August 26, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 16]

In school, Himari finds herself in a strange situation with both Keita and Ryou staying beside her. She thinks that this kind of situation has been happening lately. Keita is asking Ryou if he doesn’t have club activity. Ryou says that there is rest period after a competition. Himari recalls that he told Keita that if they go home together, they would be mistaken as a couple. She thought that he would be angry over that but lately, even if he is in a bad mood, he would still talk with her and this is good. Then, there’s Ryou who is always around so that strange rumor regarding her and Keita has died down but--.. Watching by the door, jealous fangirls are complaining why those three are together again and why Himari. Himari stands up and goes to the toilet. She wonders what’s going on around her. As they walk home together, Himari thinks that it is the three of them again. Keita is going home with her while Ryou is going in the same direction so this shouldn’t be strange at all. Looking at the two guys, Himari thinks that right now, it is like when they are in the elementary. She blushes upon thinking that one is the person she likes and the other is her legal younger brother. It is quite a baffling feeling since she didn’t think that they would have that kind of relationship. As the guys walk ahead, Himari gets an email on her cellphone. It is from Ryou saying that lately, Keita is always with her so he’ll use email. Regarding the confession, he seriously thought about it and regarding that, is she free during summer vacation. He’ll contact her again during club break, so they can have fun together, of course, only the two of them. This surprises Himari that she looks at Ryou who is looking back at her. He gestures to keep it a secret from Keita. Ryou smiles and Himari blushes. Keita immediately looks back and asks what the two of them are up to. Ryou says nothing, they are just looking at each other. Keita stares at frightened Himari and asks if that is true. Hiding her cellphone behind her, Himari says that it is true, there’s really nothing to it. Keita says okay and walks with Ryou. Looking at Keita, Himari blushes and thinks that she has hid it from Keita. Being bewildered like that, soon, it is summer vacation. Thinking that her parents’ birthday is coming soon, Himari asks permission from her parents to work this summer at a restaurant nearby. Her mother asks if she’ll be okay. Shigeru says that she’s amazing and this is good for her to gain experience.
Just when Himari is thanking them, Keita disagrees for Himari cannot handle receiving customers so why not just save money. Himari asks why he is saying that, for unless she tries, how he can know the result. Keita tells her that she obviously has a phobia with guys so would it truly be okay. Since she doesn’t want to admit losing, she assures him that she’ll be okay and she isn’t a bit afraid that she can talk with him. Keita warns her that if something happens, he won’t care nor help her even if she asks. Himari exclaims she knows already, she won’t ask for his help and she hopes that he doesn’t go to the store. Keita shouts back that he won’t go even if she asked, stu-pid. Shigeru tries to stop the two from fighting while Keiko thinks that their relationship is good based on their quarrels. Soon, the two snub each other and look flustered. At the restaurant, Himari greets three male customers. She manages to lead them to their seats and tells them to call her after they’ve decided what to order. The manager praises her which delights Himari. She wants to show off to Keita but he isn’t around. She thinks that she told him not to come and perhaps, she wanted him to see how she works. At the corner, lightly disguised with a baseball cap and glasses, Keita is watching her. He curses why he has to do this just to check on Himari’s situation. He tells himself that it is because Keiko is worried and it isn’t like he wanted to come. He overhears a couple of male customers saying that Himari is a newbie and they plan to hit on her. This made Keita trembling in anger. The couple of guys call out to Himari and start to ask if she is new, tell them her phone number, is she a high school student, and would she be working here throughout summer. Himari becomes nervous. Wondering who’ll save her, Himari timidly tries to excuse herself but one of the guys grabs her arm and asks her where she is going. The guys happily say that she’s a cute girl for freezing up and it’s quite rare in the current society. Himari thinks that she’s an idiot for in the end, she is still terrified and she should have listed to Keita. Suddenly, someone calls out, “Sorry but the waitress at that side..” That someone suddenly takes hold of surprised Himari’s hand. After telling her to come at this side, that person walks away with her.
Comment: As I’ve mentioned before, the mangaka is quite good with her cliffhangers. So, who could it be the one who ‘saved’ Himari? Whoever it is, if it is either of the two guys, maybe there would be some progress for Keita in terms of jealousy or realizing his feelings for Himari. Okay the latter one would probably not end up that way since it would probably more bickering between the two. Since it is like the trend before of changing ‘predicaments’ per chapter, Himari would most probably quit this job. Scans by allwink

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  1. Although there're a some or a lot of similarities in other mangas when in comes to the plot but I'm actually quite happy when I saw Keita. Somehow, among the other male characters from Aikawa Saki, he looks different, because I've been reading Aikawa Saki's work for a long time now and the male characters have the tendency to look the same, so Keita is refreshing to look at. Also, I like Himari. She's the not the annoying type of female character, but I guess it's still too early to say?

    1. Is that so.. From her other series though I only read her latest previous one, they do look the same and Keita is indeed different.

      Hm..maybe. I find Himari just okay, as a character.

  2. I am quite enjoying this series, it's funny and the male is not THAT nearly criminal jerk (as some guys we see in mangas), although he's not the sweetes one (yet - I do hope we have improvements ahead! haha).
    I really thank you for the summaries! <3 REAAALLY! I'm intrigued that although this looks to be somewhat popular, the translators haven't reached even chapter 10... >.< I could read the 9th chapter in italian, in english, only up to ch. 4.

    I've been a regular visitor here, and I always wanted to say that to you: I really love your "quotes of the day", you choose very wisely the phrases to share with us, I recall reading some special things from you, extracted from the "daily bread (this is from Max Lucado right?).

    1. True..Dayze ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^ Is that so..I think it is so-so popular in Japan though it is popular here in my blog ^^

      Thanks for the comment ^-^ Ah, no it is from here: though it is something similar ^^

    2. Oh Kat! I absolutely loved the page! (Our daily bread) Thank you so much! (it's on my favorites list now)