July 31, 2013

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 46]

Cover page: “I won’t give up this fight because I like you.” In the luxurious room, Aki sings and plays the piano for Mari who is sitting by the window. After Aki finishes the song, Mari smiles and asks what is that song he just sang. To her surprise, Aki says that he also didn’t know for he completed[/finished composing] it just now. This made Mari smiles again and asks him to play it again. Aki asks if she wants him to sing it again but then, he wants to say that compared to death, this makes one more ashamed to sing in front of a singer. Mari starts giggling. Looking serious, Aki tells her to come and sing. “You’re the singer, right.” Mari looks surprised then she starts to cry. Somewhere else, Riko and friends thank Soichiro for the treat. Just as they are riding the taxi home, Soichiro gives them a card and tells them to fill up the total [amount charge] and give it to the driver. On the card, the payment will be charged to Office Takagi. Riko and others exclaim if this is the legendary taxi ticket[?] to which Soichiro laughs and says that it is almost like that. As he waves them goodbye, Soichiro looks at the side and asks if Miwako wants to go to the bar with him. Scowling Miwako asks, ha? This made Soichiro speechless. He asks if that expression means that she’s refusing him. He asks Shinya if there’s not one bit of taking advantage [in what he said]. Shinya says that there is none, he thinks that it is quite good that there’s no ‘taking advantage’ and anyway, he also doesn’t have the intention of inviting. Miwako says that is truly quite good. Then, Shinya and Miwako quietly glare at each other. Soichiro chuckles and says that they continue drinking for there are a bit of things that he wants to talk about. Yuu happily arrives home. His mother welcomes him home. While he removes his shoes, she tells him good work and they even encountered an unexpected broadcast problem. Yuu says that is right and thanks to that, they had a good LIVE performance. She tells him that the bath water is already prepared. Yuu says that there is still a program and he wants to watch the television. As Yuu happily checks the recording, his father looks seriously at him. Meanwhile, Riko’s father is watching the recording of Riko and Shinya being thanked by the host. Then, he rewinds it. Coming out from the bath, Riko is surprised that his father is still watching that. Her father exclaims that it is because of her. “You really did your best. I’ve seen it.” A tear forms in his eye. Riko tells him that is enough and is this something to cry about.
Wiping his tear, her father says that he also doesn’t know. “I only have to see you singing like that and I unconsciously feel that it is boiling up from my chest that no matter how many times I’ve watched it, I would still cry over it. *teary-eyed* You, are truly quite amazing--..” Riko blushes as the recorded program ends again. Back at Yuu’s place, while watching Riko’s performance, Yuu mutters how amazing and Riko is really amazing. His father says that is right, Riko is very remarkable. Yuu happily says that before the program they would only be told ‘yoroshiku[/I’m under your care] today’ by the big shots but after it ended, they are pulling them aside and won’t let go. His father quietly says is that so. Yuu happily says that they were told ‘come again next time’ more than 10 times and they would keep on answering, ‘okay’. His father drops the bomb by saying, “About those words..they aren’t saying it to you but rather to Riko-chan, right?” Yuu is surprised. While his mother tells her husband to first take a bath, Yuu’s father tells her to sit beside him first. While she tries to tell him that there’s no need to hurry for today is.., Yuu’s father continues to say, “Yuuichi, because we are your parents so we must tell you this cruel thing. From the start of the performance, the camera always focuses at Riko-chan. It basically doesn’t have you and Sou-chan, right? That is also saying that the others had concluded that you don’t have any value to has to be videoed. *Yuu nervously says..no..* The contract between you and the recording company is two years. I’m afraid that after two years, only Riko-chan will renew the contract and for you guys, it will be terminated. If I were the person-in-charge, I will do that. As long as the one running the business isn’t an idiot, one will make Mush&Co. disband and then, make Koeda Riko go solo. *everything seems to have gone black for Yuu* Two years after, you will be terminated from this agreement. Actually, right now, it has already been decided.” Everything sinks in and made Yuu look flustered. His father asks him if he knows what he should do. Yuu looks at his father. His father stands up and says, “Study properly and go to college. Increase your knowledge and experience during high school. Society’s cruelty is also not such a bad thing but do not have this kind of musician dream again. These two years are but just club activity and nothing more.” Yuu looks stunned by his father’s words.
At a bar, Miwako comments that today’s Riko is truly really amazing. She says that she obviously already heard her sing many times and yet she unconsciously cried. Shinya says that actually, knowing a situation that is repeated many times and one time duel [victory or defeat] situation are totally not the same. Soichiro says that generally there are three areas that are erroneous. Shinya agrees. Soichiro says that is saying that LIVE performance is better than the CD sound but..in the end, humans are a common/similar perceptive animal. Miwako is puzzled over what he is saying. Soichiro says that girl, even if she is smiling but he feels that she is definitely afraid. “Actually, compared to death, she is quite nervous but she still sang it out for the people watching her performance. That intense way of thinking gives rise to making people have a similarity. You guys also felt that intense desire[/wish], right. Singing one’s song as much as one likes and during the climax, that voice has the feeling of surging out the thoracic cavity and feeling the same as that girl. ..in contrast, Mari’s is agitation[/panic]. Merely looking at her, one felt quite painful[/sorrow]...” Miwako looks flustered and sad. Shinya says that is Aki’s fault for that guy would always unconsciously hurt others. Then, Shinya orders another glass of Laphroaig. Shinya says that Aki is definitely still a virgin when he first met Mari. Soichiro says that is right and it seems that he said that Mari is his first girlfriend. Miwako protests that they already break up right. Soichiro says who knows, for it wasn’t because they are tired of each other that they broke up. Miwako is surprised. Soichiro admits that when Aki learned that he[/Soichiro] and Mari also did it, he got very angry and dumped Mari. Flustered Miwako shouts, what. “No way.. What’s up with that? Isn’t that like two-timing!?” Soichiro says no, it isn’t like what she thinks but they did it. Miwako exclaims that she doesn’t understand what he means. Soichiro tells her that it is a communication since he already has a wife and child. Holding her head, Miwako apologizes and says that she really doesn’t understand what he meant. Soichiro explains that one shouldn’t look at Mari from the surface for actually she is a weak woman. “It is because she has no self-confidence. It is because she doesn’t have self-confidence that she doesn’t believe that she can be loved. She also doesn’t believe that there is someone who wouldn’t turn away nor look around, and just stay at her side. So, making love with her is to make her be at ease. This is ‘It is alright, Takagi Soichiro is my comrade who’ll help me’..”
While Miwako looks flustered and speechless. Shinya drinks a bit and says that’s so lonely. “Truly such a pitiful woman.” Miwako gulps her drink straight and shouts that kind of woman is just a shameless woman and nothing more!! Shinya says that also cannot be helped because Aki, whom she [Miwako] likes the most, likes that kind of shameless woman and right now, Aki definitely still likes Mari, right. Back at the luxurious room, Mari tearfully says that she won’t sing for she has no way of singing like that child. This surprises Aki. While Mari continues to sob, Aki seriously tells her that this isn’t about being similar with someone and it is no good for her to do that with someone. “Mari, quit continuing on being like this.” Mari says but, he likes that girl right. Aki looks surprised. Aki stands in front of her when she pulls his shirt’s hem and bends down to him. She says, “..I beg of you.. it is also okay if it is a lie. Please tell me that I’m the one you like the most.” Aki suddenly remembers Riko saying that it is okay. He thinks, “It seems like she doesn’t care at all when she said those words.. What if I were to truly do it with Mari, what then? *Riko saying that she said that it is okay so it is okay, right* Would she say that to me? It is like she is magnanimously understanding and tolerating it. Does she even know that being like that infuriates me more? Why won’t that girl say ‘don’t go’. She would only has to say ‘don’t make another song for Mari’ and that’s it. Wouldn’t it be okay for her to say, ‘compose only for me’.” Meanwhile, Riko is lying on the bed with her sleeping cat. While listening to her CD ‘Tomorrow still, continue liking you’, she covers her eyes and mutters that her feelings today is quite good and it is really such a happy day. But then, a tear falls down to her cheek. Back to crying Mari, she is begging Aki to please say that he likes her the most. Aki says, “..Mari..you’re quite annoying like this. *Mari is stunned as Aki pulls up his hands away from her* If you don’t want to sing then I’m leaving. I don’t want to collaborate with someone who doesn’t have fighting spirit[/determination]. For me, today is the first time that I’ve composed a song besides for Crude Play and had it performed at MST. It is a very important day. *recalls Riko telling Aki that she would absolutely not sing a song that he composed* (I’m absolutely would make you regret that) *turning away* I’m going to compose a song. It will be a song that will make people sing because they cannot help it.” Blurb: “That song to be composed..is for?”
Comment: There are some truths that came out in this chapter which makes me think that it is moving away from the ‘lies’ of before. Well, maybe that would be more on Aki and perhaps the others would be more honest. =P Aki did a good job in keeping things professional and not succumbs to Mari’s desperate pleas. He stops pampering her, which might be more helpful to make Mari snap out of it and change. Well, obviously pampering and stuff didn’t work for her. So, this is pretty much sink or swim for her. She has to really reflect on things as to how she would want from the rest of her life/career. It does seem that Aki has indeed come to think more of Riko than Mari. Maybe it is just being Aki that instead of focusing more on wanting Riko to be not too complacent and be more jealous, it ended up into music. He has his pride as a composer and that is pretty much what lead to his new goal for a new song and make Riko want to sing his composed song. Indeed, the question would be who it will be for. It won’t be Riko because for now, she won’t sing Aki’s song and this is to make her want to sing it. If Mari hasn’t picked herself up, it would most likely be for CP. I’m still not quite convinced whether Aki really likes these two women because it seems to be more on their singing voice. ^^; What Shinya says about Aki still liking Mari might be his wishful thinking but then, it might refer to Mari’s singing. Their talk at the bar somewhat confirms that Aki is indeed lying about the other women to Riko..he lied to make her angry and jealous. And for Riko to easily forgive him, I get a feeling now that she knew that those are lies so she only threw water at him to shut his lying mouth up. And making love to Mari is actually just a ‘job’ for Soichiro. I guess he doesn’t have to do that anymore because she felt that he replaced her. I do wonder if Soichiro’s wife knows about this and would be like Riko – ‘it is okay, it’s part of your job.’ ^^; It does seem that being virgin tends to be portrayed as ‘naïve’. Miwako is saying how amazing Riko was and the other two guys pretty much analyzed why it is like that. Miwako cannot believe that sex can happen without love that is claimed to be not two-timing while the other two are quite casual about it. Okay, maybe that might be a male-female difference. ^^;; That is like emotion vs intelligence. Actually, the characters in this series can be separated into that or dreamers vs realists. Of course, there are those who are in between that. And, finally, Yuu’s father really delivered the cruel truth to him. I guess he doesn’t want to wait later on or else, Yuu’s head would get bigger. His advice is sound and given Yuu’s reaction, I think he knows the truth in it. It does make me wonder if the other two guys in CP don’t have parents like Yuu’s or they really believe that CP would never disband anyway as long as they have Aki as composer and charismatic Shun. Scans by 红莲 & allwink汉化组

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