August 24, 2013

Kaichou wa Maid-sama [Chapter 84]

Some guys are chatting about graduation which is only a month away. They only have a month of being high schoolers whereas those who are going to college will continue on being ‘students’. They wonder what are the things that they want to do but they haven’t done yet. Misaki manages to pass the repeat exam and got good grades. Shizuko comments that things would be okay so she can be at ease but Misaki exclaims that the real fight [official exams?] is just starting now so it is impossible to let her guard down. Then, Misaki overhears some guys asking Usui about wanting to do things that haven’t been done yet. Usui just repeats their question. At Usui’s place, Misaki gives a some chocolates to Usui. She apologizes that it isn’t handmade this year. Usui says that he told her not to force herself.  Just giving him chocolates is okay, so thank you. Misaki shouts that she knows and she’ll stay there to study. While some tea and snack are served, Usui asks if she is angry because he willfully said that he wants to spend Vday with her. Misaki denies it. Usui tells her that the teacher said there’s no problem with her exams so it would be better to relax a bit. Misaki shouts that she knows already. But, she borrows his table for her studying and tells him not to say nonsense things. Usui mutters that it progressed as anticipated, no..perhaps beyond expectation. Sitting in front of her, Usui casually comments that even during this time, he is still relatively a priority and who knows how many years when they’ll have their next Vday again. Misaki continues to write and write. Usui continues to stare and stare. Misaki loses when she exclaims that’s quite annoying. Usui decides to eat the chocolates. He says that it is delicious and wants to share them with Misaki who refuses since it is his. Usui insists by feeding her a chocolate using his mouth. After eating it, it made Misaki blush. She shouts about using the ordinary way to give it to her. Usui says that he doesn’t want to dirty her hands. Usui wants to give her another one. Misaki refuses and objects but couldn’t resist and lets him feed-kiss her. Misaki says that she doesn’t want to be lead along by him. Usui says that she totally didn’t use strength [to resist]. He starts describing Misaki’s characteristic like high pride yet honest, shy, angry, etc, no matter what kind of Misaki, he wholeheartedly love [her all]. And, he asks what the current Misaki wants to do. Misaki thinks that she unknowingly became weak and she absolutely won’t let anyone beside Usui see her like this.
Then, at school, Sakura happily tells them that Kuuga met with her during Vday even if he is busy. Misaki continues to study with snacks provided by Suzuna. At a UxMishi concert, some guys thanks Sakura for the tickets for they wanted to see UxMishi’s LIVE at least once. They admit that they thought the students of that school are idiots for they look like irresponsible/silly but it turns out that professionals are cool to the max. While Sakura screams for Kuuga, Shizuko asks if it was necessary for her to come along. Sakura says that like her, they did their best for the exams so afterwards, they only have to wait for the results so this is a rare change of mood. Then, they start talking about having fun with the guys outside of school. They muse over how things have changed since then and they won’t have these kinds of memories if Misaki wasn’t the school president. After talking a bit about Misaki, they pass by Maid Latte and decide to go in. Seeing their uniforms, Erika goes inside and says that there is an emergency for the customers are from Seika. They decide to put Sakura and others at the second floor to avoid Misaki. After Misaki’s break, she’ll take care of the customers on the first floor. Misaki’s father asks what’s going on but Misaki tells him that there’s no need to answer him. Her father won’t easily give up. Misaki sees that it is Sakura and others. She starts to panic but is somewhat assured that the others are implementing their emergency plan. Misaki’s father asks her why she must hide it. Misaki angrily tells him that it is because if her work is exposed, those guys would belittle the dignity of the president.. She stops when her father asks her that wasn’t the current president some other kid now. While Sakura and others are led to their seats, Sakura hopes to bring Misaki there next time. Shizuko says they’ll have to wait after the exam. Back in the kitchen, Misaki wonders why she is worried about revealing this to the others. Her father worriedly calls out her name and she tells him to shut up. She couldn’t move and imagines the others’ reaction if they find out..they would be disillusioned. Misaki’s father says that he thinks that it is alright because no matter how she dressed up, she is the Misaki who works hard. She recalls what Usui thought about this before and many other things. And, Misaki has decided that as the current her, she won’t be afraid and go out with her chest out. She informs the manager about her decision and goes to Sakura and others to ask what their order is. Blurb: Next chapter, the finale!
Comment: So, this chapter is Vday, nostalgia and revelation. It is pretty much what I thought it would be so the last chapter would most probably be graduation and probably a bit of future scene. The Vday is nice with Usui taking the initiative as usual, and pretty much confessing that he loves everything about her. It is amazing how patient and unyielding Misaki’s father is even if Misaki treats him that way. I think that it won’t really matter much when they learn about Misaki’s ‘secret job’ and maybe contrary to what she imagined, the reaction would be more positive especially after what they have gone through before. Scans by 红莲汉

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    So cute chapter :$
    And yeah ,I think the last chapter is the graduation day and some future senses :$
    And I want them to have a baby "girl"
    I thought it would be nice

    Really you are the best ♥♥
    Thank you so much<33

    1. Yup.

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

  2. That was a great chapter, especially following the previous one, which was terrible. It was unexpectedly and disappointingly short, but, though only 27 pages would typically be very worrying, the pacing was terrific and the inclusion of Misaki's decision to reveal her secret was an excellent cliffhanger for the end of the chapter.

    Fujiwara's depiction of Usui and Misaki's romantic moment in this chapter was beautiful, as her abilities are most noticeably impressive whenever she focuses on the subtle development of their relationship. I also like that she didn't forget about Kuuga and Sakura's relationship, since I've usually enjoyed their interactions and further development for them was very overdue. Hinata and Suzuna's relationship, on the other hand, was strangely absent, but hopefully that indicates that they'll be prominent in the final chapter.

    I still don't like how carelessly dismissive Misaki is toward her father, especially when he continues to try his hardest to be supportive of her. Hopefully that's satisfyingly resolved in the final chapter, since her stubborn refusal to grow in that area has been very repetitive.

    Though I'd love to see Usui's father return and a fully illustrated wedding, it seems unlikely that either will be a featured aspect in the final chapter, save for the possibility of a peek into their wedding after a seemingly inevitable time skip. Hopefully, if both developments remain absent, they'll be eventually included as short stories. Along with a glimpse of their children, of course.

    1. Yup, I agree on the points you've mentioned especially regarding her father.

      For the other couples, if there are side stories, I think it will be addressed there since iirc, most of her side stories are about the side characters.

  3. Very nice!! Hope the last chapter will be closed by usui and misaki romamtic scene ;)
    This is such a great manga :D

    1. Yup, a really nice romantic scene ^^

  4. Do you knnow when chapter 84 IN ENGLISH will come out? i saw the raw version but i cant read japanese words :(