August 25, 2013

Last Game [Chapter 23]

Tachibana is shock to see Souma. She asks him why he is here. He tells her that his house is near here. She couldn’t believe it for she chose this place because she thought that it is far away and no one she knows would be there. Souma tells her that if she eats all of that, she’ll become fat. Since he mentioned the forbidden word, Tachibana asks if he came to laugh at her. Souma is puzzled but she tells him not to pretend for they are also laughing at her today. Souma asks laughing about what. Tachibana shouts that she was a fat pig before. The waitress tells Souma not to disturb the others so he ended up sitting down. He tells Tachibana that he doesn’t know what she is talking about and what is this laughing about her thing. She tells him that Kujou ought to have told him because she has seen her picture from before. Souma thinks that no wonder she is like that for two weeks. Souma tells Tachibana that because it is Kujou, he doesn’t think that she had noticed that the one in the picture is her, and even if she knew, he doesn’t think that Kujou announce it everywhere. Standing up, Souma says that it has nothing to do with him so.. Tachibana grabs his arm and seems to want to say something. Soon, it is lunch time at school. Kujou asks Fujimoto to taste test the bento that she made because she is trying out Western style and she wants her opinion about it. Fujimoto suggests that they also invite Yanagi. When Kujou calls, Yanagi answers it within a second. Kujou tells him about the taste test but Yanagi says that he wants to but he has to decline for he is doing something. Just when Yanagi is still trying to say something, Kujou hangs up on him and says that Yanagi cannot come. Fujimoto tells Kujou that there’s a problem with the way she hangs up the phone. They wonder what Yanagi is busy on lately. As Fujimoto tastes the food, she asks why Western style. They saw Souma with a girl. Fujimoto calls out to him but Souma tries to ignore her until Fujimoto orders him as the senpai, to come. Souma couldn’t refuse and asks her what it is. Fujimoto tells him to taste test Kujou’s bento. Thinking that the bento is used to lure him, Souma says that it should be Yanagi not him. Kujou asks why for even if she wants to hear Yanagi’s opinion, it doesn’t represent Souma’s opinion. Sitting down, Souma says that he’s picky. Fujimoto thinks that he has taken the bait. While eating, Souma says that he likes Japanese better and Kujou agrees with him. Fujimoto thinks that ever since Souma entered the club, he likes to intrude between those two but unexpectedly, when he’s serious, he won’t make a move though in reality, there’s no effect even if he intrudes. Fujimoto really wants to bully Souma for he isn’t the same with Yanagi. Souma asks Kujou why it is Western. Kujou tells him that she wanted to teach it to Tachibana. Souma realizes that in the end, Kujou didn’t realize it.
Flashback: Tachibana grabbed Souma and asked him to confirm that Kujou hasn’t realized it and didn’t tell anyone about it. Souma refused that Tachibana threatens to tell everyone that he likes Kujou. Souma angrily asked if she is even in the position to threaten someone. He complained about her nature and she complained about his accent. End flashback. Souma thinks that Tachibana is just reaping what she sowed. When Fujimoto asks how Tachibana is, Souma angrily says that compared to a rabbit, she is more lively in jumping around. The girls are puzzled so Souma tells them that he bumped into her earlier and she seems fine. Fujimoto exclaims is that so, then she’ll be coming back soon. Souma says no, probably not for the meantime since she has some activity in her college. Kujou is puzzled that she sighed in relief when she obviously want Tachibana to quickly come back. Later on, Kujou goes shopping with Fujimoto. Kujou tries some clothes. Fujimoto takes pictures and plans to send them to Yanagi later on. Kujou asks weren’t they going to buy a gift for Miyabe [guesswork from 宮部]. Fujimoto says that it isn’t in a hurry and it’s just an alibi to invite her. Fujimoto suggests that she tries another dress which is more of Tachibana’s style. Kujou asks her if Tachibana is really cute, for she isn’t only cute, she’s polite and a very nice girl but upon hearing that Tachibana won’t be coming back for a while, she mysteriously sighed in relief. She wonders why and it was a mean thing. Fujimoto cries tears of joy for Kujou has become an adult, she has learned jealousy. Puzzled over Fujimoto’s reaction, Kujou continues to say that right now, she is very happy that she hopes that these kind of days would continue on (no only everyone, but Yanagi being there when she turns her head around..this cozy warm place) though lately, this mood is starting to collapse bit by bit. Feeling that she has this uneasy agitation, Kujou asks what it is when Tachibana didn’t do anything wrong but she would have that kind of thoughts. Thinking that this is love, Fujimoto tells her that it isn’t bad, and there’s no one at fault here, and possibly, it [love] cannot progress smoothly if there is no hurt [by others] or hurting others, and nothing is constant/permanent. She just wishes Kujou good luck/gambatte and Kujou is puzzled what she is referring to. Fujimoto giggles and says that she’ll know soon for love is a fight. As she tells Kujou to try another dress, Fujimoto wonders why Kujou totally hasn’t thought towards the direction of love when they are already at this stage, and could it be that there is some reason. Soon, Fujimoto exclaims that she had fun and Kujou bought two clothes. Kujou is tired from trying out a lot of clothes. This made Fujimoto apologize for making it difficult for her but Kujou tells her that it is okay for it is the first time for her that the two of them to go out shopping. She says that this is a fresh experience though she doesn’t want to do it again soon.
Fujimoto suggests that they rest for a while at a café. Then, they overhear a couple of girls talking about a nice café with a good looking staff. Fujimoto immediately drags Kujou to that place. They peek inside to see who this good looking staff is and it turns out to be Yanagi. After Fujimoto shouts out Yanagi’s name, Yanagi calls out to Kujou but stops himself and, as the waiter, welcomes the two inside. Fujimoto says that this is what he is busy with today. After sitting them on their table, Yanagi asks how come they knew he is working there. They say that it is just a coincidence. Kujou comments that Yanagi tried to hide that magazine about work in his car before. Fujimoto asks why he is hiding it and it isn’t a necessity for him to work. Kujou asks what the reason is. Yanagi looks at Kujou before timidly saying what’s bad about it. Then, he changes the topic by asking for their order. Fujimoto orders iced coffee mocha. When Kujou is about to say her order, Yanagi says that it will be plain black tea. Kujou is surprised that she asks how he knew. Yanagi says that it is because that is what she always drinks. After Kujou agrees to Yanagi’s suggestion for it to be cold tea, he takes the menu and tells them to wait. Fujimoto comments over the details that Yanagi knows about Kujou but then, they were together since elementary so they should know each other to some extent. Kujou tells her that she totally doesn’t know what Yanagi likes though he said he likes tofu steak. Fujimoto wonders out loud what made Yanagi unexpectedly want to work and what could have changed within him. Kujou says that she doesn’t know. Kujou starts thinking that she doesn’t know much about Yanagi, the reason why he is working, why he is feeling down, and until the end, she doesn’t know anything. She realizes that the things she doesn’t know and understand are increasing so what should she do. The drinks are served. Kujou thinks that her tea is a bit bitter and there should be a bit some sugar. Then, Yanagi puts some sweets/cookies on the table. With a ‘secret’ hand gesture, Yanagi tells them that it is a special gift for he told his boss that they are his friends so they are giving this extra for them, it’s a secret. Kujou tries to give one to Yanagi but he declines since he’s working. Kujou thinks that since she is always asking from Yanagi, she wonders what she can do for Yanagi. And like this, she hopes that they can be together, forever unchanging like this. Recalling what Fujimoto said about nothing is permanent, Kujou wonders if it is no good for them to be like this. Meanwhile, Tachibana is furious that Souma isn’t replying to her inquiries regarding Kujou. She is angry at how useless he is but then, if this keeps up, the current situation won’t change. Preparing to go out, Tachibana thinks that she can only go forward and confirm it herself.
Comment: Amusingly, because Souma mentioned the forbidden word of ‘fat’, it was Tachibana herself reveal to him her predicament. And, Souma obviously doesn’t even care about it. It never occurred to Tachibana that the people she is with would actually not really care about it. Well, that might be a blow for her self-centered ego. ^^; And, apparently Kujou is becoming more jealous of Fujimoto though she doesn’t know that she is feeling jealous. In times like this, it does make one wonder if it would be better if someone tells her about it or just let things progress on its own. Since Fujimoto mentioned it, I wonder if there is indeed a reason for Kujou not to equate what she is feeling to be love. And her hint on ‘nothing is permanent’ is of course, change that leads towards the positive rather than the negative which is what Kujou is thinking. Anyway, because of this incident, Kujou might become more proactive in knowing more about Yanagi and doing things for him. Even little bit of that can already give Yanagi a taste of heaven. =P Since Fujimoto is on the move again, hopefully, there will be more progress on Kujou’s part in realizing that strange feeling she has. ^^ Regarding why Yanagi is working, I think he is planning to buy Kujou something with the money he earned himself. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. Thanks for the summary. I reaallly lloovveee Last Game. Usually, a super dense heroine makes me puke blood and give up the manga after reading 1 chapter. But i absolutely love Kujou. Her calm demeanor and matter-of-fact way of thinking really appeals to me. None of that pretentious coyness and over-the-edge vapidness that some mangakas tries to foist on us as a clueless and innocent traits. And i adore how Yanagi becomes more mature as he grows with Kujou...although he occasionally turns into a Love Idiot. Haha.

    This manga reminds me of Special A. Kujou has Hikari's brains and Kei's calmness whereas Yanagi has Hikari's competitiveness and Kei's sense of romance...sort of..i think Kei was more perverted in a way...hahahah. Yanagi is more innocent compared to him although they are both rich.

    I wonder when Kujou will realise that she loves Yanagi. Poor poor boy. My heart feels for him although i enjoy seeing his idiotic reactions whenever Kujou tells him she likes spending time with him and he starts to derive romantic innotations from it, then slaps himself and goes "no way. This is Kujou. Clueless Kujou!". Hahaha

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^ that so. I agree though, to like a character even if s/he seems typical..there has to be something to it that appeals to the reader.

      Well, it might take a bit of time but maybe since Tachibana is on the move again, she'll realize it soon. True, those are amusing.

    2. The difference is in this story, the number one is Kujou not Yanagi, he he....
      I this this type of manga is so sweet. I love them

  2. Well done! I recently discovered your website, but I must say that it's a fantastic way for people to read up on manga that have stalled in their translations or even ceased.

    I applaud how you translate the details of the manga into words, and not just the dialogue. A suggestion though, is that you write it like a story. I doubt it'd take much more effort, and I have a feeling that you would like to improve your writing, so this is my suggestion to you.

    Dreams, huh? Let's continue to dream, together! Great website, I hope you enjoyed writing the content more than the readers enjoyed reading it!

    1. Thank you ^-^

      That is indeed my intention but I hesitate/don't go on full detail-story form because it would take more time and effort..and the English scanlation would catch up soon anyway.

      Most of the time, I do..especially if the story is good. ^^ Thanks again~

  3. This was a decent chapter, but Yanagi‘s absence throughout much of it was very noticeable and unfortunate. The second half of the chapter was easily the best. The first, on the other hand, was pretty dull and uninteresting. Souma and Tachibana, though they often push Kujou forward, aren’t compelling characters on their own, which is why I continuously hope for a chapter that focuses solely on Kujou and Yanagi’s relationship.

    Although Tachibana’s past and her paranoia surrounding it has provided several enjoyable moments, it’s still failed to elevate her character. Hopefully that changes soon though, since her attempts to interfere will likely reach a breaking point eventually. The cliffhanger at the end of the chapter was a bit repetitive, but I’m hoping Tachibana’s renewed fervor leads to some substantial development for Kujou, since she remains extremely, yet amusingly, dense.

    Kujou’s brief jealousy was refreshing, even if she continues to misunderstand it’s meaning. Her hesitance to fully allow her life as it is to be altered, particularly when it comes to Yanagi, despite it gradually doing so already, was surprisingly well-written and subtle. Fujimoto’s response to her question was pretty great itself. I’m also intrigued by the actual reasons as to why Yanagi suddenly decided to find a job, since it definitely pertains to Kujou in some way. Their romantic moment at the end was the highlight of the chapter, of course, especially the colored version, so I’m hoping for a greater consistency of those moments in the future.

    1. Yup..I agree.

      Regarding the job, I think Yanagi wants to prove to Kujou that he can also earn his own money. There was a chapter where she implied that she isn't impressed with Yanagi because he didn't really earned the money he has now. Of course, I'm hoping that Yanagi is planning to buy something for Kujou with that money ^^

      Hopefully so since Kujou is starting to be 'proactive' towards him ^^

  4. i really................. like last game thank you for the new update!