July 17, 2013

Suki-tte Ii na yo [Chapter 44]

At the gym, Rin happily introduces herself to Megumi as a model and they work for the same magazine. Megumi says that she knows her. Rin is quite excited to have met her and praises her for being so cute like a doll. Megumi praises her back by mentioning her tall body built. After they praise each other back and forth, they hope that they can get along. Since Rin saw Kai, she bids Megumi goodbye and she’ll ask for her email next time. As Rin goes to Kai, Megumi grumbles over Kai being popular. Somewhere else in the street, Yamato tells Mei that he got an SLR camera using his own money. He mentions to her the limitations of digital camera in taking pictures. Mei praises him for being amazing and he’ll definitely become a professional photographer. At the faculty room, the teacher talks with Mei why she isn’t writing anything on the future prospective survey. Mei tells her that she hasn’t thought of it yet. The teacher tells her not to decide until the last moment. She comments that she was a bit worried about Mei last year for she hasn’t seen her talking with others for she is always alone but she had become more cheerful[/easygoing] now. She also tells Mei that she was like her during high school and she became uneasy upon reaching third year but she just became a teacher upon getting her teacher qualification certificate. She finds it fun interacting with everyone because everyday, everyone who go to her calling out ‘sensei’ and even if there are conflicts at times, she wants to do her best for the students. And, she wants to properly spend time with everyone during these short three years until the last moment. She suggests to Mei that if she doesn’t know what to do, how about trying to do some things like a work that involves talking with people. After she goes out the office, Mei is shock to see Ren. Ren comments what had happened for she doesn’t seem the type who’ll go to the office. Mei just says that a third year student have a lot of things [to do]. Mei is shocked when Ren guessed right that it is about work after graduation. Mei tries to say that it is only she doesn’t know what type of work to do later on. Ren mentions that that in the work of a teacher, one have to talk face-to-face with others. Mei comments that she isn’t good at talking with people and she doesn’t know if she is suitable for college or work. He asks if she wants to become a NEET because before thinking, she kept on looking lightly at herself and making a hindrance for herself but she obviously hasn’t done anything yet and others hasn’t told her anything yet. He says that even if he doesn’t quite understand[/know] her but until now, there is no feeling of disgusted[/hate]. He asks if she likes children. Soon, Mei is looking at cellphone with Ren’s contact information. She recalls Ren telling her that he heard that there will be one immersion day at the kindergarten school where his younger sister studies and they are always recruiting volunteers so if she wants to go, he can ask the teacher about it. Mei is a bit surprised that because of a concrete situation, she gave him her contact information.
Then, Yamato arrives and tells her that it is time to go home. While walking, Yamato tells her that it is good to be in a job where she can interact with people which he thinks suits the current Mei. Mei seems doubtful so Yamato tells her that it is because she likes people. Whether it is family or friends, if treated kindly, one grows up to become an adult. Without this kindness, one won’t mature. And, because she is very nice so he thinks that it definitely suits her. Mei informs him about Ren’s suggestion. After a pause, Yamato says that it is very good for Nagi and a certain Kou [guesswork from 弘; probably Ren's younger sister] also really likes her. Then, Yamato imagines Mei exchanging numbers with Ren. Mei is surprised when Yamato suddenly holds her hand and tells her that no one is at home today. Soon, they are kissing and lovey-dovey in his room. When he wanted to go further, Mei is a bit embarrassed but he asks her not to refuse him. At the gym, Kai mentions about liking ‘Disneyland’ [<- ah, whatever theme park he likes but the Chinese translated it as Disneyland ^^;] and Rin tries to invite him for them to go together as thanks for what he did before. After some insistence and heavily hinting wanting to go with a guy/him, Kai agrees so Rin asks his email so that she can consult him about the time later on. She also asks if she can occasionally email him. He says yes. He looks at her and thinks that she’s beautiful and tall. Back to the couple, Mei’s phone is ringing so she tries to get it even as Yamato is clinging tightly on her. [I think he’s teasing her because he’s laughing] After managing to get her phone, it is an email from Ren who informs her that according to the teacher, she can come around 2 days during Golden Week. Mei is puzzled by the smiley (-w-) since that is unexpected from Ren. Mei says that it feels like going a bit forward. Yamato agrees with her. Mei replies back her thanks for informing her early and Golden Week is okay. She also puts in the smiley (-w-) And, it kind of irritates Ren. Back in school, Kai calls out to Megumi after she came out of the faculty room. He is giving back the Disneyland tickets she gave him before when they first met. She is shock that he hasn’t used it. He says that it is hers and would he want to go together with him. Megumi refuses. Kai repeats that the tickets are going to expire soon and he wants to use it before then. She tells him to just use it if he wants to. She teases him if he wants to go with Mei, if Yamato agrees to it. Kai tells her that is over and it basically didn’t even started. Megumi is surprised when Kai mentions Rin coming to the gym. Kai is surprised that Megumi knows Rin. She informs him that they work for the same magazine. Kai realizes that Rin is also a model. Megumi says that she’s popular. Kai starts saying that Rin is tall, beautiful and has a special charm. Megumi starts saying that 2nd year Takemura Kai-kun is having fun. As Megumi leaves, Kai angrily calls out that she likes to tease people and she’s really not a bit cute. Megumi just glumly walks away.
Comment: Rin seems to be likeable. She seems to be sincere and pro-active. Because of her appearance, I’m forgetting that she is two years younger. I wonder if she would get Kai who seems to be interested in Megumi who also seem to be interested in him. Apparently, Megumi is still quite used to hiding her true feelings but given her job, it isn’t a surprise because it is essential. Thanks to Ren, Mei seems to be heading towards what could be her occupation. Yamato is already a bit jealous and Mei doesn’t seem to be aware of it. Anyway, the twins are quite good for they managed to get the contact numbers of the people they are interested in. Scans by 离境

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