September 15, 2013

17-sai Kiss to Dilemma [Chapter 14]

After Yuu asked Tsubasa to have a showdown with him, Tsubasa pulls Yuu’s hand off him and asks what’s the bet. Later that night, Ririka asks Yuu what is this competition between him and Tsubasa. Ann had unexpectedly called her and it pretty much startled her. There is a scene of aghast Ririka being informed by Ann that someone overheard the two guys at the shoe lockers that they will be competing during the PE test. Ririka asks Yuu if Tsubasa is bullying him again. “You don’t have to do this, refuse him.” Yuu looks flustered and quiet. Ririka says that if he won’t say it then she’ll.. Yuu holds her hand and says, no. Ririka asks what he is talking about for he’s bad at sports so how can he possibly win against Tsubasa. Yuu tells her that she’s the bet so he absolutely won’t lose. Starting to leave the room, Yuu says that he’s going ahead because he has homework to do. Ririka tries to call out to him but he already left. Flustered Ririka wonders why he would suddenly do that kind of thing. She becomes worried for it could be that Yuu knew Tsubasa confessed to her. She wonders what to do and, that competition would be about her. “But..but..if I’m the bet, then it would have no meaning. If he loses, then we’ll break up? *annoyed* We’ve obviously talked before that the two of us will decide together on important things--.. *teary-eyed* Yuu, you idiot.. Do not easily.. decide on breaking up.” Soon, during the PE test, the teacher is timing and rating the students’ performance. Tsubasa quickly runs that Ann nervously says that he’s quite fast. Pouting Ririka says that she knew that earlier on, Tsubasa’s motor nerve is very developed. She thinks that during elementary, he is always in first place, and right now, he is definitely also.. She turns away to leave. Ann calls out to her. Ririka exclaims that she doesn’t want to watch. Ann kept on calling to Ririka. This made Ririka glance back to see Yuu doing a long jump and he got 3m which is better than Tsubasa’s. This surprises Ririka. While Yuu brushes off the sand, a student exclaims that he’s amazing. Ririka wonders what was that just now? Ann asks if Yuu’s long jump is this amazing. Ririka says no.. Recalling how young Yuu would tearfully call out to her to wait for him, Ririka thinks that Yuu isn’t nimble and from that, he should not be very good at sports events.
While the others are doing sit-ups, the bystanders are saying that Tsubasa got 40 and Yuu also got the same. A girl comments that she now looks at Yuu at a new light. Ririka wonders if that is really Yuu, she didn’t know that he unexpectedly has this kind of side. Back at the tracks, it is now running. While the others are cheering for Yuu, Ann tells Ririka that Yuu is amazing for he’s first [one ahead]. Ririka just says, ya. Then, she notices a nerdy guy who is becoming dizzy and tired. The nerdy guy falls on Yuu and the others. Thinking that he’s hurt, Ririka worriedly calls out to Yuu. While the others lie on the ground and complain that it hurts, Yuu picks himself up and starts running again. Ann is glad that he’s alright. Ririka says ya, but she watches Yuu. The teacher times Yuu at 5 minutes and 7 seconds. Ann says that it is too bad for he wasn’t able to catch up with Tsubasa but then, he is already quite fast. She is puzzled when Ririka quietly goes to Yuu. Ririka grabs Yuu’s hand and says that he’s going to the clinic. Yuu tells her no, it’s okay, he’s fine, and he can still run. Ririka calls him stupid, she knows that he’s enduring it, and how many years have they been together [for her not to know]. Yuu looks flustered. At the clinic, the doctor says that it is a sprain. She advises to treat it lightly and go have it checked at the hospital after school. Ririka thanks her. Then, Yuu quietly goes out. Ririka asks him where he is doing. Yuu says that he hasn’t done the high jump yet. This made Ririka look flustered. Then, she angrily punches him on the head. Teary-eyed Yuu says that hurts. She angrily shouts what is the injured one talking about. Turning to leave, Ririka says that she’s going to tell Tsubasa that the competition is off. Yuu holds her hand and seriously tells her no, for this is a competition that he absolutely cannot back away from. This made Ririka flustered again. Trembling, she asks him why he is doing it, even up to this extent. “I really don’t understand you.. *pushes him away* Do not just casually decide on competing against Yoshii on your own.. You are obviously not very good with sports. How come you are so amazing.. I don’t understand you a bit, Yuu...” Yuu turns to leave that she calls out to him. By the door, he apologizes for selfishly deciding on this thing. “..but, it is for you, Ririka, so I’m properly do my best.”
Ririka calls out to him but he has already runs off. Ririka wonders why is, stupid Yuu saying that it is for her, it is totally not an answer. As she goes back to the field, Yuka calls out to her and says that the high jump is the last one between Tsubasa and Yuu so why doesn’t she go and cheer for Yuu. Ririka says no, she just quarreled with Yuu. To Ririka’s surprise, Yuka calls her stupid and what she is saying. Then, Ririka sees Tsubasa jumps but his foot hits the bar. Tsubasa curses and his score is 1 meter 75. Trembling Ririka thinks that it is no good, she’s very nervous. Yuka says that Tsubasa lost and if Yuu can make this jump, he’ll win. Ririka just says, ah, ya. Then, Yuu is fixing his shoe and looks tense. Ririka thinks that Yuu’s foot really hurts and how could he possibly win against Tsubasa. She becomes nervous when Yuu backs away to prepare for the jump. Ririka suddenly rushes near him and shouts, “You better win!! If you lose, I won’t pay attention to you throughout my lifetime!!” This made Yuu smile. And, he jumps. Later on, Tsubasa is lying on the floor with a book. A student tells him that it is really too bad. Tsubasa tells him to shut up and throws his book at the guy. Turning to the side, Tsubasa says, “..even before the competition, I already knew that I couldn’t win against that guy.” This puzzles the guy. Flashback: Yuu asked, “So? The condition is?” Tsubasa said, “If I win, you’ll break up with Ririka. And you?” Yuu replied, “..if I win, I want you to be real friends with Ririka.” This surprised Tsubasa that he exclaimed what he is talking about. “During the flower-viewing, that day, didn’t you say, ‘if you dare go near Ririka, I’m going to kill you’..” Yuu admitted, “Actually, even for a little bit, I don’t want you to stay at her side...but, Ririka smiled and told me that you are a very good friend. *smiles* If this can make her happy, I’m perfectly satisfied.” End flashback. Tsubasa mutters, “In order for her to be happy, he’ll sacrifice his feelings up to this extent. I cannot do that. *covers face and smiles* Possibly, I truly cannot be compared up to him.” The last scene is riding the bicycle, Ririka is telling Yuu to hold tightly on her. Yuu looks embarrassed as he calls out her name.
Comment: This is quite nice. Just when I thought that Yuu is doing this to get Tsubasa away from Ririka, it turns out to be for her. He really loves her that he would prioritize her happiness over his feelings. Ririka is such a lucky girl for not only Yuu is pretty much good in studies and sports, he also loves her very much to the point of doing things like this, to make her happy. I think aside from their bet, it is for the two to know who’s better between them and for Ririka, because Yuu could have told Ririka about the bet and she would have obviously told him that it isn’t necessary for him to do this. Since Tsubasa seems to be a good guy, I think he won’t pursue Ririka anymore but probably, be more of a friend to her. Hehe, I wonder if Yuu can keep his jealous in check if those two got ‘close’ as friends. =P Yuu also went on a risk here since he showed to the others how ‘cool’ he is and he might attract some fangirls who might cause trouble later on. Anyway, I’m glad that even if Ririka doesn’t approve of it and everything, she still ended up cheering for him. ^^ I wonder if she’ll ask him again later on since when he is good in sports. =P Scans by 离境

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