August 6, 2013

The One [Chapter 104]

Andre returns back to the hospital only to find a note left by Lele. Lele apologizes to Andre and says that she needs to talk with Eros so please don’t tell her aunt, she’ll immediately come back. And, Lele spent the night with Eros. It is morning. They brush their teeth together and had breakfast together. After he finished eating, Eros tells her to go. Lele is flustered that he is coldly making her go. As Lele walks out, she glances at him and thinks/mutters he is a miser that he won’t even give her a warm memory and if she knew this early on, she should have went straight to Taiwan with her aunt and not give him the opportunity to say goodbye. Eros asks what she is muttering. Lele blurts out that she’ll wait for him at a maximum of one year and after a year, she doesn’t care if he hasn’t finished dealing with it or not, he should go get her. Pointing at him, Lele threatens that if he doesn’t, she would immediately find a guy who is 100 times cool[/handsome] eight-pack[abs] guy and viciously dump him. “I’ll do what I’ll say!” Eros smiles and it made Lele think that’s right, that kind of smile is what she wants to remember. Holding her face, Eros says that he also guarantee her that if she dares becoming unfaithful, no matter how many packs[abs] that guy has, he has a way to make him disappear from the surface of the earth, so she better remember that. He pats her buttocks and tells her to hurry or else, her aunt is going to come and kill. Then, there is a knock on the door. Eros sweatdrops that he was just mentioning and then it’s here. He tells Lele to open the door. To their surprise, it is happy Angus who wants to tell him something..and the smile vanishes upon seeing Lele. Angus says that it is too bad that her injury isn’t serious that she already got out of the hospital. Eros pulls Lele behind him and shouts at Angus that he isn’t allowed to say that for no matter what, it is wrong to hurt people and Lele didn’t do anything wrong. He has already told him that he’s his most important younger brother and this doesn’t change because of someone or something. Angus doesn’t believe him because he is currently lecturing him because of Lele. Angus insists that she cannot be believed for she is just like Mandy so don’t protect her by saying that he’s sick and is that what Eros calls most important younger brother. Eros sadly asks what he should do to make him believe. Angus tells him to thoroughly abandon Lele. He wants a world with only him and Eros, where they totally belong to each other and he’ll be safe and fine. He had enough of this messed up life for no one treat him like a ‘person’. He is like a toy being passed around from one person to the next. He lived as if he is a prince in a castle but he lived lower than anyone else.
He only managed to support himself by reminiscing Eros and his mother but they [couple] don’t know of his pain, that they even lived a normal happy life. “Just thinking of this I felt that it is so unfair.. Why me? *grabs Eros’ shirt* So..if you care about me, then try to understand what I want. Don’t live happily all by yourself! owe it to me!” Lele realized that it turns out to be because of that and they were totally mistaken. Lele suddenly pushes Angus off Eros and shouts that it isn’t like that and his way of thinking is totally twisted. She shouts how could his mother and Eros lived normal and happy lives after losing him. She tells him not to shift[/pass] all the wrongs and responsibility to others because he cannot bear the suffering[/pain], and if he is mature enough, he would know that it isn’t only him who suffered. Eros calls out to Lele. Lele asks him why he doesn’t let Angus know. He should know, and it is something that he must confront. It is because in everything he would considerate Angus and protect him that made him think that he’s the only world’s pitiful person. He would undertake a lot of the consequences but not Angus’ remorse[/ask forgiveness] because he is protecting and at the same time, taking away the opportunity for Angus to mature. Suddenly, they were interrupted when Fei Hong and Leo arrive. Fei Hong shouts for Lele that is enough and don’t intrude into the brothers’ affairs again, quickly come with her to Taiwan. Fei Hong grabs her hand and walks away. Before leaving, Fei Hong says that she’s disappointed with Eros for breaking his promise with her. Eros timidly apologizes. Lele tells her not to blame Eros for she only wanted to say farewell and she’ll go with her. Lele glances one more time at Eros and that would be the last image of Eros she saw and after three years, she almost lost news about him. In New York, an interviewer is glad that Lele has once again appeared live in Fashion Week and during the past 2-3 years, she would be in Europe brands for collaborations and the rest of the time, she stayed in Taiwan. While thinking that she doesn’t want to wait anymore since three years is quite long so where is Eros, Lele answers the interviewer that is right. The interviewer asks if she is now planning a comeback into New York’s runaway and she [interviewer] anticipates it because she has the aura of a cool elegant baroness, somewhat more firmly aggressive. Lele happily says that she’s glad to hear her say that for this strengthens her confidence after all, because all these years she did a lot of print and behind the scenes work but she’s worried that her stage walk isn’t as good as in the past. The interviewer asks what is this behind the scenes, new model training.
Lele says that she can say that, since she is helping Glenn to look through a lot of new faces. The interviewer says that it turns out that they maintained their good relationship. And, speaking of Glenn, she cannot help but think of the other one, Feidna for she isn’t that fortunate. Ever since it has been featured in the tabloid[/gossip] headline many times about Feidna’s multiple ‘lost control’[/moodiness], she has been sidelined by Glenn. Right now, she has turned into acting, and too bad for it appears she isn’t successful. At Leo’s place, Lele asks Leo if he knew of Feidna’s situation. When Leo asks why she is asking all of a sudden, Lele says that she heard something about her today. Leo tells Lele that Feidna is hopeless for ever since Eros left her, she spent the whole day drinking to drown her sorrows. No wonder she has fallen in the modeling world and now, she wants to go into acting but without acting skills, she can only be in films for her pretty face and C+ roles. Leo says that there are models, who had turned into acting, but without knowing the hard work to get acting skills, one won’t succeed unless it is going through the backdoor. Lele asks what the backdoor. Leo says that not long ago, he met Feidna at the bar. He saw her sitting in the middle of some conspiring[/manipulating her] movie perverts who fancy on her and that woman is headed towards self-destruction. Lele asks Leo to arrange a meeting with Feidna for her because she wants to see her. Lele looks at the room and didn’t see Leo’s telescope for Eros had already moved away earlier on. Lele asks Leo to accompany her in meeting with Young tomorrow. The next day, there is a door bell. Young stops sewing, takes his clutch and walks toward the door. His lower left leg is gone. Leo happily exclaims to see who came to see him. Young is surprised to see Lele. After the greetings, Young says that they rarely had talked like this. Lele glances at Young’s missing lower leg and thinks that three years ago, Young lost his left leg in an accident [I think it is a typo for it said right leg but in the drawing, it is left. ^^;] and Angus is the one with him at that time. Young says that he is doing fine and even if it is inconvenient but he still get to do the work he likes and he is slowly adapting to everything. To the guys’ surprise, Lele apologizes for this is something she really wanted to tell him three years ago. While Lele is teary-eyed, she says that she always think that whether or not, everything is her fault. Next chapter will be out in Taiwan on September 5th. Blurb: “Lele regrets making Eros tell the truth for weak Angus has no way of accepting the cruel fact on what happened to Eros and his mother, for on contrary, he is on the brink of collapse..”
Comment: How do you deal with a problem called Angus? It seems to be ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’. They hide the truth and he goes crazy. They tell him the truth, he went over the edge since he cannot handle the truth. Maybe it is because of that, Lele has been waiting for three years that she got fed up and finds him herself. It turns out that Angus is indeed going for ‘misery loves company’ and the problem is not being jealous of someone taking Eros away, it is not wanting Eros to be happy since he isn’t. Anyway, it turns out that what Fei Hong wanted with ‘taking Lele back’ is more on making her home base Taiwan rather than New York. Her fashion career has really taken off in Europe that she is being asked to ‘pick new faces’ by Glenn. And, Feidna wasn’t able to pick herself up after that. I do wonder if what Lele has to say to her would straighten her act up or else, Feidna might end up in lower grade movies or worst. Interestingly, it is Lele who is nice enough to care about her after everything that has happened. The surprise is what happened to Young. Young seems to have accepted his fate and it seems to be Angus-related. What could have happened? From what Lele is saying in the end, I think we are in for a ‘blame game’ in the next chapter. I can almost imagine both Feidna and Angus blaming Lele for coming into Eros’ life when he is their ‘mental stability’. It is hard to point out who is being selfish. If Eros hasn’t met Lele, he would be the one miserable and of course, it is vice-versa. In a way, maybe Eros is indeed somewhat at fault for these two since he really pampered and cared for them that when Eros wants to find his own happiness, they cannot be independent from him and goes ‘crazy’ but then, sooner or later, I think it will happen. So, for Lele to come back after three years, maybe she is ‘the one’ who’ll help fix them up so she can get Eros back? Anyway, since Lele going to the runaway is mentioned, I think it would be a great finale to have a fashion show with everyone..if the mangaka is going for a happy ending. It is rumored/confirmed? that the series will end in volume 18. It is currently at volume 16 which was released last May. Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu

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