August 5, 2013

17-sai Kiss to Dilemma [Chapters 11-12]

Narration: “Yesterday, Yuu confessed to me again.” At the shoe lockers, shy Ririka says that they[/he] aren’t late today. Yuu says ya, and he is always sorry [for before]. They steal glance at each other then shyly look away. Narration: “Obviously, it is the same kind of morning but it feels that something is different.” Ririka looks at her pendant and recalls Yuu saying that she is like snow. She thinks that even if he said that, she doesn’t think that she’s that delicate. She blushes for that is how Yuu thinks of her, quite feminine. Yuu sees her necklace and asks if that is.. Ririka says yes, she wears it inside her clothes. Ririka is puzzled that he didn’t reply so she looks at him. Looking at the side, he pats her and tells her not to look at him for he is so happy. Ririka blushes really red upon seeing him blushing. She looks away and tells him to go for outdoor activities have already started. He says okay and leaves. Ririka glances at him and thinks that she became embarrassed because he became embarrassed and it turns out that it is quite happy having a boyfriend for the first time. “Because some little things can make one feel quite nervous, and cannot sit still. Does everyone have this kind of feeling--” At 3-A, Ririko calls out to Ann [formerly Azumi ; it is actually ‘An’ but I just added the n so that it would look like a name than the article ‘an’]. Ririka has decided to tell Ann that she is going steady with Yuu. Ririko timidly tells Ann that there’s something she wants to tell her. To her surprise, Ann says that actually, she has something to tell her for yesterday, she talked with Tsubasa. There is a flashback of Ann telling Tsubasa that Ririko wanted to have a boyfriend and she thinks that Tsubasa is very compatible with her. Wanting a fight to start, Ann says that since Tsubasa has just transferred so they are going to help him celebrate together at a karaoke bar. To Ann’s surprise, Ririka refuses for that Tsubasa has some sort of plan that he is dragging Ann into this so she wants to beat him up. Aghast over Ririka’s reaction, Ann says no, it isn’t like that for Ririko is the only one who has a good relationship with Tsubasa. Ann bows and pleads her so Ririka couldn’t refuse. Ann is quite happy that she thanks Ririka. Ann says that they’ll go after school. Ririka tries to call her because she hasn’t told Ann yet about her and Yuu but Ann already left. Ririka decides to find some other opportunity to tell her.
At the karaoke bar, some girls ask Tsubasa what to sing next. Tsubasa looks angry. Aghast Ann asks Ririka if she would sit beside Tsubasa. Puzzled Ririka says that she won’t for there are many people beside him. Standing up, Ririka says that she’ll go get the drinks. Ann tries to call out to her but Ririka already left. Ann is frustrated for she didn’t expect that a lot of people would come and it is Ririka’s fault for recklessly inviting the others to karaoke with Tsubasa. She wonders what to do. Meanwhile, Ririka finishes getting drinks from the dispenser then putting the glasses on the tray. She sighs for she wanted to tell Ann about her and Yuu but she couldn’t find the opportunity. She hopes that the karaoke quickly ends. She carries the tray of drinks and is surprised over how heavy it is. Before she spills them, Tsubasa helps her carry them. He calls her stupid for how can a girl carry such a heavy thing. Ririka blushes in surprise upon seeing him. After Tsubasa takes the tray of drinks from her, Ririka insists that it is alright and she’ll carry that. He tells her that during this kind of time, all the more she should depend on a guy. Tsubasa gets irritated that Ririka kept on protesting. He tells her that she isn’t a bit cute at all and quit saying, ‘but’. Turning away, he tells her that she only has to say thank you. Ririka sees that he can carry all that with a single hand. He got angry when she calls him stupid. Then, she lightly holds his sleeve and thanks him for his help. This made Tsubasa blush and says that she is an idiot which in turn makes Ririka angry. Tsubasa grins and says you’re welcome. Ririka wonders what’s up with that. She punches him at the side and says what’s that when he obviously always tease her. Tsubasa asks her if he did something mean to her. This surprises Ririka. Tsubasa suddenly holds her hand and leans on the wall beside her. He tells her that he only hates Yuu and he never bullied her. Blushing Ririka tells him to let go of her hand but Tsubasa holds it tighter. Ririka wonders what’s up with this mood and why she is being forced into this. Ririka exclaims, geez, why does he hate Yuu when Yuu also didn’t do anything to make him hate him. Tsubasa says that he did. “Because that guy would always stay at your side and hinders me so I hate that guy. *This surprises Ririka.* You should more or less notice it. You’re so slow-witted.” He lightly knocks her head and looks embarrassed.
While asking what Tsubasa is saying, Ririka wonders if that meant he ‘likes’ her but no, that’s wrong for she is starting to act conceited when he only wants to tease her. Then, she overhears some girls asking out where Tsubasa is. Tsubasa suddenly grabs her and pulls her into a room. While Ririka is surprised, Yuu arrives at the karaoke bar. The receptionist asks for how many. He timidly says for one. He recalls Ririko apologizing to him that today she cannot go home together with him because Ann arranged for a class gathering. He thinks that Tsubasa is in her class and it is only because he is worried so he came to check it out although doing this isn’t quite good but then, Ririko is his girlfriend. Looking serious, he pulls down his hood and thinks that he absolutely won’t give her to that guy. Inside the karaoke room, surprised Ririko calls out to Tsubasa who is on top of her. As some girls pass by outside, they wonder where Tsubasa is and they thought he is around there. Blushing Ririko tries to call out to Tsubasa but he covers her mouth and tells her stupid, don’t call out or else, they would be found out. As Tsubasa complains over how annoying that they kept on walking back and forth, Ririko couldn’t breathe that she tries to call his attention. Tsubasa notices that he had covered her nose so he lets go and apologizes. While looking sexy, Ririko calls him an idiot. Tsubasa apologizes again and looks away. While Tsubasa is turned on by Ririko, they overhear some girls complaining over how annoying Ririko is for she is only an elementary classmate so how come Tsubasa cares so much about her. The other girl says obviously she[?] is also Tsubasa’s classmate. Ririko tearfully thinks that she also wants to know so just ask Tsubasa about it. The girl complains that she isn’t good in getting along with Ririko for she always has this ‘want to do my best for my unsophisticated cousin’ as if she is saying, ‘look, I’m treating him quite well’. The other girl agrees with her. Ririka is flustered for it isn’t like that. Sensing Ririko becoming gloomy, Tsubasa tries to cheer her up by telling her not to mind the talk of those ugly girls. He grabs her hand and asks if she wants to go back or go with him to some other fun place. Ririko exclaims no, for this is his welcome party and the others are waiting for their drinks. She takes the tray of drinks and happily says that it is okay, she won’t run away.
To her surprise, Tsubasa corners her to the wall and tells her not to force herself for even if it is like that, there’s also no need to be this nice to them. Ririko blushes and looks away. She says that maybe for others, they cannot do it..[but] it is rare to have everyone as classmates so she wants to be good friends with them. “I think that just now is because they only think that our relationship is quite good so they are saying that. It’s just because of temporary jealousy.” Tsubasa asks how that is possible. Ririko angrily says that she wants to trust them. Gesturing to his head, Tsubasa says that she’s too nice that he cannot understand her. [I think that gesture meant that she’s crazy]. This made Ririko angrily step on his foot. While Tsubasa exclaims that it hurts, Ririko tells him that the girls in class hate her because of him. Tsubasa pats his head and takes the drinks from her. He says that he’s telling her that this is annoying to death. As Tsubasa goes out, Ririko says that he won’t comfort her and would keep on talking nonsense that she really wonders what’s up with that guy. They go back to the room. Tsubasa says that he brought the drinks and Ririko apologizes for being late. The other girls give Ririko a cold icy stare. They ask Tsubasa ask to what is his relationship with Ririko. Ririko cannot believe they are asking him for he would absolutely say some strange things. As Tsubasa puts down the tray of drinks, Ririko tries to explain but Tsubasa stops her. Tsubasa puts his hand on Ririko’s head and says that she is his very important friend. “When I was playing basketball during elementary, I was hated by some senpai because I’ve played well. At that time, Ririko helped me out. *With young Tsubasa, Ririko stuck out her tongue at the two retreating boys who threatened that they’ remember this* Isn’t she such a pretty good girl? *smiles* I guarantee it.” Ririko tries to say something but Tsubasa pats her head. He smiles at her when she is telling him not to do that. Then, to Ririko’s surprise, the other girls say that no wonder their relationship is quite good, she is a nice girl. Aghast Ririko thinks that girls are truly... Tsubasa puts his arm around one of the guys and says that they go sing. While Tsubasa is singing, Ririko thinks that with Tsubasa, the mood had become different because if he is happy, everyone is also happy.
She thinks that he is amazing and for him to like being with her, could it be because he doesn’t have friends in Tokyo. And, for him to say ‘important friend’, she should treat him a bit better. Ann nervously thinks that Ririko seems to be misunderstanding things. Tsubasa glances at thinking Ririko. He thinks that he told a lie ALTHOUGH currently, they are only friends. Soon, the party is over. The girls are saying that they have fun. Ririko is saying that she’ll leave first when Tsubasa lightly tugs her ponytail. Ririko tells him that he could have just called her. Tsubasa asks if she knows why he made the girls happy. “Let me tell you! It is because you said that you wanted to be friends with them. Even if it is troublesome, I’ll do it. *blush* Actually, I don’t care what other people think!” To his surprise, Ririko tells him that if he is like that, he won’t make friends. Thinking that Ririko is really slow-witted, Tsubasa grabs her wrist and tries to confess but someone pulls Ririko away from him. They are surprised for it is Yuu. Ririko asks him why he is here. Yuu says that he came to fetch her because he is worried about her. He hugs blushing Ririko who timidly tells him that everyone is looking. Tsubasa grabs hold of Yuu’s arm and asks what he is doing, when obviously they are only cousins.. Yuu breaks away from his grip and seriously tells Tsubasa that they are not only cousins, for currently, he is her boyfriend. Tsubasa and the others are surprised that they are going steady. Ann asks if this is true. Ririko says that it is and they started going steady lately and she wanted to tell it to her today but she always couldn’t find the opportunity. Ann says is that so. Thinking that she shouldn’t have told that to Tsubasa, Ann turns to call out to Tsubasa but to her surprise, he is gone. On the way home, Ririko comments that he guessed the time when they are going home right. Yuu thinks that he couldn’t tell her that he was always at the room beside them to spy on them but then, she looks quite happy. Ririko tells him that Tsubasa told her that she is his most important friend and after he said that, she felt that he is a good guy. “Yuu, you also try to chat with him” As Ririko walks ahead, Yuu stops walking and bites his finger. He mutters that she’s still quite cruel. Yuu looks somewhat flustered. Narration: “At that time, I thought I knew everything about Yuu. Actually, I don’t know anything.”
Comment: The way Yuu is acting, it makes me think that he is a bit like an ‘antagonist’ like how he pretended to be the weak and coward cousin to always get Ririko beside him and hinder Tsubasa’s advances by making him the ‘bad guy’. Yuu did fear that if he didn’t do this, those two would have fallen for each other. He even followed them that make him seem like a stalker. ^^; Well, Yuu can be quite possessive and he knows Tsubasa’s true intention. Also, because of his ‘acting’, it hinders other girls from liking him. The guy is quite clever. Obviously, fangirls can be a bother just like what happened with Tsubasa. Apparently, Ririko is quite clueless though she did suspect that Tsubasa likes her. This is a case of too much teasing by the guy that the girl doesn’t believe him when he tells the truth. It would also affect his confession when he told the others that she is his important friend. It would be amusing later on though on Ririko trying to make the love rivals ‘friends’. ^^; Things might not turn out that smoothly. It also makes me wonder how Ririko would react upon knowing that true side of Yuu..does that count as lying/manipulating her? Scans by 离境

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