September 6, 2013

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 37]

Yuri is excited that her birthday on Christmas is coming soon and thankfully, it is winter vacation. Suiren and Yuri shiver when Aya reminds them of term exams. So, they have to study hard in order not to have make-up lessons during winter vacation. Yuri asks Suiren if she can meet with Kawasumi who has club activity. Aya asks if she is sure about not failing and doesn’t she want to study, just look at Suiren. Suiren has a hachimaki[/headband] with I♥SGK [sgk=suugaku=math] and she’s studying. She doesn’t want Kawasumi to shake his head and say that she’s taking extra lessons again. Since she isn’t good with math, she wants to spend more time studying it. Yuri suggests that they study on Sunday at her house. Suiren nods. Aya is surprised for it is rare for her to say that. Yuri suggests that they invite Kawasumi and Ryosuke. Aya comments that she’s aiming for that, and there’s no need for Ryosuke. Yuri asks why she is like that towards Ryousuke, and she’ll send him a message. Ryosuke immediately replies okay but then Kawasumi wouldn’t want to go to a girl’s house so how about going at his house. Aya refuses to come because it seems like Ryousuke wants to be the center of discussion. In the end, they’ve decided to go to Kawasumi’s house instead. Standing outside Kawasumi’s house, Yuri nervously asks if Kawasumi would let girls in his room. Ryousuke tells them that he didn’t tell him in advance. He assures the girls that it is okay for he’ll just make it like they are studying with him. Kawasumi’s mother sees them and asks Ryosuke why he is with girls. They nod their greetings as Ryosuke says that they are going to study together because exams are coming soon. Just when Kawasumi’s mother is commenting that this is quite rare, she notices trembling Suiren standing by the gate. Suiren is thinking that this is the person who gave birth to Kawasumi. Kawasumi’s mother leaves them since she has to go shopping. Yuri tells Suiren to come in and is she too nervous. Ryosuke says that it should be Kawasumi who’ll introduce her to his mother. He informs them that she already knows that Kawasumi has a girlfriend. They quietly go upstairs and Suiren starts to get more nervous since this is Kawasumi’s house. Ryosuke enters with the girls in Kawasumi’s room and exclaims that he bumped into the girls so everyone should study together. While Kawasumi is surprised, everyone quickly takes their seats. While Kawasumi mutters, ‘why you’ to Ryosuke, Suiren wonders if he is angry. Kawasumi goes out and returns with some cups and a huge bottled tea. Then, he sits down with folded arms. Ryosuke nervously thanks him.
Ryosuke takes out the extra table from the cabinet. Both Ryosuke and Aya are good at English so they’ll teach the others that. They ask Suiren about her grades. As Suiren tries to cover her mouth, Yuri tells them that everything is okay except for math since she had to take extra lessons during summer vacation. Someone says that Kawasumi’s knowledge of the fundamentals is okay. Suiren glances around and observes that his room is plain and simple. Then, she tries to concentrate on her studies. She watches Kawasumi in studying mode. Then, Kawasumi’s mother comes in and gives them some food to eat. Recalling that his mother already knows that Kawasumi has a girlfriend, Suiren decides to introduce herself. She stands up and tells her name but she became nervous how to say that she’s his girlfriend. Just when Kawasumi’s mother says if she’s.., Kawasumi blurts out, girlfriend. Everyone is surprised. Just when Kawasumi’s mother is saying that she’s a beautiful girl, Kawasumi nervously closes the door and shouts that they are studying. Outside the room, His mother says that since Kawasumi is like that, yoroshiku[/take care of him]. Yuri immediately tells everyone that they go to a convenient store for a while. Everyone leaves so that the couple would be left behind. Suiren is quite happy that he said ‘girlfriend’. Then, Kawasumi asks her if she has plans on the 24th since it is the closing ceremonies, and there’s only club activity in the morning. Suiren says that it is Yuri’s birthday. He says is that so. Suiren tells him that she wants to be with him on the 25th so how about his club activity. He says that generally during winter vacation, it is before noon. Suiren is glad that they can be together on Christmas. She glances on the group picture of the karate group and sees junior high Kawasumi. He quickly takes the picture that she apologizes. He also apologizes then looks at Atohira’s picture. Suiren wonders if she made him embarrassed. She decides to do her best in the exams. Everyone comes back and Yuri whispers to Suiren how is their ‘time together’. Ryosuke gives a meat bun to Kawasumi. Suiren tries to concentrate in studying for Christmas is coming.. And, the exams papers are returned. Yuri looks horrified over her exam result that Aya is sure that she definitely has to have make-up lessons. The teacher tells Suiren that she worked hard this time but it is totally wrong. She got a grade of 6. Suiren and her friends are aghast. As stunned Suiren sits down, the teacher tells the students who failed will have three days of make-up classes starting on the 25th. Christmas is coming.
Comment: While some things are going smoothly, it seems that their dates aren’t. With failing the math exam and their plans disrupted, it will be a surprise on how they can still make it a memorable Christmas. Maybe, they’ll just go for it on the 24th at Yuri’s birthday or after school activities on the 25th. Depending on one’s point of view if it is good or bad, I guess the two still prioritize other things than time with each other. From the looks of things, Yuri and Ryosuke are their cupids. ^^ Scans by allwink

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  1. I love this manga!!! Thanks for the summary :D

  2. I think that they will find some time to be together. Maybe at Yuri's birthday or Kawasumi will support Suiren and wait for her at school. Yeah, that would be sweet!
    And it seems that Aya don't like Ryosuke... hm, hm... I think there is something more in this, I hope there is ;)

    Thank you for the summary :)

    1. I think so, too..whichever it is, hopefully, something nice and sweet ^^

      Hehe, I'm also wondering about that one if there is something more to it.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. Thanks for your summary. I really really love it.^^~
    I also love our couple. I wonder how their Christmas?
    But I think that everything will be OK and they will have a unforgettable memory.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hopefully so ^^

    2. Chap 38 raw is available, waiting for your summary. Love <3

  4. hi! can i have a request??.. can you please post the side story of sasayan and natsume from tonari no kaibutsu kun.. onegaii.. i want to know more about the progress of their relationship after the story!!

    By the way.. thanks for posting this one ^_^ please keep it up!

    1. Sorry, I won't. There is no progress after the story because the side story is a flashback. Everything that has happened before with a bit of new scenes..based on Sasayan's point of view.

      If it were the progress of their relationship after the story then I would have done it. So, I'm a bit disappointed with that one.

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^