knows what Sawako is thinking. When Sawako doesn’t believe her, Ume admits that it is because she always has that jealous feeling. Sawako asks if it has changed now. Ume tells her that if she lets it continuously accumulate, just like a debt, it will become quite serious but right now, it is only written off at one stroke, and that’s the reason. Ume is carrying a lot of gift boxes and bags. Sawako says that she doesn’t understand. Ume laughs that she forever won’t tell since this pitch-black feeling is really good. Sawako comments that is the first time she saw that kind of smile on her. Ume tries to say that it is because she has an awful personality. Sawako insists that she isn’t and she isn’t bad. Ume tells her that this year, she won’t give any choco but received them from guys. She had told people ‘cannot go steady with you’ and even if it is a waste of mental and physical strength, she gained experience. Ume says that Shouta is pitiful that he unexpectedly didn’t get choco from his girlfriend. Sawako bit her lip and shouts back that she’ll give it to him today that she’ll even run there. Ume smiles and says do what you want. As Ume walks away, Sawako sees that she is holding a book on college exams and Ume just came out of the [future] aspiration discussion room. She thinks that each and every person has different feelings. And, Sawako runs off to Shouta’s place even if she is apologetic for not contacting Shouta first. At the shop, she faces Shouta’s father and she plans to get his approval. He asks what it is. She stutters that if Kazehaya.. He tells her that Shouta is shoveling the snow, and don’t worry, there are more better guys than Shouta out there. Sawako exclaims that it isn’t so, because for her, Kazehaya is the best guy, and even if there are better guys, she only wants Kazehaya. She says that this is her life and there’s no need to introduce her to others. She apologizes for he might think she’s frivolous for she went there on her own without Kazehaya’s knowledge. Shouta’s father asks if he’s that good and is it because of his looks. Sawako says that compared to his looks, the key point is his sincerity, reasonable..that as a guy.. Shouta’s father tells her until when she’s going to stand there, come in for it is very cold. Then, he tells her not to become too fat. He calls out to his wife to bring something a bit hot. He tells Sawako again to come in or else, the warmth would go out. She goes in and feels that Kazehaya’s father is a totally zealous person. Inside, Touta says that it is Sawako. Just when Sawako is greeting him, Touta holds out his hand and says that for her to come running to a guy’s house on this kind of day, she definitely has some token [gift]. Shouta’s mother hit Touta and tells him not to be like that.
She welcomes Sawako who gives them some chocolates and hopes that it suits their taste. Touta takes a bag of choco and runs off. Shouta’s mother tells Sawako to wait at Shouta’s room and he’ll definitely come back soon. Sawako tells her that she came on her own and Kazehaya didn’t know. Nevertheless, Shouta’s mother urges her to go in Shouta’s room even if it is a bit messy, and she’ll bring something warm for her. Standing outside the room, Sawako wonders if she can just go in. Inside, she looks around to see it a bit messy and a bag full of chocos from the girls who like Kazehaya. Shouta’s mother comes in and urges her to sit down. After offering her some tea, Shouta’s mother comments that it must be hard since Shouta is quite stubborn. Sawako says no, he is always honest and sincere that when she’s discourage, he would say ‘it’s alright’ and ‘gambatte’[/do your best] and it is because he is at her side, there are many things that she can kept on persevering. And with him at her side, she got to know a lot of things. This made Shouta’s mother smile and says that about changing, it isn’t only her. She thanks Sawako and tells her to wait. Sawako looks puzzled. Shouta’s mother gives her husband a choco from Sawako. He is complaining about it making him fat but she told him to take advantage of it being recently made and it’s delicious. Then, Shouta arrives and says he’s finished so he’ll just wait when it accumulates again. He asks how come Touta has chocolates. Touta tells him that Sawako arrived and she’s in his room. Shouta protests why his room that his mother tells him not to be petty when Sawako is his girlfriend. Shouta exclaims that it is because she’s his girlfriend that he minds. Sawako is surprised when Shouta suddenly opens the door. Sawako says, right..then she apologizes for talking by herself. He asks her if she saw something strange then, he notices the bag of chocos. Sawako tries to tell him that it is alright for Kent had told him that ‘it’s no good not to accept’. Shouta tells her that he didn’t accept because Kent told him. He says that he likes Kuronuma, confessed to her, got her confession and they are going steady so he hopes she doesn’t misunderstand. This everything made him understand a lot of feelings that one has when confessing. He had rejected by saying that ‘he cannot give her a reply for he likes Kuronuma and is going steady with her’ but if he refused to take the chocolate, that would be like erasing the other party’s confession and he cannot do that because it is like denying the other person’s feelings. If it was him, he would hate it. Even if it seems like an alibi, “You’re the one I like, Kuronuma!” This made the two blush. Sawako exclaims that she’s jealous and Kent also thinks that she thinks too much but right now, she cannot say that she didn’t think of it but, she didn’t misunderstand. She thanks him for telling her and sorry for suddenly coming. She wants to give this to him and even if it is late, please accept. She gives him the gift box. Holding it, Shouta says that this is bad, he’s super happy. “-thank you..Sawako. Itadakimasu.[thanks for the food]” She is glad that today, she can see this expression of his. While eating it, Shouta says that it is delicious. Then, Sawako asks, “ it alright? Shouta..kun..” He looks at blushing Sawako and kisses her. They smile and kiss again. Sawako thinks that she gave him all she wanted to give. The second Vday.
Comment: Sorry if you got confused when I alternated using the surnames and names of the same is just to point out that they are now on a first name basis instead of surnames. ^^ In Japan, that means that they now have a closer relationship. So, this couple made a bit of progress and they are getting comfortable with the kisses. ^^ Since this is a ‘pure love’ series, I don’t think more than that will happen when Sawako mentioned ‘give all’. It is nice that they are becoming more proactive and expressive of their feelings compared before. I wonder if she always had those extra emergency chocolates that helped her ‘win the hearts’ of Shouta’s family. Shouta’s father is really strict and hard-to-please. In a way, I think it makes it challenging for the two to get his approval. And if they did, I think it would be quite rewarding. Aside from the jealousy and finally giving the choco + kisses, the other theme of the chapter is about properly rejecting love confessions after learning from what they have gone through before – Shouta and Ume. Accepting the chocolates of the rejected person is somewhat of being polite and ‘thanks for liking me’..I’m not sure if that is applicable for other cultures. ^^; Well, since this couple is smooth sailing for now, maybe the focus will shift to the other couples. Scans by 工作室

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