July 16, 2013

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 28]

[Free Talk: I won’t be writing ‘short summaries’ anymore. That means, instead of multiple summaries per post, it will be just a series per post. =P Hehe, regardless of how short it might be. ^^; That is to enable me to keep track how many hits there are for each series and know specifically, the ‘reactions’ of a particular series. ^^]

Koharu introduces her family who had learned that she has a boyfriend. [And, it turns out that the youngest one is a sister. ^^;] At home, Koharu’s mother is excited to know what kind of person is Koharu’s boyfriend and when did this happen. Koharu’s father is sulking. Just when Koharu is about to say who it is, her mother says that she knows that it isn’t Natsuki because didn’t he already have a girlfriend during the sports festival. They recall that their parents were there when Natsuki confessed to Aki. Her mother laments that she couldn’t imagine that Natsuki choose some other girl. Just when Koharu tries to resolve the misunderstanding, Natsuki stands up and apologizes for he did confess during the sports festival but he realized that it wasn’t love for now, he likes Koharu. He exclaims that he absolutely won’t be mistaken over this feeling again so please let him go steady with Koharu and please allow him to use his life in protecting her throughout her life. Surprised Koharu thinks that for him be sincere like that, it is like he is making a marriage proposal. She is quite happy and moved about it. Koharu starts apologizing to her parents for hiding it and she sincerely.. To her surprise, her parents are already rejoicing. They start slapping Natsuki’s back for he did a good job in getting Koharu. Then, her mother says that they should quickly get married. At a church, Koharu is all dressed up in a wedding gown. It turns out that they are going to take a family group picture. Her mother teases her if she thought it is a real wedding. After Natsuki comes out, Koharu comments that he looks handsome. Just when Natsuki is about to praise her for being cute, Koharu’s mother says that it is time for the picture. As they take their picture together, Koharu wonders why she felt embarrassed exposing this to her family when obviously, her beloved family is smiling happily.
While the twins are telling to their father that they want to get married to Natsuki and not him, Emi tells the others that they are going to eat since they have a restaurant reservation. Koharu is surprised when Natsuki tells her that he obviously can get married when he’s 18 years old. He asks if she doesn’t want to. She smiles and says that it is impossible for her not to agree. Natsuki wants a kiss to seal the agreement. Koharu is a bit embarrassed and tries to stop him since they are in front of the others. So, Natsuki pushes her behind the curtains to kiss her there. After the kiss, the two look happy as Koharu says that she cannot wait for them to be truly become family. It is back to school and at the canteen, Koharu tells Konoha over her moving summer break. Aki are joining the couple and their friends. Masamoto teases Aki if it is difficult staying together with the idiot lovers but Aki says no, she is quite happy and she longs for it. The others wonder if Aki like someone. While eating, Konoha comments that Aki is cute compared to the impression she gives. She asks Aki if she is interested in goukon/group date. Nishina appears and shows Konoha’s bad grades to dissuade her from going to goukon with Aki, and make her study instead. Koharu and Aki smile together for they knew that Nishina was jealous. Nishina tells the committee members that from today on, they are going to prepare for the cultural festival. After school dismissal, Natsuki tells Koharu that he’ll go to the club first before going to the committee room. Koharu arrives at the committee room and sees Touya sleeping on the chair. She stares at him just when he is waking up. To her surprise, he suddenly hugs her tight. Koharu narrates that because she is so happy, she didn’t notice of the other romantic love that appears to be starting in front of her.
Comment: So, as I thought, there is no problem at all with their parents who are more than happy that they get paired up. Natsuki’s ‘proposal’ is good especially since he has to convince her parents that he is very sincere with her. Then, there is a family group picture with them in wedding outfits. That is a bit strange for me since that it suppose to be, or rather, usually at the end of the series. Maybe the mangaka plans to have this picture be juxtaposed to a future real wedding later on. Actually, it kind of raises a flag that something serious might happen. Maybe I’m thinking too much unless Touya can actually be a real threat to their relationship. Hopefully, he can spice things up since things are going a bit predictable. Lastly, it is nice that Aki immediately manages to blend in with the couple’s friends and they easily accepted her. Scans by 工作室

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