August 1, 2013

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 29]

Cover page: “How come one would feel quite happy within the embrace of the person one likes the most.” Koharu is at the peak of happiness since her friends and family wishes her well regarding her romance with her childhood friend, Natsuki. “Even if that is quite good..huh? Why am I being embraced by Tsudzuki-kun?” Koharu is surprised that her heart is beating quite fast. She holds on his shirt and calls out Touya’s name. Touya snaps out of it and pushes Koharu away. Looking away, Touya apologizes and says that he simply had a dream. Touya looks surprised when Koharu asks what kind of dream. Suddenly, Natsuki arrives and apologizes for being late for his manager won’t let go off him. Koharu tells him ‘good job’. Natsuki says that he just bumped into Aki and Nishina so they will be here soon. Koharu hears the flipping of pages. She glances at Touya who is quietly reading his book. She thinks that she lost the opportunity to [further] ask what kind of dream it was. While handling out forms, Nishina tells them that their committee is going to plan together with the student council to make the cultural festival livelier. Aki is the one assigned to be the one who’ll communicate with the student council. As he is telling the others about the schedule, Koharu glances at Touya and wonders what kind of dream it was for him to be still drowsy and suddenly do that kind of thing. With sparkles in her eyes, she assumes that Touya is dreaming about the person he likes – some beautiful woman to whom he said, ‘I like you’. But then, he said that love is boring to death though he also helped cheer her up before so this person’s way of thinking is quite strange. After the meeting ends and everyone leaves, Nishina tells them to report to him next week regarding their opinions. While walking, Natsuki apologizes to Koharu that he must go back to the club. Koharu holds his sleeve and recalls Touya’s hug. She asks Natsuki to hug her tight. This made Natsuki blush that it embarrasses Koharu. She turns to the side and apologizes for in the end, it is still.. Natsuki hugs her and says that she asked such a cute request so don’t run away. Koharu blushes and says okay. Koharu compares what it is like to be hugged by someone one likes – forceful yet gentle as if saying that he’ll protect her and she’s at ease. She likes Natsuki’s hug for it is quite warm.
In the old abandoned school building, Touya is playing the piano. He recalls Koharu asking what kind of dream it is. He stops playing and clenches his fist upon recalling their hug. Scowling, Touya mutters if it was a passionate dream. That night, Koharu happily holds up Copan [dog] and exclaims that love is very beautiful for even if there is pain and difficulty but at the same time, there is happiness. So, she doesn’t understand the feelings of someone saying that love is nonsense. She wonders if Touya hasn’t felt that warmth in his heart brought about by love and perhaps, he simply hasn’t fallen in love yet so if it is like that. She hopes that Touya would soon encounter a beautiful romance. Just as Koharu is kissing Copan [being affectionate], her younger sisters see her. They exclaim, explode, riajuu [= internet slang for a person who is satisfied with his or her real (offline) life] that Koharu exclaims where they learned that and what is the kindergarten school teaching them. They exclaim, ‘Kiss! Kiss!’ After school dismissal, Koharu reminds Natsuki about the committee meeting. Natsuki apologizes that there is also club today so he’ll leave first. While walking, Koharu thinks that Natsuki is quite busy with the club lately so next time, she’ll bring him some consolation[/treat]. Then, she spots Touya by the shoe lockers that she wonders if he’s going home and he didn’t know that there is a meeting. Just when she is going to call out to him, she sees a blushing girl with Touya. Koharu quickly hides as the girl confesses to Touya that she likes him and it is love at first sight during the entrance ceremony. The girl gives Touya a letter and asks him to read it. Koharu is quite excited over this for Touya is obviously quite popular so what’s boring to death about it. To her surprise, Touya tells the girl that he doesn’t want to and it is too troublesome. Touya left and Koharu chases after him outside the school. [<- that probably took time because she changed her shoes] Koharu tells Touya that he’s too mean for it wasn’t easily for that girl to gather up her courage so [he should] accept that letter. Touya says that it has nothing to do with her. As Touya continues to walk away, Koharu calls out for him to wait. She trips and falls flat on her face. As she complains that it hurts, Touya holds out his hand to her and asks if she is okay. Koharu says that he is obviously quite nice and she doesn’t want to see him continue on belittling love.
Slightly flustered, Touya frowns. He turns around and starts walking away. Koharu calls out to him that even if she doesn’t understand but why would he think that love is very boring because for her, she thinks that love is a beautiful thing. Koharu looks flustered. She chases after Touya and says that even if it is him, didn’t he also dreamt of the person he likes. “About that, someone told me that if you have someone that you are interested in, you only need three seconds to know your feelings. You only have to look at that girl’s eyes and then, you’ll know whether or not, you like her.” Koharu grabs his sleeve and Touya turns around. 1-Touya looks surprised. 2-blushing Koharu looks at him. And 3- tense Touya blushes really red. Back at the club, Natsuki closes his locker that the others ask if he has committee meeting again. Natsuki apologizes and says that he’ll quickly come back. The others start to tease him that a cute childhood friend is waiting for him and what happened during summer, surely they did lots of stuff and what is it like to have H[/sex] with his childhood friend. Suddenly, a female senpai slams her full chest into Natsuki’s face and tells him not to prioritize the committee. Natsuki calls her Akagi [guesswork from 赤井]. Akagi says that as manager’s order, Natsuki is to prioritize the club and if he misses his girlfriend, he can just touch her chest. Blushing Natsuki declines and tells her not to waver him. Akagi says that he was obviously happy when he entered the club so he really loves his girlfriend. Natsuki blushes but didn’t reply. Naohiro laughs and tells Natsuki not to think that he can slip away from Akagi. Then, he teases Natsuki that he was Koharu’s first boyfriend. Natsuki angrily grabs his towel and says that it is just first date. Before running off, Naohiro continues to tease Natsuki that they should be intimate [with each other] so there’s no need for him to be greedy and just calm down. Natsuki mutters how he can calm down for Koharu had become cuter and more beautiful that it is impossible not to worry. “Who knows whether or not, there will be a serious competitive rival who’ll appear?” Koharu looks surprised at blushing Touya.
Comment: My first thought is lead girl is meddlesome enough that she unintentionally made a potential love rival for her, who is minding his own business, realize that he likes her and add to that, she is doing that because she wants him to experience the beauty of love. Hehe, so much for changing his view about love, because she is about to give him a broken heart. But then, it is possible that Touya knows/in denial about it that is why he said that love is nonsense in order to distance himself from her. Well, I hope that it isn’t because of his parents separated/divorce trauma which had already tackled in the other series. Aside from treating her nice but kind of avoiding her since he is leaving early instead of going to the club meeting, it does seem that he somewhat knows or unconsciously knows. I guess because Koharu is so happily in love, she wants everyone to experience not knowing the thing called unrequited love..wait, she does know that but maybe she forgot. ^^;; I wonder if Touya will consider chasing after Koharu when he knows of her love story with Natsuki but then, he can still deny all that. ^^; Actually, if Koharu realize it, he doesn’t have to confess or anything but I wonder what she will do now since things might be awkward with Touya from here on. This will probably make Natsuki jealous since he might think something is up between them. That is aside from the possibility of giving Touya a bad experience in love. Well, hopefully, what happens next is something unpredictable compared to the previous chapters. Scans by 工作室

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