August 2, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapters 14-15]

So, after causing her to have a male phobia, and always giving her trouble, Himari wished that Keita won’t trouble her and now, he totally avoids her. During cleaning duty, her friend asks her what’s troubling her for she is always lost in thought these past few days. Himari says that is nothing but just a feeling that something that she hates suddenly stops happening. She tries to snap out of it for isn’t this good, she can live her life like before. She looks out the window and sees Keita chatting with his friends below. She thinks that he’s goofing off from cleaning duty. She is flustered that she is obviously his family member so she should understand him more than anyone else but right now, it seems they are quite distant. At the train station, Himari doesn’t feel like going home. Her parents had a new family and she gradually accepted Keita so it shouldn’t be like this and since when did she care about Keita’s existence. She stands by the stairs that someone bumps into her and scolds her for staring off like that. Himari falls on her knees and injured them. She can only sit there and mentally complain that it hurts..her heart. It is already night. Keita sees Keiko worriedly saying that it is already late and Himari hasn’t come home yet. Keita laughs and says that it is still 9pm so she should have fun with her friends. Keiko tells him that it is good if it is like that but she couldn’t contact Himari on the phone so she’s quite worried. Then, they hear some TV news about some culprit who hasn’t been caught yet. At the park, Himari is sitting by the bench and thinks that her mother must be worried for she kept on calling. She is surprised when her phone rings again. This time it is Keita. She wonders what to tell him so she decides to just reject the call. To her surprise, someone calls out that it turns out that she is there. It is Keita who scolds her if she knows what time it is and making their parents worried. He had thought something happen to her that he went to find her. He turns around and tells her that they are going home. Himari stands up and tells him that about before, she wasn’t pitying him because right now, he has their parents and her and they absolutely won’t betray him, and even if it is her, she treats him special as an important valuable family member so please don’t ignore her since that would made her sad. Keita is surprised by this then, he starts to laugh. He says that is quite an amazing confession and ever since before, he thinks that she is a very interesting girl. He is shock to see her crying. He nervously asks why she is crying when he didn’t do anything. Himari says that it isn’t that, she is a bit at ease that they can normally talk with each other. She apologizes and tells him not to mind her crying. She is surprised when he hugs her and apologizes. He tells her that he also treats her as someone important and treats her special. He pulls away and is about to say something when he stops upon seeing Himari blushing.
Himari quickly turns around and shouts for him not to look, go near her nor talk to her. Just when Keita is getting angry, Himari adds, only for now. Keita says that he’ll go first so follow after him. Himari is so embarrassed and he shouldn’t have noticed her expression since it is night but he unexpectedly hugged her and it seems like she said some confession-type words. She is startled when he said that he’s going to leave her. Keita notices that she has a hard time walking that he asks if she injured her knees since they are bleeding. She couldn’t tell him that she was thinking of him that she fell down the stairs so she just tells him that she carelessly fell down the stairs. Keita offers to piggybank her. Himari insists that she is okay and she can walk by herself. Keita says okay. Himari felt that she totally couldn’t do it because she felt that she is so strange right now and they would be so close together if she does that. Keita finally got irritated since Himari is walking so slowly. Keita turns to her and scolds her when they will reach home because of her pace. Realizing something, Keita tells her that she told him not to ignore her and isn’t he an ‘important special person’. Himari exclaims that isn’t what she meant. Soon, Keita is carrying Himari piggybank-style. Himari feels that he grabbed hold of her weakness but it is great that they can talk just like before and she really didn’t know how sad it is to be ignored by Keita. She thinks that she is quite happy that Keita would think this way and sibling relationship is really great. At school, Keita is happily smiling as Himari asks why he is on her seat. Keita says that it is nice there. Himari tries to make him leave by pulling his arm. Keita asks her if it is okay for her to say that when he is his important person so treat him well. This embarrasses Himari. She softly tells him not to say strange things at school and that isn’t what she meant. While Keita continues to tease her, the other girls wonder what’s up with that as if they are some silly lovers and this is the first time they saw Keita brightly smiling like that. Ryou sees them together and looks somewhat flustered. While walking at the hallway, Himari wonders what to do for Keita always bring that up to tease her. A couple of girls talk with her about their relationship becoming good as if they are going steady. Himari laughs about it and says that it is a siblings relationship. They tell her that Keita is particularly different only when he’s with Himari and that they are envious of that special feeling because no matter who sees it, they would be mistaken that they are going steady. Himari nervously asks if it is like that. They say that it is so. This made Himari aware that is how others see them. At the shoe lockers, Keita puts his arm on her head and says that they go home together. Then, Himari overhears some other girls muttering about them truly going steady even if they are ‘siblings’. She tells Keita that if they go home together often, people will misunderstand and think that they are going steady. Keita tells her not to mind what others say. Just as Himari is protesting, Ryou arrives and asks if she is being bullied again. It turns out that he’s going home early because there is no club activity today. He invites her to go home together. Himari thinks that if Ryou is here, then the others won’t think that they are going steady. To Keita’s irritation, Himari agrees to go with Ryou.
Comment: Hm..that was fast. If there’s something that cannot be faulted for this series is how fast issues are resolved in the next chapter that we go from one scenario to the next. ^^; Is it even worth commenting on something that might not be much of an issue in the next chapter? ^^;; I guess it is a matter of time before they realize their feelings for each other..okay, Keita. I’m not too sure about Himari but because of the cover pages, she might be getting there because she blushed over a hug. So, Ryou is just going to be ‘used’. Aside from making others thing that there’s nothing between them, Ryou is going to make Keita jealous. Well, hopefully, things heat up and become a bit fun to read. Scans by allwink

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